to be heard

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sound wave
  Every day I feel nothing but pain, The pain I feel is hurting me inside, It feels like it’s eating my soul alive,
Anxiety:A seven letter word thatKnocks the wind out of me every timeI am called to attention
Every store, show, event-- everytime anything exciting appears Let me take a selfie. When did these words become such a despreate part of life? When did engaging in social time become selfie time?
I walk down the hall.
It's so cold Everytime I open my eyes this chill hits my spine & in that very moment Im completely frozen My hearts been numb by the base & I've grown numb to the faces of the pain that I try to run from
straight lines brings back a flash back in time from sitting in the kitchen mama making sweet apple pies. Her lover made her heart race more ways than any other.
Living in the big apple you always gotta notice the bright lights.  Feel the rush of people passing by, ejoying life.
Snap! Snap! Snap! all day long in the girl's bathroom. Lights flashing everywhere, skin showing, lips perched like a betta fish.
I ask you to listen to me You hear my words but you only hear, not listen You have not done what I've asked I ask you to care for me You care about me but only to an extent You have not done what I've asked
Dark and cold,       A tale so old,  Coming home,     Waiting to unfold.    He sits on his bed,      Painting his wrists red, Urging the thoughts,     To just leave his head.   
Dear Dad.... I remember we used to be the closest of friends Never thought I would see the day our friendship would come to an end But people come and go People change and grow
In and from this world what do we really want?
Time Flies   time flies as humanity thrives and dies time flies as the young say their goodbyes time flies when having fun time flies
How long How Much how far So Strong Same Words Different Song
I gaze upon the sky and come across stars. The stars seem to decorate the background of darkness like a beautiful stipple painting.   I notice the moon. She hangs in the night sky, sitting upon her throne,
It has been eighteen years Eyes locked tight shut as night enues  Not a glimpse of sunlight Not a glimpse of truth Not an idea of the ruthelessnes that governs our daily lives through and through
What really makes a man a man? Is it the guy who can make a dream a reality? The brother that can make a fantasy his destiny? Or the gentleman who attends meetings dressed fancily.
Sometimes I'm always down, Sometimes I'm always looking at the ground, Sometimes I cash in on my bad luck, Sometimes it's me lightning has struck, Sometimes I always keep my head high,
It is so frustrating.  In your mind there is a fascinating creation or new way to view reality around you.
I lift my head 
Change starts with you, when you change others will follow in the direction you want them to; just stay positive and you'll reach a point to happiness and achive your brightest star.
You're not the determination of myself worth
There it began.
Yo to all you bullies out there
Tears always seem to threaten me,
It's hard for me to say That some people can't accept diversity Even in the world today. People can't marry who they love Simply because they're gay.
Look in the mirror What do you see Is that a tear flowing down your cheek Look at your chest What do you feel Your heart breaking from emotions unreal
Why even try? Constantly feeling the need to get their approval and for what? Praise? Recognition? Why is it that you go out of your way for them, after everything? An apology?
I am independent, strong, and ambitious I’ve got goals, aspirations, that are oh so vicious Because I don’t hold myself down, I keep myself up 
All I am in life is a complete mess up that ruins everything No matter what I do; I always manage to mess up everything in my wake Everything I do leaves a huge crater that will sting
Enclosed, cramped, scared, worried Pain in your chest, can't breathe. I need a release, I need a release. Aching head, chest, feet It's all going wrong, I can't stop. I need a release, I need a release.
I use to think I knew who I was but I was only kidding myself, my insides are ugly and rotting . I always hide the nasty parts of myself but I was only suppressing who I truley was.
Romeo and Juliet? Just stories Kissing in the rain? Movies Wishing on shooting stars? Walking along the beach? My question is why? Why do you want to fill me with pain and envy?
your animalistic programming can get in the way of reason and just saying what you really meant to say this is true for you it is a struggle for me we have to have the will to do 
Standing still
Cold, heartless, maybe thoughtless?  Maybe she's just smart, and she never flaunts this.  The quiet type, not one to be involved,  with the stupid things that matter, not at all. 
I once wanted to be a princess. A Disney one to be exact. I once wanted to rule the world. How ambitious was that. As a young child, anything was possible. I would bet my front tooth. 
Love is cruel, to the sovereign heart, men like me only known in part, struggles within that I never shared, with the one who told me that she really cared, my mind is now reeling and filled with regret, I cannot move forward, even take my next b
Sorrow overwhelming my downcast soul, the death of a story yet to be told, a brand new beginning filled with so much pain, the end of an era, only darkness remains, the wife of my youth has chosen to leave, no longer have I, her warm bosom to cle
All of our years we work and try to see, The girl or boy we are supposed to be. We go through school being judged and bullied, Just to turn around and judge and bully. We are called to act with love and kindness,
Raised voice over raised ears.  your eyes glazed with apathy towards my tears. Is Brutus your muse? The stoic that caused such abuse. Passion over rationale. Down the drain goes my morale.
Me and You We going to rendezvous Because I love you boo And
The best things in life are given, wisdom, love and peace. The goal is bending without breaking, The answer is to refuse defeat.
I'm sorry But I can't go on Living in worry My heart is a con To the pro's of life It hurts to love Someone who doesn't strife Not to shove Me down every time I get close.
She did it... She broke up with me My heart feels like a pit But she holds the key.
I'm going away for awhile, don't try and follow me. I'm just trying to find my place in this strange place. This is life and I'm fine with it.
You are just another face. You are a statistic. A number that can be manipulated. You are a small piece of a chart, Put into a section, By someone who doesn’t know your story,
"Foster child! Foster child" "I wish you never came here" "Not my sister, Not my sister!" "Mom, don't call her dear" Echoes in the hallways, begging for a tear Water in the bathtub, wash away my fear
  Dear MOM, I know I never said this,
the main door is locked running late why do i even bother to come to this place full hate some have given up is it even worth fighting for what you can't acheive
PEACE I will die in peace  Before I die in vain I will read the instructions  Before playing the game I broke up with complacent then engaged with change
My teeth gripped the plush bottom of my lip, the nails,
Why is this nation's generation living wrong? Speaking words of stupidity and never handling the business in making the right decision.
I am from cells, built together to make my mother’s uterus, If I wasn’t supposed to come out, then how did I,
We watch this time go by And maybe we grow All we can do is sigh And say, "Where did the day go?"   The Clock goes tick-tock-tick And it just makes us sick The way it perseveres
The scars that she has run so deep.
  “You’re not in this alone. Let me break this awkward silence…” Blared loud into eardrums   Eardrums of an emotionally unhinged fourteen year old boy
I’m not supposed to call it mine My anxiety and depression isn’t supposed to be mine, I’m supposed to distance myself because somehow that helps.  Somehow saying it isn’t mine makes it okay
~a heart once so pure Heavy with burdens ~Smiles turn to gold Shy to break, soft to hold ~molded in flawless to be just flaws ~A heavy broken smile is all I am
I live for the Friday night lights,
Sideways glancesSmirksSnickers behind binders But they don’t knowThey don’t know what she’s been throughThey wouldn’t do this if they knew
Why am I different? Why am I shunned? Words you have said with no intent of apology I am stunned. Like a bee your words stung. I was a princess, now I feel homeless. No disrespect intended.
don't tell me things about myself that i know are lies   don't say that i am not good enough when i know the truth   don't say that i am ugly when i can see clearly  
Hands up  Don't shoot Hands up Don't shoot My fallen brothers my lost sistas
look into my eyes  you will see blue  look into my heart 
I'm always thinking and I'm dreaming I'm always creating and my eyes are gleaming  With the thoughts of what can be and what will My optimism is why I cannot keep still and some people wonder where it comes from
Inspiration is the key, to get past the heavy door
To many emotions to count lost to mangled words and a twisted mouth. Butchered by hate, murdered by fear. Kept hidden by masks worn every day to keep the rest of the world away.  
As i look across the room i see A small cat looking back at me A look so soft with shining eyes  Bright like the crisp morning sun-rise  A smile grows across my teeth 
Am I enough? To be considered beautiful, naturally. Naturally with acceptable flaws. Being 17 in a media-controlled world can either go left or right. Am I enough? To make mistakes and be forgiven. Still be human.
Loud obnoxious talkative laughter Eyes wondering in a motion of chaotic fashion With no awareness of the stage's scamper
The day I asked myself am I really this person inside, Am I covering up the truth? Is there anything to hide. Blinded by other people's expectations, focused on unexpect fear.
Have you ever woke up and felt like you were dreaming? Like you couldn't get up? You were stuck?
Disappear in a whisper: Hello? Are you there? Yes but are you? Do I know you? Do I know you? No I don’t. You’re right we don’t know. We? You never knew did you?
Mental stabiliy is invisible to the eye of one's emotions when they run so dry. Don't cry for the hurt, the lost, or the mislead.
Scared in a world with a variety of people, the rejects, the nerds and quiet people . With the people who belong on stages and are natural leaders , those who belong at the steaple.
her life isnt as perfect as it seems its filled with false hopes and fucked up dreams and when she searched the world she failed to find her  one  and only  piece of mind
"Say, you're Michelle's girl?" is what I hear every day That's my place in the world,  and I kinda like it that way. But sometimes,  You just want to break free. Just get rid of the rhymes,
Sit up straight,  read your books and do your homework. Jimmy, don't talk that way, dont walk that way, dont sit that way.
Tears fall from the eyes of his mother Another black boy the victim of a senceless murder we teach or boys not to join gangs or sell drugs You can be more than a thug
Dont look behind the mask, I wear For you will see the pain I bear   Dont look at the scars that took my sanity, that took apart of me.   Dont listen to my silent screams
What makes my quaking voice different, I can’t speak in front of people; Rather, I choose to draw and paint and write, Exactly how I feel.  
whats this? its only just a claim whats that?  its only just a shame whos this? oh shes just a ghost a conversation with a ghost?  yes only because a ghost listens the most? hows that ?
whats this? its only just a claim whats that?  its only just a shame whos this? oh shes just a ghost a conversation with a ghost?  yes only because a ghost listens the most? hows that ?
Day by day, Night by night, I see a ray, But no true light. I sit and wonder, Is it me?
Heart pounding, face flushed a crushing headache bum-rushed Breath ragged, star-crush the holy theme of hush hush
The sun that rises every morning day, The light illuminates my precious way, The tennis court becomes my second home, Whether outside or in an indoor dome. I play for joy, for love, for sport, for peace,
i am who i am because i do what i say and what i feel. the question isnt where am i stopping but who is going to stop me . 
  I see women.  I see thunder thighs  and freckles,  muffin tops,  rib cages,  a birth mark that covers the length of her collar bone 
She who seem sad,
I believe that I am a damaged girl. A girl who wanted others to be happy but herself. I am like a hidden book. I was ready to be read, but dusted on the shelf. I am the rusted pennies who wanted to be held and known as wealth,
Im sweet as a school student Im a cool sweet learner I create sweet nails Im a sweet manicurist student at a insistute call milan of cosmetology
It hurts a lot.
Pay no attention, To the girl behind the curtain. She's got nothing to say. Her voice is not important.   Pay no attention, To her weakened state.
There is no rhyme scheme here. There is no melody to the song. No place where I belong. I bleed here. I love here I die here
Somedays I walk alone Not like I plan to or anything Just, I want to be alone Different minds, don't think a like Same minds, think alike I won't do drugs or drink Plus, if I smoke or even get near it
Don't you miss the days when the grass was green,
My mind is blurry as I'm running from the words life, faith, trust , beauty and truth
I remeber my history, I remember it well I remember the love and the betrayal We started off in Africa the land of kings and queens There we were great and taught our beliefs
i never suspected that i would spend so much time trying to pick things out from under my skin.
I discover myself contemplating my being as I linger in an abyss of corruption. Hiding from the mournfulness that intimidates me as I sleep. I was never cherished, I was no favorite of anything.
A parents disapointment will cause a child's downfall, the hollow hatred in the child's eyes, the bitter stare of the parents lies, what will come out of it? nothing,
The environment is fragile, And we're on the gradual decline and in the stare of mind were losing the battle we are going down instead of up, so how are we going to shape up?
When you think about it....  OUR people have always been treated badly, for many reasons I know and I don't know.  Webact a certain way to be downgraded by people who can't even give us RESPECT. 
People have always told me what a happy person i am When my friends are sad they come to me because i will smile and tell them how good and lovely and wonderful they are they need a smile, 
  Oh, the battles one fights in this life I was given
Tick Tock You hear a clock You ache, you moan “Why? Oh Why?”   Tick Tock No one is coming There is a fly in here No one is coming   Tick Tock “Where is everyone?”
I am from watching and learning and watching my brothers grow up while I was in diapers.   I am from rough and tumble From dead end baseball the land of skinned knees and having adventures.
Bright lights flashing, extended lashes batting, one last breath and I rush on stage this is no longer me. captured my the music, lost in the movements, this is no longer me.
Do you ever feel alone? Like the world is on your back, but you have no one to bear it with you. And you struggle and struggle, but you can't fight it on your own. Then someone comes
My future, oh how my choices and decisions affect thee!
The sticky sweet smell of your cologne in my hair I couldn't push you off, I didn't even dare No, you didn't rape ne But what you did was just as bad Your hands down my pants, around my neck
Oh ye of little faith The chalice has finally broken Though from your bow spills dark wine Face the oncoming and glorious dawn How full was the moon On the night when all went wrong  
MONSTER!! MONSTER!! Come out and play! Your my best friend please just stay, You always had a big furry head that snuggle in my arms  We would stay up telling stories of animals in barns 
A Light To Share: (A poem by me)
I don’t know who the true me is.
i wake up in the mornings with a smile on my face that is suddenly erased the moment i step foot onto my school campus the people that surround me couldnt give a damn about me
Monotony can kill the spirit, sap the soul. But I have something I hold to me, To tell the truth, it keeps me, mostly whole. These Dreams are the essence of life; a dream, a quest to fly...
The awkward thing about permenance  is just how contradiciting it is.
Shes beautiful and strong . She gave us life and is wise when to take it. She loves you even if you attack her. She gives to us, even when we steal from her. She tries to warn us but we won't listen.
I declare a war, that has been necessary since the beginning of time, a war that has been put on hold for far too long.  A war that is without physical and seeable death, but full of pain and sorrow.  
On the edge of the milky way I stand
One No one can feel the dark rivers of hatred flooding my soul Two No one knows about the bloody tears shed late at night Three No one cares about my consideration of my own destruction Four
The days and weeks slip slowly by,I seek to learn of stars on high.How great the wonder of distant land,The universe of God's own hand.At night I oft look up and stare,Maybe someday I'll travel there.
Why dont you believe me, how do I tell you im sorry. Baby I love you , please dont go away.
The Beatles like 5 white Don Cheadles Like 5 War Machines ready to make me the happiest man in the world Movies Groovy Movies Boogie Nights, Rated R,  Don't watch it you still ride backseat in a car
Behind The Curtains  
The beginning of a semester is great It's filled with the wonders of new friendship And the oppurtunity to satiate All the numerous urges within me  to sit with my kickass roomie
  Where violence went wrong So I’m sitting in my room all alone
I am here to tell you how it can be done. I was a woman who was unhappy with the size of her waist. I was ashamed.  Flabbergasted of how much time was wasted not caring.
Who I am to you? A woman. A woman who has fun. Who like to venture out and dance. A woman with motivation and focus. Someone who likes to run and lift. A fashionista.
Sometimes I sit alone, and say that I am content. Most people believe me and carry on their own. Others will sit down with me to say something, or nothing at all. Their presence actually makes me happier,
Because Phoenixes are overrated, and revenge causes you to become what you've once hated.
Music is grand, Guitars are great, The sweet sound of strings being strummed at 8.  Rock n' Roll, Country, Rap, Jazz and Pop, singing to every song, I know I won't stop.
If my body could talk Laughter would erupt from within and flood the air "Why do such random and strange thoughts race through your mind?" "Thanks for all the terribly fatty food that tastes amazing."  
You think I am scared of you but I am just too tired for it You think you have power over me But I have the power to walk away You have many friends But i always walk alone
Maybe it was the way he held your hand, holding on like it would save him from his worst nightmares. Or was it the sound of his voice sleep deprived and full of despair calling you at 3 a.m. Just to Make sure you were still there.
I am proud of myself. Can be honest? Looking through my past poems, my past words, my past thoughts, all I can think is how far I have come.
As I gaze at my surroundings, etching the small white house to memory, Her oval glasses, define her features,
School is back in session, The free days are over, Yet still a constant rhythym pounds through me,
I'm always getting hurt No matter who it is; My brother, My sister, My father, My mother.... I don't know what I did to deserve this Always getting the worst of someone's anger
We are Girls Empowering, strong, open-minded Girls
In sernity I am waitingfor you Your symphony is my melody, for wemake rhythm Soon to be resolved, we arethe composer With love and passion, set this worldon fire
The tears of the heavens are what stole The deep, black sky that is my soul
         Melodies and long forgotten tunes
How many times will I be told, “Smile you may look prettier”, or “You know what they say, you are what you eat” All these expectations, these standards I live with day in and day out
My backpack falls from my shoulder. I slide down to the floor with my back resting against my bed. The day's stressful thoughts clatter around in my head. I pull a long cord from my pocket, untangle it,
Today I'm feelin' good, I dare you to change that The sun greets me with a smile while birds sing at my window I'm grateful to be alive, I was blessed with another chance
She may come across a hard to get, but thats because shes been through a few things, seen a few things, been there and done that. She's cold....
My bones are young, But my mind is old, Though my heart hasn't sung, I feel so cold, I see a story when others see a picture, I fear that I may be the quarry, Left to melt under their stricture
I have met a lot of hands
You, are a good actor. Able to make me fall in and out of love so easily. But I, am a good audience. I've seen this kind of show before. 
