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In life's vast tapestry, where shadows loom, Amidst the storm, within the gloom, There lies a beacon, small yet bright, A glimmer of hope, a guiding light.
We're no longer sadist yet we're still stuck in our ways,
Fireflies glow in the dark.   Lightning always strikes something.   Rain pours down.   Lightning and Rain like to speak to each other a lot.   
Princess of LilleThe prettiest mirror on the islandI wanted to let you knowThat every man wants to haveAt least one flowerOf happinessFor their wife.
In the depths of my soul, there lies a secret garden, where the flowers bloom in silence, and the trees whisper in harmony.   The sun shines bright, casting its warm embrace,
Life is boring, Born to super starring. Illuminate. Thangs gotta turn around. Really can't wait. Miracle happens every tym. Culd be our turn. Better life screaming, where it's damn hard to find a gud wife.
Lightning, you strike once, ruling the sky, never striking the same way again.   Lightning, thunder told me of your arrival, but why is there no thunder to tell me when you leave?  
Laugh like a childs'. Happy and free of worry. She is beautiful.   Her eyes are like stars. They shine, even in the night. They still shine brighter.   Her face; beautiful.
A touch of her is like a touch forever, honey is damn sweet, but she's sweeter than honey cumb. Adorable, palatable, unforgettable her memory is. Bringing bliss to my heart ♥ -C9fm
Woman, woman, oh sweet womanMy love, my crib, my tokenIn my daily diaryEvery day is your journeyYou are my soul, my pillarI cherish you everydayAnd I love you, my flower.
Mon amour, ma femme Mon amie, mon âme Quand je dis que je t’aime Ce n’est pas une plaisanterie Ce n’est pas une triste moquerie
My love, my all My friend, my soul When I say I love you It is not a joke It's not a sad laughingstock
5:43 pm, I messaged my mom, “We’re on our way home now”. But I was not on my way home. I was just going to my house! What is a house to a home?
I miss you only if you miss my smile
                                            I thought I loved you But I am beginning to love you more And more
Cheery as this beautiful bird of nature,Which can easily find its food.Cheerful as the bird of paradise,Which gives hope to the destitute.
When I was eight I thought I'd be a princess and happy by now. Shouldn't I have subjects here to curtsey, kneel, and bow? I still don't have my mermaid tail or shiny fairy wings.
Powerful words,Truthful words,Honest words,Brave words;This is exactly what the Doctor orders,For a nation, who's trying to fight the horrorsOf blatant racism,
                                                     C’est dans les forêts Où je trouve ma paix C’est à la campagne
                                                   Eu vejo Sua beleza em seu sorriso Sua beleza em seus olhos Sua beleza em sua cadência
Aimez, aimez maintenant Aujourd'hui, pas demain Oubliez le chagrin Arrêtez de demander comment Arrêtez de vous questionner
Love, love now Today, not tomorrow Forget about the sorrow Quit asking how
This high-flowing day decides grinding verses of nerves Sky is set to seduce fate out of Time’s lips and Ambition’s room
Love is a dream that begins Love is a chimera that begins It’s a ballerina who dances It’s a poet who thinks It's a bird that sings
The croaking toad The spitting toad Is ill Time and wind pass Like poor cowards.  
You're youngYou're strongTime will crumbleTime will humbleYou, You and you. You're beautifulYou're powerfulTime will fadeTime will get ridOf you and you.
     He don't trust and run with guns  swears to me, he can't be loved hurt inside from not having anyone riding around with music loud to block the voices in his head      Momma left and daddy did too
Woman, women, oh dear woman My love, my crib, my token In my daily diary
Femme, femme, ô gentille femme Mon amour, ma fleur, mon entame Dans mon calepin journalier
It is another spring It is a brand new season Another day of light rain falling Another semi-sunny day again
'I am' as travel as howling wind; As free from prison at nightmare's night! After had many years of torment glint! As quell the people their torrent- fright.
                                                              At my prime time I surely rhyme I write countless sonnets Like numerous poets
Love me now while I can love you in return Love me now when, at will I can turn on and off the lantern Love me now while, still
Depression  I know you all too well Sticking by my side like glue  Ever since I was out of the womb Faking a smile for all to see
Sunny Days  Ice cream  Long bike rides. Giggles ringing through the air. It was fun. A time of simplicity where worries were few and far between. 
Happiness to me is like a warm chest filled with honey, nutmeg, and love. It dances barefoot through fields of grass without a care in the world, and a smile so bright.
She smiles at the sun Taking in its rays with joy She rejoices in its light Dances in its presence  And admires its everlasting beauty 
I walk with the confidence of kings With the swagger of a solo artist With the ease of an egret And all the nuances in between   When you see me walk by You can ask me Or judge me
Happiness is a bubble The more you reach for it The farther away it seems to be But when you’re in it Really in it It’s as fragile as porcelain
The thoughts more powerful than the electricity given to us.  our thoughts more powerful  than our physical body itself
De ninguna manera, ya no puedo lastimarme Porque ahora tengo un corazón resistente Tengo el dulce silencio de la noche Y estoy lejos, muy lejos del susto
Her smile is everything The way you can truly get lost in her eyes is incredible  The way you touch her skin and its so gentle angelic like
I used to be frantic for love Grasping for connections like trying to catch a greased pig An ironic analogy all things considered   I always felt like my time was running out
The sun feels like happiness soaking into my skin  The waves sound like music to my hears  There is laugher and smiles shared all around the sun
You, It's been you since the very first day,Those hazel eyes like the alps beneath the bewitching sunset,Stars, embedded like diamonds in the sky, like your soul embedded in mineTogether we enkindle hurricanes, But I boon my rainbow in your arms A
To make happiness soup you need a pot seasoned with care,  And begin with a quart of smiles, now you're ready to prepare.  To start add a cup of hope and a dash of confidence,
The third and last poem in my final project assigned under the ELA 12 poetry unit. Dated 10/22/2019  
Goodbye to the old me, The one full of sadness, pain, and misery. She never seemed to show a genuine smile, Only when she knew she was gonna get higher. Searching for the love that was lost, What a low cost.
HAPPINESS Happiness is clearly programmed to live in you, but you must absolutely leave room in your heart and head for it to bring you what it must bring you.
MAGIC CARPET RIDE   Come hear my heart Let the sound take you away Feel the melted kiss from yesterday....   Like a floating feather On a magic carpet ride Together
One day as I knelt on bended knee I ask the Lord my future what did he see
HAPPY ENDING I have so many stories to tell Are you about ready to Trade those places with me A long visit to where my My stories greatly entails When you open every chapter To what my story unfurl
Let trumpeting elephants 🐘 🐘 praise God. And let roaring lions 🦁 🦁 exalt God. Let mowing cows 🐮 🐮 praise God. And let barking dogs 🐶 🐶
The idea of you is everything that I want, but a want is not a need. A want is a happiness that only lasts for a moment.  A moment that only lasts hours, minutes or seconds. It is never considered to be long lasting. 
Nothang can we wish you order than saying. Long Live Femi Otedola Abundance health to gladden your heart. May thee boat always floating unstoppably.
Oh Lord mine God locate me with an immense mercy that'll shake the world. That thy name be excellently praised 2ru me. Send unto your servant mercy and let thy light shine upon thy servant to the glorification
I wish I be a winner, for I've came a long way & still I got so far to go being a racer. Ride all day I think I lost my way. But love on my mind ain't a player.
Once the child comes, Mother's out of strength, But her soul aligned with her baby, That's mother's love
IN MY DREAM   The clothes hanging on my line Are not mine Where have I been Lost again In my dream A floating stream   None of the things belong to me Not that I can see
I was misguided.Interpreting all of my feelings wrong I don't want to travel I want to see world,In one person.And have them want me back, forever
and she flew. flew out of her cage far out into the clear gray skies. where she was flying to, she had not a clue. but all that mattered was that her wings carried her through the air,
coincidental, isn't it? all that she wished for, longed for, lent itself to her in the blink of an eye. maybe it wouldn't last, euphoria is a temporary heaven, after all.
Yesterday Was A Day When Things Went SMOOTH... !!! Made Some Early Moves Cos' I Had Bills To Pay... First Off Hit The Bank NO... NOT like That... !!! Had To Get Some Cheques And Then I Have To Say...
In a quest of happiness,Found some unresolved mysteriesTalking to loved ones with a feeling of warmth,Talks that end up with no logical conclusions,but puts a smile on two faces
Can You Feel ... " My Vibe " ... Because Mine's About Connecting Lives ... Through ... Use of Rhyme ... !!!
Just inside your chest, it rests. A bright light that can make you glow. It can dim and brighten, but it will always remain inside you.
I Used To Meditate In My YOUNGER Days... !!! The Day I Stopped Was A Crying Shame... !!! But I Now Meditate In A... DIFFERENT Way... !!!
………………………………………………………………HHaHapHappHappyHappy oHappy orHappy or dHappy or deHappy or depHappy or deprHappy or depresHappy or depressHappy or depresse
Noticing every trivial thing in my way Appreciating the beauty of every other day Not letting any moment go to astray Not knowing if its March, April or May That is how I'll spend the end of my days
breeze like soft hands brushing hair out of my eyes   dandelion seeds float through the sun-bathed sky light as feathers   soft earth below my feet is humble and grounding  
You know, I don't want to have any anger in this world. I want to be kinder to all people, Because there is a lot of evil in this world.  There are more evil people than good people who are getting smaller and smaller.
To be honest, sometimes I feel like I'm lost. I'm lost in my thoughts, in my head. There's a lot going on in my head. Thoughts, imagination, dreams, love, loss, Meaning in our life, happiness, mindfulness,
Section I I am much too forward with my words I interrupt people while they talk  With completely unrelated pieces 
Happiness is something that has to come from within, If you keep looking around for it, you will be disappointed with the way that it could have been. It can be hard to be genuinely happy in a world that is so uncertain,
Sometimes I just need to stop everything. I need lay down. I look up and can see the blue, or the grey, or the pinks and yellows of the sunset. I can feel myself melting into its bliss. Like I'm there but not really.
The road not taken, The path that I thought lead me, astray yet, here I am. here, I’ll stand— my heart in my hand, my soul attached by strings, my mind tacked by tape and glue—
Intellect breeds not upon the hunting ground of untamed innocence but rather in the wastelands of a thick yearning of the unknown One that slithers and slivers upon stringent of lost souls of withering promises
Do You Ever Take The Time To Just Recline … And FEAST Your Eyes On … " The Sky At Night " … ? Last Night I DID And It Was Quite A Trip … !!!!!
your midnight drives up to the next town or walmart or that short walk to 7/11 for a slurpee and a smoke for your drunken rambles state of euphoric proclamations and sober but heartfelt confessions  
Home is the smell of a linen closet,  with its never ending array of  canvased colors consisting of  extra bedding for the unexpected  sleepovers. Home is the bruised hardwood floors
I’m So Glad I'm The One With Whom You Have Fun ... !!! A Kiss And A Cuddle And A Glass of Rum ... On The Day That Begins With Letters Spelling .... " Sun " .......
Dear Love,  When you entered my life  You’ve brought me nothing but happy days and I can’t thank you enough for that I pray that one day you see that you were worth every minute
In the middle of the night When the sky shines so bright I look up at the stars Even though it is far Not a single sound 
Nobody can see the light in my life. How Magick overtakes everything That I do every second.   I look over lands so vast And oceans so calm
Appreciate the front row parking spots, inhale the smells of each plant.   Run your fingers along a smooth sheet of paper, feel the soap foam between your hands.   Listen to the FM radio,
I trip into an endless empty. The darkness’ welcoming hug gets a little tight, Squeeze out my last breath.
The colors within your gaze slay my yearning soul Crawl into the crevices between my agony and desire Inspire hope. Love. Fear Have I created you in my mind? Surely nothing so divine is tangible
nothing much in this world is sweeter than an apple you picked yourself nothing much more satisfying than teeth going crunch on sweet apple-flesh
I find it hard to believe that I am loved. well, I know that I am loved... but am i loved? loved enough for you to pick me over someone else?
Inhale the scent of fresh cut grass,  Smelling crisp in the morning dew.  The fighting hummingbirds begin their clash,  As the morning starts anew.  While Spring's lovely days  Are warm and sweet, 
It took me 17 years  and a miserable day where I was told I was useless to learn that  We've been taught happiness is success
The look of love Of two hazel eyes, Turn to one  As love looks back on me Of two blue eyes, Turn to none   A same look
Your glory reigns forever! You and Your words echo! You, Your Son, and Your Holy Spirit all move through me, in me, and around me! You did it Yourself! To share and show Your ultimate love! Thank You, God! You are life! You are eternal!
There once was a girl who never spoke a word. Her eyes were sore and it showed But the pain in her wasn't sure, Whether to come out to play or let her enjoy her day.
Peace, wind in your face Peace, blowing autumn leaves past you. Peace, the sun creeping through the leaves and branches of the tall daring trees.  Serenity is what I need.   Peace, laying on the cold ground.
Peace, wind in your face Peace, blowing autumn leaves past you. Peace, the sun creeping through the leaves and branches of the tall daring trees.  Serenity is what I need.   Peace, laying on the cold ground.
Where did that voice go?You remember it, right? The one that muttered Sharp, syrupy, perforating words After each compliment And about everyone else
I glance out my window and peer at the landscape that travels for miles.  What will I do today?  Maybe watch Netflix, hang out with friends, or share some smiles.  What will make me feel proud of myself tomorrow?
There is only one way to love.  We work and work and still we fail Taking our breaks and trying to resolve  Only to leave each other and devolve  We're cheated and hurt, hoping for someone  Different. 
Everywhere I look around craving inspiration wanting to make good use of myself Left Right Up Down Where can it be found ? The smaller elements in this extravagant life makes a difference
you said you were taxing to love as if that could ever be true loving you is like loving christmas lights loving you is like breathing 
What does it mean to be inspired? Inpiration can be found in a place you feel safe, a person you look up to, an item with a lot of meaning. 
Some days I wonder what my life would be like  If I opened the door here  And closed another there   Some days I wonder how the match didn't strike Yet if I wonder enough Can I see a new me?
When she looks in the mirror she sees something strange she doesn't see a normal girl she doesn't see an athlete she doesn't see a musician she only sees herself
I am from dust storms,  From wheat and whiskey.I am from the chipped off paint on the back of the house(White, dirty, whistling in the wind).I am from the shrubs, The BitterrootsThe colors barely vibrant enough to remember. I’m from homemade meals
I am from dust storms,  From wheat and whiskey.I am from the chipped off paint on the back of the house(White, dirty, whistling in the wind).I am from the shrubs, The BitterrootsThe colors barely vibrant enough to remember. I’m from homemade meals
Happiness is produced from the within Although honesty and kindness is where it begins  Happiness is far from being wealthy In fact, happiness is more being happy and healthy
Why do we love? Sometimes it feels like it’s pointless Love to be hurt Then why do we start?   We start to feel it That same joyous feeling
I could write my life with a pen, and make it rhyme too.   I write to give an insight on  what my mind can do.   I had some obstacles I just couldn't  intertwine through.  
I was five  when I decided I wanted  Everyone to be happy "Laughter is the best medicine" they used to say 
Ya Know ..... IT's NICE When People Treat You RIGHT ... !!! By This I Mean RESPECT Your Life ... !!! GIVE For FREE ... Reject Money ... Simply Speak Without Trying To Teach ...
sage /sāj/ noun 1. a plant with green leaves that are primarily used for cooking, originating from southern europe and the mediterranean.
Whenever you feel lonely and sad Look at the sky and become glad As moon is surrounded by stars Spreading its light so far At day time, it gets hidden from sight But shine bright at night
O my sleeping beauty..!! Wake up my sweety It's not good to sleep all day long Being unconscious about what goes wrong O my darling..! Just get up And don't fed up
I have a fear of the unknown.  The idea of space frightens me, an endless void where what happens to me does not matter. I am afraid of meaning nothing. My room is full of stars,
There was once a moment        Where I was blinded by city lights, trampled by tall towers,    stepped on by city streetwalkers,       And all of it seemed so small in comparison. 
I wake up in the shimmery light Of the early sun’s sigh. The rays pour in through the open blinds Tiny crystals dance and flutter to and fro Another morning in darling Arizona.
I see kindness and love. Then, I see black, pitch black darkness. 
I suddenly have difficulty breathing as my throat begins to close, Everyone around me is looking at me, but no one here fully knows. That being in an unconventional environment is a trigger for me, 
When I was a child I had dreams of great feats. Dreams of big things, with the ones I would meet.   I stargazed and wondered, how my life would turn out. Unsure of my future,
Normal people find there happy places Well for me I don't have one This happy persona is just a lie I'm not happy, I'm sad
I've spent years wondering what self love felt like I've longed for the gentle whisps of my smooth tips on my thighs For the curve of my back and my heart to reach for the stars
Life is what you make it We live on borrowed time But if life is what we make it Then it’s time that I make mine   Hide your sorrow in your pocket To prepare for rainy days
In the light of day Show me the way And lead me   When it’s time to stand Take my hand And hold me   Use the stones to cross the creek Take your hand to graze my cheek
I asked you if you were happy you said no I asked for your forgiveness you said no you screamed at the top of your lungs about every way I wronged you,
Today is a day filled with cheer. This is a day that comes only once a year. This is the day you were born. The day when sadness had been torn. Torn into pieces that you could never put together.
I am mountains staggered and strong in a valley of skin. I am warm leather showing age and a life that was lived. I am wind blowing through golden fields of grain. I am the glimmer in ancient eyes, the earthy hue of my hazel windows.
I’ve seen too many people die.                                                                                            Homicides, mothers cry, my own people swatted like flies.
Happiness is like the wind— Cool and comforting and yet so fleeting So when that familiar feeling was dimmed I found my heart somberly beating.   I remember my days of youth
The cool wind on our faces The happy smiles all around As children, our favorite places Included being on the playground  
Looking up into a summer’s midnight sky is like gazing into a blanket of diamonds. It’s beautiful and breath-taking… Stars scatter across the endlessness like pixie dust. I am only a child.
Those eyes Peering straight into my soul No matter what always glad always love filled Thank you
There are times I wish it would always be the middle of the night. Everything is calm, still and you can hear everything beyond your door if you listen well.
I hate the rain. It's cold and unforgiving fall keeps me from fun. I hate the rain. The weight of it when it falls from my eyes is to heavy for my heart to carry. I hate the rain.
Swollen legs and chunks of lash glue covering my eyelids were suppose to be the problems after prom.  Instead, funeral arrangements and mournful phone calls to friends and our principal marked the day. 
The moments we share in minutes and days
Sad Girls. There are plenty of them in this world. You can see them in the hallways of your schools, On the internet posting pictures tinted in dark shades,
my grandparents' house has held many people, my opa built this house from the ground up and that’s how they built this family too.  
It’s something of an out of body experience The first time you see Your mother Cry   It’s shocking.   For the first time it’s Not bright happy tears Or the sort that spring up
!THIS IS ALREADY ON MY PROFILE!     As I wake up, I notice that I am in a bed With somebody leaning over me Saying good morning sleepy head Wow that's very lame I know, grow up
As I wake up, I notice that I am in a bed With somebody leaning over me Saying good morning sleepy head Wow that's very lame I know, grow up I hope this day isn't the same  But hey, I am awake 
I used to look in the mirror and I used to see something gross and stupid   I used to ignore my friends and family because I thought I wasn't worth their time   I used to give up
O Miles Per Hour Freedom, foot on pedal Propels my machine of metal   20 miles per hour Windows down Volume up Off the grid
a few days agoi wanted to sit down and write about how unappreciated you werenot that i changed my mind, noi still believe thatbut todaytodayi'm hurti'm hurt that
I never thought I'd feel this way After the things I've seen I thought my heart hid itself away What could this mean?   I don't shake like I used to There isn't this fear anymore
The 2016 obesession over boys is just a memory to me.  I thought I loved each and every single one of them.  Realizing after graduation that it was all a bunch of noise you see.
