***Trigger Warning***


“Boys will be boys”

“Let bygones be bygones”

“Forget about it”

“Get over it.”

“Why are you bringing it up now?”

“I don't think it's a good idea to stir it all up again.”


“He couldn’t control himself”

“It’s only natural”

“Men’s sex drive is higher than women's, it's science”


“He was tempted by your beauty”

“Don’t feel bad about it, he was complimenting you”

“If anything, it's your fault”

“You were not loud enough”

“Too soft spoken”

“You’re better than this”


“He was going through a hard time”

“People make mistakes”

“Don’t act petty”

“You're just upset about the way it ended”


“Be honest you wanted it too”

“It isn't even that bad”

“It felt good didn't it?”

“Why are you upset again?”


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