Her cold hands that remain calm and limp, Her eyes robbed of their graceful, blinking light, The porcelain room standing dim, The dance of a line on the dark screen,
My grandma , mi abuela the only woman who loved me the one who hugged me when i cried   My grandma mi abuela she inspired me she opened my eyes  showed me the world
  In middle school,  my best friend in the entire world 
This earth is being attacked by what we produce And we live as if there is nothing wrong
I knew a girl Weak, unhappy Angered at who she was Obsessed with who she was not I knew a girl Who had beautiful thighs But hated them for their size Then one day she put a weight in her hand
It's not what they call you, but what you answer to. Never let someone else's words define you. No one is "normal" No one is "perfect" But as long you love yourself you'll always be worth it.
I love the way the trees fly by on a night sky stars like fireflies.  If I could write a letter, I'd send it on those wings. Tell you about all sorts of things.
What makes me happy is my ability to overcome, I thank god everyday for making me as strong of a person as I am and being able to fight through the hard times to find that ending light.
I’m tired of being silent I can’t say that I’m having a hard time at school I can’t say that I’m having a hard time with friends
Inhale Xxhale Here I  go again trying to leave something more than a footprint Inhale Xxhale Here i lie again Loving the predicament that I happended to stumble in  Inhale Xxhale
Freedom to feel, Freedom to know Freedom to speak, to live, to go, Wherever your free life takes you.   To Freedom we're born, cause others have died defending that Freedom, our nation, our pride,
sometimes I'm grateful that nobody is here to see me type my soul hoping at the same time that  somebody nobody will see it I worry that it's strange to say
I wrote a letter to youfather! It took me 17 years, to express all the hate for you,
I am no longer in your view I am now a hanging curtain to distract you from the sun I am no longer in your mind I am now a perscription to ease your thoughts I am no longer in your sweet goodbyes 
take a breathe 
Justify your words with lies told through the years Tell me it’s not your fault you hide from your fears You say it’s just a fact of life that nothing can be done
Well, I sit in the front of every class And don’t think for one moment that I kiss the teacher’s ass The kids are so disrespectful I swear they never feel regretful They make me laugh though I can’t even lie
P E A C E It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise or hardwork, It means to be in the midst of those things and be calm in your heart. When you find peace you find your passion too,
  I begin and end With the use of this state of mind I am you as you are I Potential is a given Confidence rearranges
  I know, There are many people in the world. But to me,
Hi. I’m Scared.   It’s not my name But it’s who I am It’s how I live because The way the clock keeps ticking reminds of a BOMB And it goes and goes and goes and goes and goes
College, one powerful place to change our lives. A place that strikes fear STRONG emotion. A place that some can't even get a chance to start. Parents with other ideas not focused on your future but there's.
I write to everyone in the future That is,  everyone alive now Because it is the future right now It has been the future for a while now Nobody sees it though
Who am I to say I got this, when my life was a train wreck and I couldn't even stop it?
awhile back ago you planted a seed in my garden you watered. you nurtured. you waited. you left. that seed has bloomed into this beautiful, extraordinary thing but you can't see it.  
"The Power Of an Orphan Girl"  
This message goes out to my middle and H.S. friend, Jake, who left us all way too soon. May his heart finally be filled with the peace for which he yearned, but sadly couldn’t come to find through the thick of life’s adversities at the time.
He wrote a line. Any line,
I wander through my own mind looking for a sign with the utmost desire to let myself run free my feelings and emotions flow like I just finished reading The Great Gatsby   I have so much to say,
each day I avoid what needs attention, piling up the regret, excuses appear, time passes, everything seems fine, distant worries fade, the deadline strikes, I am left with limit. 
P; the presence you hold in my life Can it be dictated? Numerated? Determinated? Not in my eyes.
I started scribbling down Words as soon as I could hold a pencilold Wordsothers Wordsmade me feel and move and cry and breathe Words
in medieval times, the doctor would make you bleed on purpose, letting the wet air suck out your blood like it alone was the poison that was chewing at your bones  
I just simply can't stand lookingat anything in this damn roomThe wall right next to me in here
Misfit. Miss fit. Miss, fit into the box of what ladies should be. Miss fit into a pair of size two jeans.
All one in the same All containing aspirations and dreams Only to be shot down,  By the shot sound, Of a shot gun, That you shot becasue you thought it would be fun  
I can't stand hurting you It hurts me too. I'm scared to say it all. My past restricts me And my rage holds me captive. What have I become? The moonlight blackens, Darkens,
Suicide is selfish Suicide is bad I am not selfish I was really sad Why did you leave me? We had a special bond
There is a fear embedded in me, raised into me, injected into my DNA. I watched my father warn my brother as he grew older—beware of the way you present yourself to others.
I don't write to be brave or to embrace the ability to leave my words as a legacy for others to remember To save   I don't write for an audience or to fulfill a desire to be seen
"To be heard"
All I ask for Is an ear.  
You are so beautiful for a black girl. Better than usual for a black girl. You are excusable for a black girl. Don't degrade my race. I am a beauty. I excel at life.
When you saw me walk into your restaurant I doubt that th first thing you thought about was asking me what my preferred pronuns might be Instead, what I'm sure came to mind was: "Shaved underarms bu hairy legs
To be Heard  is to be recognized To be Heard  is to be know To be Heard  is to be remembered  for even a moment     So often are we forgotten swept away by time   
When can I be heard?
Chorus:   I'm stressed out A lot of stuff on my mind, I don't know what to do I'm stressed out I just want to be alone, so I'm sitting in my room I'm stressed out
We are snow globes; people admire the scatter but we all fall the same.  
When you told them your preferred pronoun,
Confidence is not enough to defeat doubt. The ambiguity I've already faced is Relentless. I've tried, as I am, but it is is vain That my fortitude fights it everyday. Perplexity casts a heavy shadow over me;
You kissed me that cold winter night. You promised me that you  Would be there forever But then there was that summer night When you decided that you were better off  With some other girl
Why can’t I get a chance?
I write to connect I write to make sense I write to express I write to get distance I write to make space I write to put myself in another place Or to find another place
If you could start doing What I do When we bump into each other That would be great. I am tired Of seeing your car Parked a few doors down And remembering All the time we spent
I'm sick of being known as the girl with the curves, the girl who has to show some skin in order to be heard. All I want is some respect and a little more eye contact. I'm sick of being known
The world is dark Hundreds of wolves prowl around me Invisible faces Ready to pounce And thirsty for blood Will I make it alive? I can't help but think I may never survive But wait
Don’t let people know who you are, who you really are, since glass hearts shatter easily by those who have been equipped with stone swords from birth. Don’t let people know what upsets you, since
  A child lost in her mind. The mind that rejects reality. Creates its own. Bracing at will. Binding in paroxysms. Disorder does not define her. Disorder controls her.  
Part I As Mother listens, wearing the right face, As Mother listens, eyes remaining bright, Her answers have a timely pace. Her voice and timbre exactly right.   But words are empty from her lips,
     Waking up to little smiles,Dressing her in purple and pink,Hair goes up in crazy styles,She'll grow up faster than you think, 
i used to tell life you are MUCH TOO MUCH FOR ME   and now i find myself begging for life to   LET ME BE ITS CANVAS.  
From Mommy's point of view,  Man would it suck to take care of you, Every day and every night, You'll never be able to "Just grab a bite."   I'm so sorry that it is you, Now tell me what I must do
When I was little, I was Daddy's little girl. No was not heard of I looked at you as funny, caring, and adventurous. Then you left for awhile and came back and yes was no more.
Poetry In Picture Staring at a white page Pencil hovering over the blank expanse
And tonight I should be with you Humming harmonies To the sweet melody of your mind And listening to the chorus of your heart.   Before you I never knew such sweet music could exist
Define rape – A four letter word meaning She was asking for it Her skirt was too short And, well, she didn’t say no. Define catcall – A seven letter, slang term describing how men
They say ignorance is bliss, that the ignorant mind is so peacefully at slumber, from the gluttony plaguing the world outside.  They say that colored people in this country,  are not worthy of respect
Connections – The world isn't as big as it seems Living in a generation where someone in California can talk to another in Spain.
I write so that the world might not           spin so fast So that maybe, maybe it won't travel           1040 miles per hour I write to freeze the Earth           in that perfect moment of candor  
Scared and silent, I was often unheard Misjudged, overlooked, ignored    For years I struggled on,  burning with passion and expression, 
Am I allowed to disagree To shake my head at society? To know a different way alone.
This is the poem for the person who wakes up early morning and come home late
  Whispers from object shout to me as I pass Singing, humming their tune
Was it an allusion? Was it a dream? Could it have been you or was it just me? None of the mirrors are working to me. I don't know how to feel and how to breathe.
Dear God,
It was like a blow to the head, Been almost three years. Still can't believe you're dead, Or that I still have all of these tears.   2012- Black Friday, Just before dawn, All I could say,
When poets fall in love, The gods themselves weep For they know of the souls, The minds, The hearts That will be unhinged And yet mended. Each breath rolls off their tongues
Dearest lover, I awoke this morning to find you had gone. No note, No flower, No sign of your existence at all Except for the sour taste on my tongue
What is wise in this world twisted in concept What is wise when knowledge leads to destruction What is wise when our lessons become our undoing These questions I seek diligently for answers
I've been in the dark for so long its hard for me to accept the light,
Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth when I tell you that I love you, that I need you Do you find it difficul to believe that little cold me could favor you, maybe even tame you
Long hours spent laboring on a poem. In the minutes before I succumb to sleep.
Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth, when I tell you that I love you, that I need you Do you find it difficult to believe that little cold me could favor you, maybe even tame you
When I entered high school, I thought I had it made.
   I saw you in class today And I took notice of the venomous words you did say. You didn't know though because I kept up a front. Playing the hear no evil, speak no evil stunt.
I wake just to hear my parents argue back and forth in fear. I didn't know what was going on.   As I listen, they yell at my sister... every denial from her made my dad angrier.
"The pen is mightier than the sword," or so it has been said, With a blade so sharp as to rend the stoniest souls apart. A beautiful weapon and a cruel mistress, harming even as it heals.
You want me to consume this?
its two am i can’t escape the happiness that surrounds me i find myself watching videos about couples and i see couples being happy 
There are stones rooted into your mind. 
Live for love, as it was once said Work hard, sing songs, run free, and break bread
You're an alien in your body, The days where your outsides: the skin, the hair, the teeth, the eyes, the nose,
For a larger portion of this existence, it's been quiet, sulking in a vortex of bad decisions and missed opportunitiesThis tongue has been held, these teeth clenched, jaw locked for far too long
I run through the trees,  The wind flows through my hair,
You're an alien in your body, The days where your outsides: the skin, the hair, the teeth, the eyes, the nose,
Happiness is like a freshly  paved road, Absent from all corrode Each new addition already planned, Every turn colorful, nothing bland   Each new direction is made, Sure the consistency wont fade
Hello?Can you hear me?I'm simply another voice clamoring for attentionIn this vast see of faces.Stand on the beach and look out across the waterTo see thousands of us.
True love saddness starts with a goodbye Continues with a cheerless cry It feels as if the world has come to an end As if your pain will never mend Waiting for the suns shine Waiting for Gods faithful sign
It's been said,  That the pen is mightier than the sword; is that all that I can afford? To bite a bullet, or bite my tongue, And pray that another night Is my one reward?  
I remember… the faint smell of cigarettes in the downstairs bathroom each and every morning… His own personal scent was nicotine concealed by just the right amount of spearmint so he smelled more sweet than smoky.
Sitting on the beach Hearing the waves crash against the sand Feeling the sand betwee my toes Wrapped in the arms of the ocean and feeling save being around the ocean Being surrounded by the waves and the sun
I had my whole life ahead of me. I had a plan, I had a dream. When I was little I envisioned what I could be. I had a great life, My family treated me well. It all went down the drain.
We write for what we think is right. We write to remind us of memories,
All you can see is that I'm pretty, and to you my only name is baby.  
Cliques, Social norms, Social acceptability,  Social Anything!   Girl Code, Guy Code, "invisible" rules that only complicate things.   Teens vs. Adults; A society driven by
They all look at me asking who I am trying to be, but the answer I can give is not one that does justice to the mentality of things. I am trying to be a variation of me that still lies beneath these molecular cells,
I write for the people in the past, the present, and the future  We are all JUST people We have the ability to stretch ourselves  To look deep into our souls
Bodice of lace and buttons of brass, Nervous blue eyes in a small looking glass.   Suit made of velvet and tie made of silk, Confident smile of pure manly ilk.   Solid oak doors and roses pale pink,
Some call it confidence. Some call it arrogance. Some think it's off-putting, while still others think it's intriguing.   Many hear it, yet few understand it.  
we live in a world where we are expected to speak our thoughts in 140 characters or less the little number in the corner turns red as it counts down until there appears a negative sign in front of it
I am nothing, nothing, nothing.
All she wants is to be seen
I sit in my English class every day wondering the same old thing. “Why can’t poetry be more like math?” I just don’t understand. There’s too much grey! And not enough black and white!
I’d found a little bluebird, And mother said how nice,
I'm struggling to be heard Through all these people that chat like birds. I'm trying to speak the truth, But I'm in a sound booth. Then someone stopped and opened the door,
We have forgotten the most profound voices, The roots to our own humanity.   Anger, The lava vein of an erupting volcano, Pulsates because the vain whistles in the same high pitch.
This is a story I never like to talk about but I have to let it off my chest and try to let it go. You're a criminal! You stole it like a pro but guess what? All the pain and the truth I wear as a wound.
Not many people enjoy my chocolate  shell They tear me apart until they reach my vanilla cream center   They drown me in a white liquid To subsidize my taste   Why am I not good enough
They're censoring me to young to speak? They're censoring me is my mind to weak? They're censoring me while I'm at my peak. They censored me  Now I am going down sh*t creek.
Raven hair My canvas is big My fangs are sharp But my mind is sharper My skin is pale, but my veins are paler I’m neither mystical nor magical Extraordinary nor extravagant
Why is there always some moon light that illuminates my window? It worries me. 
i think i will shoot the radio. it will be my first protest for the criminalization of regurgitating material. i used to wonder what anyone could write songs about other than GOD.
Can't you see? This is simply an attempt at happiness. This smile has been fading. These hopes diminishing. My life is a book, and the final chapter is approaching. Was. Until I found my light.
Time has gone by so fast. I've gone from nothing to now. Living in a world of wicked deceit. Right now, people are dying in fleets. Never had the decency to think.. What if it were him, her, you or me?
I feel like I'm in this world alone. Invisible to the human eye. I'm like the ground. Everyone walks and runs all over me. Always being used and abused.
You thought you'd beaten me But here I am You thought you'd won But here I stand I have a voice You didn't silence it forever Here I am, standing tall.
 Doubt by Jarvis McLaughlin   planning doubting
There's a home in my head Less of a house, more of a shack It has me pounding on the walls Knuckles and plaster start to crack And as I'm bleeding from my hands At the hand of your words
I often ask for nothing, Yet always hear advice From symphonies of human beings,
My skin was brown , I got on the ground .  I complied but you shoot two rounds .   My name was Michael Brown .   
To only be heard A frail as a new born baby bird  Life only takes advantage of you Until you decide its time to move If one stays inside Mothers cry out oh my How does it expect to see the light
I could say,   "Mama, Mama, Mama, come help me"   but you are so busy living out a Colorado fantasy
      Do you breathe in whistles, sir? Because every time I walk by that is all I hear.
It is society that killed the teenager.
HelloIs all you have to sayas we walk each other by.Instead you let my presence go missingbecause I entangle vowels with consonantssynchronize self-love with confidence.too ethnic
If I was somehow granted the choice To change any day if my life   It would be the day I came out.    I would change even the tiniest of details. 
Check one, check two. Can you hear me coming through? Forgive me if this lacks clarity, But my internal capability To process and feel is erratic I end up with a bunch of static.  
I should start by saying I'm an only child. Always was, always will be.  
Dear new me, with love always I pray that you never forget my days   My strengths, my weaknesses, all my mistakes
    Abuse is a filthy stain that leaves its residue on your soul,
the world is different than it used to be we cant be our self and society nowadays is a horrible place
Everybody seems to see right through me anything I ever do is just for their benefit because me, I always receive the deficit. That may be why I hide up in my little shell with me, myself and I
Notice beauty in the way the girl voices her opinion with confidence and stature. Find passion in the way the artist continues to pour his soul into the artwork that no one stop to look at.
Tiny, as delicate but with the eyes to heal the soul.Lightly he steps, but stomp like he storms off in random distances.Full of fluff, mystery and deep unconditional love.
I am no one of importance, My hands have not held gold. And while my body may be 19, my mind is full and old.
What do I do without reh
Constantly in a confused thought
Fear Fear to be heard but humiliated A tumult at the pit of my stomach as I search, Search and stumble for the next small phrase, That can accurately paint the ideas in my head
After a fast-break of a minor meal
Straight up walking with that Filipino-rooted feet My mind wanders off in a whirlwind But this ain’t really about my origins right now But it’s about me currently
My words are more than just ink on paperThey are a prayerA silent chronicle of my life through my eyesMore than just simple sighs they areWishes and dreams
A small town girl with big dreams paves her way to the top This town is too small to fulfill her goals Both scared and excited she begins her journey to being who she wants to be
Someone sits quietly, doing work, by choice. Screams. There are loud screams. Painful, shreiking.  Its comes from a child. Then, a woman. Then, a man. They're all screaming. The child shreiks in pain.
What do you see when you look into the mirror Is it really a reflection of yourself
Blind. Blinded by the sound of nothing. Silence. Breath. Slam. Bang. Click. The intesity builds. Lights come into focus. Shadows. Anxious feet. Steady.
I've never been an optimistic person. To me, the glass was always half empty; The sky always gray,
Could I really be heard? I am seventeen year old young lady, Sierra I’ve been to ten different schools, Nisqually to Ridge, on to college and back here.
  The cold pillow is engulfed around your face, full of tears, full of dreams and memories shattered.
