Speak Up

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My heart speaks a language  no one understands. It's dying to speak. But it's already dead.
  Let me tell you the story Of a myth not known for glory,  Of an idea that has been forgotten And replaced with something rotten.  
La Boca the mouth Mi Boca My mouth I speak but I am hushed Callate me dicen No one should be allowed to speak   tienes poder Lo tienes? Do you have power? No.
***Trigger Warning***   “Boys will be boys” “Let bygones be bygones” “Forget about it” “Get over it.”
Fear Conquerer of all,   Fear Sweaty palms, Choking on words,   Fear Failure to speak, Failure to reach out,   Fear No one will see, No one listens,
Speak Up, Speak Out silence is emptiness emptiness left by our own inaction inaction leads to no where Speak Up, Speak Out nothing said is nothing done why wait years Speak Up, Speak Out
I need to write, I need to fight for every breath I breathe Without poetry, Or symmetry, Creativity,
When my pencil hits the paper I feel the world come to a stop. Suddenly I hold my voice in one hand. The chains that constrained me drop.   I'm not small. I'm not scared. I'm not silent for you.
all of the days when you wanted to hide all of the times when you made mistakes all of the moments when you hated what lived inside all of the nights when your heart finally breaks
The thoughts that hide within the back of the mind The words we think but not say Of the people not heard when they speak
     -Don’t speak- Look around. I am a girl who provides for my six siblings I have 2 jobs paying minimum wageBarely brushing by, i don’t get to have much to show off My bully doesn’t know this;My bully picks at my clothes, my hair, my rough finge
I hear a voice ring loud and clear And I look around quite in fear That perchance it might be mine.   What is this strange young thing I have found?
I dream of fields, Fields upon fields, Where dreams are Created, creativity   Blooming like a flower In a field, where you Can be free, don't You want to be free?  
A silent shadow, trying to speak. Day after day she was patient, trying to make her point. Too scared to say her thoughts, Too smart to ask out loud.
It felt like we were stepping out of a coming-of-age fantasy An assault on my senses, the sensation was too much to bear. We walked into the cracked pavement that was washed under the sun
I don’t write for entertainment, to gossip, or to complain about my life past or present . I write because, I believe my words are one of the things I have left in this world.
I asked you, my friend, to meet me at night And hoped against hope that we'd be alright. On that day I stopped watching myself fall; Despite what you think, I remember it all.
Voice your opinion be heard Your silence is death But its only killing you Born with a purpose Have nothing to lose Only to gain Respect at the end Not from the contribution itself
"Sticks and stones, may break your bones, but words can never hurt you." I for one, would love to say that statement- is a load of bullshit.
A voice is not a voice Without reason to speak A voice with reason Is meant to be heard Without it, it's a murmur Something everyone does I have a voice inside my soul
Say no, say no, say yes, say yes. No- to abuse. It's not necessary, not right. Twenty-eight percent are in an intimate relationship! Ninety-eight percent of offenders- aren't punished!
The balding man stood behind the girl with the hair,and he wished for just an ounce of her flair.But he looked at his hands and he thought to himself:"I'm so ordinary, it's no fair."
I wish I could've told my rapist I'm fucking dangerous Maybe if I did I wouldn't be going through this bull shit 4 years of a child's life taken and slaughtered
My tongue is held by stitches Cannot say how much it itches Full of dips and mines Bitten my tongue too many times.  
I fight I write I conquer.. with my words Ain't that something? I'm mighty fine, alright.   I have a message: You best be listening... You know why you're living?
Let her eyes scan the fall The wind blowing through her hair She hears it now All the words that were whispered Behind her back Words on how she was wrong How she could never be right
Within the walls of an old prison Rodrigo cries, honestly, to the lord for his crimes Santiago, the priest, accepts the apology
Keep running things back in the same rhythm I know you're dizzy, but have you had enough already?
There's always that boy in the corner, whom appears to be a foreigner. Nobody ever seems to talk to him, or even take considration that his name is Tim. He's quiet as a mouse,
Maybe it’s time for me to step back, Forget get the good times, let go of the past. I don’t think I’m welcomed anymore, I think it’s time to walk out the door.   I’m sorry I had to hurt you all this way,
Every night I dream of that day, The day you’ll take me away, Grab my hand and pull me under, Or maybe even grab the blade and watch me suffer. But I know it’s going to happen, There’s no running from fate.
I wish I can speak up. Living in silence for 17 years has taken away my strength: strength to be confident; strength to be wrong; strength to rise. I have been overlooked by many
Dancing is what makes me happy you just won't get it   poetry is what makes me happy you just don't get it   writing is what makes me happy you just can't get it  
In his eyes I am the earth the sun the moon In his eyes I am his present his future his everything In his eyes I am perfection a trophy the one But in my eyes
Tears are flooding down my eyes, knives are being pierced threw my heart. There bones tear threw their skin. It is as though they're walking skeletons.
My God is a lover, not a hater.
The pain of the world takes a part of our hearts and souls And refuses to give it back until all of us are gone…. But we continue to be happy  
Light can not exist without Darkness, Nor can there be Ying without Yang. An endless fork in the road, right and wrong.
Why is it that we attack our own kind? We are the same creatures We just have different minds.
Flash "Scholarships" across a screen to get any driven students attention. Explain how one may be rewarded for their accomplishments. Schooled to learn education is the root to ascenion.
Speak my mind?  I can barely hear my thoughts. Always talking trash about others,  do these bullies ever stop?  With all those nasty words, I'm surprised your teeth don't rot. 
My face is clear it is open to the world,
I will break away. I will break away from the walls that hold me. I will break away. I will break away from the lies they've told me.
The masses unrelenting, dictating thoughts. Think? No.  Stop. Listen and follow. Follow my command. Who are you? Me? I am you. You are we. There is no I.
A walk down the hall, all I feel is change. Out of all the years, this one won't be the same. New principal, more freshmen, a new set of rules. My teachers wonder why it's like I'm never in school.  
They say, life is like the sun Full of energy And bright as can be They say, death Is an ever changing Prolonged unsolved mystery They say, love is forever never forgotten in a sea of misery
A trembling cry preysupon the unsuspecting matte cavesdark against a silhouetted night. Ay! To be free!To be free! A starved cry,famished by the oppressionof a silent tongue.
The youngest of six The quiet child The perfect daughter The one who does everything right   She sits back in silence as she watches the fights Hears the arguments Listens to the cries
Don't tell me when I'm gone Tell me when I'm here Don't tell me to my back Tell me to my ear Say it to my face Say it loud and clear Don't say its intent Say it sincere Express with your words
Do you hear that shh, listen closely Do you hear that shhh, listen closely Do you hear that sound the sound of a homeless man begging for beer, of children crying because mommy and daddy don't wanna hear
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Speak up for the deaf Speak of for the silence Speak up for whats left Speak up for the violence Speak Up! Raise the volume.. Yell it in the ears of our society We dying from obesity!
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