Sipping the flow of time Inconsistency throughout the trail The rigid ground propels you in a direction One step decides the temporary outcome
I was in a box with a window, wathing the worlds go round.  Watching how good the world was to those who put in their share to those who worked hard to those who had patience.  
Knock, Knock, Knock The door opens to reveal strawberry, chocolate, coffee butterflies, flowers,  and the sun shining through  her long dress.   Knock, Knock, Knock Time to play with her,
the night sky pours over us like a cup of coffee no cream we lay on the grass without a care in the world in this moment all we have is each other and i've never been so fulfilled
I exist In the subtle rhythms The periphery of perception In gentle sea breezes And silky laughter  In the dance of falling leaves And dreams I lust after. I construct my reality
I’m a good person, with a bad past   Happiness could never last  Coming from a broken home with broken dreams      I never went through life with ease  I thought love was a scary thing
i read this somewherei have a thousand things to tell youand thousands reasons not tothat really hit home  
Growing up, We wanted to make our family proud. Our teachers thrilled. Our peers happy. But growing up, We always made our family shake their head in disappointment, Our teachers in disapprovement,
The soft touch of the yellow light Folds my hair gently behind my ear And I look up at the lovely moon It’s freckled face always smiling back at me
Driving steadily, I squint my eyes at the brightest light; its shade similar of a yellow gardenia's. It blinds my windshield, and most of the time it makes me press the brakes so quickly that my body bounces forward.
In the moment that i realized I love you, my life became an endless summerRays of light pierced through the skyMy heart blossomed as the sunflowers do& the salty ocean waves crashed playfully onto the shore the way your lips crash onto mine My
When I met you You looked down, And smiled at me. That’s when I knew I was a goner.   When I met you You didn’t know
Reach the sky, trust the sun  and crave its kindness. Rely on the orchestra of rain to quench your thirst. Depend on the lavish ground to stand tall.   When Winter dethrones warmth,
At a time When chill called for a coat and the youthful light was executed I watched the moon impale heaven  and stars melt on waves of the bay.   At a time when past became future
Syllable after syllable... Love flows from a desperate heart Into the crisp, tense atmosphere. Rivers could not compare. The chains disintegrate; Ash flies to the nearest patch of crumpled soil;
Pacing the hallway back and forth, I feel my breath quicken with each step. I receive the signal to enter the room,
Frozen memories Lost in time Tattered corners Forever mine And in my pocket you may lay Until I need you again someday
The darkness swallowed me whole I was drowning, struggling to breathe I reached out trying to grasp onto something, anything But my hand simply went through the empty void I opened my mouth to call out
Sharp cold crashing waves. They rush over me. They drag me under. Until I reach the bottom. The ground with sand  coursely rubbing against my skin, getting into my mouth and eyes,
What is failure? For me, failure is unhappiness. I want to be successful with my education to form my future. Will my future be filled with happiness? Or will it be filled of missed opportunities and regret?
At thirteen my heart had never been broken I was still dreaming big dreams And I was still outspoken I sided with hope having no concept of doubt
Fear is not a concept, but a limitation Which disables risk across the nation. Overcoming these fears is the key To allow you to become, to be. Fear only disables perception And causes us to make an exception
I’m sitting you down here today because we need to talk. You know what? I take that back. I need to talk. You need to listen.
The shelves are lined with pink and red Two colors that I wasn’t really fond of, At least not when I was young   The heart-filled patterns and lovey dovey messages
I was afraid to be heard. Afraid to be spoken to or with. I was supposed to be the loudest in the room, and yet I was the quietest.  I feared fear itself, It feasted on my brain and my thoughts
I'm happy because I live in falsity, i'm still happy because I reject reality,   Stuck in my childhood, My utopia Forgot the fact that, I had grown up   Someone, wake me up
Do not leave your house, my loveYour face is rather petrifyingI will strive to push and shoveI'd rather you be dyingCancer came and took your eyeTook your self-esteemKidnapped your pride
Being in love with you  The poem discovers it’s own words  The art creates new colours The music plays itself    The dream comes a reality   Every time I look at you   
(god, i thought i would have to be drunk to write this, but i don’t feel pain anymore. not really.)     There is a place I used to call home.
Outside is sunshine Inside is darkness My eyes are teary  My smile is broken Outside I smile Inside I Cry No one will ever understand why When it rains it pours  When it rains,
Dear Moonlight,   The way you glow through the blinds in the night. It makes me feel like you waited for me. Kissing my forehead to help me go to sleep in my bed. Making me yawn and rub my tired eyes.
Anything that is worth it and anything that makes life great is always scary.
It emanates from you.  A paramount aroma. One so compelling we may be blinded by it. Like a bat who's lost the ability to echo-locate, only guided by his scent.
He had the weight of the world on his shoulders, but the universe on his mind.  
Your lips were rose petals, dipped in natural moisture and your skin was kissed by the sun, leaving me constantly warm.
Flowers can't grow without water,  Love can't grow without guidance.  Flowers can't grow with stress,  Love can't grow with hate.    Flowers bloom and die, 
Lord A prayer for the man I love He's so messed up Yes A prayer because I'm at a loss He's cheated enough Say A prayer for me from your heart In satan's snare he's caught And me
Girl, beautiful you are Always in my eyes Along with a wonderful personality And a smile bright as the sunshine Your effervescence and glamour Simply takes my breath away Charming and loving
When incorrect feelings cloud my thinking and it feels into darkness im sinking i just see a world where....where Cain had never did it, he tried to lift the rock but in his soul he felt convicted
When I look around and see Death and destruction following, It's then, I wonder what's the beef? We're all the same inside.   Brown, black, yellow, and white are colors that tend to identify, 
Take the time to communicate For it is a must Tell your lady everything In order to have her trust Speak wise words of wisdom Have a listening ear Hold her close in your arms Always be her comforter
My whole world, my beautiful planet, why so distraught., Speaking to my existence, no one listened The hate, the doubt, this worry, please tell me beautiful moon. Starry eyes of wonder, I just get so lonely.
I want you. I don't tell you but I think it every day. I want you. Putting emphasis on every word I say it three times over.  I want to kiss you unil are lips are raw and there is no emotion left to be shared. 
when you think of temporary happiness, you probably think of  sweetness, laughter, content, joy.   we hold onto moments  like a tree to its soil, yet they fly by 
The dreamer of dreams A sad tale indeed Got lost inside Her own fantasy There was no escape For she'd lost her way With no one to guide her She was there to stay There is to be
Light in the darkness A little flit of faith On the wings Of tiny things Breathe again Let it go Cry and drop The weight On your back Spread your wings And fly free again
Girl, it is just us two Together, we build our foundation We care for one another And make a beautiful sensation Our thoughts are together as one Our love shines as bright as the tree
Making moves honestly, Criminal Past, Unashamedly, Back to front, Identity.   Find oneself, Completely, Letting go of things, Easily.   Getting clear in my head,
my head is constantly telling me I am scared, I am anxiety chest hurts, nervous, taking prescriptions panic attacks, pain, and other mind numbing symptoms but through and through I try to find hope
mother you are for life  continously by my side  never failing  with endless love even when mistakes are made constantly present  in my mind and heart thank you for the lessons and strength
Girl, when we lay together at night We soothe each other's soul Nothing but a comforting touch As the evening tides roll We set our sights high With the moonlight and stars shining so bright
  Memories it comes to you.   Kicking you as you remember your youth.   Bad times and good times are never the same.  
Starting out full of love, Alert & playful, Sometimes lonely too, A dark cloud on the horizon.   It start so early, Difficult to tell, When the madness began,
oh my word I'm in love with him.   the way his words sound like music to my ears, his melodic voice flowing into my eardrum like steam blowing through a valley   the casual winks he throws my way
The day of rest, for the nations best.  But who really stay in bed? Body clock, kids, and intsa too, make this very distracting for you. Try as you might, to switch off from this, the sun rises, disturbing
i dont know if im really who i say i am if im happy if im great who knows what i am no one but me. but im making sure that even knows my image and my heart im sad and happy who i am limbo i just want to obtain that one thing every human desires ha
There in the corner, looking oh so pretty. Oh my god, what a beauty, what treasured a site to see.    How's it possible she's so fit,  She seems so right. I see her stare, everywhere,
I see it over there on the horizon and dread what it is to come. Knowing there is no escaping makes me feel all numb. Oh why on why do I feel this way, I thought I got help.
Coming up to 7 years of age was a magical time. We smiled, laughed, and life sailed swiftly by. Getting to the old age of 8 saw a massive change ahead. My guardian angel was often missing, replaced with an absent father,
    Dear Ray,  When I think of your name I think of a Ray of sunshine.. It was the one Ray I needed to blind me from my past. You’ve  changed my life for the better, no one deserves to be
Depression is a selfish illness in that it makes you think  solely about one thing; Oneself.  You try in vain to conquer these demons yet find it does little to  help.
I’m not feeling sad today   And the roses are blooming   And the sky holds white mountains called clouds   And there is laughter in my belly and through these halls  
Girl, with each moment that we share We cherish everything The magic is in the air It is the bliss that we both bring With each tender kiss We both feel the fire We lift one another up
Predicaments and foresight, They say it’s possible, right? It’s weird, I’m now carefree, Did my luck change, or is it just me?
Love, What is love? The autum leaves dropping? The soaring birds flocking? I think not. Love is an emotion. Not something you can drink like a potion...
A tree stands still.  It grows from a seedling, A small little thing destined to be something great.     A tree stands still.  Waiting for it's turn to shine. 
I watch the birds fly above me, Feeling left out and alone.  So when you choose to fly around me,  I suddenly feel I belong.   You float by gently capturing my attention, Beautiful as my favorite song,
Girl, with every little step We both enjoy this journey together Our hearts have become one Let this courtship be forever We brighten each other's day We both feel that fire Nothing but a beautiful scenery
When they ask you to, you turn on a fluorescent bulb: an artificial mockery of healing light bright but not alive like flame or stars (which are only flame anyways, I suppose)  
Girl, it is simply up to us We share our lives with one another We pick each other up We strive and shine together Nothing will come between us There is joy and sunshine As we sail together on the sea
Girl, with every little step Together, we build our confidence As each day passes along We cherish our togetherness We share and care deeply Together, we make everything bright We walk hand in hand
I took a poetry class for the first time when I was 21 in my last year of college.   And it felt like the first time I swam when I was seven on the last day of swim class.  
Words falling off the page Undone beds and ticking clocks When will it stop? Blurry faces passing by Inkless pens and endless stories Which one is mine? Always chasing after the moon
Words falling off the page Undone beds and ticking clocks When will it stop? Blurry faces passing by Inkless pens and endless stories Which one is mine? Always chasing after the moon
There once was a boy who crushed on a girl, He wanted to give her the whole wide world. Each time she spoke his head was in a whirl,
Since the beginning of my teenage years, I was a glass cup under a constant running tap-I was constantly overflowing with emotions.
he asks me, “what has poetry taught  you? why is it so important?”   i ponder the question for a moment and  think about the women who  came before me, the poets who have inspired my
I’ve been writing this poem for a month,  I don’t know how to tell you what  This has done for me without also sounding Out of breath,  But last week, I wrote 3 poems and not one of them 
Girl, together we can make it Our hearts beat as one It is strictly about us We have so much fun We share and care about one another Moments will come and go Together, we shine bright
I use my words, someone’s words,  for I of course did not create the language; to make a story, a tragedy, that drips off the reader’s lips like honey when they read... if they ever read. 
Bruises of words blue and black Pain, and disregard, and bleeding attacks So I come to Lines of words white on black Ambrosia and nectar for scars Sketched in the mind On the sky, stars
I always felt that my Words, Thoughts, Feelings, Were choked by my brain. Chained by my heart. Jailed by my lips. Until I heard the reverberated echo caused by poetry. There was a hum
Poetry has taught me how to write to escape the world and problems that seem unbearable. It has taught me to turn them into thoughts and feelings of beauty. Shedding away their misery, along a sea of glass.
A break from heart-acheAn escape from realityAn emotional pause,Or to set a break-down free
My emotions belong in a cage, Eventually, slowly, hesitantly plotting a war to wage. If I ever let them show, let them out, they’ll raise hell, For the vultures, they ring the dinner bell,
Lead boots stomp,   Dust landing on nothing,  And everything all at once, Intertwined pieces of self,  No longer connected at the seams,  Unravelling persona,  Cracking through shaky wooden beams, 
The emotions forming within me need some form of releaseSwirling, seething, the anxious beast lurks beneathTo bury inside what needs to come out, it is a dangerous feat nonetheless
People don't see the importance of self-tax Instead, they see anyone and become lax They don't pay attention to the signs you need They become one with the Devil's creed   You see this happen everyday
Girl, even though we are apart Thoughts of you linger in my mind Your gentle loving touch Is tender, peachy, and kind Your beautiful smile Can light up the night stars You have a wonderful personality
You walked up the driveway Lugging your suitcase behind You never emitted a word of pain
As I make my journey goals ahead, pushing through, I take the time to reflect, I take the time to make some sense of all that I have become.   What has brought me here
Girl, we have each other It is just us two Together, we care for one another As we guide our way through Our love is pure and true Our hearts beat as one Let nature take its course
Life with its bountiful ups and downs, and times of excitement and fear,  will always get better. For poetry is a path, an unobtrusive outlet, that emancipates negativity, including all its effects,
Work rhymes with jerk. Work also rhymes with berserk. It is the strangest coincidence that a mind going berserk and acting like a jerk are both products of work.
The reminder of heartbreak comes, I am sad when life is good, its good to me and everything that was bad is only, a mystery but when the dark clouds roll in i start to shiver within my skin
I need a job I need a life I need you   Far from perfect we are born With some of us feeling more privileged than others The one commonality we share is disappointment  
Girl, when we lay together underneath the moonlight We take each other higher With every precious kiss We both feel the fire Our hearts beat together as one There is a heavenly bliss
I was happy But I was happy With you I didn’t realize I was unhappy
This i do not have Happiness i cant find Will I ever become happy I think i am blind   Theres no such thing To me it doesnt exist in the world  Is anyone really happy 
Girl, you truly are a masterpiece You are stunning and pretty You have everything going for you So sassy, classy, and witty The beauty that you possess Brings out the highlights in you
The soft breeze, the natural air, it's amazing. It's like it's making love to me. Saying it loves me, and cuddling with me. While the windy noises puts me to sleep, giving me a comfortable feeling.
Ugly, something everyone says to me. As I’ve grown up  over the years, it has made many comebacks. The word, that’s been said to me over and over again has now made me stronger.
It was dark And gloomy A drip drip dripping noise In the eerie silence A frail body
Momma used to say, Robins only come when the rain goes away.   I used to look out the dust ice carved windows, Holding close to me the warmth of my blankets and pillows.   The waiting seemed endless,
All I wanted... I’m just tryna make it through I’m just tryna make a better way  I’m just trying to see you through Nobody knew the pain, all they seen is what they wanted
Girl, we both lift each other up Our courtship is captivating Together, we both make our love shine It is generating and radiating Everyday we motivate one other To give it our best
A group of  fools spinning round in a toilet bowl. Lost with them all in a black hole. No worry and no hurry, we're headed into the abyss for a euphoric reason. Inhale the trees
I didn't know I could fly until the paper looked back at me and I realized that the words  were telling me that I could fix myself I could smile I could be happy I could and will
this mind soars amongst many dreams   and they come in such excess in such a multitude
  the birds  and the bees teach me to see
Life is a dreamI never thought I'd see. One where the flowers bloomAnd sing to me with
People all over the world are dying. Their prayers and hopes turn into crying. Turn on the news and what do we see but another catastrophe, now multiplied by three. Seeing talks of nothing but things like war.
Girl, you are always a beauty Lovely and enchanting You possess a wonderful personality It is captivating You are a soul that is pure You are the beacon of light Be the inspiration
Today focus on you, focus on what you think about when you close your eyes for even a half a second.    Today experience life with the mentality that no one can possibly take your shine, your light, your soul.   
I vanished for a while Tried to get my shit together Then came all the cloudy weather Making me decide wether or not to come back But here I am And in the end I have my friends
Speak softly into the chambers of my heart. Never let go as you kindle me like a fire on a frigidly cold winter night.   Touching your raven black hair, running my fingers through like a comb.
How well do you know her? Is he suffering? Would you know? How did we get here? In this cruel world, Where happiness is the most we can wish for? Will we ever recover?
"Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality." -Carl Sagan I was a strict stripling. I stood for the stars and stripes, Be them still or rippling.
You hurt me! Surely you can imagine That ghastly, glorious surprise -- Occam's razor sliced through faith's abdomen, And ushered in its final demise. Should I curse or thank you?
I was buzzed on your brain, Hearing your thoughts from far away. It's a wonder that your head can contain Notions of such a vast array.
Quiet is a scream Louder than a cry Creeping is silence Asking us why   Quiet is a shred Not yet a a thread
A princess in my eyes Girl, that is how I will always see you Stunning, classy, and sassy And a loving smile that shines through A beautiful personality That and a lot more Cheerful and delirious
Girl, you are a loving soul So classy and witty You are the epitome of gorgeous You are such a stunning beauty With a smile so bright You can light up the night stars A personality that is effervescent
  There are three cranberries left on the counter A reminder of us I can’t seem to wipe away It was different then When we first fell
Girl, you are the epitome of beautiful It shows in everything that you do Very witty and pretty And a personality that shines through If i were by your side We would walk together hand in hand
I need you.   I need to run my hands through your hair. I need to kiss your lips and your neck and your chest and your skin. I need to draw shapes on your body with my fingertips.
To feel The love That eats The soul That loves Thy sweetness So!
If love was in my veins And love was in my blood The way the thunder rumbles As the lightning strikes six miles away
When he took over my thoughts He did more than just manifest In my brain He became the heartbeat that kept me alive
Luscious lips Long locks Liberating legs She was He was They were
Sometimes I want to be dead, But usually, I don't.  After all, it's all in my head,  So, of course, I certainly won't. But I don't want to be alive, At least not alive like this.
And they speak of age – the elder years.   It’s always tomorrow. And tomorrow has not settled. Now, Darkness, woe, and failure stench abound.
Just continue to show her love Shower her with your charms Build your world with her together Hold her gently in your arms Be the one to comfort your lady Always show her that you care
I may be lonely, but I'm not alone I may not be liked, but I'm loved I may not be remembered, but I am not forgotten I may be sad, but I have joy I may not have any friends, but I got Friends
Life is coffee. Dark, bitter, sallow. Each new sight I see Makes me feel callow. Yet it'll get me through this. Today it grants me energy. It'll dissipate lethargy, So I will accept it as it is.
 Is it better to know or be known? If it is knowledge that is power, which realm does one call home? It is fair to say, even though very cliche, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
today i smile because      for years  i have denied who  i am today i smile because  i was scared to come out today i smile because  i was too proud to admit mom was right today i smile because
What worlds lie behind our reflection What variegated beings dance among our fate What truth is there in resurection What love lies amidst delphic hate
Girl, here we are together Laying underneath the moonlight Cuddling with each other A tender moment that feels so right The passion and heat between us Brightens our world greatly
Says the physicist in his freewheeling calculation, Peering through nature, he develops his approximation. It is an art to solve problems; Through his eyes, life is far from humdrum.
You know not what you say, Nor how it brightens my day. You speak to me in mere jest, But my time you fill with zest. Don't misunderstand me; I'm not in love. I just enjoy friendly company
I promise you I will work until the earth has shriveled into a husk, I will in earnest devote every hour of my life from dawn until dusk To that cause you praise and sing and venerate.
I thought without him, I'd die I thought only with him, could I fly But as I wiped the tears from my eyes It all came as a big surprise I felt okay The faucet behind my eyes cut off
I've fallen in love, once again He takes my breath away Everytime he touches me, my breath catches in my throat Everywhere he touches leaves a warm sensation as if his hand had never moved
Dear Father,    I guess you were the onewho was supposed to show me how this works.The ins and outs of love,living, learning, and putting my happiness first.   