It all ends here, on this night, where I lay I don't know how it came to this dying as I pray.   God please don't hate me, I only did what I thought was right,
I’d like to say that I write for a Noble Cause- that I write authority into powerful laws to rescue the damsel in distress/ to break the chains of their duress And maybe one day that’ll be true
Who do I want to hear me? Even if someone hears me what could they do?
The river flows backwards
Do not become so busy laughing away the pain, that you forget to be human. Stress is a natural reaction. It's what you do with your reality. It's the difference between becoming the president, or another losing canidate
I'm tired... Tired of feeling unloved. Tired of feeling unwanted. I'm tired...
white snow and grey clouds the world seemed to become distorted no one said a word just the sound of tears and broken hearts the roses, perfectly cut with petals in crisp colors
We all have a meaning to be in this world. What is mine? I am not so sure yet, but I intend on finding out soon. Soon, everything will be different. I'll be going away from those who have loved me in my darkest times. 
You tell me to say "I love you," Demand me to make love to you, and refuse that I do anything else. I am, confused by your needs, lost in your wants, disoriented to your desires. What am I to do?
I thank you for telling me  that anything is possible, that anything can be achieved, that the sky is not the limit, that there are no limits.   I thank you for guiding me
There is a beauty in everything There is a beauty in simplicity In the simplicity of a smile That shines as bright as the sun that warms every inch of my body In the simplicity of laughter
Bill Buxley was the richest man you’d see. He had stacks and stacks of money. He bought furs, cars, houses, and clubs, Tigers, casinos, shoes, and Persian rugs. But he was a vain man, never willing to share,
I am me and you are you.
A letter was on a page part of a word part of a conciousness flowing out of the river of ideas ebbing from the  lake of creativity.   The letter vibrates through the air
Cold or Hot Nice or Mean Compassionate or selfish Needy or Self Suficient Every Choice Is A Challenge But The Choices We Make Are What Make Us So What Will You
Who do I write for you ask? Will I ever be heard? I write hoping someone will listen. Someone…anyone.   I write for the women who have been exiled by their friends,
Habit (n) 1 a practice or substance to which a person is addicted:  The baby has been sitting in that stroller all day, watching her drug addicted mother do whatever to support her habit. 2.
Indulge in that smell of a vibrant cookie I'm just a rookie with the heart of poetry. At times I get lonely when no one's there I spread a utensil on white My mind wants to see.
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" Or so they tell me. But everyone seems to find the same things beautiful. Blonde hair, blue/green eyes, thin. Barbie doll perfect Barbie doll beautiful
My mother always told me "child, don't you cry over spilled milk", but no one ever said anything about spilled ink, and the funny thing about ink is that it comes in many different colors, one color for each emotion,
I am a wind. I am the air rushing through the leaves, Happy and energetic, Flying and free. Sometimes my speed picks up. I get angry. I run from my problems. I know I can be too much sometimes.
An insatiable appetite. The gluttony stains your lips. Each day, each second, unwavering, yearning for more. Your cries are often heard, always heard, but does mine reach you?
So I lie here thinking, not doing, just thinking
I wake up and I am fifteen, Years past and he looks at me. Who is he but myself in grief, What have I done and what do I do. Who am I and who are you, Am I black or am I blue,
Wrap your entire life in it!
I'm not the type to hold grudges But I do have something to say There's just too many things unsaid That I must get out of the way   I remember when I met you You were innocent and kind
The waves keep crashing down On the vessel of stability Hoping it will drown But this ship that carries me
A world where your appearance is who you are,being judged by your looks, your money, and your car.Instead of getting to know you, and your personality,
Get me a damn paper Spill my heart out on the page Such a small girl with a big voice And a heart that's filled with rage "You should be like her, Why don't you just try?"
My mouth goes dry and my throat closes up People wonder if I am mute But the truth is I have nothing to say
POW. One is dead. POW. Now two.
Why? What can you say to justify the gory ground that I stand upon Glory? Ha! An infant's dream that died in me long ago
I looked into the eyes of the girl who was always smiling. Only to see that her eyes were filled with fear, that drained every bit of hope from her body. Every day she smiled was another way of her lying.
 People will always  question and judge every choice you have ever made. Such as being in love with someone, when you just met them earlier that day. Or putting trust in someone who you know everyday lies to your face.
I Hoped Through What I Said That He Would Forgive Me Forgive Me For Taking Away Him When I Bent The Pen So Hard It Bled Black Blood They Will Never See This Not This Or Any Other Scars I Have
How many people have tried to
Bang Bang  Was what I heard every night, Police car sirens were my nighttime lullaby,
I will never be trusting, friendly, or loving. No matter what you say to me I know your lying.
Growing up in this world you are taught to envy others But why are we jealous of those in magazines or on TV Rather than wanting to be exactly like our mothers 'Perfect' people plastered everywhere is all we see
I shout hoorah hoorah! But my voice has never been heard/ Should I join the herd? Am I just another black man or better yet just another nigger? / Should I complain or put my hands up
I am more, because I am determined. I am more, because I try. I am more.  Because I refuse to be less.
Every poem I write is a poem for my mother though my mother is a poem I will never be able to write. I write for her to keep her strong, to encourage her, to remind her that I love her,
there's something obscure about closure and asking for help ten years ago I would have shied away ten years today I'm still ashamed though, and when I write or take pictures, or try to play the guitar
When I talk with boys about things I like I get laughs because somewhere between Doctor Who and the Marvel Universe it became wrong for a girl to like these things.  
its 3 am again and it all really seems so familiar, the dark sky, the quiet house, the creeping memories of you, and the feeling of death and sorrow in my chest  
When we find ourselves in the times of our lives We end up high thinking we're deprived of a crime We cry throughout the night but not through our eyes We ask our neurons to verify if we're alright
Chase your Dreams Never let them go I wish it were that easy Mine are lies I scream and I scream but not my thoughts they dont come out they haunt my sleep and pound my brain 
This life is mine.
A young girl who is about twelve
Sleepy sorrow in the trees, Here comes the autumn leaves, Full of color and always changing, Life will soon be rearranging, From shorts to sweatshirts in the autumn air, 
love a first sight is like a light  from a dark cave your heart beats faster cause your loneliness is saved in your mind you want to call her babe you want to hold her hand underneath the shade but truth be told
I could never feel your pain, The pain that comes from your brain, I could never know what you feel, But I know the voices are for real, The voices they come and go, 
I stop and take a look at what life has given me. And what all it has yet to send. I think of who I will be But will this all really matter when I reach the end?  
I want to be the road less traveled by Followed by only deer or the curious runner I want to be the one that is soft to the touch That springs under your foot, energetic and green
Forget the past and jump forward,  Live beyond the moments that are indescribable.    Forgive those that hurt you, They have molded you.    
They are words, simple letters in a row, black ink on white paper.   They are happiness, the sweet sound of birds singing to the open sky, the gentle and resounding laughter
Karma is the cycle of cause and effect The law is infinite so we are always checked We work hard in the present to reap benefits later We invest so much time to become greater
Constant whispers in my ear telling me defeat is imminent Dragging me down to their level of unsophistication and doubt. How do I believe I can make a difference when no one will listen?
My most precious item, this blue sweater, Handed down to me from my mother.
Chain and ball that I cannot touch yet still holds me back still helping hand which keeps me standing in the bleakest times
He hurt me daddy
You were here, now you're gone. Never to be seen again. And here I sit restless, you left me breathless.  A look. A sign.  Just one more time with you.    One more time in your sweet embrace.
One in a million Her voice shouts loud One in a million It seems to drown Does anyone ever make a difference Do the stomps of her feet and the beat of her heart Crying out towards the sky
The graveyard sat in stillness, quiet to the world/ It matched the gray of winter/ The hills whispered about the sky, its dark unforgiving ways/ The girl all alone listened/ She always listened/ All alone in the world, not able to be saved/ She l
Crying out. No one listens. Twiddling thumbs. Only pissing. Away my time. Away my hopes. Wants and dreams. Only hear "nopes." Left behind long enough. I'm not your property.
I’ve been described as free, a description that stayed with me because I can’t be tied down, what’s the point. What’s the point to be an equal in society, I want to dance
My voice is not loud It’s the quiet whisper in the crowd It’s the breeze through your ear It’s the rustling of a deer.   My voice is not a mountain, Or an imposing fountain,
Face the Facts. 
Face the Facts. 
I never knew black people could be racist .
Thump thump is all they hear Behind bruised skin I drown in my tears
Dreary nights I dread to walk dim lights flicker on the street the night becomes bright with the wind in the trees through the grass the clicking of my feet upon the asphalt
Words are thrown out to hate,Before it can be stopped, it's al
He wants a smarter girl With just enough charm and wit But knows when to keep her mouth shut Someone he can be proud of Someone that hasn’t disappointed Someone he can control with a look
oh my god. oh my god.
Within the walls of an old prison Rodrigo cries, honestly, to the lord for his crimes Santiago, the priest, accepts the apology
Introducing: the storm that brews in her mind... It's force and undying winds become too much to bear Left her drained, dry, just an empty shell A foggy reflection, an expressionless stare  
"he's still here."   here.   Here and gone. The words meld into one.    I screamed. I cried. I lost my mind. Is it possibly to feel so much at the same time?
There’s the whorl of the engines filling my ears,
There is a fire inside of me  and all you have is gasoline for me to drink.
One September night you say to me Something shocking that I couldn’t quite see. “I know this is sudden and it seems kind of fast,
Will you choose to see the 57,000 children fleeing on bare feet hopeful of the American dream?
"sorry" Do you think sorry means  anything to me?   Do you think about how I  feel when you say painful things to me?   Do you KNOW what I have been through/the scars you open?  
If the world is strange, Then be stranger. If the world is hard, Be harder.   The crowds will jeer, The eyes will linger. You will hold out your hands to them, And you will smile.
It hasn't always been easy. You are the one that was supposed to teach me. You are my example, who I look up to. But I look up to all the wrong things. Everything you have done, I'll do the opposite.
I awake in this lonely room I feel though as something is missing I let you completely conquer me  I let the darkness shackle me   I can see the light
I wake up. Stare. Burn, I scar demons into my bones, leaving my essence in the bathroom sink. Stain.
I know math and science are what make up our world. Facts, figures, laws of gravity, 1+1=2. There's a certain beauty to it all, I suppose. But words a power even greater
Summer turns to spring as the leaves began to change And my mind has not left you since that day The cold of winter just begins to set And yet here I am still weeping on your step
When I am able, I speak my mind. But mostly, I am silent. Their Judgment will be final so I stay away. Only to find thier eyes back on me. I try to be noticed in positive ways,
Who am I Shaheed Baukman 9/11/2013 You use me every day, causing you to become complacent to my significance
She told me that she'd be ok, she said, "It's just a passing phase." I watched her smile fade away,
You already have two strikes against you:
The only thing I said was: I'm religious.And you k
The silence creeps through the
To the stranger in the mall,and the classmate in the hall.To the teacher in school,and the lifeguard at the pool.
What? I thought I was the only one  I guess I was wrong  I should of known all we had and even a love song...  Didnt matter to you or him,
Shi ei Dineh. I am Navajo.   As I venture out, all I see are stares.   They look down on me. They don't know there are more like me. They don't know I am capable of anything.  
I don't know how I got this way, my feelings for you still haven't changed. The good in me has gone away.
Time is shorting, and you’re wasting yours. You’re ignoring your battles and losing the wars. All the while, you deny what rests before your eyes. You’re so far gone, you’re falling for your own lies.  
A Best friend Simple two words yet many meanings. Sophomore year 2012 we met on December 31st
  Sometimes people wonder if I’m shy And sometimes people wonder if I hate them and then why And sometimes people wonder why I never talk to them And sometimes people wonder if I even notice them
You are the sun when it is dark You are the tree I lean on, You are the one that makes my troubles gone You are the one who taught me: How to fight, for what is right.
  Hints of flashing streaks stride along the prairie Roaring thunder and gusting winds. Electricity these destructive storms carry. Dark smoke brews up dread. Terror in everyone’s
Never in a million years did I think I would find someone like you A man who captured my heart with his eyes so blue My heart did not know what to do
I write down what I could never speak If I were to attempt it You would say I am overreacting How dare I be angry   Angry that the creep who walks me to and from my classes
I pushed to hard I've gone too far There's no turning back and redemption to be had It's not fair I've come too far to have it end in dispair Blood, sweat, and tears my worst fear
Laughter and chatter fill the air As children swing on swings  Slide down slides And race around the merry-go-round Oh what I would give to go back to those days To be a child once again 
Stop crying for me, Darling.You're wasting your life in tears.Don't worry for me, Darling.
You made me feel like I was queen, No matter what was said you would be there to pull me back to my feet, Like I was something special, You were the first person to ever make me feel this way,
If time could stop:……1,2……..How fast would it take for you to come to my side?…….3…..4……5-----------------------if time had a heart would it beep to its final breath?Am I willing to finally close the door?
Just children were we when we first met Prancing about one another without a care. Though oft not we would see the another Each time was as if the previous game had not been left.
Words, Light and sweet, like cotton candy, Soak into a sugar dribble.   Words, Hot and harsh, like habanero peppers, Sting into a capsaicin burn.   Words,
Compassion, desire, ethicness The three logial points of todays youth Are you in the loop?
Love is like an electric shock that is there and then gone. It’s that quick eye contact before you smile and look down. I ask why you look down when you smile,
Words wash over everything. Any armor you pretend to have falls into a useless state. Water seeps into any chinks, crevices, cracks. You yell, hoping it will stop the flood; hope it'll plug the holes
I have always felt that my purpose is to listen. I want to be heard just to show you not to fear Those things that make the tears well up in your eyes and glisten
  You know it's crazy when we, as African Americans, say things like, "I wish I was lighter" or "I wish my hair could be like that instead of this" but we still try to tell our children that they are perfect just the way they are.
Me against the Triumph I can’t say I’m not a criminal Cause to the bible I have committed plenty crimes Lies I have told to cover my ass, Plenty times.  
You feel as if I’m sick and caught With every kind of flu You feel as if I’m failing And I haven’t got a clue   Of where I’m going with this lifetime Or where I’ll one day be
Muslim   I am a Muslim
Far within the depths of sorrow With hopes turned on their sides Resting among the broken dreams That’s where I do reside   Love songs and diamond rings All the things young lovers do
Inspiration has run dry, similar to faucets in a drought. Tiny fingers desperate to drown in the pure, sweet, waters turned away because they simply can not produce the strength to turn it the right way. 
Ripped but not running
All I seem to hear, is how I am unequal to you, how you are so much stronger than me, smarter, braver, and supposedly, supposedly full of a greater degree of intuition. Yet, tell me how you do not see,
Freedom what exactly is that, we rather kill each other and stand only....
Working day and night Without difference Without plight Yet to the world I am not known Who am I Who am I I long to be heard My voice a feeble cry Amoungst the millions
A week without you, and it feels a year. And I can't help but wonder if you smile at the stars, Staring at them; marveling them; like I do. Like I did to you.
I just about lost it. Had a dream about you and everything’s set Because I'd leave after you'd left. Go our separate ways, Depart. A parked car and an empty head --
The Silence. It's deafening.
If I was sentimental I would write about the look in your eyes when I draw hearts on your papers How the exasperated tone of your voice contrasts with the softness in your eyes How you stop me, but never erase my markings
                                 Out of Your Way
Dear Me, do you see what I see?   what have come of the world around us? where one opinion matters more than anyone else's does. it makes no cents so it isn't going to change;
The game is called High School. The prize-- my future. Every move I make everything I do every grade I get recorded on a score sheet. The players are students and teachers
The Depraved CreatureAn ice cold wind stirs with death in the airPictures flash around the mind like blazesThere on the ground lies a girl filled with despairThe dark creature besides her gazes
The butterflies flitter in my stomach, 
This generation has done no wrong,For we only live in crippling fearOf the shortening yearsyet to come.  
As we walk along our chosen path
Judgement is something mistakened all the time. Judgement is where people take what they see and form an opinion on there own. Like the boy down the street or the man in the pretzel shop
The current keeps pushing, pushing me Trying to make me move. But no matter how hard the push is, Budge is not something I’ll do.  
you are My stress-reliever, my escape, my addiction.   sometimes yoU start real slow, like drip-drip from a faucet. you pull me in close, wrap your arms around me, whiSper in my ear,
There is a war going on today
Your soul, once so pure white has been painted black by white powder. That prick that little ounce of pain is my pain.
You thought your job was finished, because you were finished with it You couldn’t take it anymore so you left, setting bridges ablaze as you passed Throwing in the towel, you walked out.
  Living to live Smiling to smile Life without meaning Heart pumping; Soul dying Struck by betrayal     Hurt by a loved one Paralyzed, full of worrisome questions Why did he, How could he, Why me?
The first time he touched me, I
She pushes the blade deeper;
When I was a little girl I was afraid my house would burn burn burn Now in my little world All I can do is yearn yearn yearn For the day when I become A firefighter, brave and strong
  Poem Scholarship  
Twas a dark night. The sky was a black void And stars shined freely. Wind was blowing swiftly as I stood alone. I was given but one mission, To get rid of a greatly known villain.
Be yourself Not like that Speak your mind Using these guidelines Express yourself How we allow you to   Doublethink Before uttering a sound Rethink your idea
The voices mount their cavalierly titles Marching towards the ever crumbling tower of hope Seeking out the destitute visage of my doubt The nucleur core of my growing insecurities
I am an ocean wave, grasping for the rocks. There’s no need for time, nor for any clocks. God has a future planned, planned for you and me,
Life insists too much upon us to take a second glance; a second look. We go through shutting everything out and never realize what we could have; what other people took.
