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Yesterday, the day of May, 2016, where my thoughts floated by, ideas let nots, develop,sadness engulfed, happiness often miss. I walked along the water, listening to a random song
Have you ever felt the kiss of a good book? It's delectable-- the wispy yellowed pages caress your fingertips
I have always admired the strong.   We as a whole have been taught to idolize those who can carry the burden of thousands and manage to exert unimaginable strength in pulling the corners of their lips into a smile.
College, one powerful place to change our lives. A place that strikes fear STRONG emotion. A place that some can't even get a chance to start. Parents with other ideas not focused on your future but there's.
We all have a meaning to be in this world. What is mine? I am not so sure yet, but I intend on finding out soon. Soon, everything will be different. I'll be going away from those who have loved me in my darkest times. 
Why the fuck do I have to pay for college?  I'm trying to educate myself & spread happiness to the world. 
STOP! WHATEVER IS DISTRACTING YOU... STOP! Live in the moment and listen up. I am talking to everybody, and I am hoping all of you will take these words to heart, so please, please,
University of Arkansas just awaits Stressful scholarship applications are everywhere in sight A destination that is desired  
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