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The end of the day brings great joy As I see a little girl holding her stuffed toy Two of the others smile and cheer As they know, now I am here I give big hugs and a smile
Each kid proudly sang and the whole courtyard was filled with high pitched voices and laughter. Little bodies of deep tan skin, about twenty of them. Michael, the leader of the classroom.
Closing my eyes, Fingers shaking,  Ready for a surprise, To be accepted, wanted Please let me in here, Can't you hear me? Knocking on your door, Striving to help the world?
Approaching the difference in such an amazing way, approaching the difference by giving of myself, approaching the difference in all of us.. one day at a time. Growing up through
College, one powerful place to change our lives. A place that strikes fear STRONG emotion. A place that some can't even get a chance to start. Parents with other ideas not focused on your future but there's.
We all have a meaning to be in this world. What is mine? I am not so sure yet, but I intend on finding out soon. Soon, everything will be different. I'll be going away from those who have loved me in my darkest times. 
Why the fuck do I have to pay for college?  I'm trying to educate myself & spread happiness to the world. 
STOP! WHATEVER IS DISTRACTING YOU... STOP! Live in the moment and listen up. I am talking to everybody, and I am hoping all of you will take these words to heart, so please, please,
Selfish. All of us. Pretending to unite in a commmon cause When really that cause is just Another picture for our decopage Line on a resume Glitter for our own parade. We volunteer our time
As I wake up I have my towel in hand Brushing my teeth Putting on clothes To go   To school I have a test today Papers due tomorrow I'll study after I go  
"I Am - The Homeless"  
Imagine a worldwhere little acts of kindness made a big difference,and people reach out to help youwhen you are in need for assistance.A world like this,
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