To Them, Today I looked at you through a glass dome I watched the tears fall from your cheeks Your eyes creased, cheeks growing red  Your voice cracked in the middle of your sentence
Dear Strong, Powerful, Influential women of the #MeToo movement,   Ladies! Arise and shine for thy light has come The world has given unto you the keys to the kingdom No longer will you be termed “The Reject” 
Dear Almost lover,    I'm writing this because I never got closure. It's been awhile since we've talked and I think it's time for a disclosure and I don't want to be mocked.   
Dear Adventurer,    As you reach the Forests, The greatest challenges await Tests of your true self And desire to adhere to the path.   The trees' darkness emanates with pressure
He has many flaws, and i know that, but he's him, and i love him. He makes me happy inside and out,  The kind of happy you see in childrens books. I never do this you know, but he's different, oh so different.
Dear myself four years prior, a time oh so dire. Acceptance and status were key.     If I could turn back the clock-
I’m a Teenager.  
Girl, the truth of the matter is Is that we need one another With every hug and kiss We both comfort each other Our love is pure and true Together, we make our own sunshine We lead ourselves to the light
It was your toxic love that made me grow It was your toxic love that showed me the warmth hidden in winter And the chills from the summer It was your toxic love that made my tears break free  And your empty words 
Dear Happiness,   Why do you cease to exist and yet are eternally present at the same time?   What is the reason that you are far away
Dear You,   Do you remember the way we used to be? I don't, not anymore. Now, I find myself staring at old photos, asking who you were. I remember the days before the separate houses,
Dear Love,I know you will come somedayBut it's hard to wait for you.I know I will be happy somedayBut it's hard to see that now.
Don't blame love for pain  Don't expect love to always bring happiness Don't run from love    When you have love, Cherish it When you are without it, Seek it  
Made me feel like  I was being caught in the rain. Slow scattered drops of water,  Cool on a warm day,  Sent Worry and Desire on a race.  Should I run or watch what happens?  
O, for my sole comfort in the night, Yet it is, at times, the one that causes me the fright. Nevertheless, it is my only solace when I am afraid;
I am from hope, From completely preposterous, to entirely understated... I am from where giving up does not exist,
You take it all, my love is simply yours to take you frightened me, stripping me bare heed not, for I am not freed from this heartbreak "But I love you, it's true" you swear.  
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Monday was dreadful. Slumped over on his desk as regret stirs up in the pits of his stomach and yet it was only 7:05 am. Going over his what-ifs, should-haves, and buts.
You won't believe me if I told you Your life is nothing but a dream walking in complete darkness it's your job to paint your life !
No space between, at least not seen,A gleaming gild shines there.A golden scent from air is lent,The heavenly pools in pair.
Teardrop smile,She rolls with grace.Sad.Happy.Angry even.It rolls with grace,Your teardrop smile.
It was when the happiness was abundant in life. It was when all I needed to be happy were some toys.   It was when the bad people only existed on Superman.
Here today, standing at the beginning of a new year, when I look back, for the first time in my life,   I don't see any regrets. I don't see any worthless pain. I don't see any failures.  
You are one of a kind that is hard to find. Nobody has a smile like you, always vibrant and cheerful,
This morning, I noticed something I have such beautiful eyes Which is weird I've never been happy with them Nor sad either I haven't felt any sort of feeling with my eyes Until I looked the mirror
“I don’t believe in heaven” These words fall with a tremor from my fingers to the keys And will eventually stumble from my lips to your ears It’s the unfortunate truth:
Youth comes with curiosity and opportunities, Age comes with knowledge and understanding, But even then there is still no age limit to find true happiness...  
Dear everyone, someone, anyone who will listen, Does the darkness scare you too? As its cold stare freezes your body; motionless. Its been around so long, I consider it a friend.
I need closure.   Set some things straight.   I was insecure and vulnerable, and no, I don't want to go on a date.   Why do you taunt me?    Stupid, silly, fate.  
Girl, with every tender embrace There is magic in the air With the two of us together The pathway is now clear The brightness of the sun Shines that guiding light Nature is taking its course here
I have dreamed of it, A warm, tender embrace with a lover I cannot see. Sweet whispers  flow from his mouth like honey, filling my soul with joy beyond measure.
There is history in light. A
 story written on everything
 it touches; perhaps I want to feel it and let my body yearn to remember you in the morning 
like a sunburn.  
It’s that single moment where everythinggoes numbgoes blankgoes vapidgoes cold
Dear Hands, I’m sorry for how I used to treat you, Like disposable gloves. Creating permanent reminders of what has been and was.
Dear Me, You were so young. Innocent and smart Now everytime I see you,  it's like your lost in the dark.    She was your light She guided you in the darkest of times
Back and forth, we talk everyday, yet, I wish to be closer with you in every way. For the past six months, we have built a bridge,  of happiness and love, and more than a smidge.
Liberation, She called it, Discharging pet Lovebird from the Foreign shackles Named commitment  
Girl, we have a captivating scene As we touch each other's heart We flow together Right from the start Every tender moment Brings us love and affection Together, we generate our happiness
Dear Loneliness,   I remember how you came into my life at the age of nine When all my friends stood together at the front of the lunch line  
Dear Me From Last Year,   hi. yes, it's you. this seems strange. i am aware. but do not be afraid; i bring good news. you see,  you have things that are waiting on you;
  For a moment I heard your voice, for a moment time stopped just so I could notice you. You’ve changed so much, it’s clear that everything between us is now different.  
I often wonder, Why are we here, Are we born just to die, If so why, Why is dying the only guarantee in life, Is there life after death, All of this begs the question...
Show strength when fear is strongest Have patience when the struggle is longest Show love when hate is spewn For happiness will follow soon
Lazy rain patters on the rooftop Drops roll down the glass window A room - dimly lit and cool A tea kettle whispers slow   Through the window streams
dear boy i almost gave everything to, i am not a glistening bar of solid authentic gold, i am not a crystal clear 50 karat diamond, i am not a smooth pearl that shimmers in the sun.   i am a ruby.
Just a dream by Evelyn Delgado a sweet face goes by and it catches your eyes
Respect your lady Give her tender-loving care Cherish every moment that you spend with her Just always be there Shower her with love As you hold her in your arms Be gentle and kind
What is happiness? By: Madalyne Gonzalez   There are so many people who focus only on the negative At moments, it gets kind of repetitive When negativity is all that you see
My Daughter Dearest,   I hope your life has been different than mine Without worry, misfortune, or grief I hope love, joy, and you are entwined
Through the Years
I know your brain is wired in a way that makes you think everybody within a 3 mile radius hates you, is annoyed by you or thinks you’re a lazy cow.  
Do not say anything, Not even a word. Even if you want me to, I connot ablige. Untill you have seen, My life through my eyes.
(This is a reverse poem. Read starting from left to right all the way to the bottom of the poem. Then, read from left to right from the bottom of the poem to the start of the poem!) You must never change yourself for anybody
Luke warm was the weather that maybe kept us? And beautiful were the leaves that fell when he left. Summer was gone and  winter stayed a bit longer then I would have liked. I was glad to see Autumn again!
Life is indiscriminatory, one attribute is shared amongst all, the feeling to pursue happiness. Many distractions await on the voyage through life;
Stained By Shelby Haley   Dear Journal, A dark ink flows through the tattered page Humans dancing, laughing, singing on the monochrome stage. No matter how hard I try
They say home is where the heart is So I built us a house of cliches Cut out the electricity, Because they say love is blind
Girl, here we are together Loving one another deeply We lift ourselves upward And build each other completely There is a tingling feeling Rising up through the air Our love will shine on through
So close.Close enough to admire the part in your hair, Close enough to study the creases of your face, From years of laug
Happiness We all strive for it It is what we live for, after all. Some achieve it, to some degree,
In order to prosper, they say Act, believe, and think the same way But for them, prosperity isn't happiness For them, commonality is their only steadiness  For them, uniquities are only a nuisance
I have trusted you with all my own,  you leave me laying all alone. I cannot bear to keep in mind what you did to your own kind. I did nothing wrong,  but you think I caused it all.
Of a soothing nature On a cold autumn night Girl, it is you and I together Laying by the fire and watching the moonlight With every tender kiss We both feel the treasure This is a love
The beach, where the ocean overflows with joy at the presence of her visitors. Aching to touch, yearning to love.   Her waves push forward onto the beach to wash upon your toes.
You are the one who is truly worthy. The type of gift that I will always cherish. You come from a culture that is earthy. Our mutual love will never perish.   My mind is tough, but my heart was broken.
I’ll take my happiness to go---- With some extra fries in tow. Don’t be too coy with my toppings Sprinkle on some joy-- leave out the droppings. Wrap it up with a bow; so my happiness won’t overflow!
Girl, everyday we face another day A chance to better ourselves Another moment to grow In order to climb towards the top shelf With our love We build each other up together We move towards the light
Changing yourself, just to better yourself, just to destroy yourself in the end. Now, your strugging to find the beginning. But, where did you begin?
Because I love you, I keep secrets beside the ones you know. Like how I’ve already named our three kids and two dogs, because I’d sound like a creep. Or the nonsensical conversations we have when you talk in your sleep.
you are your worst inner demon. you destroy the beautiful things you’re given with such sharp words with such angry thoughts with such strong hands.   and you
A shaky breath Silence hangs in the air The word “yes” stumbles from your mouth Because I’m falling in love with you   We are inches apart
“did you get home ok?” this is my love language, the static in my ear reminding me of the fuzzy feeling I get down the back of my spine when my name crosses through your lips “did you eat already?”
You are the soundtrack of my life. And even though I am unable To rewind, I play in my head, Over and over, The quirky voicemails you leave me.
I want to look into your eyes And see the stars shining bright I want you to whisper in my ear And feel the shivers run down my spine   Your caress is what I long for A fire to warm my skin
There was once a young kid of Madrid Whose smile they could never get rid. They wanted to throw him To break him, to stone him. But he wasn't- 'twas only forbid. 
My life has been filled to the brim with manipulation masked as love, Deceit hiding behind a smiling face and seemingly kind eyes. I’ve been torn between words and actions,
We were deep into the winter season. The weather was as cold as ice. We shivered with all reason. Our warmth was our price.
Dear Father,   Thank you for being my fatherBecause fathers should provide They should hold your hand and want to danceAnd be present in your life
There can only be one opinion, right?   “Because I love you.” These are the precious words: Full of hope, promises, and happiness,
You picked me up when she turned sour Your sweet friendship was the candy we consumed on Halloween Not given, but chosen and cherished We're like the same person Like two people in a crowd
He has stumbled upon the girl, the goal of his lifetime.   With an eternity of waiting, the two souls became one, Swiftly, under the golden shine of dusk in the summertime.
#BecauseILoveYou A healthy and happy relationship in life requires heartfelt feelings to make things amazing with your husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or wife  It's love that we need
Can't keep my hands away,Hands glued to hair they stay.Lay on my lap, i’ll hold your head,Play with your hair and sway.
Rainbows in the sky,Sunlight shines through many clouds.I wish to share it.
I long for your words.You always know what to say,You make me feel gay.
The butterfly with black wings, black body and black eyes. The butterfly comes at your window at midnight. The butterfly made a fluttered sound. Then you turn your head from the table.
What I don't understand is you, why you are who you are why I was chosen in the first place. I can't figure out why you smile or laugh or why it brightens my day. I can't be upset with you
A clear tapestry sewn together with the tools of Passion, Love, and a firey Obsession Can be bound together with ones true confession Because I Love you I let God take you away, 
Girl, it is you and I Together, we build one another We brighten each other's spirits This is a love that will last forever Sharing and caring We comfort one another We are the light that shines brightly
I look at your eyes and can’t help but smile Your goofy giggle gives me butterflies I’m happy with you all of the while I’m next to you during the lows and highs  
I could not learn what I had to teach when I came to die, I dsicovered that I had not lived. I did not wish to love what was not life unless it was quite neccessary.
Look, I am not a rapper, But I could rattle off a million rhymes about the way you look tonight, The way your "messy" hair hugs your face as I would love to with my hands,
The days have been rough, the hours long It is a one-sided battle, no one can win That is not true love Tears have been shed, I know not by you That is not true love
You buy me food, You never leave me, You tuck me in to bed, Because you care.   You stay up late with me, You like to laugh with me, You like to keep me smiling, Because you care.
  I make sure you’re okay, Respect your aspirations and desires Help you to achieve and believe You’re all I want acquire   Respect your boundaries and feelings But also give you your space
Because I love you, I mention your mistakes But you lash out at me With words like swords and tears streaming down You forgot me at one point I remember though, of all the tears that made me drown
I feel myself filling up Like everything need not be so complex The beauty of simplicity laying on beach chairs Waiting to be painted by those patient enough to find its beauty
honey-swirled eyes, tightly coiled raven curls and chubby, rosey cheeks. the biggest, yet smallest, details. i notice them. curled fingers and frustration,
Love is caring for someone, even if it isn’t reciprocated. Love is helping someone, even when it isn’t needed. Love is blessing someone, even though it isn’t known. Love is being friend with someone,
  Is it love or is it lust? Is it just the thought of us? It’s the goofy faces and funny days, It’s how you make me happy in a million different ways.
Times have been tough, things have gone south between us. Somehow we always figure it out, Because the love we have runs deep in our veins It’s not just a relationship we have,
When Morning Comes   like the old quail in spring;   When morning comes and shakes all the dew drops from his  cloak   to greet me, and undoes his heavy coat buttons;
Love is like a fresh breath of spring,  With love, anyone can do anything. When down, just take a look around,  and make sure your love is seen as profound.    Hug, kiss, talk, miss,
  He adjusted his yellowing glasses Gathered his scattered thoughts And cleared his scratchy voice He began,   It matters not
The greatest thing in life can bring the most happiness; yet the most fear, and that's love, Love is an enjoyable feeling of life, and is what makes us closer; but sometimes love can shatter your heart and shaken your soul,
I will always love you, I will love you with an unconditional love. And because I so deeply love you, I will always try to give you the world.
The mood was right; headache, loud noises, babies crying, tight spaces.   You notice all the curves and lines you would have never saw.
Because I love you, I worry. I worry about if your day is going well, and if you're doing okay. I worry  about if I am doing everything in my power to keep your head above water
I wish I could stop. It’s getting too overwhelming. This uncertainty about where I really stand with you is getting old. It’s consuming my thoughts and I hate it.   I hate how much I want you to be mine.
I won’t tell you that i am trapped in a body that isn’t mine that i was born in the wrong body because whether i have a chest or a dick this body is mine   this body is mine and always will be mine
Why do yours shake when they reach my waist why do they make me want to grow smaller and smaller and dissapear why do your fingernails dig into my skin as I speak
Girl, there is nothing but sweet tenderness When we hold one another so dearly We have a love that is pure and true Let this be forever sincerely With all the heat and passion Our love will shine on through
Girl, there is magic in the air Let us both embrace it Be there for one another Every hour and every minute Girl, our togetherness Will stand the test of time This love of ours is golden
goodmorning kissesgoodbye hugsa happiness that can’t be matchedby any of the drugs your smile when you laughyour “laugh-till-you-cry”there’s nothing you dothat doesn’t make me smile
I grew up in a house filled with I love you's, Eyes and cheeks painted black and blue,  They got I love you the most,  My mom was as white as a ghost, When my dad would say.. because I love you,
Everyone has the feeling of loneliness, at least once in their life, Which isn't a bad thing, because in life if you're caught up with all, Can you find yourself? The forsaken path to sunlight,
  There's  a girl i know Who makes me laugh on my darkest days There's a girl i know Who gives the best hugs There's a girl i know Who helps me through everything There's a girl i know
 A relationship is of two.Not just him or her It's not just youit’s us.You fill me up with happiness you will never see me cry because of you . I wanna make you smile.i want people to know how happy i make you .But when i do feel downyou’ll be the
Close your eyes a second, let your mind wander on; Perhaps you will be surprised of what you stumble upon; Golden towering trees filled with hearts of glee;
Girl, together we can make it We both must have the heart Trust, honesty, and communication Right from the very start We both will grow strong And have so much fun It is you and I together
Hello! Quick facts about me: I'm 18 years old and live in DenmarkThis is my third spoken word poem I've uploaded to YouTube. Ever since I began sharing my work I feel a whole new kind of motivation! It helps me use poetry daily.
Orange clouds Lazily rolling across summer skies Cousin’s laughter chases away The darkness of another year gone Reminds me that this isn’t the end of one age
Today I finally felt was it was like to feel safe, to have that comfort of a home. I never knew what safety was. 15 different houses that I remember, that were and are supposedly "homes."
Long have I loved your warm embrace, Your calm mind, and gentle pace.   The time we spend side by side, Days spent watching the rolling tide.  
I don’t have any time to be complaining. Time is running out, it is slipping through me like silk slips through one’s fingertips. I don’t have time to be unhappy and disrespectful and unworthy. I don’t have time to be unworthy.
Bright Sunny Clean Runny It can be blinding, or it can be mellow. The sun’s blissful, golden, daisy flower yellow.  
Only a few people in this world have I chosen to expose myself to. Yet we met, and I unfurled, and with you, my heart flew.   Everyday with you fuels me to go on and live, because of you.
Even silence is ecstasyYour heartbeat in my ear, a steady drum.Monumental or minimal calamitiesUntil my breathing levels,your fingers comb my hair.  Your hand in mine, a rushed societal defianceBut you are unabashedly in love.Fierce pride in your
I Will.   I will lift you from the ground when you fall, Be at your side with even just one call,
Girl, love is the key Together, we both see the light A courtship that is pure and true As the gentle breeze blows through the night With every tender kiss We both feel the passion and charms
Sanity reaches out her hand  To stop the unstoppable comet, Singed flesh to show For the one she saved.    She was damaged  But she was whole.    Is there only happiness 
We're stuck like glue because I love you.  When I need someone you're always there. You always see right through me when no one else can. Others will lie and hurt 
Because I love you,  I waited for you Whenever you were sad   Because I love you,  I tried to make you smile When tears were flowing non-stop   Because I love you, 
Love, an emotion that we feel Percieved to be decadent  Beauty all around in our eyes and soul. It means that we should be kind,  open to learning.    Arms wide open,  hands extended. 
Our eyes met while the night was young, as the champagne bubbles danced across my tongue. Who knew this evening would decide our fate? This is the moment in which I find my soulmate.
I was broken, battered and beaten.
my life wasnt right all i wanted to do is grab a knife and leave it all behind thinking it would make things right...not knowing
Look at her bright and cheery face, dotted with tears that intertwine and lace. Is she happy? Is she sad? Does the fact you cannot tell make you mad? A superficial glance at her,  the eyes confuse and obscur.
She believed that it was true, reality.The touch that lead to a warmer sensation inside.The laugh, the voice, the comfort.Complete silence, and pure happiness.She soon found out that it was a moment.
Truth be joy in eyes, Crinkles beneath the tired lids, Dancing with demons.
Hope flickers inside, A wonderful noise builds within, Dawn rises, life begins.  
tears of joy roll down my skin, my heart warms up nothing can stop this feeling it replaces the hate the anger the depression It keeps me alive and sane Nothing can tear this feeling away
I can count a million reasons why our love is true, and the many ways I've fallen in love with you. There is nothing in which compares,  to the love that we share
Once upon a time there were Cinderella’s in the world A Cinderella’s love was stellar Full of confidence she glowed But glowing out of gloom she folds
Girl, those tender kisses we share Underneath the moonlight We both feel the passion All throughout the night Those gentle breezes Continue to blow freely It is the two of us together
An exasperated sigh Escaped from her lips As she fidgeted Clammy fingertips. 'Apothecary Den-Owned by Three Bears' The sign in front read And she faked a small smile To hide her internal dread.
