Average Kid


United States
42° 56' 44.7108" N, 71° 32' 55.1616" W

I never was an average kid.
While the other brothers workin' in their savage cliques,
I was workin' on my grade point averages.

Sittin' in a big room watchin' the Knicks,
dreamin' of the day when I ain't throwin' no bricks.
Walkin' down the street with my hair unkempt,
jury woulda' held me in contempt.

I'm just a high school senior
ready to go to college;
just an outcast brown kid
hopin' to be acknowledged.

Gettin' used to this life I'm livin';
time long spent in isolation.
It's too damn long,
but this life is patient.

A G without the money,
you got the gin I got the rummy.
Coz' life is like a house of cards
at anytime can fall apart.

Had a dream of makin' it,
but I'm a settle for fakin' it.
Life is nothin' but the truth;
strife is nothin' but uncouth.


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