Blue streak on black hair
His eyes are blue as sapphire His suit is black and white While his movement is very graceful, His fierce intent creates fright Power present in every ripple of muscle Body coiled to strike,
I walk through the halls So crowded yet I am alone. No one wants to waste their precious words on a nerd like me. If only they knew that a decade from now they would aspire to be
Pallor erases as the surface recants the story of a dying son exploding and swirling until everything is gone. What's wrong? What will we be? Skipping and flipping, eroding streets away—express right away; escape. Riddles of truth and space.
As I look into mirror, I see a girl but not just any girl-- a mix girl. The colors of black and white. As I look into the mirror, I see the past of my peoples.
Voices aren't the only things that can be heard, thoughts, actions can too Dreams have a soundtrack we only attempt to understand, an order, a theme, something to prevail over in the end,
I was told by the world That treasures were measured By money, power and fame That the only way to survive Was seeing things with clouded eyes So I believed in the world’s lie
I know you cannot promise me much right now, because your integrity is kind of low, but if you could tell me why you're here
Can't you see? I have my clouds
You are the sunshine i am the rain i just wanted You to be mine but You were avoiding pain  
Every person has a dream, A goal that becomes their motivation, But not every dream succeeds, And those that do are lucky.   Lucky enough to brave the endless monsoons of obstacles;
It’s happening again. My tears are slowly coming. This time of day is the hardest. Why, oh why does this keep happening? It’s 2 AM, and I’m struggling to not pretend.
My grandmother showered her fingerprints in the blueprints of my 18-year old life. On my first week of preschool, My cries of hysteria were of no match for her loyal ears,
This is for the girls who lie awake at night,
In dedication to a fighter, father, life's hero, and dancer.   Indiscriminately
My pen writes the words of my soul for you to know who I am. My soul whispers its story to the paper for it to absorb and share with you.
[Gaunt and decaying], I nestle
Every word you speak is heard, While every action you perform is seen,           by someone...                                    somewhere... What des any person want?
Dear you, I do this for you What is a writer without a reader? Useless. So. These words are yours now.
beep. beep. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. my back is sweaty against the thick cotton-white quilt.  the bed is drained of color,
It’s not a
Just like how the sun gives light to the flowers… Just like how the trees give off oxygen for human life… One cannot co-exist without the other. The flowers and the trees cannot exist without the sun
The words I speak are crisp and clear  Each vowel I mouth, expresses each emotion I have  They say I'm too young, they say I'm too different  Differences are what makes each of us unique and special 
I am from a willow tree. I am from a hollow of leaves. I am from a crawling creek,   whose legs stretch on forever. From seekers and finders, I am from adventurers and artists.
They say it is hard, You think you can manage, But it takes a bit, To really see the damage.   We were packed to leave, Very eager to go,
The doors swing open Hospital disinfectant clogging your pores Flickering lights The endless shuffling of paper slippers One room is not empty: one room, on Valentine’s Day,
It's a beautiful summer day,  and the sun shine bright,
Have you ever had a secret in which you've held awhile; You see in the eyes of others that you're perceived odd or even vile; For you being different does not make you gross;
There's a stillness to the air. Quiet fills the space. Soffocating in it's entirety at the center lies a soul scarred and fading. Tears stream from closed eyes.
He comes in the quiet whispering about bloodied hands and a twisted, dirty, ugly soul wearing a plain girl's face His lips skim along my skin The barest touch as he tells a loveless story
I know not your name or your face Nor you mine beyond the words on a page Yet it is my hope that one day you might call me a friend, an enemy, your sister, and even your lover.
Life in The Middle of Nowhere There is no place to call home You suffer in silence In this, you are alone
To Be Heard.
I create to b heard.I stand infront of you, as this scared little girl, tyring to express myself.I want you to know what I know, see what I see-I want to make you laugh, make you cry-Make you feel...something.
I never thought I'd see the day; Where I'd struggle to find the words to say; But you leave me pondering, yet breathless; I can't hold it back, I must confess this; Your eyes read a book, yet you remain a mystery;
she aint just a girl  she's more than my world  a queen sitting on a throne  and my world is her kingdom  love never lust  never abuse just trust  never yelling never fuss 
This thing inside of me wants out I feel it clawing Ripping again. It tears me from the inside out Right where my heart should have been. But that was eaten long ago By a monster much meaner than this
It seems sometimes, with this seperation of body from soul That we can all become blind, invisioning the staircase in the tunnel to our goal It seems sometimes, that we are all alone when we focus on ourselves
Sometimes I wonder If you hear me, If I even make a sound. Can't you tell I don't care; If you've been saved and found. I can't believe in things that you do, Or your constant prayers and quotes.
What is love without a cost?It doesn't exist; it is a lifetime lost.To sacrifice for a person loved,opens a way for a heart to pour.
Tori    Content, friendly, and dramatic    Lover of modeling, fine arts, and vacations    Who feels nervous for the future, wholesomeness with life, and comfort from my caring family
Your lies taste so sweet as you grace my lips As our eyes lock I have entered into this great abyss Every word you melodically vocalize brings life to the white noise of my ignorance The slightest touch entices my senses
My little sister hides from me But she can not hide her pain Always followingAlways shadowing
The day starts with a smile, hours tick by and words inflict the mind, that creates a brighter future, And the grin that beamed dims dully,  But then grows to a roaring inferno,
I'm just a body made up of atoms. In the grand scale of life I am small. 
I guess I'm confused how the term woman translated into bitch, or why I have to constantly reiterate that we're woman not hoes to every dude I'm with. You must've lost your mind when you lost your respect 
At the current stage of my life Full of teen angst and hormones I am tired already.
  A puppeteer strings an open mouth, She is me, and I am her.   Tells me what to say− Obedient, teeth clacking.                                                   Indecent
He was tall and fair of face His demeanor, full of grace His love for her was pure and good But something lurked, misunderstood. A mystery from the past Some history one could not guess
Sometimes I miss you so much it hurts. Sometimes I talk to you at night after prayers. Sometimes I wonder if you're even there.   Sometimes I look for some sort of sign That lets me know I'm on your mind
The Antithetic Leaf   Come on...blow me away; Get me off of this tree;
Last night I saw your face in my dream Woke up thinking about what it could mean Together at last / You and me Too good to be true was what it seemed   What it felt was exactly that
I know you have lost alot And people have left you distraught With things they may do or say They walk away, leaving you in complete disarray   But I'm not going to be like them
I write to the weak 
                I whisper inside my head all the things I want to say,                         beause no one outside is listening.  
She wakes up to a new day 
This poem is not important.
Her love for him showed through her skin His love for her showed in his heart Their love shone creating a beautiful fire A fire that does not cause destruction But can create a beautiful light
You had all of me Then you burn the sheets On the bed we slept And the bed I sleep burning our love You broke my heart Ripping the skies but thru those cloudy days and pain I saw light
Fear is something we all truly know. In any shape or form it takes us from a high to low. Like beautiful snow, a beautiful rainbow, a green light turned red, to a no go.
You Short Changed Me 10 Cent Now Give Me My Money Or Get Delt With .
It started out so nice.... And carefree.... Full of love..... Full of laughter. But then mommy changed..... She yelled..... And scarred the mind. It is true what they say...
You entered the real world When you realized
I'm hurting I'm crawling I can't find my heart I know you have it but it's falling apart you don't see but I'm crying and dying inside When did I get so low? When did I give you so much control?
In the darkest hours your presence is scariest, and in solitude the loudest., still,  People try their hardest not to acknowledge your existence your being undeniable,yet still they deny that you
" i will follow you . When there is nothing left and all is dry , my heart would seem lost but some how still beating at your feet . I will follow you .
Unreliable , who me ?  These lies demise me . Inconsiderate ,Thats right. Exactly why I feel your pain. Irresponsible, erratic.  displaced static. emotional , insane , cynical, mundae.
Why the fuck do I have to pay for college?  I'm trying to educate myself & spread happiness to the world. 
Aimlessly wandering around With no sense of direction Lost in a sea of adventures Absorbing everything it ever touches It lives among us unappreciated It's going to be different, it whispers
Why the fuck do we need money to help people with injuries or illnesses? Why can't all of the countries around the world make an agrrement to make health care free?
you were supposed to be there for me youpromisedyoupromisedyoupromised you promised when you conceived me you promised when you shoved me out you promised when you brushed my hair
STOP! WHATEVER IS DISTRACTING YOU... STOP! Live in the moment and listen up. I am talking to everybody, and I am hoping all of you will take these words to heart, so please, please,
Blood on the pavementIt's time for a bereavementThe shrill cries of sirensStill cannot drown out the wails of parentsLoved ones grievingStill unbelievingThat....Those shots found a homeThat...
Call me a beaner, Say I'm going to be nothing but a fucking cleaner. All they want is a stereotype to stick in a position, Where you have no ambition. They say to go back to the homeland, What land?
Happy, lively, and talking that never ends This how I'm viewed by my friends. Yet to others I am perceived as quiet And inside me is a riot. With a yearning for my true self to be seen
To the Guardian of a Child, pay attention Notice your child and show them  You see them and who they have become
Haiku of Loneliness
silent on the outside but my insides are screaming can I get an assist someone to squeeze my arm as the blood drains from my wrist let anyone tell me that what I do is so wrong but don't let it be those whom have despised me all the long for ever
  Just A reminder, second of first week. important! make List for groceries needed <- Don't forget attic need, above, be dusted. should take out that, what was it, the first noteworthy
All you seem to care about is your friend’s opinions. As if they’re the master of your life?
In this world full of noise we are taught we must try to scream above the rest if you are silent none will know you but wouldn't it be tragic if you scream yet no one wishes
I am everything yet I am nothing I am a girly girl, I am a tomboy I am a hopeless romantic.  I fit steriotypes. I am the white girl.  Wierdo. Nerd. Band Geek.  
We sit face to face,but there is something in the way. An object that gives you satisfaction, its in my face and your eyes are lost and I wonder is this gonna work.
You do not need to be fast. You do not have to finish the 5k you registered for the morning of, vulnerable. To be a runner, just start. Let the cheetah of your legs move you
Sit down and think, of all the things you hate, I bet the way you view yourself is rather a low rate. For me you see my looks, play rather a large roll, the always constant criticism surley takes a toll.
I never knew  how fast time could fly. And as the clock is clicking by, I’m wondering why, It has to be this way.   Whatever happened to the day
Out in the city where th people throng, lay the spirit of nation, out in the hearts of those who protest lay justice, fervently,restlessy,endlessy demanding from us and for us
All she wanted to do was be heard.  And as she sat there, staring at the blank computer screen,  fingers hovering over keys A, F, G, quivering with the possibility of what could be,  she realized...
I feel entirely empty, so lost & distant; You leave me nothing, but a reminiscent; I hear your name and my heart skips beats; I try to cope, but always experience defeat;
I can sugar coat this. Females are overreacting. Sexism doesn't exist and feminists need to sit down, shut up, and get over themselves. But I can't. Because I know that's a lie.
cant you tell? im scared mortified horrified nightmares personified through each little insecurity why am I so cold when its hot outside
I sit, thinking quietly to myself People mill about, chatting and laughing No one approaches No one even notices I'm here   Alone In a room full of people
It's the sacrifice of giving up everythingThe risk of not knowingIn this life society controls it allWanting to fit in instead of being an individualNot wanting to move foward but backwards
Love is Shady, Love is Tragic 
Do you have a passion? Do you have a plan? I have a passion and a plan Basketball Do you have a hobbie? Do you have a dream? I have a hobbie and a dream Basketball Find your way 
Boundaries they set, Labels diagnose my being, Brick walls I raze.
  Behind close doors I actually have a personality but yet to be explored... Because where my heart lives it rains...alot And the monster in my closet remains lock
A wallflower, without a word, A man, without security, A look of sullen passivity, and yet, Never a look is given return.   Sadness is met with hate, No one wants sadness in their lives
A wallflower, without a word, A man, without security, A look of sullen passivity, and yet, Never a look is given return.   Sadness is met with hate, No one wants sadness in their lives
Born to a family fighting to climb.
I can't forget the look in your eyes The long hugs and short kisses good bye Why? Why did you have to go? It was said that you was tired and I know that to have been true
Why you felt more confindent harassing me alone? You called us friends, because you thought it was funny to see me crumble. I only smiled because mouth had malfunction and fail to say STOP!
Rite of passage or societally sold obstacle Never ever ending hope, never ending despair Educational institutions or corporate behemoths   Debt, Debt, Debt is all millennials know All our life is all we owe
Risk this is more than a word this is the sweat that trickles down your skin and play with your nerves this word leave people speechless scared to move on a foot on the week and
  Can’t sleep, can’t breathe Memories of you run through my mind The memory of our first time brings tears to my eyes. The way your body felt as my hands caressed your back.
panty hose runs shining slick with nail polish lacquer  hold together the teller, the teacher, the secretary, the nurse the woman the expectations placed  in little girls' hair
For whom do I write? For whom do I click upon this keyboard? For whom do I pen these words? For whom do I let these poems flow?   Once upon a time I would have said myself Writing was my only escape,
A flower’s life begins as a tiny seed at birth It then buries itself, deep within the Earth   There it sleeps, in the ground Making not a sound   Then spring comes along,
Verse –
Sterling Klein August 09, 2014   Is it sad to say that I've 
Child upon the horse Horse runs strong with a spirit He sees through the lies Spirit brings life to the girl
God damn it! Listen to me when I am talking. Open your ears to things I am saying. Realize that there is nothing you can do to scare me, nothing you could do to make me go away.
A lust for Blood, a lust for love. A need for peace; for all wars to end. The human blood, of such sweet scent. Why, oh why must the scent linger in the air?
If I could just write A simple word or two Something on a piece of paper To convience one of my story
Why must the good die youngI'll never understand
i don't need you at all but i want you and this constant struggle between want and need highlights a crucial point i am not only indecisive but entirely incapable of choosing
From the suffocation of checkered fear,  To the pastel brush stroke of peace.  From the wide-eyed, emotive hollowness of 3 a.m. 
I want to live in a wo
The red comes in ribbo
She tied her hair back
Some times I feel useless unimportant ugly depressed and alone no one loves me every time something happens I am the blame they judge me for who I am
I cut it out It got too strong That growth Scalpel and chemicals Can’t develop can’t spread now A snipped bud never to bloom That unsightly growth   Hope it didn’t scare you
Weightless happy euphoria A cloud filled with wistful thoughts Breathless whispers That mask the sliver of darkness So sharp that it cuts slits In the fabric of their lives But I am gone
Let us paint a smile and walk among the happy, while they go on with out a worry.  As we sit here in our heads contemplating the life we could of had or could have, 
Fear You can see it in her eyes It surrounds them all A gunshot sounds They all begin to run Faster and faster Deeper into the dark woods  Tears They run down her cheeks
Being known in the street is good cause I am unique. Getting respect and moving fast in the fastlane will get me paid.
I woke up this morning and you weren't there. I jumpted to my feet, my heart in a scare We were about to get married, our daughter on the way everything was suppose to happen this upcoming May
dark, darkened mysterythe night makes no sound(shhh)that's just the scurrying of creaturesclose to the groundbut the starsthey are hushed
It almost looked like she had been swallowed up by the flame of her own being But as the fire tried to consume her the sky wrote “Fire doesn't kill dragons” And so she did not die from her own creation.
It's difficult to confide in others.Maybe they will hear me out!If I don't walk, talk like myself, if itGets out of hand, I'll leave!Hail a taxi and just get back home,To never find out the truth...
Near the tree, I see a root. All around the trees, tree roots flow. Beyond the horizon trees are swaying. Vulnerable to every wind that blows. These trees hold onto the breath taking solid land.
We woke that morning to a pleasant surprise
Female. nineteen. Prima Donna. Lovely. Beautiful, that's all she got. Nothing deeper. Nothing more sincere. Nobody wanted to hear her words, in fact nobody cared.
She was a sad girl Although, no tears fell from her eyes. Her sadness was hidden Her smile full of lies.   She had so many dreams
  My shoes squeak, my hair rustles, and my eyes wander. But I am neither heard, felt, nor seen. Students with satisfied smiles and amused eyes scramble before me, hustling to their next class.
Vapors of her sadness Give my head the spins of eternal madness Soul drips cherry-creme sweets
They don’t tell you… that the cutest shoes are also the least comfortable. Bras too. that your hairstyle now will be weird in two years.
One. Today my boyfriend wanted to have sex. As we sat in his truck he tried explaining to me why this is a good idea. Two. “Come on baby,” He tried guilting me into it. Three. “We’ve been dating for 3 months,”
Don't be afraid, speak up! Kick, yell, be loud.  Don't be afraid to save yourself
When I was six my grandma said “a second slice of cake? You’re getting so big” Because a six year old wanting more cake is apparently unheard of When I was 13 my brother greeted me with “hey ugly” every time I came home
Who is out there that will hear me? Will you answer my cries?   Is there a future to heed my thoughts? Or will they be cast into the chasm of the past?
I am not one who shall live in shame  to be looked down upon I am not one who shall lie in tears Falling to the ground without one to hold my back Never having someone to love or to love me back
The bags beneath my eyes are swollen now,
The bags beneath my eyes are swollen now,
We are nothing more than people. We are masses with voices. Some cry silently and shed not a single tear; Some are bleeding from their throats, but all are desperately wishing. We all desperately need.
I am a woman of Christian faith. I am independent on political views. I am a chocolate lover. I am allergic to peas. I am an animal advocate and lover. I am short, only 5'3.  I AM REAL.
I constantly reach out Sending you letters, text messages, phone calls I just want you to hear me out   My dear brother Who is lost in the world You seek power and reason
I have never publicized my writing. When people ask what I like to do, I say simply, “I write.” When people ask to read my words, I reply, “No, thank you.” When people ask why, I tell them, “It’s personal.”
Some days, the light is on. It shines bright; rids me of the darkness; Illuminates my surroundings.  
I mean I don't mind you being with other people But sometimes I miss you,  We were so close like how white belongs on rice I miss you, but I'll nver admit it  I miss you, but my pride wont show it
Life is like a honey-suckle And just as the seasons come and go
     I walk, from home to school I work, from eight fithteen to three 40 five I sweat, from four to six... With no air! I look at the clock because time is spinning, day after day, hour after hour!