Give me that 90's kind of love , lovethe love that doesn't focuson materialistic thingsthe red bottom high heelsor the luscious gold watchI want the love that is centeredon the thought, the actions
my eyes won't get any less redand my heart won't get any less deadif you were to buy me everything in the world,or lay me down in bed
Girl, it is the two of us together Our hearts beat as one Sharing and caring for one another And having loads of fun When we hold each other There is passion and fire With every loving touch
It's time to go with the flow and let your heart know that it's okay to express yourself and let yourself go. Get lost in the love that is the totality of your individuality. 'Individual' which means undivided from the 'whole'. 
Whether it is sooner or later, people will reveal their true colors. Eventually, the sparkling gleam of fairytales and new beginnings fades into the dark enchanted woods of reality. Imperfections. Losses. Disappointments. Failures.
My bed of happiness. Warm water and silence, and my thoughts. I lay my head back while the warmth wipes away my goosebumps away. Thankful to be alone. The warm smell of rose peddles and chocolate in the air.
My love is Beautiful My love is Kind. Mantras that I keep in Mind. I am Amazing I am Great I start to feel the ground it shakes. I want to Love To feel my Soul
I sit here in the tailgate of the truck watching the beautiful orange rays from the sun drift into a dark blue i only have one thing on my mind but I mean hell you always are
Fun, loving, caring fine, These are the things that make you divine.   Rosy Cheeks and sea blue eyes, Always laughter and never lies.   Your beauty never fades though age does come,
When the clouds block out the sky I won't forget There's still a sun, a sky after rain I'm still A little flower, letting go Of what I think I know
He’s taken the lead Left me in the dust I raised But he’s still looking at me, pulling me through instead The world he’s lived in, explosions of color and haze,
Girl, our hearts are together Underneath the moonlight Giving each other tender love As the stars shine so bright When we kiss one another We take each other higher With visions of our unity
It seems I only wrote of winter And gloomy days of fall. My words would sting like splinters, And scratch me with their claws.   Now that I know this life, With springtime on my skin,
Think happy thoughtsMaybe you will flyThat’s what we’ve been taughtSince before the years passed byNow more than ever you are stuck to the groundDepression, rage, guiltThey tie you down
9:17 you shot me a call unaware of why you were I had answered your voice was filled with joy I remember your family walking in you were telling them to leave (like always)
As the music starts the world disappears You slip into a new world for just two minutes A world where no one judges Where no one cares How you look
Girl, together we build each other There is nothing but magic in the air A loving tenderness Such a heavenly bliss We make our own sunshine It is sweeter than a glass of wine Forever in our fortress
standing at the mirror and i look like a shell of myself skin stretched over bone, barely hanging on, but so am i dark circles reflecting dark corners of my mind that attack me at night like monsters playing hide and go seek impossible to catch i
Tick...Time never stops.Tock...Time never slows.Tick...Every second wasted.Tock...Is a second gone forever.Tick...There is no backwards.Tock...No do-overs or retries.Tick...You can never take something backTock...Or undo an action you regret.Tick.
There is this girl Who can´t help but Feel like an outcast Even in a room of people Where she is supposed  To be able to be herself  She calls herself the outcast the outcast, the outcast
brokenand I refuse to bealive and energizedbecause who I am issuffering everydayby drowning my sorrows in alcohol,but nothing changeseverything can be overin one small instant
We’re all different flowers, born at different hours But we’re all the same, blown away by the day With different names,
March 9, 2017:   We're continuing on this journey of self discovery and fullfilment We know we're lost, we know we'll probably never truly find ourselves We spent our teenage years trying to escape our depression
I used to think that my cowboy boots and pecan pie Were all I needed to survive As the summers were filled with the Fourth of July and state fairs A supposed sense of freedom was in the air
Girl, our two loving hearts Are together as one With every golden touch We both have loads of fun Fulfilling and enjoyable Nothing but sweet tenderness So pure and true We have a heavenly bliss
Girl, we have one another That is the way it should be To comfort, soothe, and cherish What a pleasant sight to see Together, we are two hearts That beat as one Sharing and caring for one another
Will that new car make you happy? Can the latest and greatest phone  make you feel less alone? Materialistic things we want give us a smile. But they are merely just temporary tattoos that
till the limbs can't breathe stepping, always continuing time is freely yours the sights before you make it worth the sky is beneath vibrations make waves, joy happiness is for thee
Some people's idea of happiness consist of tender moments with another. Other's consist of a smokey room full of friends. Other's, of piles of money and days full of laziness.
If every yellow blossom was an echo of your laughter and every star that shines glinted brighter in your eye, there'd be a flower for everyone all seven-point-five billion and the night sky'd be so bright
Alone Always appeared Similiar to drowning But today floats effortlessly Lovely
Tears are slowly accumulating At the corner of my eye I hold my stomach aching in pain Each successive breath is slowly becoming too difficult to make
Darkness fills the world around me, trapping me within its confined space that seems never ending.  It tightens itself around me, putting pressure on my chest and compressing down until I feel my lungs on the brim of a burst. 
I finally feel free  No ties holding me down  I have found  What I need to seek  It doesn’t seem out of reach    Like a painting or a dream  It comes to me  In flashes, in feelings 
Emotions can suck sometimes, it can be happy, mad, sad, but don't let it stop you from reaching your primetimes. Hey, life is not always rad, but let it shape who you truly are,
Vivid eyes, a glowing face. Gentle hands, a warm embrace. Watching how the flowers grow. Watching how the flowers grow.   In the dark, she’s her own light. The smoke will never cloud her sight.
There's nothing more sweet than a hummingbird's beat of their wings over a meadow of snow, but even in white there's nothing more bright than the green in their eyes that glow.
Fatal Infatuation   As a child I was told of the significance of what we call love The sweet serendipity that it brings to your life
Insecurity (“”)                 Why aren’t you happier to see me                 Why don’t you look nicer when we go out                 Why do you always have to be so smart. . . or clueless. . . or dumb
This year I found happiness  Filled between the 365 daysEvery beautiful moment melting away into a hazeAt only 17 years of ageI found happiness, this year  
I once could not breathe.  My skin use to hurt. Darkness filled my mind. But love surrounded me. Love had always surrounded me. But only right now Right this second Could I truly feel it.
I think that  I never understood how much I could care, why I love you so much, you frightened me because I couldn't tell where the line was between friends and lovers  
2016   2016 was such a hard year full of tears, sorrow and everyones fears. I wasn't quite sure when it had began all the bad things that would happen again.   So much death So much hate
I had a friend named Fear He was present in any social situation I faced He quickened the beat of my heart, saying it was out of love and grace
January...jam, damn so much to fit in. How am I supposed to keep up with school and make new friends?
    Today, it finally hit me; that moment of realization. I remember the days in my life that were so horrible and low. I remembered the moment, but not the feeling.
2016 was 366 days of dreaming, of learning, of reflecting, of growing myself into the person I long to be.   2016 was 366 days of laughter, of ideas,
The new year calls for change The new year calls for better Physically, mentally, eternally Living a never-ending battle  365 unpredictable days gone
Everyday Ι walk over similar roads,   And in every way the same memories replay.  As my feet bring me to the places, my mind brings me to other times.     Back then, and today 
I sowed tolerance and kindness Into crimson earth Noble seeds nurtured by quiet altruism, Blessed by a watchful God.   I reaped denial and illusion Saw a heart too tolerant
I stare out my open door Feeling the wind whirl around me  Causing my red hair to spin and fly  As the giant trees look down at little me I smile up at them Just happily being in my oasis
It's been a long four years, each dwindling to an end a little faster than before.My last may be my last but it's all still just a first,Years and months of friends and then none.
Ascending Ascending Ascending Ascending Rising up from pain and sorrow Rising above the raging fire
In 2016 A cloud of depression hovered over me I felt hopeless And angry and empty Why couldn't I just be happy? I have a great life And a loving family Caring friends and many talents
The distant smell of a fireplace on a cold night, feeling that first rain drop of an impending storm, being offered the last slice of pizza among friends, getting cozy under a freshly-cleaned blanket,
Highschool A word that has the power To make its victims cower And to leave others smiling with their fond memories.   A new beginning I saw it as a chance To make them take a second glance
It was a rule I broke that would lead me to find a person who was actually kind. A person I barely know, and has had the courtesy to say "Hello". Countries away we are and yet with social media
Rowing the little boat over the roaring tides and underneath the thundering clouds, I hold onto the life I had lived before. The load got heavier, the rain fell harder and the waves crashed with more anger. I surveyed the black water, looking for
From this point forward, I shall march into the battle And fight until the end.   From this point forward, I shall be my own commander. No one else will issue my orders.  
There is a lot I have lost but it may be worth the cost. They say I must wake up from my dream but what does it mean? I have cried out for answers... but all I recieve is cancers.
2016 January, the new year started.                I still kept to myself. February, the days became colder.                 As I became to be. March, I met my best friend. 
Towering stadium lights blinded like me nothing else before it. They illuminated the best things about me. The fire that burned so deeply in my soul I was sure it would be eternal.
Girl, brightness is what we see When we communicate with one another properly There are no clouds in the sky This makes for a pleasant scenery This bond that we have Is gentle, pure, and sincere
It would be outrageous for me to say anything has shaped me this year more intensely Than my own grand failures caused by my need for outside approval.   A year ago, I wouldn’t have been willing to admit that.
  Sadness reigned over her 3 years of pure sadness Nothing, she was nothing   With one moment with one word She is taken back
A small, quiet sadness found its way into my chest I soon watched myself become even more depressed. A companion to the sadness very soon came around Anxiety covered my mouth and induced another breakdown.
Emotional healing and heartache, /  Her Mother coddle her as if she was /  Seven years old, /  Red plump cheeks, /  Streams of water spilled down /  Hitting the tongue in a form of /  A salty back-slap of /  Betrayal for not being able to /   Hold
Hello, Dakota It's your teacher, kreiger I need you to listen I need you to be calm. There has been a fire It was at your house Your farm is incinerated everything there is gone.
This time last year, the only thing I liked about myself was my persistence.   I spent far too many hours crying over who I wish I was,   rather than focusing on how amazing I really am  
What makes you happy when you are at the lowest of the low?   My year was busy. My year taught me many things, one of which was to find the happy from the sad.  
The concept of time is so strange We never realize how much in a year that we change The sun always rises and it's a blessing to be awake Another chance to fix yesterday's mistakes 
Yeah… the story begins inside of a black hole. The exit is clear but you can’t seem let go. You feel rooted down to the bottom of the pit, There’s nothing here, so why haven’t you let go?
we were happy once back when we were but children, giggling at the minute moments innocent, but ignorant. not yet accustomed to the term depression
This past year has taught me a lot, And its safe to say it hasn't been easy. No, its been anything but. I started it off happy. New state, new school, new faces, new me. 
Running from nothing Fleeing from the dog Why won't this cat simply Lie like a log?   Hoewever crazy he seems No matter what he acts like I will always love my cat
    When do you become me?   Is it when she broke our heart?   Is it when we stayed up for hours with our new friends?  
You can take my heart but I never wanted you to break it my love was yours there's no mistaking    It. you leave, behind, pieces of the darkest times   I, remember, the day 
I am from teddy bears From a burning heater and vibrant evergreens I am from the sparkling Lights and hopes of snow that I knew would never come I am from art and glitter glue , walking down halls that felt like pre school
January I am so excited for The snow to fall again The anticipation of New Years Resolutions Somehow I always fail Spring time April means Leaves are growing Flowers are blooming
Live in your bubble for a day Not for a lifetime   Look up and see the world The world outside your own   That is the world you live in Not the one you've created  
Girl, it is about us Just us two We shine together We think things through We make our magic Two hearts beating together as one Sharing and caring And having lots of fun
Those moments of immortality they hit us in bursts; bold bright beautiful remiding us that we are the stars that shoot across the night sky the storms that rage against the gulf shore.
I just needed a friend  Dark and dim in the closet No room to breathe I was suffocating No one was able to see  
It has been 4 years I can finally say goodbye I will say it with content Because it was a battle I thought I would never forget One change has given me that power The power to say goodbye
And with a stroke of a pen My pain became joy, My tears became smiles, And I became myself.  And with a stroke of a pen
Shy, excited, and turning into a lady This year, my life flipped 180 I was admitted into ASB O the sights I will see!  Nervous and shaky
A struggle it is To stand out in a crowd When your eyes are common And your hair is light brown I wondered Did they see me
I’ve heard, my dear, that you aren’t okay. I’ve heard you crying, I’ve heard you say:   “I give up, I tell you. I surrender my soul.” But I promise you that one day, you will be whole.  
My whole life has been leading up to this class-this moment. I am in AP Art. I’ve made it.  I’m one of the strong ones, holding tight through the current
Anyone who's been on a roller coaster can tell you, there are ups and downs and loops and twists. For the thrill-seekers, it's a rush but for the fearful, the worst part is knowing that
Welcoming warmth after months of harsh ice all things once dead feeling alive again regrowth, nourished by the sunglight everything in greens, yellows, and bright blues.  
A smile visited me today and will not go away but it's ok I do not want it erased I want my grandchildren Josephina Joan, Nicholas and Isaiah to see How happy they make me.
Girl, together we lay by the fire And we hold each other dearly We share and care for one another Together, we shine completely Always forging ahead And taking things one step at a time
What A Year It all happened so fast,The year 2016. High school came to an end And college was no longer “just around the riverbend”.
Whatever makes her happy, she does All the butterflies in her tummy and smiles across her face She does what makes her happy  Her positivity shines from her eyes
For me it was gold But for them its dirt The way they treat The way they speak But whatever it is I doesnt really fit They came along That wasnt too long Both singing a song
Girl, our precious hearts They beat together as one When we lay next to each other We have so much fun We candidly share our thoughts There is nothing but pure tenderness We both feel the fire
The past twenty four hours I have been in a state of disbelief. I missed a day of writting poetry and there is no source of relief. A constant state of grief. Now, this day that has been granted is now a day of redemption.
Let me go hide in a forest of birches And watch me drown as heaviness seeps Under my skin See me drench myself with fake stories With courage letters in them And watch me stand up tall 
That melody strums in my ear, Singing courses and refrains that I want to hear, I bust a move, The beat is my groove. Music brings me pure delight, Igniiting my soul more than a sleight,
It's crazy to think  it been only a year. So much has changed  it's all such a blur.    We started out strange, awkward, and  unfamiliar.    Now as a year draws near,
the thing is… sometimes self harm isn’t about pain, it’s about things that last and things that dont.
We are an odd people aren't we? All trying to get somewhere- with sight but blind to see how little we actually care. We stumble around and push others down in attempts to gain ground
Poetry found mewhere darkness embodied my soul.When all my bad deeds refused to allow me to seek forgiveness,Poetry found me.
I lay my head on my pillow to rest.My eyes gaze at the ceiling,and catch the dancing shadowsamongst the darknessthat encapsulates mealways.
I hear people asking what the secret of happiness is   and I can't help but try to answer the question.   They say happiness is fortune... Isn't the love of money the root of all kinds of evil?  
Four paws Pitter patter down the hall White fur Brown spot Right above the eye He looks at me
Stress. It’s everywhere, a vulture waiting until I drop. Waiting, waiting until the last brick is on my shoulders and I crumble into nothingness.
The thought  Of you  Is the stream of honey Dripping from a spoon  Into a hot cup of my favorite tea and the initial sip  That leaves me warm  All over    
I see them. They start to emerge from the darkness. Slowly, enticing, flawless. The excitement builds inside me. And then... In unison they begin to move, their bodies in sync.
Sometimes I want to feel sad I rather enjoy the feeling of bad But then some sense gets knocked into me And I know that it’s Jesus I need
Exhaustion seeps into my bones, The crisp morning chill sends daggers through my veins  But I fight it, urging myself to leave my bed of cotton and clouds
When I feel the life fall from my eyes, down towards the ground, falling through the dips and valleys of my cheeks,  when I feel as though my knees are drawn to the earth,
Yellow drips from the sky caressing my ace I can taste its warmth on my tongue It comes in many forms A surprise Embrace Strokes through soft locks
One thing that effectuates me  is what she shows in her smile so convincingly Something that’s simple and common to most It’s the way she smiles laughs and boasts
On the edge of the chair,under twinkling lanternsand glimmering lights,with slamming,heart-wrenchingassurances and promisesreaching me through the stage.
It's the feeling that it gives me, like I can finally fly it's the entire universe in each page I process. It's the love at first sight and the wonderful journey that follows, the ridiculous jokes that make me giggle.
When skies are blue and clouds are grey. When nothings new and people, fade away. When life looks bleak  and it all seems arbitrary. You need to realize, its only temporary.
When I'm feeling kind of blue Instead of letting these feelings down me I listen to Kind of Blue And when I close my eyes I feel the space around me
There are some days  when life just gets me down but when I see I'm in this haze There's someone who I've found   He can't speak our language and has tiny paws with pointed claws 
You hold the sun in the palms of your hands, You radiate the heat needed to thaw the tundra of my skin. Heaven hides behind your eyes, You are truly divine.     Your touch is soothing,
"Ugh" It's not exactly how I feel But a word that I use to deal Deal with every hardship  Every tear or sense of frustration It's a word I use to deal with pain I'm actually not fond of the word
Thanksgiving Day   I slip in and out of dreams. I drift into darkness, lightness, and finally into the crisp glow of daylight.
The sound of a child That begins to laugh and smile Makes the world worth while
There are more than a few things Which I am pleased about, that wash away my stormy days, and cleanse me of my doubt.   Sometimes they are big things and sometimes they are small
The darkness is so cold and unforgiving Being shrouded in it's presence is a one-sided battle Making the light harder and harder to grasp. Whenever in pits of despair, my dog is there, my music is there, my food is there.
Top floor bed and ladder't railing I'm brave you know I'll exit my loft with feet facing out. Backwards hand grip, reach back up and grab discarded socks
Some days are just bad from the start. On these days, it takes all I have to find happiness inside my heart. I turn on my music and roll up my sleeves, This day will not take my happiness away from me.  
At one thousand feet, I jitter with excitement.  At ten thousand feet, I feel the world stop around me. At thirty thousand feet, I can't help but fall asleep.   From forty thousand feet, Kashmir floods my dreams. 
The laughter of a kid, sends chills down my spine. The purity and high pitch, reminding me of what life was like back then. No force or restraint, just a tickled heart, Reminding me of the deepest dream in my soul.
Happiness is a choice You have to make it In order to be happy You have to choose happy In order to choose happy You have to think happy So many people in the world aren't choosing it
You hate your town Mundane the sun rises, the sun sets Boring Why do you think it so? You are composed of millions of cells that give you life
Life may be still Sometimes even ill There is darkness in every corridor Creeping up to redeem the souls of the restless However this feeling should not endure
Whenever I am feeling down, I just sit and look around. I think about what I have seen, and what I have done. I am not worthy, I don´t deserve your mercy. I have fallen again, and again,
Cherish your woman Cuddle with your woman Do not leave her in the dark Take a stroll with her through the park Shower her with tender love She has put her trust in you Just be there for her
As I walk under the skyscraper, I inhale the smell of the street vendor, Coughing while I pass a near teenage vaper, And dodging a sudden fender bender.   I wonder is this city for me,
Simplicity brings about the sweetest of feelings: love. It can be watching cats play or seeing couples hand-in-hand, the small occurances of everyday life. By feeling the joy of another person's genuine laughter 
Happiness Fake smiles Fake laugh Fake happy Fake Negative/Negative/Negative No, Nephews hugging me Parents hugging me Sisters hugging me Friends hugging me
When you speak to me, breathe sweet words into my ear drums through
I always looked to the future sadly Quickly two years seemed to pass me I survived, here I am, I am happy. I talk more now, to them, my dear friends
When I'm feeling low, Music helps the feelings flow. When nothing else can save me, Music is my savory It serves as an escape As I feel like there was an earthquake. When emotions are running high,
It is the decison you make one day, when you had enough of watching everything that has sinked you down. So, you take the stance and draw a map of yourself and see the
The Sky Is a blank canvas Just past dawn Yearning for blue eyes, brown eyes, grey eyes, sad eyes, To acknowledge its beauty and potential.   The Sky Is a blazing masterpiece Of mixed hues
You're beauty is like starlight, but more like the spaces in betweenBecause you're so much more than just a pretty faceYou're so much more than the precious pearls you hide behind
It's not just the sun kissing my cheek and brightening my eyes It's not just the chime that tells me someone is thinking about me It's not just the wind flying beneath me as I ride down the hill on my bike
What does it mean to experience true joy? There are days when the word tastes bitter on my tongue,  As if I never knew the meaning. As if my mouth has never known the feeling of a smile,
Today, once again, I am down. So, I look around. Down the street, I see a clown. I frown. Through the window, I see a beautiful gown. I have a meltdown. Is there nothing in this town?
