Just Me

Wed, 12/10/2014 - 01:21 -- kb97


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I don’t know if I’ll be remembered

As a great anything or a terrible something

More likely I’ll be forgotten in time

Reduced to great-great-great grandma

And a footnote in my family's history


My brother will be a great something

Or maybe a terrible something

Either way he’ll be remembered

As the one who found a cure for some deadly disease

Or the one who created a weapon of mass destruction


My sister will be the subject of family tall tales

The great-great-great aunt

Who ran away and had adventures

Or the cautionary tale, the girl

Who eloped or got killed or just disappeared


But me

I’m nothing extraordinary

Not quite good at anything

But not quite bad

Never quite enough to be special


I want to be remembered

Of course I do

I’m only human after all

I want to leave my mark, make a difference

Be special


But I’m not, at least right now,

And I’ll learn to be okay with that

Because it doesn’t matter who I am

To those who aren’t even alive yet

All that matters is who I am today


The good child

The loyal-to-a-fault friend

The older sister, someone to look up to

The sweetest girlfriend in the world



Next year I’ll be a different set

Of me’s

But still I’ll be the same me

I always have been

And that is all I need to do


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