You feel it, like sweet kisses upon your skin. Kisses you yourself have never known, but still imagine.
I can't even breathe, I can't even sleep at night when my mind wanders. So anxious, always anxious, just wanting to know how my life is going to turn out. Where would I live? What would I do? Who would I love?
If tomorrow I am gone,
If tomorrow I am gone,
In everthing I do i try to portray Him. He has alwasys been there, when the world is dark and cold He provides light and warms me . When Im at the edge about to jump, He stops me. When i have betrayed Him,
13 Years Old: A bittersweet birthday cake smears frosting in zig-zag swirls on my mirror. A reflection is blurred with steam that smothers the oxygen I breathe for the next four years.
It always makes me happen when I know you are here, As soon as I hear the bass of  a car I look out the window to discover its you.  My heart matchs the music that plays as you pull up.
Please dont get tired of me.  Cliff jumping, sky diving, and scuba diving  can keep you on your toes. I need to try something new to keep you wondering. Keep you wanting, keep you just to myself.  I dont want you to get used to the usual.
I talk incessently just to be heard. I interupt people just to be heard. The question is, am I heard? There is no true way to learn if you are heard. The truth is that it does not matter if you are heard.
Gazed upon the beauty like  a sun that rises in the morning  Smile as if grandma just made breakfast  Head held high to assert her dominance and diligence to take the world and its challenges at hand 
To be heard. Can you hear me?
How have I fallen victim to this bane? This stone I call a heart suddenly beats. Black icy shields held up by putrid chains, Crumble and bleed like swollen tender meat.  
Sometimes, the hardest part about being heard Isn’t being heard It’s getting the word From your thoughts To your mouth And from your mouth To the outside world   It all starts with a dot
So cold even in the warmest days,  I can’t seem to get myself out of this phase I’m in a daze, im stuck in life’s maze Everywhere I go I see more and more pain I don’t know why I feel the way that I do,
    You should have known better
Was I not there? Did I not see the signs? maybe I didn't tell you I loved you enough maybe I didn't tell you I cared about you enough I remember the way your eyes lit up when they saw mine
My evil twin shares my name, my brain, and my looks, He turns my clean thoughts into well-written dramas, Every move I make, is my twins chance to take, When I breathe out, he breathes out as if we're one in the same,
Ladies and Gentlemen! Silence Please!
To some it was easy, we ran through the maze.  For us it was easy, as we left behind the haze.    We kept up with the pack, and ran with the crowd.  We never looked back,
The starving child's bottomless pit of hunger driving him to desperately seek food to fill his empty tummy. The hunger for a fresh baked chocolate chip cooking that smells pleasingly sweet and is indeed yummy.
I reject all things with ease and slowly repair myself with nothing but lost hope. Ive been over worked and used for granted to the point where feeling is no longer apart of the five senses
You say I can't, but I know I can. Despite the reasons on my left hand. Fighting this monster inside of me. In hopes that one day I might be free. Lows and highs you can't be sure.
I will teach you what I've learned That the heart can never heal The tears you cry are precious And which friends I know are real I will tell you of the heartbreak Of the stress and sleepless nights
My Captain O captain, my captain You have said to seize the day And I have You have said to follow your dreams And I have You have taught me everything I need to know
This is quiet., This is fresh, This is Peace.   Love is wanted,
The tiny scorpion crawls along, Navigating the rocks Of a cavern, dark and long. On and on it crawls. A solitary, black figure, It trudges along aimlessly Bearing the sinister trigger,
I'm here hiding Hiding under this thick shell I'm tired of lying I will raise some hell Bring all of my flowing emotions out in the air I'm done with being this person
I took the one less traveled by.
I do not care which side you’re on, But this is an issue that can’t just be gone.   I look at her every single day, All I see is perfection in every way. So, what more can I say?  
Have you ever felt that hollowness inside, That feeling that no one understands you? After hearing of emos and man-periods, The really not serious descriptions of depression,
      Through the looming darkness die. Living, Breating, and Heartless sigh.       A life without a soul to soar
Into the woods of every city patty cakes are made by bakers men with affections for pyrex and bitter soda  thunderous claps insight a familiar shuffle  the bell is broken an avalanched of witnesses   
I want him to hear me, To know that I'm okay. I want him to get me To believe I'm not afraid.
A kiss from a rose, a smile as bright as the sun, the wind blowing through our hair  as we look upon eachothers' faces which we can not bare without tears drowning these places.
I just want to help everybody Save the world But at times it gets overwhelming;
"Being Human"   Being Human Means You Strive for Acceptance,
Please consider this as honesty for I could give you nothing less I sincerely apologize for all that I regret  
It pulls us from left to right It raises us up then brings us down again It disregards is like a disgusting piece of garbage
/*-->*/ /*-->*/ It is black and white
God's Garden is full of weeds
that silent song thats in your heart,
Are you dead? how do you know?  Is life death or is death living? many fail to realize, dealth is final.  what if, once dead, evreything you know is gone, obliterated. Life is not a part of death.
Traveling slowly through the thickness of Time As others gallop, trot, amble and stand still with it, Time pulls me back, embracing me in every dull, dank, drastic memory that is withheld,
To my Dear Daughter: Year 1: I hope I’m not too off key for you, because I will be singing lots of lullabies to your small form. Ones to rock you in my arms, to make you drift into quiet nothingness.
The smile brings joy as the eyes bring sorrow and as the mouth tells of yesterday the eyes tell of tomorrow
A scientist will
Once there was a man who left and his little girl was sad she cut her wrists and bleed for him as she wished to call him, dad there was an incident that spurred the path the family was split
Three little girls, not a care in the world...
So tell me what the point is of anything
You are not expendable
This is not a dream.  
I made an idea, a synapse in my head. It was concieved the moment I rose from my bed. Locked up inside, a prisoner of my brain. That thought gave me nothing but pain As it was meant to be free, like a canary
I am very happy to see you, in second taught; I have these dark clouds hanging over me. In my head I reminisce how you could once be my love coup. Now we are strangers, don't you agree?
Believe it or not I didn’t wake up thinking of you I didn’t put on lipstick for you I didn’t brush my hair for you I didn’t wear this dress for you
Please, when I am trying to talk Don't ignore me I need you to listen to me   One day I might need help Or you might need help I might give you the same treatment you gave me  
Three words, eight letters, still it’s hard to say I love you anyway I’m nervous as heck, trying to figure you out What are you about? I don’t want no doubt `
As much as he wants to be strong
Powerful Women   Part I   People are afraid of powerful women…I think. My mama once told me “beware of sparks.” Because sparks are usually the beginning of something bigger Of a fire
Ooh, Ooh, For you I had a change of heart, Don't know where to start, What I'm about to say may surprise you, But now I see it clear Life ain’t always fair, What can you do, When you don't wanna hurt him, Cuz you don't deserve him, And there's no
Life is like a game of chest, so play it well. Love is like a game of cards, and some can't deal. My favorite cards used to be the ace and the joker but switched the game up, no longer playing poker. Threw out all the clubs.
Didn't think I'd feel pain like this again. And I know it's happening 'Cause everyone's congratulating  the pain that I can put to song.   Was it worth it?  I don't know,  Wanted so hard
Soul: the spirtual part of a person that is believed to give life to the body Writing is a clesnse Its a purge I dont do it to be heard I do it to be stirred Within 
I am not one to trifle with, I am not one to steal. Even though it’s tempting to do so, It is the devil with whom I won’t make a deal.
Man have to know what's alone is.
When our o
We will rise like the waves that crash into the most rocky of the rocks We will empower Over flood Overpower the stone boulders that stood boldy The stone boulders that had deprived us of our freedom
Being alone and often watching the blissful life of others, you often sit and contemplate, why am I drowning in my sorrow? why am I brimming with hate?   Is it because i'm not optimistic?
360 joints in the human body Approximately 642 muscles They’re supposed to work together Make you move in sync With your mind With your will Do whatever you think Ought to be done
A fake facade worn tightly. Shes crying tears, unseen. Always the one to take tragedy lightly. Though she makes incisions on her wrist, consistent a fiend. One who is always strong.
John Dominique once said, “You cannot kill truth. You cannot kill justice.
What is it I'm trying to say? As everything goes quiet and you wait for me to speak, These words lose themselves to this silenced volume abandoning me, Abandoning me and leaving me with no voice.
    When she lys in bed asleep
"Forgotten to become "   Disperse
Is there another love for me I wouldn't kno cuz I cant look U are in my vision U are in my thoughts Dreams!! I dont think of them as dreams its my life in life I leave the world to be in my place
Tryin to make me into a person I am I just dont get it Talkin for me instead of listenin to me I just dont get it Thinkin u kno wat I would do before I do it I just dont get it
Would I hurt u ?? Would I be perfect guy Would I stay faithful ?? Would I make u cry Would I change for u ?? Would I do u favors Would I run when u call?? Would I shred yo heart like paper
Upon my rising, my wings sprout and I feel alive. My body's nerves tingle awake and I feel home. My brain expands and opens to new dimensions I would have never experienced if I abstained.
Ben had a love Ben had a love name Ann Ann was a one of a kind Ann took up all Ben's time Ben let go of the foolishness So Ann would never feel any loniess
To see aint wat it seem How to get over wats still in a dream Close my eyes and there u are But when i open them u are so far The irony is u're right there Over and over i say it aint fair
How come I have to walk the dirt road
He told me that I was his secret
You tell me that I'm the picture of beauty But how true can that be when you only hit me up every other month for some booty
Mama never told me not to give it away It was never expressed to me that your virginity was such a special thing I mean sure I saw on the tv screen about the birds and the bees
  Soft patter against a silent house. Contant whisper that sound below. BANG Murmuring against the floor boards, through the walls. SSCCCRRREEEHHHHH Constant sounding throughout the house.
Do not judge me By what you can see The pain I have endured is hidden It has been a long life  have ridden My scars cannot be seen by the eye Even though many have tried
Tell me the Truth Now I never hurt you no way no how I was level nine in the clouds You left my heart in pieces Even though my love for you increases I wish I knew how to release this
Shouldn't it be simple?
Love me. Love me when I'm sad. When I'm crying in the corner of my room. When I'm screaming at the top of my lungs. When my heart is broken into a million pieces. Love me. Love me when I'm scared.
A ray of sunlight or a shadow in the dark use a lighter to fire the spark an arrow to hit the target mark   Are you as silent and swift as wind sharper than the tip of a pen
Quiver in your voice like a baby, Punched up face, precipitant intake of- Breath A cocoon lodged in the small of your throat, Feathery wings teasing, Cough and you’ll kill it- It’s premature.  
I hope you listen closely to what I’m about to say, These things will help you learn and grow each and every day Don’t dwell on bad situations that happened in the past,
I could sit here and tell you what I look like Give you a description about how I am just over five and a half feet tall and an African American girl
Seven continents in the world. Billions of men, women, boys, and girls. Humanity is what connects us with all. Race should not act as a wall. Separation and discrimination starts dividing
  Phase I.       Staring at the ceiling –
Run, Run, Faster, Faster, Even more faster, Into the wide open field, Towards the center, Feeling restless wild winds, The sight of living harmony, Attracts the other, For being one.
For the lost and the impure, Stray off to death, For the incapable is never capable, What is true, can it be destroyed? By the people, shattered by the bad. Suppose to be the leader,
When I write, the one I hope hears it Is me. Not a stranger and definitely not family Sometimes it's for friends to hear, Or rather people in the past Because my heart wants closure with those
The flow of time, Stand still, Listen to wait, The rhythm of soft strings, Moving along your fingers, Sit, wait for the sound, Sweeping the room.
The sound becomes small But is able to capture attention, Yet it is sweet, But is unable to show it, Becoming bold but isn't able to stop, Losing sleep, Yet still attracted, By such a small sound,
You may not know me yet but someday you will know best. I hope you stumble on my work and think of it as a treasure chest. Open it up, see what it holds, this is your new quest.
you used to run through my veins and fill them with love / I was so high that when I fell / I pulled the world down with me / I look for you in everyone but I havent found my fix / I realized that I do not run in
I don't want to just be heard I just want you to feel quiet and alone When you read the words I'm willing to print I want the buzzing to cease your eyebrows to crease your lips to purse
Eyes closed, though even so seeing that which is so beautifully, magnificently whole. Rising from raised arch,
The swaying breeze, Of the soft air, Hair rustles through the wind, Skies filled with blue and white, Same streets, same lights, Nothings changed, But this is home.
Once young and beautiful, Found lost, In the shadows, Taken away, And turned ugly. A beautiful person, Yet can be distorted, Displayed with such cruelty.
Dear Mother,
At the top of a hill where lights are floating to the sky..
Don't look back You won't like what you see. Don't focus on the past. That's not the real me.   You've been through so much, but you hide it so well. Darling don't be shy.
There's an owl outside my window.The last place to
Staring into space Troubled, confused, BROKEN. There is no future left Shattered into millions of pieces Like Prince Rupert's Drop. This is what was believed by many Yet, tis not true
Wash away this pain, Like black rain, Leave a mark where you go, So I won’t have to know, It’s hurting me inside, Since my love died, I can’t forget what I never know,
For tonight it will be glorious, for it is perfect. Every thing that bloomed,  Creates a beautiful aroma. Sun is down , no one up, but me, for it is only me. A gleaming moon,
You used to stand so big and tall;
Deep inside screaming for help
I walk around with a smile Showing the world my happiness  while really I'm in plain I look around at how happy others can be  I wonder if I just smile I'll be the same  Never once had I cried or frowned 
My voices sometimes told me
Many wonder "Why be a writer?" They think two things: I'm too much a dreamer, or their believers. I'm not afraid to say I'm a dreamer, and I thank those who are believers.
What makes you feel so superior? And lets you think I’m inferior? The answer’s absolutely nothing So you need to stop your oppressing  
The pestilent air around me breathed.
The wind whispers, trees swayDarkened silhoettes against aMoonlit sky brimming withShadows and broken screams.
Hold my hand. Hold my face. It's not a test, it's not a race. What we have, we haven't named. Please don't forget that I'm inexperienced and this is new. We're learning each other
Poetry, short shtories, novels I write as a release, as a love I write like it's my personal gospel Because it's my reality I'm aiming to be free of   My mind is it's own cinema, a library
To all of those who have no lives
Of this worlds theater the grand stage awaits A vast audience amassed whom fervently watch, As I don my mask stone cold as stone slates Until the slumber of Gaia with which I find grace.
Do you know what its like; having to wear a mask that life has given you? Simply because you are too scared to show your real face.
Society perceives me as a young black girl; one who is shy and afraid of the world Afraid to be heard, because I'm clearly not seen, For hatred in the world has still not deceased.
Here I sitand wonder why.Why am I here?Is it just to die?Or is there a reasonFor this crazy world?A reason to be hereto spin and to twirl?
Everyday I'm living, going through the motions without any devotions, trying to fly but cannot deny it's hard to live and it's hard to fight Back.
Welcome to our society where every flaw is frowned upon where there is high expectations
Love I once knew the lies tried to break through
As I recite over and over in my mind I see no audience Where people should be There is no one Where those whose approval I seek should be I find no one When searching my mind
I was addicted You would not believe it when I told you
I have a past, we all do Some of it is lies, other things are true My grandma said I lied about rape My aunt said I was fake My church said I was a mistake My friends said they needed a break
dear past me, it's been tough   you've endured so much pain for one so young   it sounds cliche  but you and i both know that it's true   you've dealt with a lot   
The man behind the curtain, the face behind the mask.   One beautiful soul, behind a treacherous task.   A woman of inseurity, concentrating on what she lacks-  
And sadness can change you. It’s changing me in the same way that the ocean changes the shore and the way that the kiss of rain changes the life of a dying crop and the way that the river erodes the bank.
We all have a desire It may be open and it may be silent Whatever the case may be We still all have that one thing That keeps us going Drives us to victory and attain our goals
Life had brought him 'crost the world. Where had the wind and seas arrived? And when the clouds had near unfurled, This valley came to catch his eye.   And in this valley laid about,
Don't tell me I've changed.Maybe I have.Ifyou can't accept me as I am,Then don't pretend to be my friend.Don't smile to my face and hate behind my back.IfI have changed,
Your inhumane remarks make me quiver. When I give you Time, You destroy it, Dangling your words into a blur of explosions directed solely at me.   Women have rights, You digress.
Grew up like all the rest of them Mastored how keep friends close  and enemies closer The hood signifes the latest  rap game and crime  only for people to watch on the news and
Whatever your age, whatever your race, whatever your gender I want you to dream big without censor All the beautiful things you could ever imagine Are only ever, just a mere fraction
As a baby I was silent. Then one slap and then a deafening scream. I didn't know, all I wanted was to be heard. To be noticed that I was alive and in existence, and to be heard.
I gave you my heart you gave me yours
It's a lonely day when i don't see or talk to you
Just thinking of you.
I love how you say you’ll listen… help…
  As a baby I was silent. Then one slap and then a deafening scream.
My head spinning round and round as I lay in My bed to the point I want to cry.
You saved my life.  I was slowly killing myself. One slash at a time. But now I am on my way to recovery. You standing by my side, what could be better?
No sooner has the worm been fed, Then time is ticking in thy head. Must rush off to catch another, Feed the little sisters and brother. Always hungry, Constantly growing. Soon they'll fledge,
To stop me When I start to walk away To ask why On one of those very bad days To hug me  When I rupture in tears To hold me  Without me asking for attention To care
Isnt it crazy how osmething so small can pop up and cause so much chaos,  like when you see a field mouse in the kitchen  it doesnt know anything except that its looking for its next meal  but all we see is vermin that needs to be extinguished  i
I was born with a voice, A voice that ripped from my chest in my very first moments, Between my gasps for the air that I had not yet tasted. I was born with a certain curiosity, A certain hunger
The darkness is approaching Its taking my mind, body, and soul I can no longer function  Someone help me  Help me; before its to late The darkness is spreading I am becoming numb
Night long drives— like ghost through the eyes. Flashing of memories of tears filling the eyes.   Shattering of glass
Everyone has their life problems yet mineMine seem to be different than the restI can't seem to solve mine I need a signThough I do know happiness is the bestHappiness is what makes the world go round
“she knows what you know"  
What is it like being Black?