Worlds away thats where I've gone Worlds away thats where I belong Stress comes in and the happiness goes out Happiness comes back when I put in headphones and really jam out
Tell her that she is beautiful Show her that you care Be her everything Put your heart into it and be there Love and comfort your lady She is an amazing human being Guide and protect her
there is no greater feeling than to have you in my life my shining star my thoughtful moon you are the reason why i am 16 you are the reason why i have survived you are the reason i wake up each day
Things that make me happy are many, There's singing, acting, reading, just to name a few,  But one that I love most, One that's my past and future, Is the Most Magical Place on Earth.
Several souls around me -- some lost and some broken. Drowing in thin air. Their shirts drenched with the liquid courage that falls from their eyes. Moving through the motions, blindly stumbling through time.
Several souls around me -- some lost and some broken. Drowing in thin air. Their shirts drenched with the liquid courage that falls from their eyes. Moving through the motions, blindly stumbling through time.
I remember feeling so odd. We were laying in bed and you somehow felt nostalgic. Nostlagic? This had never happened before. I had never leaned into the contours of your body, fit perfectly into your arms as we watched the
le rêve et l'amour my dreams and my heart are flying free from the dark hope springs forth from an untapped well I see the light permeating  my cells   the world's noise
Dip them in a sauce   They'll be there when you are down    Potato chips rule. 
Happiness is brought with daylight - luminous, balmy, tranquil, with smiles as large as the sun, itself.   When night steals the sun,
Basketball is life  The dribbling of the ball The screaming of the players The swishing of the hoop The beating of the buzzer The roaring of the crowd  The winning of the championship
Good morning great morning the sun is up it is burning my soul on fire raging like its storming grateful for the day i am earning
There are days without light days made of permanent night. days full of hateful thought days where it's all for not. everything is void, chaos, making me paranoid. There is but one thing
Me making sure everyone I lay eyes on are smiling because of me, For it gives me a peace of mind that I changed someone's life, even for 10 seconds, for that person will forever remember those 10 seconds.  
Quivers overtake me.  My mind can’t seem to slow down - Shut down, after a loaded day of A load of mess A pile of heaviness I tried talking to Mary Jane, because She was slow- paced.
Happiness isn't found in objects. it's discovered in people. A smile and a good gesture makes my life more happy. Texting with emojis and funny pictures and dumb jokes causes my happiness.
When it’s raining outside I cannot go, To a simple place that everyone knows, But its hard surface calls me, And its white lines entice me,
My hair dances in the wind, While the sunshine warms my cold skin. The apple red leaves, Crunch softly beneath my boots. The birds singing their songs, Make my spirit float up,
It might just be the perfect day, It could also be the worst. But does it really, really matter? Of happiness I constantly burst!   It comes from the warm cup of coffee
I believe in Everything I believe in the wonder Santa leaves in the heart of children I believe in the magic Fairies bring to youngsters
Negativity builds in my veins Threatening to suffocate my heart Thoughts drag through a mud That coffee fails to clear But to move Sweat Release that toxic tension Unhinge my mind through the
Took my youth for granted Now I’m stuck in a sandpit of broken dreams and neglected responsibilities My mind is constantly telling me that I can do better But no matter what 
The low sounds of the blowing wind seeping through my slightly cracked window. The scratching of my dog’s nails outside of my door so I can let him in.
I get up in the morning, I pray, I get ready for school, I go to school and count down from the minutes remaining till I go home. Everyday seems exactly the same, so why do I get up. 
When im suppose to get up at 5:30 in the morning but i awake before my alarm clock has rung  to see its only 5:20 puts a smile on my face  to see that i get 10 more mintues of sleep
She saw the waves crash a storm against cheeksCracking hurricanes into men's eyesDroplets of rain trickled endlessly into puddles of veinsCreating a reserve of rainy day puddles to look back on.
HappinessCan only be foundIf you search for itLike a vicious blood houndHappinessIs just like loveJust to get itYou will push and shoveHappinessIs just a doorYou open it up
A grounded bean is all it takes Brewed and creamed Dined with a cake   In the morning or afternoon Black or sweetened I have to choose Oh! what cup Shall I use?
Under the weight of college years I doubt even Atlas would be strong. By the week's end I feel coated in a slime of anxiety and exhaustion.
The feeling of withdrawal kicksin and I'm desperate for a good high.The best selection is the company ofmy dad because it hits quick.
You see the glow first. The radience of it. It lights up the darkness. A star in the sky.  It happens every day and you bask in its beauty.  The thing that brightens up people's lives.   
But the most beautiful things in life are no just things. They're people, and places, memories and pictures. They're feelings and moments and smiles and laughter
When the ground  feels as if it is shaking, Or the world seems to leave scars at my wrists, I turn to You. You.  Whose soundwaves  create an ocean of Serenity.
Sitting in the grass as the fall breeze flows around me The sun going down behind the pasture where our horses graze Learning a song on my guitar that I just heard on the radio This is my happy place
Parties and people The hustle and the bustle Nothing is like you.  
it comes in waves, deep ones, that rise you up- some lasting, others fleeting. its moments that you least expect,  standing backwards against the ocean... suddenly lifted.
It doesn't take a lot to make me smile. Just looking at my past, Makes me realize the fact, That the world no longer feels like as if its on my back. I no longer have to go that extra mile,
Girl, our hearts beat together as one We share and care for another As we enjoy this magical ride Moments only become brighter We cherish everything Nothing but joy and happiness
Just because someone is hurt once Does not mean they cannot Love anyone or anything again.   I picked up my first instrument When I was in the fourth grade. It was bigger than I was
Happiness is what I see, Happiness is deffenitley all around me. Yet after a tiring day at work, Fatigue is all that will lurk. When im down I need something to make me smile,
Waking in the morning in a country that is free. Smiling in the mirror because you are blessed to be healthy. Looking up above to see a roof over your head,
One thing I geek, that gives me eagerly a spark, Is when I get to peek, and view the scenery at the Park. There are flowers of all colors--some open, some buds. Plump fishes leaping out of the water, returning with a thud.
If only for a moment, the tireless dictionary does not entirely fulfill the feeling. It cannot serve to support the brilliance of this eve of respite.
Teaching first and second graders makes me smile They make my day with their silly lifestyle I ask them what they want to do for a career And one replies loud and clear “I want to be a ninja turtle!”
The sound of the train rushing by my window at 9 in the morning. The purr my cat makes as she wakes up from a nap.  The way the sun glistens through the gaps in the leaves on the trees perfectly in the afternoon.
Little bodies of fur Scurring around the house Trying to catch their tails   Tiny beings of love Batting at the flies Buzzing around their head   Quiet meows of desire
I am often sick Not sick from things, but more so of things I am sick of violence of stress of dissappointments but I think I have found the best medicine: Laughter.
Welcome to my world where everything seems great because I have shelter and some food on my plate. Focusing on your problems will only weight you down so I recognize my blessings to hide away a frown.  
You stuck to me Like how Dandelions stick to wool You tangled me into your heart Like Earphones You opened me up willingly
I miss you. I never wanted to admit that, But I really miss you. You never told me the password for the PS4 And your Sly Cooper icon is Iconic. Heh, get it?
Listen to that pitter-patter a chill rain hits my window sill. I sit here criss-cross applesauce drowning my stress as the steam from my tea brushes against my face. Here I am happy,
They say there are seven wonders Created by the earth, But no one ever mentions The burger's birth.   With every fresh bite devoured A baby laughs for the first time.
Who knows me better than the Earth? The rain pours down to where I perch This feeling, being all alone Think to myself, "What am I worth?"
The bees buzz; The birds fly; The trees can almost touch the sky. The sun shines, there are no clouds. Oh, I hope you never let me down.
Emery,You were born to me.Only you, my family.With toothless smileI saw something within meThat I had not seenIn awhile.And hands graspingTo hold mine own,I had not known
Feels Good. Gazing into the eyes of my lover Ocean's heartbeat lulling me to sleep Odd encounters ending in a smile Drizzly skies and the smell of a book Feels Good.
Hope. It is the generator for accomplishments. Although, these might not be completely made. I wake up free of negative sentiments. Knowing that the sun rises above the shade.
Girl, the moments we share together Brings us sweet tenderness Every magical moment Is filled with joy and happiness When we kiss We both feel the passion and pleasure Our love will continue to grow
The words on the sheet are the lyrics to the beat. Singing is the thing that becomes everything. Although I can’t perform in public, Doesn’t mean I don’t love it. Just my voice by myself Is all that I need.
I love the feeling of cozy sweaters Or the warmth of the sun on my shoulders Receiving handwritten detailed letters Going to the beach climbing high boulders I love sitting around a campfire
Happiness is a reward, A thing we shouldn't ignored. But happiness is not easy and life isn't all that breezy. Happiness is working hard  Even if your playing the right card.
I feel ocean air when I'm landlocked, Passed through every obstacle and roadblock, There's dirt under my shoes, but it sure feels like sand, I've taken the scenic route, but I'm just where I planned,
I am in my senior year of high school, and they said it would be the best. But they must enjoy doing different things than me because all that we do is test! In the midst of all of this schoolwork,
Our world: consequence, disease, reward, and inconvenience.  Smiles and laughs that entail crying--  And without even trying-- we acknowledge those who are dying.  Respect for the lost is given without proximity,
My eyes are tear-filled My head is spinning  My soul feels crippled But the sunshine is coming   I take a step into the wilderness of busy streets and bustling lives
How lucky we are that we were cared since our birth by those who sacrificed their happiness to see us happy relinquished their desires and dreams to make our dreams come true
The biggest moment of happiness they had in their life was when you were born with new hopes and enlightened their courtyard with smiles and immense pleasure you were the precious gift
Once your parents had planted a nutritious seed of hope the seed germinated and took a shape of a bud bud took the shape of a flower and seed became flower because your parents watered it
Profile: Hello! I enjoy literature, comic books, And nerdy T.V. shows. I like to swim, dance, hike, and draw. My name is Ariel.  
When the world is in its softest sleep, we are awake.   We are roaring down the highway past city lights and nostalgic meadows. We roll down the windows, and a heavy petrichor fills the bitter cold air.
What makes me happy, you dare ask? Is is sunshine, or flowers, or rainbows, or puppies? Oh, perhaps.  But it is also rainy days, and the color blue, and knitting, and kittens too.
Happiness can mean different things. It can be butterflies in your stomach tears in your eyes or smiles on your face but what makes you happy? I am happy when I read books, 
Sunshine on a cloudy day Memories made with friends Interacting with my playful pup Laughs that push the gray away  Enriched by a smile that will never end. 
The creative langague of  flaunting words together-- each transition a contortion of imagination and the fantasy of reality. These are my faithful inspirations because words are my pearls
When the brushhairs touch the smooth canvas My abstract thoughts and feelings are no longer outlandish My cheeks lift up pulled by beautiful happiness As ideas come forth unridiculed by their possible wackiness
  Like pink skies and red oceans, each day is so beautifully enigmatic Mystery and curiosity caress my day in a world so sorrowfully systematic A chance to touch and breathe ease me into sunrise and poetry flow
i can feel it  in a place in me there isn't a name for yet somewhere between my heart and diaphragm. sort of takes up this space that’s otherwise lightless. something happens without me knowing
After a day not so great, When my heart can bear no more, You offer up a smile, Which I have grown to adore.   Isosceles, scalene, or square, No matter how you look,
I sit on my padded bench and examine the ivory keys I breathe in the smell of old wood and I stretch my hands with ease   The pedal creaks below my foot despite the gentleness of my press
Your silouette was an outline of time, as if time had decided to develop a tongue to speak only in shadow, only of shade.
Girl, when we hold one another Our hearts beat together as one As we feel the gentle breeze We put each other's soul at ease Throughout the day Our courtship shines brightly Energy is everything
Alone, I could sit for an eternity, afraid, shallow, and weak. Quite, I could last a century, a poet without a word to speak. Lost, I could feel with no memory of the years, month or week  
Bliss, Bliss is the first sip of coffee at dawn, a spontaneous trip to a place like Milan, Days spent relaxing on the beach, a plump, juicy, orange Georgia peach,
The portrait of countless colors Dancing thrrough the endless sky No words can describe the beauty That everyday will pass us by What a comforting presence The sun as it kisses the Earth
When the sun hits my skin, it makes me smile with a glow. No one will ever know how my skill feel unless they see my glow. It gets attention and paparizzi on a daily because it glows so bring attention stays on it.
it takes a mere instant, only to explore the unending opportunities to be happy through all this chaos of hate and madness   if you ask me what happiness is I am full of words full of moments
i'll admit it.    sometimes it's hard to make me happy.    when my brain is working so hard to keep my spirits down pumping chemicals i know shouldn't be there
They might not be present for our entire lives, but we will always be there for theirs.  Apart of our family and always in our hearts,  The wagging tails and innocent eyes wait for our return from home,
A million things can make my day,  but if convenience was added to the equation that number splits in two, lets not for get to subtract the reliability, factor in the re-energizing preformance of the person or thing,
As the ocean began to swallow me I remembered Our first kiss The way my parents were proud How much I loved the outdoors My first trip to my dream state The first real friend I ever had
"Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got." I don't think there's anything more true than that. The world is changing, slipping and twisting in different ways, Ways I don't recognize anymore.
The slight lilt of the piano played out Then the rumble of drums The thrum of the guitar And the tap of my fingers Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. A breath in... Air cascading down my throat
 it’s paper mache and rhymelaughing with people with no sense of timeart is the lives of you and methe people that color history  
In a crystal clear ocean of coconut juice, The basil seeds doted the landscape Like tiny black islands. They are mixed with sugarcane and longan trees Reaching together for the sun
When stressful work strangles my joy, And all chance of happiness thus destroyed, I think to myself, how nice it may, Be to pack up and leave for a getaway,
Living on this Earth I realized life can be tough,  I try my best to overcome obstacles, but sometimes my "best" isn't enough. I try to remain positive and tell myself I'll prevail,
As the sun rolls in Carrying a morning grin That is genuine
Genesis what makes you so beautiful?Is it the creamy caramel colored coating that protects you from the darkness of day?Is it your collection of lushest, loaded, loxplunging from your devine scalp towards ground?
the dead leaves know so little the swine and their eager snouts scour the pile, although too brittle swarming minds with no doubts  
My dog Barely two feet tall, And yet he means all to me. After a trying day at school, When I have to face all the pressures that I am used to being exposed to
Sad isn’t just a word you know?It’s an acronym for sadness, anxiety and depression.I describe it as a little pesticide, that can crawl into my mind Lay it eggs in other parts of the bodyI won’t eat, deprived from sleepFeel the need to love or have
Leaves of gold, leaves like fire They hit my face and the taste was bitter But I laughed. And the sunlight poured down Though the stained-glass canopy of leaves   The brown ones, they crunched
Applause from the crowd, Our voices ringing so loud. Music is my joy.
Life on the inclineNo longer confusedSee that sunshineThese words of mineI don't need a signCause I got you
An Enchanted Morn A dancing beam of moonlight A gentle breath of wind A fluttering of the curtains A waking form within A silent sleeper waking to a mist shrouded world
I have so many dreams in my life, it’s like no one knows who I am. There’s a mask over my face, and I’m as weak as a baby lamb. I write roaring, fragile words hoping that no one sees them.
When I fet like I could talk to no one, You were there for me. Through my troubling thoughts and feelings, I could open up to you, Poetry.    My smile always plastered across my face in public
I met a shy girl once. We were at a night club on a karaoke night. I challenged her to shots and she said, "If i get drunk I might be tempted to sing." "Would you sing if you were sober?" I asked and she said,
Sadness does not happen quickly it waits it lurks in the dark it's hiding in the shadows of your childhood park   Sadness is not in the present but in your memories waiting to pounce
A sun gleaming red and green A time that disappoints the people who have been mean A time of anticipation from young to old, even the teens A time that reality has overshadowed by a dream  
I once was a girl who was completely brokenhearted from bullies, to boys, to a broken home. But with a pen and paper and a much needed quiet room there was relief. I could write how I felt,
Girl, it is about us One heart, one soul, one mind Together through this journey Very peaceful and kind With every tender kiss We both feel the pleasure This is a loving bond That we both will treasure
In my early 20's, When I was a simplistic University student of the Law, One of my less popular professors Romanticized dinner table conversations, So much so I felt, That the apex of my life would entail,
1. Get a job, hold on to it. I am not in the habit of buying liquor for other tummies besides my own.   2. Please, go to school. Get a degree. Smart people have a way of holding intelligently stupid drunk conversations.  
He came over to the side of the sea; Out of the ship, Jesus saw a man who was quite unclean; He lived among the tombs, his life was bind in chains; He’d bust out of jail because he was wild, untamed.
My life is in shambles. Now I know how the cookie crumbles. Never have I ever been in so much trouble. But now so burst is my bubble.   My worst fear led to my jubilation,
That bright day bursting with promise, That bright morning beautified by golden sunrays, When my heart is light, When I walk with my head held high, To me, that’s a good day.  
What makes you happy? Is it waiting for innocent victims in a dark alley? To rob them off their security? Or is it waking up early, And make your hands dirty, As you toil for your family?  
Let’s focus on the little things.   Not the things that ruin us,   but the ones that define us.   Let’s start to travel.  
Tell your woman everything Make her feel like she matters Communication is vital Without it, your world would be shattered Build your foundation with her Just always be there
At the end of a long day, the beautiful girl swings by her ‘friend’s’ place.
It wasn’t the moon and the stars It wasn’t the sun and the clouds And it definitely wasn’t the cute boy that sat next to me in first grade Instead, it was the pain of losing someone to the sky
Abroad I battle challenges with hope Despite the nightly toil and days alone, The songs of poetry to soothe my soul The world of words to make me whole once more. Left I the motherland four years ago
Pursuit of happiness, liberty, and life, tell yourself that it is how it is But where’s happiness and liberty when there’s no life to begin with? Don’t make no sense   Ever since 2008, Obama has been on the debate
I was raised to be proud, confident, to embrace full.  To ignore the mugs of the brighter skin, Living Melanin. To wear my curly fro & deny any hands to touch for it was my crown.
Girl, we dance together in the moonlight Our spirits shine so bright We are always there for each other Sharing our hearts together With every hug and kiss We both feel a perpetual bliss
Maybe it was my realization that placement of words and spaces could literally shake a nation, Wake a generation, stir a congregation, or transform no way into more ways.   
I feel like I died a million deaths How can you not feel the same? I would say my tears are just allergies but really my heart cannot be tamed   I feel  useless seeing you with your other
Pain.  Controlling. Mind numbing.  The world beckons.  It calls.  Envelops you in its ice-cold arms.  A ray of hope glimmers and peaks through the cracks.  Hope.  Years of pain, slowly melting. 
 If I could pause lifeJust for a simple momentHappiness--I'd have.
In this day and age,      I only ever hear of one thing:           Goals. They're usually material,      Sometimes pertaining to romance,           But I've yet to find someone who wants more.
In this day and age,      I only ever hear of one thing:           Goals. They're usually material,      Sometimes pertaining to romance,           But I've yet to find someone who wants more.
