Two Creams

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 16:55 -- Spw184

I have two legs

Two arms eyes and ears

one nose

one mouth

and seventeen years


I wear blue jeans

a T-shirt and socks

tagless Hanes underwear

and black flipflops


I like my coffee with two creams

and my tea with one

I like my eggs over easy

and my steaks well done


I do laundry once a week

and dishes daily

I use shampoo and conditioner

and have trouble shaving


I go to school full time

and somehow work to

Still don't have a car

and nothing to do


I have a thousand friends

yet not a single one

They're there to take whats not given

but when the fun ends they're gone


So why do I pretend that i'm different and edgy

when deep inside i'm just like everybody







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