I shattered like window and glass.My reflection was not what I wanted.Smiling I walked to my class,But I was frail bones and weak minded. 
Frost thinks the world will end with ice,Or maybe heat and flames.I think the world will end with us,Mother Gaia would be ashamed.
I don’t deserve to exist when all I am is a miss
What does it mean to be free Is freedom like the fish in the sea or the bird of the sky having a world to explore with no bounds or limits
My dad has told me three times that I can recall- he said, “I am statistically likely to die in a car accident.” Which I mean, is true in a way… but he is also statistically likely to die from cigarettes.
Pretty Every day they tell her she is pretty People she never met They walk up to her and as if it is their duty to humanity they tell her she is so pretty I want to be just like you Perfect A day doesn't go by that she doesn't hear that word The
A writer whispers
Sometimes, enough is enough you tap out before the going actually gets tough nevertheless, no one else is in your position except you battling and fightng to get through
Its funny that this Slam was chosen, I had written a litteral poem my freshman year literally called "The Mask" The mask is constructed To hide you away You appear happy You appear kind  
This is what we do. We throw sharp, capitalized, poison submerged sentences at one another’s face. I glue my hands to my water running, swollen red eyes
"I will abandon you in a second," was what my dad said to "teach me a lesson." "You're a worthless piece of trash," was what my mom would say when I didn't give her cash. The only one who was truly a parent figure
These feelings that I'm feeling...are they real? Tears running down my face, I can't feel I real? Should I hold them in...let them out? But oh no, that's just a life that I am no longer about.
Here I am   A withering soul Inside this carcass of skin and bones
I feel it coming like a wave about to crush me.   the pain of having nothing.  All these worries to worry about I get all strung up and i wanna pull my hair out.  I'm always stressed.
If you don't live it don't explain it   If you dream it show it to the world 
Why bloody poetry doesn't it hurt to release who you are When tears turn red  When your thoughts never turn any heads Because no one hears words unsaid But i heard that from the dead Guy
outside looking in unable to see who i really am. unable to believe anything i say. only what is true no one will know only you.
Hearts are broken Hearts are mended Everyday and every hour People are forgiven Forgiveness is Powerful Forgiveness is needed To forgive is to be heard And to be heard is from the heart.
Not gone
To acknowledge we're something, to oppose the murder of consciousness, to bend knee toward the last exhalations of fields of lukewarm corpses shouting the symphony of remorse;
You can't make it Basically I can't fake it Insufficent funds In debt by tons How can I survive Can my money revive Scholarships are what I need This one can help me suceed
I can't find a method to this madness connecting stray dots  and calling them poetic thoughts numb bodies with  teeming eyes We don't deserve this demise! Where is the paradise?  
You pay no attention to the girl sitting next to you, Her silence never bothered you.
How does a dream metastasize? It starts off as a cellular thought So miniscule that it barely pinches your consciousness – but It’s still there…
A voice, The sounds in your head, The sounds that surround us, The voice to be heard. To be heard by who, By the person next to you, By the person in control,
And uhh this. Is the story Of a kid that keeps fighting.
I don't tell the truth enough. I don't tell the truth to my family, my friends, strangers.  It's not that I lie. But I don't tell the truth enough. I don't say how Good God has been to me,
I am the Sun The Sun is me Clearly visible But ignored with ease
I'm hungry, but not for food Instead I'm hungry for the drugs that fill my stabbing emptiness Drugs that make me stop shaking, but only keep me waiting For someone to understand it's a part of me
I believe in the power of the weird.   I’ve never really understood what ‘popular’ means It changes I guess. In elementary school it’s whose fast and plays four-square during recess.
I want to talk about Black Entertainment Television. To discuss and describe the implements of incidents that my people look up to as stardom.   We turn on the television to find our favorite male rap artist,
Daddy, it's been years since I heard your voice But I hope you are always hearing mine Whether it's outloud in the middle of the night or scribbled onto some lines I write to you because I need closure
 "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God.
This is to those who feel alone Sitting in their room Crying, shaking, trying to calm Asking themselves for someone to help   This is to those who drown in their own thoughts Feeling the darkness
The sad woman ponders what is worth love When it's accompanied by buried hate, The man she loves contains the peace above Unless when he drags out her bitter ache.   
To the mother, to the child, to the lover, to the fool,  
    Its 2am and im writing this message to you, trying to figure out what to say cause Ive been mixing cups of vodka with nostalgia  Taking shots of the words that were promised 
Growing up I only had to fear the men in white hoods, to stand against the power of the truly colored people.
Certain moments trigger vivid memories,      for a second you smile....feeling the happiness. Weightless like a high and then you remember,      you try to forget...pretend it never happened.
Never say "I love you"
Behind the wall, Behind the door, Through the window,
The word angel is hopeful
For days on end she weeps in sorrow, In that lonely bed day after tomorrow, Her father hits, screams and kicks An abuser, Her father cannot seem to quit, Drowned in alcohol, Poisoned with smoke,
I don't remember  the last time we had dinner together  at the mahogany table with stained placemats and the sound of our voices harmonizing when that was the sweetest song I had ever heard.
This does not make any sense I am not a poet How did I get here I don't know the first thing about writing I hear what others say, and I want to respond I see how others act, and I want to respond
Millennials We are known as apathetic and shallow. We are known as thoughtless and crude.  Connected to the world through a handheld tool, forming opinions on matters that are deemed skewed.  
It’s not for attention, it’s not for respect. It’s for me, I need to speak my silence I am tired of hiding how I feel, You constantly think you know, But honestly I just need to heal All on my own.
Living in a single floor home in a place called Chiraq
If I have a son
Why am i making the same exact mistakes i made only 5 years ago
Mind the title, please forgive me. Poems are hard, but they're easier than an essay.  
deep within the streams of your arms, and the shores of your shoulders, i am blinking away thoughts of unneedy unknown and finding myself inside your soul.  
You're throwing your words for people to hear But do they get cought by the right ears Or do they get cought by the hearts of the minds of the people your trying to hide the words from  
She’s the one Locked deep inside, With angry thorns Pressed into the Softness of her heart. Every day words
A poet ive never met once changed my entire life.
I write poems for my demographic The under-18’s Old enough to hear but too young to be heard So we write- Sometimes, I stab the page so hard
In my 8th grade English class I had to write an essay about the origin and meaning of my name My name is Taylor  Taylor is of English and Germanic origin, and it means maker of clothes Cutter of cloth
Outside, I am put together, my hair is done, my makeup is done, my clothing is ironed,
She found h
i am tired of a world where women apologize for the area they occupy, and think their most valuable possession is the negative space within hollowed cheeks, underneath full breasts,
Sometimes I worry about us. Why, why, why?  I'm not sure.  I seriously don't know.  There is just something about our love.  Maybe, it's because it feels forced,  Unreal,  Too perfect? 
Through the crack in the wall, a streak of light spills on the ground.
Why is it that i write to you?
I will not follow in the path of the words that belong to your tongue. Your life, is your life my life is my own.   I will not let your memories be mine, I will not waste my time
Liberal. The word liberal It means to have an abundance of Anything physical, mental, emotional, and the literal
Lets go on an adventure! Lets get lost, anyways. Go far, far away. Into the limitless, into the times. Clocks ticking. Pendulums swaying. Father time,
Each word I pen it’s all for her Some crafted muse that exudes hope A tempting promise of what could be To her these words won’t be wasted I hope she hears them   Those eyes that instill confidence
It would pull me in  Dare me to eat it And then I would And then I did And then I hated myself I wanted to be that girl  The thin one with legs The toned one with abs
6/28/14 - 7/23/14   Had the time Wasted what I took advantage of Should've kept my head out of the clouds All our suffering Came at an unexpected time And so I fell Yes I cried
Success .
Do you remember me? Yes me, the daughter you asked how her day was. And I, consumed in teenage drama was about to converse with you the conversation I had with my notebook in Algebra 2 today,
I want to let you know not just you, but them, too.
Can you hear me cry can you. hear me banging on the walls trying to get out to be heard you have to listen to the pain that ive suffered Listen in close can you hear fear raging in my bones
A blowing wind, 
Trust lost coroded like rust lust mistaken for love blindeyes don't see at first she's perfect next you see the flaws because you live by a diffrent set of laws...
Con but life goes on
When you look me in eyes , i feel like melting away. When i dont talk to you , i feel like i cant go another day. The way you say my name, makes me want to jump with glee.
Twain’s voice lifts Which conflicts With what is about to happen.   I hear them gasp And feel the joyous mood collapse As the car crosses the yellow line.   Everything moves to slow
Weeping Willow dry your eyes Weeping Willow please don't cry Weeping Willow no more tears
Vison religion
Let me begin by asking you this. Have you ever been ignored by people who you have been talking to? Because I know I have. Have you ever thought that your friends Are really not your friends?
It's hard to understand that I'm fed with this hand. I try so hard but I'm just playing with cards. Joker. im either talking to a wall and it's not talking back  or I'm saying my needs but I'm just getting smacked.
    A poem to the world, To me and to you A poem to be taken as true   Let's stop the blue the black and the red  What if there was no more violence to be read
  We drive back to your house All smiles and giggles Ice cream and pool time
Fernweh     I want to find the kind of beauty That makes me want to cry, Not for sorrow, but for the undiluted knowledge,                                                           
I Wanted You To 
  Somtimes I want to fade way- Into the night. Go away, disappear- it'll be alright.
Her heart is fragile  Just like a piece of glass is fragile 
the hardest part of the day is waking up the second hardest part of the day is pretending   that i am okay that the math test i have third period is the only thing weighing heavily 
There she lay, as she looks at the stars. She thinks about how she'll never be able to drive a car. They call her an outcast, she wants someone to listen.
What is love really Does anybody really know Is it just a chemical reaction Or is it a feeling from the soul What is love really Is it an infectious disease heartache and pain comes with it
Duck. 2 shots just changed an entire atmosphere People crying people lying breatheless. What happened here? Did tragedy strike or was it just another test Cause at the end of the night, 2 souls gone one laid to rest
So this is how it all begins, with wondering limbs threatening to leave their skins   There's a systematic pattern in all our sins see we all have these opinions but then what we know that the world is flat and it revolves around us   Don't adjust...
Thank you Lord, Thank you for my voice For giving me the personality that would take a stand You fly me up when I fall down
You're so insecure and can't take a joke With emotions running all over the place I never hesitate to prod and poke
Steeper up the steeple the bells ring Chanting the enchanted hymns and songs no longer sacred What we do hear, here in the chapels, the mosques, the synagogues Is lust of temptations
I write to show others the world through my eyes the way some take pictures or others paint. I try to express my feelings. The way many do through music or through a drawing.
I sat upon my hammock   And listened to the world   The people gliding past me   Like ships with sails unfurled    
Sit back and enjoy   It's the same old line   Have a cup of tea   As you watch the world burn     Make yourself comfortable  
A shadow of what once was   A ghost of what will never be   I sit alone at the dining room table   Emptiness is all I see.    
Open your wings and fly away   The sky is clear, the time is right   Make it your goal to seize the day.      
What happened to that little girl?   She always smiled, never cried, her life was filled with joy. And then one day, everything changed Her smile faded Tears came to stay What happened to that little girl?
There’s an anger that they’ll never know   A hatred that they’ll never see   For behind that laughing fair façade   Lies a creature wanting to be free  
For 3 years we've sailed the sea, Through all the storms, just you and me. We hope to cross the blue and deep, So pull the anchor and push away. We have all the time of day, Just to drift away.
I am a masked face in the distance,
What drives me to create poe
I know you're never supposed to question Him, the Man up in the sky, but i can't help but wonder why He gave you wings to fly? My love, my backbone, but now my angel.
In death we find a calm, sweet pillow A place to rest our weary head Gone are the years of endless worry Gone are the times of hopeless dread   This white palace knows no fear
Sever my soul from my body, in hoping the words can help me to relate.
Dear Society,  
There was a girl who sat in the dirt, on her knees,As she played with the bees,Who banged on the keysOf her piano strings.
The eyes. A key to your soul. The nights they are filled with tears. The days they are filled with hurt.  Nothing can compare to this deep, dark hole That I am in because of one night alone.
Age nothing but a number but that seems to be all that is thought about when something is said. Don't question my abilities because it's not somthing you would expect from a 19 year old.
Damaged, I am. Covered, in this fake shell I have made out of light.    With a dark past, I rely on my emotions to consist me that yet betray me in letting me suffer,
Im talking but no one hears. If they hear, then no one listens. A shout into oblivion, A noise into a black hole, A voice with no receptor.
Depression haunts many of us There is no certian person that gets it It is not for a chosen few Depression eats at us like a virus Destorys relationships by having a hunting isolating affect
I am not a memberOf your precious little binaryI'm not a himNot a herNot an "it"I'm a human beingWith skin and bones and hairSame as youSame as himSame as her
are the shadows chasing me or are they my slave? if i can trap darkness what does that make me? just the same as you. asking questions to improve on another persons point of view.
When your heart is dark
When your heart is dark
When your heart is dark
I closed my mouth and spoke to you in a million different-- ways.   I prayed you would understand, Find yourself figuring out The silent plea I made And...  
                Why are we as people so afraid to speak? When we spend a ton of tax money to "encourage" kids to only think. The essays, they are dreaded The speech classes feared Theatre is an art that’s dead
First time i saw her i thought nothing of it, She was another face, among thousands. Another body, among millions. But a spark, a spark that would set my body on fire, Her beauty was not striking, her body less so.
Men kneel to kings,         And kings kneel to gods.     And though no monarchy holds my allegiance, And no deity my faith,
Pricked and poked being left alone to dress her own wounds,
It is often asked rhetorically, "When a tree falls in the woods with no one there to hear it, does it truly make a sound?" What is sound? Just a row of vibrations running through the air
our minds are like a vast palace they can be filled with knowledge and memories
Say what you want, Say what you will,
I am fighting this war inside me
Life is one grand sweet song.    The various instrumentalists spur their Spirit into refining their pieces.    The deep brass voice of tubas, baritones, and baritone saxes
They call me the 2face, the impossible, seeker of truth.
Love are you, man's greatest gift or his cruelest joke. 
I'm coming home, I'm coming home. Tell the world that I'm coming home.
Knock knock.  Hello? Is anybody there?  Can you hear me? It's me...YOU. I. Am. You... I am the person who tries to come out in the morning as you get dressed.
grey and almighty gentle suffocation from
A blank sheet of paper,      My clean slate; My lust for inspiration      To dictate my fate. The pen hits the parchment      At the end of each day; My secrets are bared
She calls herself my mom; I call her a stranger. A stranger that I share the same DNA with; a stranger who carried me in her stomach for nine months but is not my mom.
Dear God,She queried with a plea,How can people do these horrible things,And commit them to thee?A murder here,Hate crime there,Everyone living in fear,
  As I swung open the door, I inspected the tail-wagging puppies of vast colors and sizes.  Then I saw her. 
except that isn't all there is now is it? you hear me don't you mom? but what matters is not the hearing but the listening
I imagine. I read the pages which harness imagination laid out upon my small hands. You're wierd! You look funny! Why is your hair that way?
Some voices can't be heard, and some are ignored Some voices resound through time, still echoing in our ears after centuries While others were stifled before they had the chance
I live in a world of winter.
tell the truth but tell it false success in obfuscation lies for truth makes wintry ill the spring and sickly pale our green delight;   like pleasant sleep to children
Sounding so perfect my "once upon a time" this journey began as a perfect rhyme   You drew on my emotions like honey for a bee how faultless my trust oh, how wrong I was soon to see
This is who i am I am not an angel I am not a snake I am not the smartest I'm not beautiful I am not as i appear I am not how i really act The one under my skin is a little dark
Lately, I’ve been writing to feel more human. I’ve been writing to feel closer to humanity. These days I’ve been feeling like a mere pebble Lost in a tragically made rock garden
Tell what you want will ever be okay No, Because what you ask I cant pay For never here to stay Only here play You dont know what you want So go away    
Wonder Worry We all wait To see who it is The one we all hate   The one we left Left with a stake Straight through the heart On that date  
I find myself at a loss for words because it’s the same old story: you went on with your life, and I sit here feeling sorry. So much has changed with the time that’s passed, but I will always remember
I want to be heard but will anyone listen? I need guidence but will anyone stop and help me? I live in a world that is not about me. My life revolves around other, when will it be my turn. I want to speak out. Some one please hear me.
“You know what it feels like losing home—why can we only see it for our own?”  We scroll down our Twitter, and we spot the wreckage. Man standing on rubble, a Koala lying dead
There is a world where society tell women their looks matter more than their brains And shoe shopping and lipstick are more coveted than Master’s Degrees and smiles.
Everyone has the desire to be listened to,
Oh my God, the mother cooed, pinching her cheeks Oh my God, the uncle said as she pointed out how tall she has gotten Oh my God, noticing how her flat stomach as she lay
The bow tie in my chest makes it hard to think straight "It's like I left a breadcrumb trail" You want me to look but I must look away No one will notice  And no one will see 
The bow tie in my chest makes it hard to think straight "It's like I left a breadcrumb trail" You want me to look but I must look away No one will notice  And no one will see 
We see him walking down the empty streets He looks just like us, 2 hands and 2 feet. Maybe he's strong, or, maybe he's weak But no matter what, people call him a freak There's one thing they're thinking:
Who are you? Who are you to call me names? Who are you to be so rude? Why am I the blame?