 My star. My vice. My right. It’s sweet breeze of calm draws the sullen and weary to its flow Its unparalleled movement rescues the fallen leaf from its place of disparity
Girl, with every tender kiss We both put our souls at ease Nothing but heat and compassion Together we feel that gentle breeze With each passing day We are there for one another Loving, caring, and sharing
There is nothing worse than betrayal, because it signals the end of a friendship. You claim I betrayed you, but I did no such thing. After all, I'm not the backstabber. I'm not the trash talker. I'm not the cheater.
A world dealt with the aftermath of countless lifetimes laden with crueltyA world in turmoil and controversyA world trying to expand and trying not to expandSuch is the world I was born into.Not everybody is happy.
I lovethe way she shovesme down on the bed.Our heads/ spinning,with sweetnessbetween the sheets beginning. /
ONE. We meet.A while later, we start talking.Later still, we discover that the term "soul-mates" doesn't just apply to the romantically inclined.
Have you seen? the mountains and the trees have you seen? the water in a stream have you seen? the endless crashing sea  have you seen? the beautiful golden leaves  have you seen?
Vulnerability was never meant to be a weakness, as innocence was never meant to be a disability. But in this cruel, revealing world, Love is an unrealistic target
It started as a gentle breeze,a whisper in my ear:the weeping of a weeping willow,weeping out of fear. 'Why do you weep, weeping willow?There is no reason to cry.'
Happiness is a newborn child Written in the softest pastels  Ever stitched by crippled hands. You try your hardest to hold it, Not to upset it, Simply obey and soothe it.
Show your love for her Just always be there Make her your priority Forever be sincere Cultivate your woman Give her tenderness and care Admire her beauty inside and out Spread nothing but great cheer
STEAL ME! Oh Turquoise Soleil, Stuff me in your sack of toys to play. OH just take me away in that Santa Clause bag.   Strip away my loneliness, Give me to a friend.
STEAL ME! Oh Turquoise Soleil, Stuff me in your sack of toys to play. OH just take me away in that Santa Clause bag.   Strip away my loneliness, Give me to a friend.
Words can be strung in an order,given purpose—made into an illustrationof what’s in a child’s mind, a childwhose mother and father are fightingover and over, all the time.  Thescansion marks where the child
I'm afraid.   I'm afraid of love Of happiness Of how much they cost. What do I have to lose  To gain.   I'm afraid of you the most. I'm afraid of how I notice you.  
Gather your friends And everyone you know Bring some food Along with some drinks, too Spread the love
It is my unalienable right to not be here right now. I’m entitled to the pursuit of happiness and this isn’t it.Maybe stars get lonely too,Thousands of miles away from their closest friendMaybe they are sick
A song I sing that would make no sense/As a song/Couldn't control the feelings inside/So a piece of paper I hoped would provide/ I write my words like a toddler walking/ Slowly, slowly stumbling/ Soon I gain speed and rhyme/ The world looks differ
The turn, the spin, the rotation of the continents, latitude, degrees, and dizzyness. Dizzyness. Then it stops by your finger, but your finger is landed upon an
Warm feelings Memories of smiles And outrageous laughter With silly wiles And for some A happily ever after Drowning in ecstasy Waves of joy  Washing over me Crushing me in bliss
Our universive is gigantic The fact that planet Earth is only a tiny speck of dust on an infinity that we will never discover. We want to know everything, we shouldn’t!
It comes out of nowhere Bright smiles Teasing grins Fond pats on the head Muttered words And it rings out Sweet and gaily Bells on the wind Jokes prance around Eyes lit up
It ain't that hard to be happy Nawl it ain't hard to say happy They say think before you speak Those who don't, minds are weak You can speak all you won't If you're thinking, you don't.
Girl, when we put our hearts together We bond as one Feeling our heartbeats And having fun Of a gentle nature We shine together Let us keep our courtship And make it last forever
The blood rushed through him As she spoke of what had happened to her He loved her so Composing a plan of what to do  
Something overtook me and I did not know what to say. I struggled with my emotions and was tired of each day. Abuse in my mind and torment in my soul, The need to get rid of it so suddenly took hold.
I'm not perfect but I'm real They tell me how I should feel but what works for you drowns me And what's right for you ain't right for me So just let me do me and I'll let you do you
Escape the ordinary into the vast expansion of the mind Where happiness, love, and sorrow blend together to create the lives of the loved the lost and the liberated
One thing that makes each day worth a smile Is talking to you You're the only one who could ever understand What it's like to walk a mile in my shoes You're a knight in shning armor
Make your lady feel special Tell her that she is the one Always show her appreciation Have loads of fun Just be there for her Give her love and tenderness Be her comforter
Life . . . live in a world of endless possibilities.Express who you are with no apologies.Say the words that your brain and your heart fight over.Do whatever you want with careless ease.
May your heart be with you To steady your path And grant you happiness.
Self-control Death seer’s gift that makes me write A wronged wing takes right flight I could not see a life as beautiful as this to end with a left turn  
Girl, your touch is golden It shows in the way you carry yourself Very classy and stunning Admirable and loving A heart that is so pure A soul that is gentle Shining your heart through
A river of cool blue calm It reaches my ears in this early dawn The shades go down  Color dances around This is the greatest and most soothing sound The element of free It is the best place to be
I wonder if love is like, Dancing in the wind,
Girl, your inner beauty Takes my breath away Enticing and enchanting Very soothing and comforting Of an amiable nature Living and loving life It shows in everything that you do
A little giggle Soft and light   In the darkening night it comes out No one’s around I don’t have to be me I can be me
You started out as a canvas That my thoughts and dreams flowed freely through A million dances The meaning behind the view I fell in love quite quickly I wrote for fun My pen lies thickly
All I need is the thought of her sweet smile. Looking up at me new to this world, Her sweet smile. All gum no teeth just yet a smile so brand new, Her sweet smile. So much innocence and life to live,
In a world with billions of people A world with you and me A world with creatures of all shapes and sizes That roam free and wild  
Life is paved with rocky roads and jagged stones, With bristles and nettles and scorching hot soles, With doubt and fear and failure too, In fact, sometimes it seems there's no one more miserable than you.  
If you had asked me a couple months ago the question “What is the one thing or one person you could not live without,” I would have answered, without hesitation or doubt in my mind.   I would have told you it was him.
Sister you are me You are all of me You are a part of me  Without you I am not me Without you these things wouldn't be: Coffee dates on rainy days Embarrasing videos we post for all to see
The only thing, that I need in this world, is me.   My mind, my thoughts, my feelings, my knowledge.    Without it, I am not alive. I couldn't reminisce about happy days,
they say laughter is the best medicine; for when you are feeling down or even when you are at your best. laughing so hard you feel abs forming, tears coming down like rain drops
I heard of this well called Happiness, I had never seen it before. I decided to find it, I couldn't wait to see what was in store. The journey was long and hard, but everytime I stopped I craved more
As it walks down the side walk You invite it into your home It is your best friend so you talk Then you give it all you own  
I can't see through the shadows of the night. I can't recognize myself. I presume I look different. Life without happiness can change you.
Can I escape the ubiquitous, omnipotent lull of remiss negligence Can I prove to myself that I should live on The rope tightens ever so   I  
Today… I'm Smiling. I am happy because I'm surrounded by people who love me. Today… I'm strong.  I feel like I can actually make a difference in this world. Today… I feel accepted.
We are two havles of a whole, two sides of a brain, two atriums of a heart. Without you, I am broken, a robot with no heart, a robot without a soul.   With you, I'm alive,
HAPPINESS Life is full of surprises; There will be days that Everything is going great – Then, there will be days When you lose hope in all fate. It can be quite a roller coaster,
It has been forever... Since what I thought I was worth Was equivalent to who I really am Forever... Since my smile touched my eyes And my heart skipped a beat Forever...
It starts on the mouth, And rockets down. Down to the stomach, Where it goes back up. It hurts, But it feels good. My mind eases, Disregarding the bad. My cheeks ache,
They ask me what I could never do without and I am tempted to say a name or a place But I realize now what I could not survive without
I find myself in this state often Running through fields of flowers Happiness as high as towers And the world only softens  
So simple we forget about it So important we can't live without it So universal we don't speak about it but it's always there for us through thick and thin
An unhappy shell of myself is what I fear to become. The day the smile falls from my face may be the day I die. I don't know how I'll become an unhappy shell of myself, But I know it won't be soon.
Without life there is no connection no connection, no love, no lost. All I live for is to connect. Some friends, others money. Mine's is interaction. Without having that person to talk to about anything.
Happiness is temporary  Have you ever realized that before? Happiness is mocking you; staring Just beyond your life's back door   Happiness then exits for a while
Faith   The unparalleled charter of an Island life can take you by storm. The waves crashing against the shores to reassure that they are your only call. No people, No love, No trust
I can't live without happiness;  However, I can survive. But, is a life without living, and only surviving, a life worth keeping alive? Society wants money, and power, and demand for respect. 
my heart dances wildly one,two,three a waltz   a cresent on both sides of my face bare my teeth and take on the world  a smile   warm embrace  temporary blanket  a hug
Live like checking into a motel at three in the morning and fumbling with the keys to open the door. Live like fortuitously shocking someone and feeling the electricity expel from your being to another.
Forget the people who praise you,when you are shining and glorious.
Happiness is the outcome to unquenchable tears which came because of struggle.     The world is sad, the world is bad.
Money is the key  You can't live without Happiness It comes with a price   
Sometimes we feel lonely We feel like, if we don't have somebody, then we have nobody. To feel appreciated it feels like we need have a body. A voice, a tone, something to be heard.
Though happiness is very close, happiness is hard to find,  real, true happiness. Everyone deserves happiness. I had to start taking risks without worrying about the consequences,
Cannot Live without Enjoying Life   One thing I cannot live without? Not being able to enjoy life. That is my answer. I was given life for a reason. To try to make the world a better place
Jack, the golden furred four legged friend He is what I cannot live without His loyalness and willing to defend He would be there in times of rout. Most people say diamonds are a girl’s best friend
is to be happy to be great? to climb the golden bridge  to a realm of perfection. to live among the stars and the galaxies and to be known even among them as legends? why have we as mortal beings decided 
Island of solitude welcomes me But I am not alone I crash but I’ve got happiness   My hair sprawls on the sandy banks My rickshaw shelter keeps me safe I smile knowing I’ll wake up tomorrow, safe
As I see this circle come into view, my contant desire for it ever grew. For this beautiful specimen was a beautiful find, the curvature of its surface truly titilates my mind.
Even though you can no longer see me Look at the sun when it rises Look at the moon and stars   Even though you no longer feel me
the feeling of raindrops  the smell of heavy skies  the warm water-laden breeze   remind me of home    the dark earth smell  and clear cut water   make me want to bottle up  
I sit in the sun and stop growing How far away the sun must be from our little rock I close my eyes and feel it burning into me What is it trying to say? I float on, oblivious
Today was different, I didn’t feel like I was drowning In a sea of my own tears.   The cold grip of shackles That encompassed me No longer bound me To regret or remorse.  
Within, there must be that voice...The one to push you to succeed.For me, it tells me that all is okay,And I need to prepare for what I may see.  
Lonely Love There is a burning  Deep in my soul My heart is yearning Like a bells toll Far across the ocean waters Underneath the skies grasp Hidden behind hurricane shutters Through a shattered heart I rasp Tell me you want me For I cannot be wit
You are my fix, my remedy Your scent fills my lungs and makes my heart beat faster with excitement The thrill of feeling your texture between my fingertips, sometimes rough, sometimes smooth
I don't need a big mansion Nor a lot of money I don't need fancy clothes Nor a brand new car I don't need fame Nor the glory of it All I need is love Whether it's family A soulmate
My grandma is so close to my heart. Without her, my life would be such a change. I have loved her since the start, If I didn't have her, my life would be strange. My grandma helps me stay strong.
A rose is a rose A heart is a heart A mind is a mind A soul is a soul A person is a person And no one can change that. That in its self, is a victory.
I am happy. Those words are underestimated, heard but unseen a warm breeze that slides along the cheek of another. You make me happy.  I feel as though you cause my bloodstream
Sometimes when I think about you, I feel slightly disappointed in myself. To know that I let my guard down; to know that I let you in without thinking twice about slamming the door shut behind me.  
  If you see me drown alone See me standing on my own In a world of complications I have intricately sown   If you hear me in the night Shedding tears over a loss
Positivity Positivity Perpetuates Purpose Positivity Pilots People Pass Predicaments Positivity Perpetuates Paradise Positivity
Some may say that, without things, you’re hard-pressed to succeed -- but I believe there’s not much stuff that someone truly needs. You don’t need diamonds, gems, or pearls to make your smile wide.
The will to live  Determined within Needing that one thing We all strive to get Each and everyday We want to be happy There isn't much else  What good is anything If you can enjoy it
Little feet scrambling across hard wood floors Pitter patter of fingers across computer keys Haunting notes of a bow across viola strings Laughing notes of a song to each other across empty space Fresh cookies being carried across the kitchen to s
  They told me I tend to write about pretty depressing topics, Well that seems to happen when you’re depressed yourself, but I digress
All I need is the love of my God For He will keep me safe and secure From the hands of the arrogant That thrive from the devil’s hand His kindness will keep me warm
tearing up inside me  fire and tigers and rage and roars threaten to rip my limb from limb but i don't have a word   i say i'm mad i have that word i say i'm mad  
Your sweet smile, The way you kindly spoke, Will forever be in memory.   Your kind eyes, The way the passion in them rose,
In life, all we want is happiness. We want it to fall into our hands as easily as sand seeps out between our fingers. Yet, it seems as if we only listen to those who don’t know what will bring us happiness.
You hold this power. Power of width and life. Power that only the stars ignite. The power in you that starts new discovery. Of places and people, and grand mystery. You rarely seek this type,
If I was stranded on an island, I would need nothing materialistic. I would not need my cell phone, computer, wifi, or hell even my clothes for that matter. 
All I need a smile, you see? Not just one but two or three. From the girl, the mother, the old man next door, The teacher, the student, the rich and poor, The first, the second, the third place too,
There is a place inside my dreams, I see you standing there. Your beauty captivates me, the sun shining in your hair. Another day of fishing, the pole becomes your hand. All I can do is smile cause I am the one who understands.
You It’s a question most have heard before: What would you do if you were stranded on a desert island by the shore? What would you want?
Memories can be good and badRemembering can be the worst partThe good memories, you'd want them to lastThe bad ones, you want to leave in the past      They might even hurt you so you keep them a secretAs for the bad memories, you don't think you
Some need money, talent or fame. They play life like a inconsequential game. They move their pawns around the board Adding more money and gifts on their massive hoard.
The peace of the world is not always dead Just forgotten by the hunger of war Slowly sucking all living with its roar And captivating innocents with dread.
As the leaves change color through the season As the daylight slowly dwindles away The mind gradually finds its reason While the soul obtains its reason to stay.  
I’m seated in a comfy chair, he’s running his fingers through my hair, I’m thinking aloud as I write,
All I need on this deserted island is. I could have clean water or cheese wiz But I just want a friend to quiz A friend to hold to cuddle to love One that fits to me like a glove
Deserted island stranded and I only need one thing, not material but the ability sing, the motive to dance, moxey to laugh when I can't find my pants, Happiness is all I will ever need,
Happiness was as unattainable as the blooming of my favorite flower in winter. Enjoying my life was far fetched. It didn’t make sense to have hope in the future,
joyous jukebox, so pure, so effortless, comes the ringing of bells on a Sunday morning. beautiful birds humming the rhythms of the earth.
Being with you is such a treat. Tell me darling, how ever did we meet? When I look into your eyes I see nothing but love. That's when I pull you in for a sweet hug.   Nothing but you and me in my heart.
IncomparableMysticalMagical It is so UnattainableEnlightening DeluxeIn every way Keeping the actions of the brokenAt bayIt is like walking into an open field 
Her, the person my heart longs for, day and night as the stars swing by. Why? Because I love how her skin shines under the sun the same exact way it shines in a dark room,
My teammates and I inhale the fragrance of cross-country: freshly-mown grass accompanied by a gentle, humid breeze. 
The day I walked by you,  I knew what a shame I had puzzled my piece into. Nothing but,"Don't  look at me, look the other way"   reluctantly ringing in the drums of my ears,  echoing back vibrations  of guilt, shame, and pitty  that Mary herself  
The world may be a dark sky But God you're still my bright light. You shine through the gray, like the sun shines in May.  
There are many things to do without though you’d never think ‘twas true a car drinks costly gasoline so a bicycle will do
the feeling of watching a child light up when you walk through the door singing your favorite song when you're home alone when there is no wait list of your favorite restaurant and you're with your best friend
I have been looking and searching for someone Life just seems like it doesnt want to show me that special someone I ask but i get no reply I help but get no thank you I ask myself is it you?
Death, come for me now While my lips are still up in a smile While my eyes are still filled with stars While a laugh still dances on my breath. Close my eyes with snow-laced lashes
Finally things are going in a way that I can agree with. Finally I can smile with pride with straight white teeth. Finally I can rack up on savings because of a great job.
I have decided that happiness is not native to earth. Rather, I believe it to be stolen from some far away place delivered on sun rays, or rather taken from them, and swallowed whole here on earth.
looking back reflecting  I find that so much is sad sounds so much happy tinged with regret so morose my words have been so here is joy: unconstraineduncontrollableallconsumingjoy
A vast, endless green field Overwhelms me with its beauty The soft, billowing breeze won't yield How I wish you were here with me Flowers of ev'ry hue Dance so slowly to the wind's beat
If you're happy then i have to be, Because I left your side to see you be. If you like it then i love it, Because i walked away so you could show it. If you're fine then i'm well,
Old pipes Portable stereotypes Old technology Keeps dripping tautology Snap , snap photography I'm here on the side of the road My camera ready to re-load Another add-venture
I remember the smell of flowers Swaying slightly Beautiful images Stitched into themselves As the birds sing of love And eyes being to meet And laughter is the only audible sound
I just wanna talk to you I know you hardly know me and this isn't something we often do But really I just wanna talk to you Just a call or a text or two That'd be great like fine treasures
When I was younger I thought adults were made of armor. Skin so tough no one could harm them. They knew everything, they couldn’t be stopped. My eyes beamed at the sight.
I was shy. Always would deny,  Hanging out with friends. Time went by, This hurt me in the end. I eventually opened back up, Leaving self-consciousness behind. I found happiness,
My perimeter is nothing more than painted bricks and broken windows I am filled with nothing less than destructed pride and shattered ego Like rust on steel after an angry cloud's release  
Happiness is when you're content with the world. Believing that whatever happens you will be okay.   I believe happiness comes from love, the love of others, of God from giving and recieveing.  
someone once told me that depression was god's way of weeding out the weak as if there were no room in this world for people like me people who can't just "suck it up" and be HAPPY
Initially, this wasn’t exactly the reality of the story I imagined I would be strolling through. Madness intertwined in my balance,
  She was an empty corpse 
Happiness is key And to those who don’t understand that, I am the giving tree Advice is an understatement
There are 43 muscles in the human face,  and 7 billion people on this beautiful rock. I want to be the person who changed everyone's face, But just a little.   Show me your teeth, 
Like a wave, happiness flows. Sometimes fast while sometimes slow. When you realized you lost the past. Happiness tends to slow down fast.
On a night in the summer, I can remember Large thumping boxes swapping waves of thrilling pulses to overtake the silence. Joyous and primal, I move through the drapes of large tents
I am not that little girl The little girl who brings joy to the world The little girl who open's up hearts That girl was beautiful in so many ways
You told me you weren't musicalYet you play the beat of my heart perfectly in timeYou said you weren't hotBut you light a fire within meYou insisted you weren't lyricalAlthough your words are a beautiful rhyme
I am not what I am not so you won't see what you don't see
There is such happiness As the couple takes a cruise Nothing but smiles and glares To brighten up the atmosphere Always in a jubilant mood Thinking nothing but positive thoughts In a state of felicity
Silent bliss and noisy joy, there's no method to the madness. A question with no complete answer.
