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Despite all the mirrors I've walked past, I could never see myself When my finger touched the reflection,  Printless marks left the glass A fragment of unimportant dust The loudest whisper you never heard
I have a friend named Alex she is so nice  if you ever meet her you will be friends at first sight. Once she walked in my class i knew that this was gonna be the best  school year of my life!
I’m the guy who is so kind and so nice. Positivity infectious as it oozes out of me with every compliment I give you. Like how I tell you that your eyes light up my world.
So nice, so nice You seem so nice Once nice, once nice They seem like lies So, I guess I'm not that nice
Average, Normal, Typical, Who has the say to define such? Who has the say to define beauty, class, status? All is crafted and twined by mankind.
Comfort can be hard to find in the winter.I always find it in Hot Chocolate.Because it’s more than a taste of sweetness.It’s the feeling that comes with it.
Him. I imagined him.  He held me. How nice it was. His kiss was power. His flaws belonged to me. His losses drained me. I lost a part of who I was. I became cold and rigid. I began to doubt.
The thoughts that hide within the back of the mind The words we think but not say Of the people not heard when they speak
Most people know how Hansel and Gretel goes You think you know what the old lady’s intentions imposed But have they ever thought about the story if the lady was nice
You let a chair fall sideways, and you let a rope do you wrong. A basket filled with gratitude is now a basket filled with garbage.
One day I wore red lipstick to feel beautifulAnd when I say red I meanthe color of a ripe strawberryThe color of fresh oozing bloodThe color of fire trucks wailing to extinguish the fire
Don’t foresee Everything With discontent   A day Will come For you too Beauty Is not something That is concerned To the way you look The only thing
You were born.
When you feel weighed down With arms and legs made of lead, Back broken, Bent over backwards, Spirits crushed like old soda cans, But you still say things like "I don't mind"
Nice. The chameleon of a word, shedding connotations like a snake sheds his skin, the word that haunts me, defines me, good and bad in the mouths of peers, they let it slide out like warm butter
A gentle hand brings you into this world Gentle arms hold you A gentle smile brings you words of comfort Everyhing gentle makes everything normal until reality hits you 
It doesn't pay to be nice People take advantagae You pay the price   Weakness There can't be any Strengths there must be many   It is a cold world Goons at every corner
A burned exterior, A hopeful interior. The screeching yells within these walls, I stand blank with a casual smile of a doll. Rants flare in the air to others who care, I dare to ignore due to being scared.
It's six o'clock, My alarm goes off. Time to get up, And walk the dogs. The crisp, clean air Is refreshing to breathe. The dogs take off, Free of their leash. I chase them up the street,
The clouds have veins, at the end of the day, when the sun kisses the edges, and the purple spreads along the blue, dancing on the white
    I once knew a girl,
Depression is a widow's veil. A black, looming object..light and wispy, blowing with every change of the wind.  It's flowery design serves to hide the pain and agony that lies beneath. 
You start from who you are; Sweet, innocent, and caring. people ask and you say you're ok but no one knows how you're truly faring.
It was him
Someone asked me the other day, What would I change if I had the say? It took me a while but I figured it out -- if I could change anything I'd steal all our mouths.
From a distance much to great, He silently seals his fate. With a rush of the tide, He loses the feelings he tried to hide.   His head spins,
Black and Blue Do you ever get a clue? Black and red do you know how much i bled? black and green You were always too keen Black and yellow  Afterwords, you were always so mellow.
Words are unspoken, Things are not said, But everything she feels is stuck in her head. The sighs of a hurting, broken heart Her feelings inside tear her apart. Words that whisper, 
I Fight, I Fight For The Light. I Fight For Those Sitting Their Room, Crying At Night, Holding That Knife, And Wishing They Died.   I Fight For The Ones Who Lost Hope,
Broken bottles   lining the window seels where pictures should be where crosses should be liquor soaking in the walls yet not absorbing the blows   virbration from the seel decore
Walking the halls Is harder than you think Losing friends Can happen in a blink   Having stress And feeling depressed Are all the things I'm trying to express  
You’re feeling insecure Don’t know what for You have everything That others dream for You are beautiful, strong, and pure
When I sit in your class Concentrating hard, Your goal is aparent, Only to bombard.   Questions then statements,  Rude and nice, Don't tell me to be  "As quiet as those mice".  
Fond memories, led astray No glimpse of hope, such disarray Scornful judgment brings out a beast, so tame Blinded by its fear, naught bravery remain Tearing at the wounds that reject
In the valley of the Shadow of Death, There’s no place to hide, no place to rest. The demons there, haunting your every step. Choking you ‘till you have no breath.   The light at the end of the tunnel
When your pain is tangible You can reach out and touch it. It’s everywhere, consuming you. You don’t even realize how lon_____g it’s been eating away at your insides, until they finally cave in and c
Nights of terror seem to pass And days of sorrow fade. In every moment that I laugh I slowly crawl out of the shade. Bits and pieces start to form But some parts are still gone.
Hey you… Yeah, you. The girl with all the scars and stories to tell. The boy who sits alone in the corner, The child with a black eye from “falling down the stairs”, I’m here for you, Now and forever.
The sea shimmers like sunlight on chrome Loud crashing waves and soft silky sand are my living room The beach is the place I call home   My home is unlike the old empire of Rome
Feelings. internal Expressions. external The vastness of the mind. immeasurable All the reason why. Unfathomable How do you begin understand something. Untamed How do you understand your self. Deranged
I feel strong But I feel weak I feel proud, Yet I feel bleak I feel gorgeous And grotesque I feel pretty When I’m dressed I see fair girls But I wonder Are they really
My faith is corrupt, it's nothing but doubt. Everything you promised became a lie; a way out. Dreams are for those who can believe no doubt. I can't say I'm one, belief was something I never could retrieve; a way out.
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