I stood bewildered and amazed at my surroundings, as the posh environment wrapped and draped before my eyes. There was a sense of nostalgia that resonated through my physical body and my spiritual intellect.
I'm running out of things to numb the pain, I have nothing anymore and it's driving me insane. People say life is too short to be alone, But nobody wants me, didn't you know?
And if it's
  Do you hear the evolution Of the revolution?  
Although our world may be slowly dying, Crime is high and babies crying, We Must Keep the Faith,
It was the city lights That bloomed that flower And in that flower I saw the most beautiful thing   I saw all the sunsets And all the perfect smiles All the times 
Maybe I write because I like the feel of it. The click of the keys All the power of a God on a blank page The uninhibited command held in my fingers and my mind Except I fumble over the language I speak
To open up to someone else's words few people will actually listen To read somone's words, few people will actually read Words are not meant for one,  but all who will listen with eyes to hear
Be seen but not heard. Buried under words of hatred and disgust. Motivation anything but robust. Your opinions are absurd.  Though my insides just might combust. Combust with truth that cannot be blurred.
behind my curtain is a child with fears   shown by the tremor and falling tears   behind my curtain is a world of pain   shown by a hospital bracelet  that bears my name
The first step is the hardest one, It is the jump over to another mountain the dive into the deep, shallow waters the act of a blind man and a madman
If the pain is deep, Weep my darling, weep. We are only human. Our wounds do seep. We are only human, but I can't sleep.   Have you lost your sanity? I've certainly lost mine.
Here, I stand. I'm not your cookie cutter-violated dough, sweet as sugar; your desire. I'm not simple. I'm not your design. You're going to have to get over it.
take me to the days take me away right back to them weaker than limp, show me the ways on how to be free. I wish that I could be more like you, I broke my life
To speak means that you hold power This isn't something tangible like powerful armies or monetary power Words can move a mountain Words can stir your soul Words can start a war
Why do I fill little black books With scrawling script   Because even as I try to type On uneven dirty black keys I am interrupted by the reality That I am the working-class drone
I am not how I used to be all mean and cruel. If you see me today you wouldn’t believe I’ve changed. I would say, Hello how have things been? And you would probably just look at me and expect the same old thing.
I write because I have to.I write because I need to.I write because I want to.  
Noise, silence, brightness, darkness, confusion all around Grasping, searching, clinging, hoping, waiting to be found The gray mess and matter all inside my head Pushing, weighing me down hard like lead  
Too close, too strong, too fast
Let me represent myself within your confines.  Which eyes should I equip to please your endeavors?  Mine - you want mine. Yet, you stand there, waiting to judge what I have known and loved. Like they all do.  
The sound you might hear isn't as normal as you would see it. The sight of a new day is different from what others would like it to look like.
What has the world become? Wars on every continent  Death is a constant on the nightly news. Rape,Muder,greed only a few of the weapons the devil may use. Yet do we care?
They say that love is a battlefield.So do you feel the beating of my heart every step you take in combatDoes the dust in the air create silhouettes of my face,Do you try to feel the embrace of my arms
When I speak, you listen but don't hear My words touch you, but don't wound you When I cry, you see but don't feel My tears wash you, but don't cleanse you When I try, you witness but don't notice
Whenever I look into your eyes
At times I found myself being who I was not Pretending to love things I did not Hiding deep within my own fears
Can you hear me? Or is the noise from the chaos to loud. its crazy...cause moments and senseless motions are suddenly blocking my mental process... I thought we were living in the year of 2014, not 1963
Through the rain and storms I stands right with my feet  And with the tears and heartbreak I whipped my face can't you see 
From first glance people automatically assume
Cries and laughter Joy and pain A mix of emotions That can sometimes feel the same.   I held your hand I promised to never let go
I cannot mention... ...whisper
They have all those mumblecore movies you like because everyone hates them.  Obviously not everyone hates them. Yeah, but I have that bias that I can't remember the name of where you think everyone is like you. 
If you care for it it can grow, If you aren’t careful it can lose control, If you are cruel it will die, Or it will lash out,
Of all the things some think they need Comes all these colleges and their greed And any one who dares to try May go in and come out dry But don't lose hope, for today Scholarships give you a way.
Stress. Anxiety. Fear. Excitement.   All of these strong emotions, Bottled up inside, hidden behind these bright eyes of mine, So desperate to escape.  
My voice doesn't ring out Mics don't pick up the sounds that my mouth makes As it tries to make any noise among the  Cling and clatter of human existence. Words flow through my fingertips
What a jolly night, is it not? I can agree to disagree, For this night was not a pleasant one. Riding around on a horse was a child,
Who Am I To Be Afraid Who Am I To Have Fear Of Rejection or Labeled a Lame Who Am I To Be Afraid 
Every parent teacher meeting the teachers would look at my parents with sad eyes telling them I was almost perfect  but I thought too much and spoke too little. They said I needed help,
She smiles every day, So no one asks a question. She cracks jokes with friends, To distract from the truth.   She tries to keep a mask, Over her reality. To conceal her emotions,
Rainbow hair  so many stares A look that dares Watch me rise  watch me fall  watch me do nothing at all  I am who I am,  and I hope so succeed  'cause the power is in me.  
A Rest in The Forest
Some say that the strogest magic of all is true loveand while it's true that love is powerful,It is also true that without one thing, it has no power.That 'one thing' is hope.  
The oddities and threat of color do not originate at birth,But rather are created afterward once the mind is formed.The little wonders do not care about the colors' worth.
The world is bitter. No… perhaps I am bitter, Despair and darkness have become my friends. But is that such a bad thing?   It’s a miracle I haven’t gone insane. I know I drive myself to this point,
Each day is a battle A battle to stay afloat in a sea of whispers Whispers from a demon's staring glare Glaring becasue you might be different Different becasue you express your true colors
Agonizing reprisals coming from the minds throat, The inner chasm penetrated with bullets, Signs of retaliation , scars not fading.
To live a life like a storyIs my dream.But what will my story be? I try to write my story,But it runs away with me.I am not the author.
Sit in front of me and hear my eyes scream your name.. watch the pupils beat ceaselessly out of the frame.. Follow my mind and see where it runs-where it leads.. right back to your heart is where it always pleads..
My poetry is a voyage into mind so you all should be excited,  It doesn't matter who you are because everyone's invited.  My mind is like a theater and my brain projects the images, 
To find ourselves out here seems very hard To see with closed eyes stumble we all Not knowing darknes ruins where we start We trip over ourselves and take the fall   The path we walk is foriegn to our feet
I turned my head in a feeble attempt to ignore the bleeding pen.
The first time I ever spoke into a microphone was thirty minutes after I found my green light. You strut into the room confidently, Dressed so eloquently, speaking with unyielding conviction.
To be heard To be seen The voice inside me screams A shriek, followed with a smirk It is but me What I want  Stop sitting in my throat I want the words to flow
Snow crunched beneath their feet Cold spirits swirled and nipped around their ears As they walked their hands would meet Holding each other dear   Rain fell as they faced each other
They said I would find a boy to kiss away my tears, that there would be someone to hold back my hair as I purge the too small meal. They said that the scars would make me a survivor,
My writing brings me joy Although it is a busted toy It is not the pretties of the newest and I care little for who vies it Though badge of honor it is not I am proud of what its got
I write for no one except me. I write for no one because they see Pain and distress in the words I speak. They don’t see the beauty. Instead they stiff letters peak Up with a different voice,
A baby, that doesn't cry. No control. A child, that doesn't speak. Timid and shy. A teen, afraid to speak. Isolated and alienated. Feeling misunderstood. Fear of being uninteresting.
Confident, Shy which is the lie? What do they wish to see? Why can't they leave me be? Strong, Weak I can barely speak. What they see and what they know all of which is just a show.
I see the pain, I see the power the cruel gain. I stand aside, I turn and hide. When will I stop being so afriad?
Snickety diddle I am I am I am the devil I dig ditch-deep drilling holes in souls They say I'm sour but this simply isn't true I'm sweeter than sugar from the cane I plant cavities in their hearts
You are a picture.
There she stands, with her past far behind her. Yet so close it just reminds her. Memories of the mistakes and the bullies. The disability that has kept her.
The mystery in a hackneyed ballad
I write for you, the girl with the rosary in her hands The miraculous medal around her neck. Come closer so that you may see all I have written for you.   Of pure love and true affection
Many say that it is the choice of others
I’ve been writing a poem for sixteen years now
You know what? You are absolutely right. I'm not the skinniest, thickest, apart of the group of five stars, dimes, and bad bitches I am a real woman
My emotions are not poetry They cannot be compared to the deep ocean Or a thunder storm They are a fist bruised From beating against an unbreakable plastic mirror
I write for myself, To set my inner soul free. Writing rejuvenates my mind and resuscitates my heart.
Immobilized thy gaze did leave me Wilt thou allowest that I be hither For light shined by thine heaven, did set me free The yellow god brought Spring warmth for me to dither
Mom. The constant fighting. The nights up until 3 in the morning cleaning up after you. Picking you up off the floor. The names you would call me. The days I missed school. The nights I had to have Dad pick me up.
Since having long hair being black and being tall stands out Thats how I obtained attention from people Was I happy  then? No
Who is to blame? Abuse and neglect, it will all leave little girl a wreck. Tired of the same thing. Every day, every night, nothing changes, it will never be right. Waking up to screaming, bloody white tears are gleaming.
As I looked back, a dark shadow haunts me Reminding me, torturing me, laughing at me As I bleed, it chocked me every night. Drying life out of me As I bare witness, darkness cast it self
Expression; What a simple word. It's only four syllables, Try to break it down. Ex. In everything you do, Express yourself. Press. Press on through The good And bad
Your body much to young at the wise old age of
A woman told me, when I was young, That I would marry my best friend, Because your best friend is the one who knows you better than anyone. Your best friend can keep you happy no matter what
I look in the mirror and see this confident girl who has dreams of being a great woman. She has everything she wants in life and lives with no regrets. She has style and grace .
   We are the children nobody wants. People view as monsters, because we are different than you. But look inside us! We all bleed the same colored blood. But, it does not matter to the people, our outer appearances is all that matters to them.
I never want to forget, The good times, and the bad. So I write, and I speak, For a future, hopefully better, Me. I first ask the cordial stuff: “Hello, how was your day?”
i was told to write about my feelings.... fuck, my feelings twords what? Lamps? cats? my feelings in general? my feelings about feelings?
Every single time I look at the shinning moon I just think of you wishing you were here Under the shinning light I wish so soon Hoping to once again see you so near  
Two words, one meaning: gratitude.   Thank you.  
You won’t like the world of control we live in, Unless you hold it in your paternal palm.   Born new and pink and wrinkled and crying, Knowing that this world wasn’t meant for me.
Mankind is so often deceived to believe that Beauty rests only in the happy and unbroken, But oh how they are blind to it spilling forth From the wounds of the shattered soul.   It is beauty that is found
Those memories with you
You who hurt me, You who I gave two years of my life, You who I loved unconditionally,
No means no That’s the only way I can show I push you away But you always stay I kick and I scream But you’re just so mean Everything I do Never seems to get through  
I’m scared   I’m scared that… No one will love me No one will like me No one will talk to me No one will smile at me No one will touch me No one will hold me No one will kiss me
I write when it’s darkest at night
Words cannot express, nor can they come out, to tell you the feelings i hold inside for you. I know you are different because our realtionship is based on nothing more  than enjoying the company of each other.
No one wants to see the tears So everyone looks away No one wants to see the scars So everyone ignores No one wants to hear the cries So everyone plugs their ears You scream and cry and yell
We long to be accepted Whether by society, the media, or family I scream out loud but nothing comes out I am a human, I am my own being I do not conform to what society wants
A snowflake is all we are. We form, we fall, we dance, we soar,
Dear Jesus,
They're like the SunThey burn everyday,Facing unjustice, trials, they don't deserve to pay.
Do you know what it is? Is it there? Did you make it up? How long did it last? A day, a week, a month? Six months, a full year?
I wirte poetry     to make myself happy when times get rough     or i am overwhelmed with so much stuff! writing is there to comfort me    Through writing i can make people see
Life is one profound test.   To see how much you can change without losing friends. How much heartbreak you can take while still a teenager, And how far you can be pushed by society before you break.  
As I think
    Society is blind not by the eye Guys fall in love with what they see Trying to be beautiful making one cry He knows she falls for his sweet words
I  write --because I feel To their deaf ears, my audible pleas have no appeal.
Boom! Slap! Boom! Slap! The noise I hear every night, The permanent sound programmed in my mind, it won't go away!  "Stop! Leave me alone! Be quiet!!"   
I miss when my mom was my superhero.  When I was 5 and looked in a mirror, and said I want to be like her.  She could do anything. No problem was too big a thing.
The winds whispered through the field as they carressed the growing grains. 
I write to feel.   I turn drops of ink And twenty six letters Into stories Of a love that was bitter Of a world that was broken Or a sadness so deep
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, But they never elaborate on what those words are. The concept of "words" sits on their tongues, Waiting to be slung out of their mouths
My name is Jesus and I'm not afraid to say That my uncle was gay and he got taken away Taken away by mankind itself and drowned in misery
We don’t see the blood splattered across their shirts, Or the cuts on their bare feet from the hundreds of miles They ran to get here.   We see a child covered in dirt.
I threw my first intentional punch at this wall. With all my might. Letting all the frustration the anger I had built up for months because of you. With all a blow I sprained my finger and gained a new best friend.
In the beauntiful night sky Stars shining bright Dazzling my eyes In the beautiful night sky   Icy cold weather Chilling my bones No source of warmth Rain pouring down on me  
A dandelion seed ripped from her stem Circling with thoughts of where to begin Just one seed, lone and small How to feel significant in this world at all Whisked away into the openness of not knowing what to expect
There were times I needed you..... There were times I needed a helping hand.... There were times I needed a listening ear..... There were times I needed a shoulder to cry on.....
It would be blissful to feel your presence as I walk across the stage, It is quite a shame you could not watch me become a better man the older I age, The persistance to fight through agony and reject all the blasphemy,
Silencing speech Having the ability to talk to walk to paint to sing to dance to run to scream Using the mind to the extent of its greatest capabilities
Well Isn't that fortunate? Brought into this world as another child that is "supposed" to fall victim to the system   So I'm supposed to hang out with those who will fail and take everyone with them
Let me write to say what others can’t. Let me write to make vowels into flowers, To make consonants into power.   Let me write the words that others chant. Let me write to ignite fire,
What I wouldn’t do to be heard Just for a moment for someone to understand My voice is not strong My words do not carry But their meaning does They echo in the eerie silence of the night
i cannot be who i am
I have yet to see His face.
You don’t know anybody like me, I promise you that. I’m a homeschooler, an expat, A feminist, a runner, a creator. I’m bilingual, but I can curse you out in more languages than two.
  She cries out in pain with hunger two days without food maybe three she can’t tell her mommy sits there doing another hit in a constant state of buzz why is she being ignored? what’s going on?
There is nothing like being thirsty.   If you haven't been, I couldn't tell you. First you salivate You start to fantasize about cold springs, surrounded by bees and little flowers.
Teardrops form my outer surface-a flowing stream on a stormy night Levels of loneliness build layers into my inner surface Your soft delicate lips mouthing my name
I wake up In a lush, green field. Flowers of every kind Surround me. I think, This can’t be real,
Words come close but expose the void between experience and translation, sun set and sun rise... To capture a moment could be to lose it simultaneously  Fickle Floating Feelings  Flowing Fumbling Fruit; 
When I was three I watched the clouds form around my mother, I watched her retreat into herself. I watched my father leave And I became the protector.
The cheer that frequents my vocal chords the most is one for friendship.
My voice is not loud My voice is not proud And my voice is not like the crowd  
Color  is that all that they see? the questioning of my "enthicity" because I'm not apart of their Majority   If only they knew the hands that curled foundation of frustration
Forever I'll love you  All you ever said. 
Separate Yourself This has not been an easy decision/ but keeping you in my life hinders my mission/ I was put here
Everyone wants to be heard so they shout louder and louder
Speaking up for that person who has no voice or afraid to voice there thoughts. Uplifting a down and troubled spirit facing hardships. Also bringing strength to a hopeless joe who is use to dragging their feet with the floor.
Am i missleading or am I deceptive, i'm sly like a fox, curious as cat, stong as an ox and stubborn like a mule. what i'm told i cant, i try failure or success, I push on threw even of the darkest of hours,
I write to worship Jesus These poems are my praises And through these written words My reverence raises.
I write to hear myself. I don't listen to words; I listen to paper. Nothing hurts as bad on paper...   I write to my best friend.  He couldn't say how he felt;
There is so much to say in the world, Ways to express yourself or someone else or something else, But I can't. I can think it, it's all in my head I just can't speak it, Say the words. I can't.
To be adored or  to speak words or to not be ignored, there's many reason's to be heard, Whether or not you are heard remains to be heard,
If I wrote a tearful letter, Begging for daddy to live. Would my life be any better?   If I held back my true emotion, Lied about her lover’s caress, Would I still have my mom’s devotion?  
Time. It didn't stop like they promised it would in fairy tales or movies. Your eyes didn't meet mine perfectly; as if our entire existence had been building up to that very moment.
 That morning I woke up alone.  I was surprised there was no "Steve Harvey" Morning Show on the radio playing amongst the morning presense.  No "Strawbwerry Letter" with laughter in the background.  It was quie
Life is like a beach, until you've been down to the river Forced in through the currents, just to see if you're a swimmer Just open up your eyes, and see the world is being withered
It's raining again. It's a cold, dreary day. I love it. I hope you'll come play.   I put on my rain boots. I head outside. It's just not the same. I sit and cry.  
I hope you hear me    I'm reaching out to you I hope you hear me   And know you aren't going through this alone I hope you hear me   And know I hear you too.
Who I Write For.. Who do I write for? Do I write for the kids whose screams are muffled by oppression in the countries whose names I can not pronounce?