It is hard, but what isnt At the same time it is so fragile and soft Why must a gift be so corrupt and sad We are human with emotions Except sometimes emotions get in the way
Out of the sadness that covers me Dark as the night from time to time I thank to the virus that infected me To the humble self that change by time   In the world full of sorrow
I am an only daughter 
Mother tells me she loves me But I think she loves my sister the most. It’s pretty obvious, from the way
On airy cliff side sits the falcon’s nest, A perch of splendid vacant seaside view, And in it does my youthful spirit rest, Absorbing breath of air and sky of blue; While body lives the life of down-below,
The covers for never leaving after a one night's stand the bed that support me as I sleep the house that has provided shelter from storm and insects the computer purchased by my mother to help me keep up with the days
Settle down butterfly, one more wish and maybe you'll fly. Days on end with no hope again,
The smile on my lips, its pure bliss.  But you burned my heart,
The way the words flow from your lips, almost as if you remembered our kiss. Those long nights flew by,
Feeling the warmth spread throughout your body, and the peace that flows quick after, the love that overwhelms your chest,
Alone, I chased after my own desires,
She is a strong tree Unbending, Defending, Strong Shelters me from harm
It’s too small of a planet To say Earth is everything, To say the stars are there for beauty And the moon is there for peace.   It’s too great of a world To say God is false,
There’s something glorious about being a woman Like the feel of Saturday mornings when you don’t have to go anywhere And the sky is painted with lilacs and periwinkle and you wonder “Why do I ever go to Sunday school
Sugary hot chocolate on a rainy afternoon Drives across the coarse sandy roads along the vibrant sea A hint of a smile on a special someone's face Aromas of cinnamon and eucalyptus wafting from my mother's candle  
It is easy to feel pain, feel anger and feel bad about my life I want to stab the memories, to murder them with a knife Some days I stare at the mirror and it’s far from easy
earliest rays find the absent spaces, to peak in a window pane eyelids fight the disruptive rays, but bouncing signals in the brain awake ghosts departe, the darkness dispersing in primitive light
Sun-damaged hair bouncing between my tired eyes, the flapping of my stretched skin with every stride,
When skies grow gray And smiles fade away, I know they will be there.   As tears stream down Enough for me to drown, They will give me their care   Friends create smiles
Relationships strong like barbwire. People say trust no one but that’s no way to live.
If I could change the world… War would not be a thing No one would ever be hungry And the mute would fearlessly sing
As I grow up, each day at a time I start to notice all the things that chime The beauty in this world has always been there
Have you ever started to fall? And you realize that you’re falling And you know if you don’t catch yourself soon enough; it’ll turn into crawling.
I love to pet dogs, With their hairy paws, Stick bone or ball, They love in their jaws.   Have been at our side, For thousand of years, Accompanying tears,
How about that weather? It's great isn't it? Feeling your summer days, with that cheerful summer haze? No school in session, no cliques to worry about,  isn't everything awesome?  
Everyone has their issues that keep them in the dark,But when you fight against them you can surely make your mark.Travel past your issues, onto a newly found frontier,Bring yourself together in a different atmosphere.
Words are my favorite They flutter on the pages Of crisp papers Handcrafted letters
I am what you call a loner, a nerd, a person who isn't so.. into herself. He is.. different. He is so much more than different, at least to me.  
Side-by-side dressed alike double takes "Are you two twins?"   My little shadow  almost as old as I am you look up to me but you have no idea how much I look up to you.  
I remember sitting on the swing, mid-summer With my head in my mother’s lap And a slight breeze tickling our cheeks As the cotton candy skies faded to a navy hue
I lost my huband again, We always go through this cycle, 
Although pain is ever present, And sorrow never ceasing, Light by the sun is always sent, Happiness ever increasing.   No nigt lasts forever, As the earth and all its glory
some days are short some days are long some days I'm weak some days I'm strong some days are poems some days are songs some days are written some days are drawn some days I'm mended
WE   We are known for being ignorant, and dirty, Known for being weak, and unworthy Known for being corrupted and inconsiderate. and we know
I ask myself Why all these things in life, matter.
When I entered middle school it wasn't quite as I had planned
I am aware of the stress,
Depression and anxiety,Those things that try to come back to me.O and that PTSD,
. pain, tears, and suffering disappointment in yourself and others’ disappointment in you   anger, hurt, and screaming
It's a thrill to place warm fingers on cold keys Feel ridges and cracks and character Just close your eyes and breathe in  Pour out your soul into the music like pouring water into a glass  
They say life ain't easy to many ups and downs Hard times keep your pots greasy They say life ain't easy So many circles you run around I say life keep your heart beating
May you be loved in a way that is beyond palatable for you, that doesn’t make your head spin, but makes you comfortable, that makes you pleased with life
they say change is a bad thing I always heat "nobody likes change" I don't find this true I live for change Change brings adventure and beauty and new life Change brings new chances and adreniline 
getting tucked into bed  kisses goodnight  telling stories  turning on nightlights   being told "i love you"  before they close the door care with the flu a broken house runaway dad
An understanding friend
Innocence welcomed me with understanding and ease
Wonderment touches understanding but barely recognizes it
Outside in the midst of nature and a boundary set by humans 
Imagine living with a family of disorders, darkness riding upon corners. Imagine living with an anorexic sister, autistic brother,
I am Tammy TortoiseBrown and green and blue and turquoiseTo do my best I am always poisedBecause I know my life has great purpoiseYes, I'm small and slowIt has no negative effect, though
You know that warm feeling, When you see someone grinning? You know when it’s genuine, And happiness on their face is written? When the smile goes all the way to their eyes,
She has the soul of a gentle saint
You were the rose, but with thorns, One touch and I bled,
Define 'happy'.... feel smiling so quickly your brightness radiates out, and blinds you. But even blind you see 'happy' because the sound of your laughter, in blacked-out eyes, paints the northern lights on your mind.
Pain, pain, so easy to feel, so easy to see
Leaves are brown, the sky is gray, How did things end up being this way? I look around to see no one around,
I'm tired of all this hate and disgust we need to separate its not them its "U.S." We blame everything as a country on a color instead of just solving the problem before it snow balls
Happiness—that which one can neither hold nor keep It comes and goes, it ebbs and flows And no one really knows If they can make that leap Into the deep unknown  
Do we ever feel alone? yes. Do we ever feel forgotten? yes. Have we ever gotten help? no. Have your friends ever offered help? yes, but I think I don't need it.  
I've been told 
Lean back, relax— as the breeze breathes in and exhales fog above the ocean's edge.   Let the breeze take you in along the sweet summer grass as the waves pull in,
If you know the feeling of the warm sun peeping through your window, it means you’re blessed to feel a sensation.
This plane you find yourself in      is just one glimpse of one dimension, among many others Look out,      organic nature surges from the soil           synthetic somethings jut out from this scene.
The melody racks through your body, strumming strings within you that you didn't even know existed,  bringing a light smile to your lips as you reflect on the past. A song can bring you back to a broken past, 
Dive in. Feel the water embrace your bones. Watch the many bubbles blossoming from your peach nostrils float to the surface. Break the surface and breathe as deeply as you possibly can.
The more you live to love and give, the better off you'll beInstead of living more to take and "What's in it for me."Though looking out for number one may guarantee survival
soft notes of soulful awakening float through the apartment, slow steady, to accompany the morning brew major, augmented, into a crescendo in a london flat   a steady beat thrum rhytmatically
Upturned corners of a blush pair of lips. Hot breath. Squinted eyes. Tear stained cheeks.  Boisterous laughter. Slapped knees. Gut squeeze. Friendship Stomach cramps.
one day she's 6 years old and she gets yelled at for stealing the other kids toys at kindergarten recess.
Eruptions, explosions, stars dying emitting their luminous lights that exasperate us.
It's like my thoughts grow outta my head; every curl contains every word I done said every song I done heard every book I done read And that hate and pain is like shea butter
The ants go marching one by one, Green crickets chirping crudely. The picnic basket weaved of brown, The footprint of the giant, The soft tear marks of his weeping.  
I forget that the fall leads to a rise. Because as you descend there must always be room to ascend And the same can be said for climbing, only to tumble down mercilessly
She was peerless as she sat on that bench,  Much so that an agonizing gust of wind couldn't ruin her unblemished appearance. She didn't have to say a word, not one sound.
The essence of happiness is a feeling of positive energy that consumes you… on days of praise. The essence of happiness is a feeling… sent from the heavens above.
I didn't believe. What happens when you die? Is there a heaven and hell or am I living a lie? I didn't believe. You see stuff on the news. You figure none of those things can possibly happen to you.
OH! the joys of Summer
I don't know why you wear a mask,
Sat back to watch the branches sway
A cactus A softball game A riddle A pretty name My friends My family A good book A preacher's homily
I always used to see rainbows as a kid-
I missed you and you missed me too And right as you walked into the room I saw you shining like a galaxy of stars. And my mind caved as you walked right in By the pretty girls and their gossip scene
Your eyes brighten my heart, your smile takes my inner child and caresses me, soothes me, if my eyes rolled back and I melted into the very essence of your soul, I could not be happier to be inside such a wonderful image of beauty, happiness and
I never knew strength until you held me in
Hold fast to love  for if it disappears 
To any other person around, You are just another face, lost in the crowd. You are shy, out of the way, immemorable.    To me, You are the bright light in the sky Guiding me through the dreary sea.
*This poem is the first of a pair. It's partner is called "Potentially Perfect Poison.  
Happy days come and go but nothing more They say to prove your worth or else be sore Ive come and gone and begged my soul to greif Alas it has been nothing but a dream.  Those boys and girls pertain to nothingness
I'm happiest after the lowest of lows, the deepest of blows. 
i had taken 50 tylenol, in intervals of five on april 2ndapril 2nd, because i felt that april 1st would be a day too cruel to get a call from your child's school
One day the night’s shadow will creep upon the vast skies,
You are you And I am me And together We are better Than I could have ever Conceived   I love when I turn And our eyes meet And your smile Is wild Effortlessly
I'll say it all throughout my emotions
Blue is a stillness with which you are familiar. Blue is the cold wind, quietly reminding you of the weather. Blue is the sound of the snow falling all around you so quiet that you could easily forget it yet so loud you want to keep listening.
Green is the sound he makes when you spin him around high in the air. Green is the trees he climbs on. Green is the grass when he rolls down the hill. Green is when he asks you to join him. Green is when you say yes.
the first time in my life i ever smelled a stick of incense was at my friend lindseyswe were in the fifth grade and she was my very very very best friendshe watched all the cools eighties movies
So, we sit We wait What now? The smooth, seductive sound Of the blues swim around us The intoxicating moods that shift all around I look at you You look at me
AM I JUST INSANE I'm different, thats ok, thats good, That means i know what's understood, But how different do you have to be to considered crazy? I just think other people are wrong, 
Hard to see the beauty Through bloodshot eyes Lying awake all night Just pondering a disguise  
Dark eyes, dark hair; The spitting image of Dad. Grandpa jokingly says, "Maybe you'll grow out of it." Just maybe. But I'll always be a daddy's girl.   Pick a spot Pick an experiment
What is my purpose in this world? To take up space, to be a filler in an empty place. The idea of existence has always been confusing, Am I here to succeed? Or will I end up losing?
And so the time has come as it has before,
I go about my life busy like an ant on a hill, but one day I stopped and decided to chill. I found if I listen, it's not that difficult, I could find some peace that wasn't invisible.
My captions do not tell my story
I have this theory  If only we could fall asleep in each other's arms,  I am certain we would dream peacefully together;  Perfectly harmonized.  Our hearts would thump softly and steadily; 
I am one person In this world  Nobody to play with  Nobody to talk to  Nobody to look at  How Can I Smile? If there's no one  In this world to be with  I am all alone 
People always make analogies Saying birds are free; they want to be birds. What is a bird? Nothing more than hair.
Oh, how I yearn to see the ocean again. The soft, cool foam drifts up the sand. It glides over my feet, And pulls me by the hand.   Quickly, it splashes my mouth.
We are expected to be full of ourselves. We are expected to show the world only What it wants: Perfect People, Queens, Godesses.   Like prisoners on a hunger strike
I hope you remember me I hope you know that I still love you I wish that you smile, everyday I wish that you laugh, all day long Those are my hopes and wishes  I intend to keep those
Finally at peace with lifeafter all the experiencesafter all my self righteous expectationsI will no longer put myself through the strifeunrealistic were my thoughtsit's time to let go
The life we live in is the life we sin in
Happiness They say the happiest person is often the saddest, They are the one with the most pain inside   Masks Everyone has one. As children they are blank – wide eyed and wondering,
I am a world traveler filled with interesting foods, Amazing memories, fun people, and beautiful pictures, I love coffee, tequila, and meeting new people, I am confident, I am smart, I am happy  
  The plans the worries the stresses the fears. We all want to smile but some don't know how. The ability was lost some time ago without realizing what we've done to ourselves.
Work hard to achieve them Have to dodge opponents It will be hard, but possible Aim high
Adventure always calls, I have learned to let it break down my walls.   I travel far and wide, Open to new ideas and experiences is an example of my pride.   I have gained new skills and confidence,
i have visited again  the place where i grew up i can taste the meals she makes and feel the love she gives us all the scent of freshly blossomed blooms fills the air around me.
Not everyone understands the little blue feather, the amount of hope that feather can bring, it is more than just an accesory tucked in a hat, that little blue feather represents hope,
No filter Well, I am pretty pale, and my teeth aren't that white. No filter But my smile does radiate, and my skin shows that life does have a bite. No filter
Through the lens, you see is a smiling girl.
A step in one direction can lead to a path of endless possibilites and contentment. For as long as you hold the willingness to attempt to walk this path. 
They tell me emotion is weakness. They say I feel far too much to create something productive. But I can't control it. I am me, Because of what I feel. They say I speak far too excitedly,
My flaws are what make me flawless. My flaws are what make me human. They make me a part of a society in which nobody is perfect, and that makes us all flawless.
Don't tell me.. How to feel, what to do , what to be   Don't tell me.. How to cry ,when to lie, how to see.   Don't tell me.. It's not the world  but it's you, look at the thngs you do.
The flawless part of me Is that I’d rather be Making others happy instead of me.   I believe happiness is contagious And this is one virus That everyone wants to be infected with
Any man who has surveyed any land can tell another:
Morning, its your wake up call, Don't fall back asleep, you might not get another chance, This might make you want to get up and just dance, Rewards don't just come, don't just glance,
I am... smart funny cool. I am... more than just a number more than just who you expect me to be I am... special and ia m free of your judgement I am... only me
I sat and watch the stars above How gracious how belove The nature and the love The earth is full of beauty, With nature unity What a blessed creativity
Who am I without technology?
Who am I without technology?
<3   You could see it in their eyes. They weren't quite friends anymore. The way she smiled for him, friends don't smile like that.   The way he puts his hands on her back,
Days wear on, My jeans feel weaker, I begin to feel like a pawn,
You may think that it's funny, Puts some laughter in your tummy.
Myself is the way, gone astray-no way.
My skin. The skin you want to mark. Why should I let you?
My heart thumps as he comes closerpalms sweating, breath quickening.he sits at my table and glances at mewith eyes as blue as the ocean.
I am strong,Even if I do not belong.I am dedicated,Even if I am continually deprecated.I am loved,Even if hatred keeps me shoved.
One and Only, I am truly yours, But, promise me something? And not just a regular promise, A pinky promise, And not just any old pinky promise, A REAL pinky promise,
You lift my youthful soul, A sinking ship Your icy blue waters warm me Your firy red sun chills my spine These waves we ride send us soarng through the night At daybreak we see the light
I am young and feel as if I don't have a voice. The things in my life I don't have a choice. Others try to give encouragement and advice, but how do I know the truths from lies?
I am a goddess   I am fierceI am flawlessI am strongI am passionateI am courageousI am powerfulI am a goddess  
Boots scuffle and kick the dirt. Big bulls snort in anicipation.
The wildest, rawest sound I have ever
The Wander is a nomad with a purpose. The Wander walks without fear. I hold my heart close, knowing I can trust the tides of the waters rather than lips. The Wander is free.
My eyes are blue, like the sky at night when the stars are out, illuminating the distance between Point A and Point B, but they never cease to shine,  even when the day replaces the night, 
My breathing turns to laughter, my eyes glance up.  
The music cures; my soul is crying,
A smile can go a longs wayYours so happens to effe
Today has been the first time I’ve smiled in years The first time I haven’t cried myself to sleep The first day I haven’t been forced to smile on queue I remember those days so well; my scars won’t let me forget
Life is a journey and happiness comes with exploration.
Three words, Only eight letters, Sounds simple, right?
What if smiles were traded like currency? Service with a smile is a requisite Not a nicety Government bailouts Would nevermore distribute unevenly Vibes are consistent Zeal is flourishing
it escapes me
Every night, When I go to sleep, A whole new world opens its doorways for me, I call this world my world of dreams.   My world of dreams is a happy place, Where days I spend without a trace,
Perfect people aren't happier, Use brain and not the heart,  Want this perfect, want that right, Look perfect, do perfect, Perfection stresses them all the time,
The wind is talking The change is coming The clouds are dancing And the sky is smiling The sun is bright It’s shining down on us It’s lighting the way For us to walk straight
I have lived in the past In the dark and the light I know good and bad
The things you doThat make me love you: You make me smileYou make me laughYou work so hardYou’re my other half You really careYou really listenWhen I’m with youThere’s nothin’ missin’
Before I was born, everything was okay, 
Even though I'm freckled and thick Even though I'm blind and poor Even though I'm short and white Your words don't hurt me anymore   I've come to learn what it's all about
Im running and hiding in fear. Everyone around me points and laughs at me. I run to the shadows but your there. I beg you to leave me alone but your there. 
Happiness Is the one thing in which no one should  Live with out but the flip side is there
No one considers acting a real occupation, But we are all modern thespians. From a young age, we’re taught emotions to use as masks for everything: Happy in public, Stoic in times of danger,
The first time I knew what love meant
 Bullying is for the weak  Bullying is hard to beat  you have to stay strong  To survive what's inside  You think it will disappear  If you stay hidden within,  yourself and keep it from
Well, I'm sort of shy And I think towards the sky Usually about pi And sometimes in rhyme.   Sometimes the way my mind works Even shocks me. Sometimes I say dirty things
From beneath the dogwood tree I listened to wind rustling                           across housetops and through daisy fields till it was over me singing in my ear tooting down my throat.  
There's never a statute of limitations on an apology. Tell me what makes one think they are greater, or almighty. Behaving ridiculously. disgraced I am ashamed to be your neighbor.
I want to give you a reason in life To keep on keeping on Put down that razor, you could someday be a wife Nobody wants you gone   Stop crying pretty girl, you are beautiful in every way
Props and patterns, It's all up to you. How do you choose to feel today? You see, Lately, you haven't been giving yourself enough thanks; Enough paint to finish your masterpiece.
The wind gently blows. The leaves fall from the trees, down down down they go. The smell of marshmellows roasting in the campfire fills the autum air. There's a sudden rustling of crisp leaves. Campfire songs are sung.
The dead end sign is just a sign. And that dividing wall is just a wall. Those stereotypes are just words from the ignorant ones. I am better than what you think. I am more than just a minority,
            Free spirit is my trait I value the most.
As the sunset and the stars begin to shine the only thing crosses my mind is WHY
Love Day in and day out Sexuality questioned because I don't follow the common guide to attraction I want to love too But why should I follow society's rules? I want to be held I want to cuddle
I can't do this too much pressure My family don't need me they don't have enough confidence in me No matter where I go it's always the same Quite school it ain't taking me no where School is boring I don't need this
My sore feet walk over the cobblestone and all I can see my dream ahead as I take one step at a time. London's bridge came falling down. While others drowned, over the edge I climbed.
Her hair, is the light which my eyes crave,  like a miner hanging onto a dead cannery. Her skin, the silk I lust for,  like a foreign dignitary in a feudal japan.