Grandma hear my voice Why are you not hearing me Does death bind you so
You were on-the-go, in the know, I am "Where to go? What to know?
Writing isn't writing    When I pick up the pencil to write a poem I travel somewhere enchanted, I'm not at home, When it's for a girl, I envision her perfection,  I do not stress about word selection,
Harsh as can be,  Real talk between you and me.
I'm from a green swing set, with Barbies and American Girl and fashion. I am from the sunny, quiet house, and all the trees I can picture, and I'm from the big house on the beach
Today i am broken but tomorrow I will be free. Today i hide behind my mask but tomorrow i'll let myself shine. Today I will wonder about tomorrow instead of changing today.
Hear me! When I cry out to you, do you not hear the words I let out with  
They say in order to get over something; you have to move past it. Well, in order to get over what you did to me, I have to face my own set of demons. To do that, I had to find my strength in numbers
How do you measure how much your loved? Is it weighed? Is it counted? How do you know it's enough? Love is felt in the actions of each person you meet, The way they look at you, touch you, smile and greet.
They say that Love is Kind, They say that Love is Blind, Which is probrably why we turn a blind eye when those who use that word act the opposite way, And when given the option to stay, it's the option we take,
I see the happiness and the joy you once brought to others. I can’t help but always tear up and feel this sudden overwhelming sadness when I see pictures of you or when I read the kind words others say with much love.
As I ruminate over everything my parents had done for me  I declare in my thought, before it slips, it gets caught I will repay them back for the hardwork they did so I can be here, now 
Mom got the call. We abandoned the new Wii game and jumped in the car. 20 minutes later we pulled over behind the jeep, roof caved in, upside down.
A memory drifts about in my mind. Me. A girl of twelve, sitting in the church pews,
Once upon a memorySome people lived inside of meThey’d tell me tales about their livesAnd some strange day I’d realizeThese people I knew were never realBut emotions from them I still could feel
"Don't keep things bottled up." "Telling someone what's wrong is better." Says who? Why should I bother?   Telling someone what's wrong is better Only if you want to be made fun of.
Life, with its joyous song, is ever bright. The symphony is rich and full and strong. It plays in the summer’s resplendent light, While birds are chirping their resounding song.
A young, unknowing, motherless child Is raised by her father, is unladylike and wild. She plays outside in overalls, Until dinner is ready, and Calpurnia calls. She’s old enough now and goes to school,
I open my eyes to the vast, glorious sight of the ocean. The seemingly impenetrable, endless blanket of water stretches on and on, And the waves ripple in a calm, soothing motion.
I ate a bug this morning, by accident. I suppose it will be my new inhabitant. I do wonder, while crawling through my body, what it will find. Will it lurk in my mouth or creep through my mind?
There is a buzzing in my head. There’s a fluttering, flapping, swishing noise in my head. There is a buzzing in my head. I don’t think you get it. There is a BUZZING in my HEAD.
You let me sit so high up on mountains Keeping secret that they were cliffs, We both knew would crumble. You gave me everything I needed A light in the dark, But I never realized you held the switch
What’s this poem about? Oh just take me home It’s just another shout Out Into the world I’m just trying to be heard
Sing unto me a new songNot one full of everlasting loveI do not wish to hear about joyTell me more about heartacheTell me about the reality of loveSing about the pain
I don't remember much, but I don't know whether that is good or bad.
Caged Yet I hold the key
I am from a whispering sun
You are adolescent, and I am much more complex, And you do not know how far an utterance gets In my mind.  You give it fresh air, and it blooms without rest. You tell me to take notes; you are on a sick sort of quest.
I hope there will come a day that I can write about
Silence can be the loudest The nod to your question The quiet in my presence My silence wasn't loud enbough for anyone to hear   I wish my mind could've been silent
  The wounds are too concrete Sometimes  Too black and blue to fake The thoughts The ache
Before you choose to read this, let me give you a disclosure,
  I’m trying to be loud, But it seems like you can’t hear a sound Yet my words are profound.   It might be the music that doesn’t let you listen
My mother is still there. On her bed, her blankets that matched ours still folded from the warmer nights. They are smaller, neater, perhaps not so soft. The phone is back at its nightstand post,
I know him quite well. I am so shy to tell him the truth. Inside my heart let him dwell!   This shy love begins to jell, Hold the phone, I stand in a booth. I know him quite well.  
You may see me struggleBut you will never see me fall .I may have some break downs but I will always stand tall .I will fight for what I want and
I do not live a life of luxury, I do not lavish in gold, I do not have memories I just fantasize about the stories untold.   I would love to smile, I would love to sing,
It was right there. Across the street. That Park.
It stands alone, Tall and strong, Always able to get along, Yet so soft and sweet, So from it you eat, To taste the juices is a treat, For nourishment and truth, You steal its youth,
Pull me down and watch me plunder,   Because I was tamed by love and thunder.   Give me your wing to hide under,   Because I am sacred, and I am stubborn.  
Puddles on a sidewalk are portals to a delicate crystal world   People wearing faces walls that hide loneliness and fragile homes   Need a place to go to let it out
Oddly attracted Why do I like you? You annoy my life and I hate your antics. You don’t even notice me and we are not even close.  
Oh, the days are getting longer it seems. This technology is getting smarter than me! Now the sun seems much stronger than the breeze, This heat will bring my closed mouth to speak.  
I live in my bubble. Clear walls, roof, and floor. Clean world and clean life. A nice place to live forevermore.   A clear home so I can see every danger from on top.
The headline read “Michael Dunn trial: Man accused of shooting teen over music.” But all I heard was a lot of loud noise Drowning out the truth, like pouring bleach over a young black boy’s bloody shirt
Breathe In breath out. Look up look down. Tell me you found all there is to find out! Let us see how high you can count?   Carpe Mortem, count and sort 'em,
Breathe In breath out, Look up look down, Tell me you found all there is to find out! Let us see how high you can count?   Carpe Mortem, count and sort 'em,
Sitting down at the table looking around I was nowere to be found
There is no need for judging  In this world it's all or nothing For loving and hugging  Not cutting or fighting   Everyone's lives are a mystery We all have our history
All my life I found it hard to properly express myself
Nothing has ever been handed to me.
A ray of light Hardly seen Gone so quick Yet left so mean I hope you hear The words I say Now that you've left And I'm astray
We could fill an entire library With the things we never say to each other; Volumes upon volumes Of quiet "I'm sorry's" and tear-soaked "I love you's".   I told you once, a year ago
The Clock Is Ticking,  Tick - Tock, Tick - Tock. The Start Of My Last Year In School Is RIght Around The Corner, Graduation Only Feels Like Its A Month Away, Excited And Anxious, Yet Afraid And Reluctant.  
The clouds rush over while the flower closes. The white becomes a river. The fence is torn down and I can see the snakes. Euphoric energy flows through me like a drug. I don't stop the feeling as it spreads.
Dear dad I don’t hate you I hate who I’ve become because of you They say I look like you So I don’t smile because when I look in the mirror all I see is you smiling back at me
I wake But I do not feel awaken Your love has gone And it has depressed my soul So when I wake and your not there I am woke but not awaken Once upon a time your presence Your love
Life ain't about  money or love What really matters is that man up above With his love i saved my soul Because back then my life was taking a toll   I used to think partying was the way of life
Life ain't about  money or love What really matters is that man up above With his love i saved my soul Because back then my life was taking a toll   I used to think partying was the way of life
The constant dialogue of a girl and herself 
I feel the sparks of potential Igniting in my veins It lights a fire beneath my fingers And the words come in waves Would could
There’s so much that no one knows, That no one will ever know, The fear I feel, The secrets I keep, My silence allows, My skeletons to remain unseen.   I am silent, I am thinking,
You lodged bullets of attraction.
i feel weak
rock, drip, rock, drip pebble bubble ripple drip, rock, drip, rock Splash! pebble ripple rock, drip, rock, drip pebble ripple Reach
My person. Several and one. I write to Inspire. Create. Happiness. Pieces of me spread to clouds where I hope I won’t fall to soil.   My person keeps me in arms, holding me in safe warmth.
A sign sighs wearily in the brief breeze The sound familiar, you glance up with ease Giving your attention to what has never lost it. The Middle.
 Stop!Look around.Look at your surroundings.You are in the middle,The middle of your journey.Far enough to see where you came from,But not close enough to see the end.Walk slowly. Why rush ? You don't even know your final destination.  Life is not
My little Dove you elude me, as if you were a shadow.Flying high and low so speedily that I cannot clasp you. Sweet Nymph in the air your graceIs like Aphrodite's silken hair.
I want to read your table of contents I want to read our last page first I just want to know if this is going to be worth it Or if we are going to end up hurt I want to know what page you first notice my smile
When I write, I do not write to be heard I write because I struggle with my own words I fight with them inside my head They advance and are nourished, my words are fed Fed to the demon inside of me
Sometimes, it doesn't matter who hears you or how they hear you or even what they hear Sometimes, it just matters that they heard
Sometimes I feel my voice closed And silenced from the world. It seems no one could hear my heart scream So desperately, I had hoped That writing was the key.  
It's two o'clock in the morning and I hear the silence from outside my window It is barely a window at all It's cracked and is streaked with dried mud and other unsavory things
I can analyze the dichotomy Of good and evil Light and dark Life and death   Not one without the other The ying to the yang The extremes of both sides Cliches so easy to analyze  
Everybody hurts But why Is it so we grow stronger Or remind of what dangers may lurk We hurt a lot before we die We smile a lot too Feelings are many Sadness, Happiness, Love…
I was thinking that somehow you could free yourself somehow. I was thinking that somehow you could free yourself right now. And your name gets washed away in the sands of time. Cause your name washes away in the sands of time.
When sunflowers are taped to dartboards Over the picnic rings Arrows crave youth To follow the distance   To place as different as candy to caves Pleasure to pinch
A cage that houses the great unknown, filled with such vivid creations
  A tinybird sits in a lonesome tree as she waits for her Caregiver, her Provider.   she watches as her mother fondly feeds Another.
A young child, excited for the world. A mother, brimmed with envy, says to she, "My you're getting chubby, little girl!"   Suddenly, the world was cruel, and the world was vicious.
To the girls of the world who skip all their meals, weigh themselves daily  and hate how they feel To the girls who are afraid  even to take a bite  for fear of one pound 
So. I was at a party. Y'know, it seems like it always      starts that way. "I was at a party." I was at a party.   Whether I had been drinking or not
WordsOutward, inward Written out so clear, floating in the air, or clogged in my throat as I gasp for air.
You make me feel a certain kind of way;
One phone call, my heart stops. Bye Brother.
When I hear the wind howl, the trees flutter, the clouds move, I remember. I reamber that time when the sky was still low and the ground was high,  When the sun shines, the insects talk, and the birds sing,
  It may be thought that sticks and stones can break bones,
As the monotonous clock ticks-tocs on the wall, I stop and stare at my window, There it sits still and tall, The final possession of my falling hero. The round petals are soft and white,
What do you even write a poem about, I'm no writer, Nor am I a poet, Do I write about love maybe money, Of course I want to be heard, When I speak I know people hear me,
Don't you remember all the good times we had As kids, Just the two of us against the world? I certainly do. I'm the one who remembers everything, Remember? I still do.  
A person of courage Could be a firefighter, a doctor... Someone who upholds justice. But I found a person of courage in someone else. Someone.. A bit more.. Different.  
I am the forgotten elephant that wanders, ignorant, To my fate. I hear their footsteps, gentle yet determined, that are swiftly approaching me. I am too slow to escape. There is a sharp pain,
You were my gift to the world. I created you as the perfect image, for everyone to appreciate. You were so beautiful. Why did you change?   Everyone told you  that you were unacceptable;
I don't know why everyone says to fight your demons, oh man Here I'm facing my problems but no one gives a damn But what's misery if you don't have a pool to wallow it...
One plus two, eating glue   Three plus four, tantrum at a grocery store   Five plus six, scream and kick   Seven plus eight, play date  
Shades and fractals of brown in her eyes, like the innermost part of a tree. To me, she’s like a teak tree. Strong and elegant.
The importance of the well-being of our fellow brother has been lost. Lost among parsimonious people.  
Bombs. War. Planes down at sea. Children hungry. No room to breathe.   Got nothing to do with me.
Look at the moon and know im looking at it too, Look at the stares and know im thinking of you,  Each and everyone of the bright lights is a thought of you,  Make a wish and it shall come true,  Just for you,
Her father doesn't know   Her mother doesn't care
It doesnt matterThe words that leaveMy lipsOr how loud im screamingTo the heavensIt doesnt matterHow my  Rosy red cheeksare tear stainedOr the sadness in my eyes
They tell us to be different But shut us down the second we try Judgement suffocates the individuality out of all Until all there are are drones walking around in endless circles
Men of virtue forever walk unseen, during the midnights everlasting light, upon the lane with which one has no sight,              with ladies that may compare to thy queen.  
the though
I felt it. I felt your hate, even though you never said it. And I would cry because my life felt like a lie,
I am strong I've been strong for a while, Like a warrior; pretending I was Mulan with darker skin Because back then, the kids loved to play pretend and I was solid.
I do not like to ask for help. I value inner strength above  nearly all else.    But I cannot do everything on my own. I cannot keep all my thoughts in my head. They cannot stay there
Welcome   When we enter this world, it’s the first word we hear Though it may seem simple, its meaning’s not clear   “Of course it is!” You will say
Hate a power so evil it can kill an entire race. Hate the darkest of forces mankind has ever created. Hate If it doesn't take your life it will take your soul. Hate
His ears are perked but he isn't listening. I can hear his thoughts drifting on to his own subject and away from mine... "You can ride with me, Madi talks too much."
It takes COURAGEto lie in bed and rummage through your thoughtswithout self-indictment from the conflicts foughtbetween your desires, your ideals, and your ambitions.It takes PASSION
Where you supposed to go when your home aint even home happiness is in the gutters have to close up all those shutters see these people here dont love us  so all we got is each other 
Love means...?   I love him till that last star stops shining  Bet you, he don't love you like that.   Mac, your best friend It hides your scars everyday Your girls tell you, 
Even when we are apart. I wish my voice to reach out to those I love, for them to wipe their tears is smile so they know I'm with them, thinking of them, and they are not alone.
There is always a night when you decide you need to move on.
2:05 I want a bullet through my skull Typed words break my heart in two   2:14 a message appears relief rushes from my lungs   2:34 twenty minutes have crawled by
I look out.  It is dark; it is bright out. The light is on; the light is out. I cry, I pout.   Will she come home to me? Will I be awake to see?   I grow restless.
My mind filled with so many thoughts Heart filled with hurt that won’t stop So young but forced to grow so fast No time to be a kid or dwell on the past Within an instant my life began to crumble
I exist within a beat A moment of synchronized sound.  An instance, determined by an ongoing tempo.
There is a mess, a clutter, a crowd that she found, A thing that we run from that follows her  around. A climax, a friction, a trick that she believed- A gift that she thought that she had received.
Arrogant annihilation affects all, alive and absent Booming bombs, bloody bullets
To Be Heard
Here’s to high school,
I’m not the average girl from your video And I ain’t built like a supermodel
  At some point in your life you think, who am I? Why am I here?  Who have I become?   You start to realize how miserable you are.   You start to feel alone and empty inside.   Will it get better?   You think.
What makes me tick is nothing you can see Nothing you can grasp Because its inside of me That negative bug It lives in my brain You can't hear it But it drives me insane
You irritate me. You touched your daughter. Actually, you touch not just yours, but God’s! You sick and twisted man.   You try your hardest to get it in
Strange, isn't it? How those who are pillars of support for their friends might be crumbling apart from within?   I seem strong and confident and self-assured and happy.
We are all made from broken pieces... But actually, we are all broken from the start...   Just why is friendship or love meaningful as long as you're part of it? 
On September 11, 2001  the news came on shocking us all The towers were crashing and people were dashing They sent out their teams when they heard many screams
Equality is a joke
I met the most amazing person in the world once.She was kind and smart, also loved artWrote intricate stories that set her apart
Oh man, Earl, is that you? Thought you were long gone and that we were through. Oh wait, my mistake, you had a few Qualities that reminded me of a dude I once knew   You see, this man Earl was big into money
Encouraging words Are what keep me going It’s mostly myself That keeps on slowing My productivity.   So it really helps me Knowing that I’m doing good And going great
Many People have cravings in life. I crave to be heard. I crave to shout. I crave to go outside and make a difference everyday. I crave to be different and bold. I crave to not waste a minute of my life.
I wish I could steal raindrops and stuff them in my pocket, Grab scintillating sounds so it can illuminate the earth,
She deserved brokenness  Like a caged bird  Deserves a key.    She took those shards of herself And with them  She was set free.    She soared above 
Breaking not so new news:  a young Mexican boy was shot and killed by an older white male.
I turn right when I am wrong Soon a left to my treasure Here the feelings run strong I am nearly guilt free in this pleasure   A safe haven I run to
Sitting here thinking,wondering,waiting,watching Listening,teaching,walking,talking Breathing heavily, body shaking Heart beating faster and faster Body rocking harder and harder Mind racing faster and faster
Doctor tells me these words, "You have Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy." "This means that your heart muscles are too weak to support you." He prescribes me another seven medications and sends me on my way. At home, I get curious,
This is my voice. I use it for my ears, not yours. I don't care if you listen or don't Like it or not. I write for me not for judgement. I am judged for everythin,  by everyone.
Every human body is an expression of divine breath. We are all made in God's image but yet we still fight the lust of the flesh.
I am no child I am an investment. I am no human I am a number. There is no love Only obligation. And beauty   is but a broken compass of the heart.  
I keep leaning in, the more I lean I feel as if I'm tipping over,I feel the weight coming down on my  bruised shoulder,
When the house shakes, the walls crumble. Then the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I'm surrounded by water. I can't see. I can't breathe. I can't think. Further, and further I sink.