Happiness The pursuit in life Like our hopes and dreams  We must never lose sight For if we do We are no better  Than a simple rock  that has endured the weather  
“Stranger” She sat there in disbelief, The things they had written were so malicious. She read the words on the screen:
Has Anyone Told You... Today? If Not, Let Me Be The First! Has Anyone Told You... That They Love You Let Me Be The First! Has Anyone Told You.... That You Are Beautiful
Lines upon lines of this beautiful art Who's composition lies within the heart, Of the artist. No need to see or to view  For the beat plays through His mind, His head,  There's nothing he can do
A car crashed After being quiet abashed From a seed of pain
Step by stepI move to the beat.
In the sterile room she lays,
I lie in bed, drowning in its white sheets and feeling trapped by the dull grey walls that surround this oddly shaped room. I notice every imperfection this awful place holds. The cracks in the ceiling as deep as a canyon.
A human has two hands Made to explore the land And touch all that is grand Shaping the world into a dream
Look!  Look! Up there in the sky! A canvas of grey, some splashes of white. Look! See! A sliver of blue, That slips like a bullet straight toward me and you! Oh! Look!
The prospect of independence, The idea of alone time, With no friends around, I just do my own thing. Everyday would be a new adventure. Everyday would be something interesting.
Have you ever felt the kiss of a good book? It's delectable-- the wispy yellowed pages caress your fingertips
What beauty and sights, hardly;
She was the Juliet of my city.
Happines where is it?  I sit & wonder will I ever get it? My fake happines is fading each day No one can tho its just me I can only keep this act up for long
The tripod is set, and the camera is rolling Count down starts as time is on going. I look at the Lens from deep within Watching my viewers who can’t wait to begin. 1 view, 2 views 3 even 4
Decorating a chocolate cake Forming teams for an intense water war Pushing your brother in the lake Playing hide and seek behind a door Listening to music turned up high Singing in a hot shower
The iron is my best friend, my goal is for the bar to bend Training to maximum potential, my possibilities are exponential Conquering my goals vehemently, proper nutrition and training frequently
Last night I looked at you And I could feel it  I could feel the love that filled my entire body  The kind that made my days  the kind that made my toes curl 
The golden hue of a time forgotten  Silver shades of today, Together they meld into the generations of my family. Charcoal shadows give character to the night While white light bathes the day in hope.
Let’s play pretend   Let’s pretend we’re explorers, roaming through uncharted territories, undiscovered scars
You were my favorite thing Hearing your sleepy voice at 4 am As you struggled to stay up with me   Listening to your attempts at singing lullabies That would lure me to sleep  
The world               Is so...                          dark. What I've been taught to fear And what I hear When there's killings,                                  and beatings
A catharsis exuded alongside pencil and paper. Not always compliant
Smells like melted butter A pinch of cinnamon The local newspaper headlines Events that will only be known within a five-mile radius Hesitant sunshine dipping into the kitchen
You could say that everyone thinks of me as a little crazy; simply because they don't understand me. I spend my weekends with my best friends, but we do not talk to eachother, we speak to eachother in a hidden language.
Sometimes I wish it was possible to freeze time and live in a single moment for forever. Like today, today I stuck my head out the open car window, listened to the leaves crackle
I'm suffocating I’m drowning My cells collapsing I’m being dispersed Becoming air I am almost nothing
My art encourages me, And amplifies my sound. It embraces me for who I am, And makes me feel free. Unbound to the troubles that exist in this world, Lost in time itself, That is who I become.
The streets turn to ice, and flakes fall fast. 
What is a friend? If you are unsure, I can tell you more? Friends are not selfish This I can say for certain My Friends are not the normal type They are loud, proud, black and bright
Black Crow Roar Me Your Song Should I fly? Should i soar? This bird stays caged no more Like a phoenix, a fire lays dormant inside Notes running frantically, jumbled up in my mind
Oh Summer     Oh Summer, Where did you go? As I pondered, I missed you so.
A day has not gone by Since I been apart from you. Waking up to your sweet aroma Arouses me with joy. The moment you touch my tongue I feel shivers through my spine. Every time you met my lips
swing sets---have this way about them when you’re up in that momentary air you can reach up and catch infinity before sewing it into your pockets. -----for that split second gravity has nothing on you.
What makes Anonymous happy is not anything sappy except for the two preceding lines. What makes Anonymous happy is to see others happy-- if only they would be happy for the truth.
  A golden tear escapes my heart, And memories of childhood overflow my mind, As the colors of violets appear in the sky. A mellifluous melody imbued in my head
What is it that brings me joy? It's rather quite simple, It's just being who I am. I am a dancer, A writer, An artist, A cyclist and a linguist.   My passion is in living
When my name be tied to success My spirit shall soar past the sky. Forever I am free of stress, When my name be tied to success.
Living a life of nothing but lies is living a life where everyone hides. Hide behind those bright blue eyes, hide behind those clear blue cries. She is strong she is bright she is thin she is light,
Knowing you’re waiting for me at home makes my day seem torturously long. When I walk in the door, I know right away I need to find you—I’ve been craving you for hours.
Schools in session, Welcome another year, Almost time to go, Yet my homework pile contiues to grow. SLEEP, what is that? FUN, what is that? LUNCH, hardly get that!
If my emotions traveled up a ladder, Then my feet would be debate Biting and electrifying against the wooden rungs as I fight to emancipate from the acceleration of Gravity, now commenced.
Times will be bad,
I'm proud of all the effort that I put into my mental well being. The previous despair that kept me frozen and unseeing is easily done away with due to my new medication.
There are thousands of songs With cheerful melodies And smiling musicians That say to lighten up The world isn’t a bad place It gets better The list goes on
In your mind you have a place One that only you can access  Scenarios that never come to light Things that only you can imagine A place where you can be happy   Reality hits, and you're back
A beautiful life is one which is adorned in words, With no words would be, No "I love you" With no words would be, No promises, With no words would be, No memories,
My main source of uplifting comes in the form of an object which you may not expect. It consists of a cover and pages filled with words, Yes, it is a book, and perhaps I am a nerd.  
My footprints in the sand, I have the whole wide world In my hands.   Nothing can hold me down. I'd like to see you try To bring me down.   Cause everything in this moment,
I am uplifted by Music.   If I can put in my earphones, I do it.   If I can replay a song that energizes me, I play it.   Music is my outlet, Music is my Forte. 
Herald, the wait for joy no longer the case!
I read to escape reality Yet another builds up around me It engulfs my being and doubts my existence on Earth
"I want to be a superhero" My mom smiled and nodded her head She made me a cape
Oh no! The words flew from the mouths of bystanders seeking the cause of the accident. Not me. The bitterness of my salty tears flowed down my face like a thunderstrom swirling in my soul. Not emotional tears. Laughing tears.
Seeing you is like looking up into the sun.  You're so bright and warm, and you light up my life. Hearing you is twice the fun. 
In my place I am alone but not lonely I am the wind and my friends are the trees,
A Jester's Guide to Happiness
August. I remember it was a Thursday. It rained for a while, but we made the best out of it. You made me truly laugh, which hadn’t happened in a while.
The leaves fall with ease and the kids begin to grieve as the summer weaves into the distance with a cool, fall breeze. Gone for now are the pool parties, relaxation, and warm days,
I remember like yesterday, it was 2013 I was on the mock trial team, you know what I mean? I'm talking judges, lawyers, witnesses, directs
no-tice/ˈnōtis/verb1. to become aware of  
The feet tap by the millisecond.
Out of all that makes me happy, I include scenarios I make in my head. The stories I dream, thinking at night, Laying alone in my bed.   If you haven’t done this, give it a shot,
As a elementary student I read books to get gold medals It was for competition, climbing academic levels However my competitiveness turned into a love affair  Books became my escape from despair 
Different aspects of life, new born babies that are born with innocence. Smiles that are filled with joy and excitement the sweet, sweet candies I devoured as a child, that left me with nothing but delightment.
Schadenfreude was the word to describe joy for me. But is it really pain I enjoy watching? It is because they are the one to suffer and not me? Its a terrible habit but yet it is a guilty pleasure.
My education makes me happy if it wasnt for education I would'nt even have a temptation to pursue what I want to become
In the dying hours of every day I find myself cheered By the details of the world:   Birdsong, An open voice,
I lay across the grass, a book in my hands A breeze spreads over me as I am transported to a different land.
A magnificent work of art, An abstract painting up above. Bringing peace and serenity, And happiness and love. A resplendent spectrum of colors, An inspiring, heavenly sight.
JoyellA best friend, happiness, and other halfShe is beautiful, classy, and smartShe keeps me laughing and always has my backI enjoy AyoAyo is what I call Joyell, Ayo means Joy in Yoruba
Mother Earth spreads her children far and wide. Their existence is well-known by but few. My discovery the groom; they the bride.
I'm trapped by society. A society that works much like a beehive.  The world follows this unknown queen with lingering questions left upon their lips.  Our life is a cycle, a pattern of actions and commands.
she leaves behind tiny sketches on the glassy surface each new move cutting a path in the layer of not-quite-yet-frozen water.
Atop the steepest hill, my hand comes off the brake again. And I move slowly at first, But that soon changes. I Pity the wind that tries to stop me as I go faster: faster than everyone
It’s hard to imagine where I’d be
I dreamt that Summer crept into my room  One Fall night Betwitched me into bed sung me sun-struck and kissed me (I think I made it up inside my mind) She drowsily whispered 
When I watch golden, fluffy dandelions turn into white puffs in the wind, I think of our finite days on our finite planes that have to finitely end.
It makes me happy and makes others sad I drive gas and they drive hybrid I get dirty and they get nerd I modify and they replace I love my old car
Looking down, over the edge, see the effort you’ve put in and how far you’ve made it. Standing high above the rest Each breeze flushing out stress from the mind Each breathe restores
One of the greatest pleasures in life, Bagehot told me, is doing what people say YA CAN'T. IMPOSSIBLE. STOP. DON'T EVEN TRY.   I love to prove them wrong. 
In that dark roomat the end of the never ending hallway,laying in her white sheets, in nothing but a gown,all alone,with the clicks and clangs of the cold machines,the rhythmic beeps taunt her.
This thing that makes me smile 
Crisp air, pumpkin spice, gloomy skys. Ringing of a bell, and a rush of young kids. Laughing of old jokes lost in the separtion of summer. Sharpen pencils, and new books. Sniffling of colds and curing of hot coco
I am me and no one else; A cluster of stars, Made of gentle fish kisses, Covering my flesh, With tender softness.   My eyes reflect the moon,
What's my favorite thing? What makes my day? Sitting down, my spine uncurling,
Oh! The leaves crunch beneath my feet And the only human sound is my heartbeat! Looking to the horizon, I see the changing trees; Their glorious, colorful beauty makes me quiver at the knees.
The sun peeping through my window as my 6:40 alarm clock goes off. My coffee brewing as I get ready to leave for school. The 14 freckles that take up your face. The kisses my puppy gives me when i come home.
Staring out the window the snow dances quietly in the pitch of night beyond the sparkling lights in the Christmas tree The smell of hazelnut and cocoa  laces the air from the steaming mug on the living room table
Time for memories For loved ones and laughs and care Staying together
As Summer comes to a close and Fall flowers arose my mind lingers on those who were taken by bros. When family hurts family the pain that I feel is stronger than I can yield and my knees buckle to my heels.
Street crossing at four corners,
Today, I found myself  beaming today, happy, gleeful, and laughing. My heart swelled with pleasure. My eyes gleamed with awe.
Food makes me really happy
The Message in a Bottle By Tapiwa Mzumara     Standing in front of a crowd
This infinite self resonating through eternity. I made you both from scratch and you are both so much more than me.   My sweet serious boy who hates mess and craves preservation.
The hour glass flips over as soon as you're born Time creeps away like nocturnal raccoon You go about life like a winding staircase At first you take caution with every landing you reach
Every time I walk through the gates, I walk into a dream, A dream that pushes me through time, This dream forcesme to see both past and future, It show's me happiness, This dream fills me with glee.  
You are an ocean of mystery: inexplainable, inexplicit, infinite I read somewhere that 95% of the ocean is unexplored
Come in baby blue, barefoot.  Leave your shadow on the threshold,  grip the edges of a sweet brass 
The delay is over and the chapter of adolescence we've all anticipated has come to breath;  
A little bit here, A little bit there. It carries itself Freey, proudly Smiles and laughs, Helps it grow, Let's it bloom. Turning into something, More beautiful;
The excitement of life Persists even when the world becomes a blur. So much wonder is ahead Time to change - Time to learn. We can make our own future And the future is bright.
Her Happiness By Adriana Gutierrez    
What up-lifts me is being in the sunlight Looking back and seeing the dark inside the tunnel. Still in sight, but getting smaller as I move forward. I’ve been on this ride for four long hours
You ask “what brings your  happiness?”                                                                                                         it’s not such an easy question as you might think                                                      
Senior year is finally here, Bittersweet yet fun, With football games and homecoming, It's only just begun. My friends, they stick beside me,  as they have year after year,
  Free days And what my friend says Is that we should be together And love one another. Sweet delight Will make it alright. The smell of books Nick me with their hooks.
"How beautiful," I say
The first time I met you, you were going on and on about potato salad my complexion pallid, nose wrinkled, you didn't notice how much I hate potato salad you shoved it into your mouth claiming you could eat buckets, gallons,
I know you may not like it but it has begun.
The clouds stroll in; they strengthen the ice blue sky.  The orange and red pop against  puffs of heavy rain.   Sweaters unearthed from cobwebs and dust. Warm maroons and toasty browns
When you see me, Am I invisible?What am I? You conversate to me like you know me.But do you know?
An assortment of leaves tumble from the trees like raindrops as_ Crisp air flows thrugh the earth as fast as sunshine. Autumn. Warm sweaters, campires, hot chocolate, and books all bring cheer to the season,
It is the pinnacle of happiness, Acceptance, love, friendship, and safety. Some could light up New York City, Or just someone’s day. It gives you the words you don’t have, And what you need to hear.
Stick aroundbut don't be Elmers. Keep updon't fall behind. Push yourselfbut know when to pull. Reach for the starsbut stand your ground. Be happy!but don't be afraid to be sad.
A feeling is awakened in your soul Somewhere only music can reach A swelling in your heart A tingle all over Emotion rushing over you Peace, sadness, anger, happiness Beauty in the form of emotion.
  When you look for it you can’t find it.
People make this world go 'round. 
Crisp air of autumn, Cool breeze drags gentle fingers through hair hopelessly twined, Firey colored leaves chatter below my feet , It is a field that hold my peace of mind.  A mane of white sleet,
Doesn't it
Music is a escape to me, A way to travel to a different planet while still physically being on Earth A way to release all hidden emotions And a way to forget all of my problems temporarily
its a cover its a page its a hand with a pen its a rainbow Its a sky its the waves And the sand its hopefull it inspires its what i love Its happiness.. its mine  
What makes me smile? Well that's a funny question, For the things worthwhile, To me at least, Are simply a facial expression.   A sparkle in the eye,
A place where most people fear,
Shameful spirits are surrounding me, who wants to see me fail
Not only am I looking forward to throwing my cap up in the air on graduation day.I'm also looking forward to that special day,The day I go college thinking of who I'll become.
It's weird to think I used to hate myself. Look in the mirror, cringe and coil away from myself. Ripping apart the person that is me. Wishing away every little blemish and piece of skin.
I stay positive for friends and foes. They're the ones who need it the most. I try to be the light of their lives. Just to keep them one more night. Alive. They need to know someone cares.
He first saw her from across the room and he knew in that moment he would be her groom with butterflies in his stomach he drew near but had no clue she too felt an exciting yet nervous fear
little one
Music cleanes the soul of dirt from every day life It heals humanity of the sorrow, yearning and anger
My hands grip the controller, Energy flows through my veins, I feel all the power, As the title screen begins,   I walk through fictional gates, Where my new adventure awaits,  
It takes baby steps, I started out crawling at the ground Wanting to be different, so I walked into dozens of Audition rooms to distinguish My playing from others.
My soul is dark, And the light that glows within is dim, Try to see inside, And struggles you will find,  my naked soul,
Mild mornings, warm days and cool nights. Swimming, amusement parks and sweet summer fruits.
This is what I need The upbeat keeps me focused Music is my love.
See I often think with my head in the clouds But my brains always in a bit of a drought  It is not that I'm lame or full of self doubt I just always wonder what life is about 
Do you hear that? Me either. 
Inbetween the mountains I lay Waiting for a warm breeze. These days are rare now. I look around, I see beautiful, towering trees. The snow on the mountain tops shines.  
The low tones of my cello Resonating through my own chest The harmonic accompany of the orchestra Sixteenth notes and eight notes Whole notes and quarter Half notes with dots And rests in no order
A slate gray sky above my head, The leaves on trees a firey red, What marv'lous beauty to behold, When Summer sighs and becomes old!   Her green effects begin to fade
When all is gone I will always have my factory. Her gears twist and turn and shout out with the clank of imagination as plates drop from one machine to the next, proving that it was worth the stretch to the next step.
The day you left, Marked a day where a part of me was gone. When your spirit left your body, It took a part of me with you. I was in despair, Yearning for the days that you come back,
The thing that makes me happy is out of the norm,     it doesn't have a specific shape or form. It can open wide, or it can stay shut.    Watching it spin is more than enough, I love the way it shines in the light.
We lay on a blanket, Underneath the night sky, Seeking the peace Of the countryside.
Here is a poem that I wrote for my beautiful mother. Your love is empowering over my soul gives me strength everyday to continue the next your love is sufficient   i know
I love it. The endless conversation The pointless laughter The sun shining On my beet red cheeks, I love it. The tears of joy The moments of pure bliss The days I wasn’t able to sleep,
As my feet stand here in the nation of corn fields,
She's my perfect little princess I'll let you be the witness Watch how she keep my heart beating, like im concentrating on fitness. You hurt her then I make it my business, See this girl here I care about
Red, Blue, Green and PinkV- necks, halters, tanks and spagetti strapsBootcuts, skinnies, jeggings, and skirtsFabrics and different shades one after another,
Do you know what it’s like to be left out of the crowd? Do you know what it’s like to have no friends? Do you know what it’s like to feel like you are your own best friend?
He Is Bliss    
It seems so easy to say that you are happy To smile and be filled with glee But me, I wonder how we can make it last forever. That is a mystery. My mind it thinks the keys to life 
It's clear life's circumstances get hairy, Once in a while we're not quite so merry. But when that seems to happen, I get my toes tappin',
When the sun goes down, Nyx takes flight to the sky.
Love the scent of Chicago cuisines, 
what is happiness sweet bliss?  a simple feeling? a broken heart healing?    when you hang with friends the joy never seems to end joking around a night out on the town  
When highschool is over and graduation begins, there'll be laughter and joy and faces wth grins. When highschool is over and life offers choices, My words will be heard, my thoughts will have voices.
Lightly fluttering from flower to flower, 
It's a world painted with love...lust...passion...hate...intrigue and so many other heart hitting things.   There are roads that lead us to our happiest moments and others to the most tragic times of our life.
The tightening of the bow The pluck of the strings; Let the tuning segment begin. The audience anticipates its entertainment. This is the main event The eyes of all are watching.
Music is free like broken chains.
A school so lovely!Lovely with a divine reaches,Reaches of a many.Many of an uncountable,
I hide behind my smileso fresh and clean
  The pencil  It lands on the paper, waiting. Waiting for the race to begin; waiting for the picture in its mind to bleed onto the canvas Waiting for it to be caught up by a storm of motivation
When twilight settles into my bones and all feels still and fleeting I take an adventure to my happy place A place where star rays tangle in the sky and slide dreams to earth on twinkling light
Great in battle, the strongest warrior- I am that I am. Loving and merciful, grateful and beautiful- I am that I am. The one who is, was and is to come, Elshaddai, Emmanuel- I am that I am.
The coming of freedomThe trails ablaze from our stepsLighting the spark to our final showdownRefuse again, the cries of defeatCome, let us get up again on our feet
I own my daysWeekdays? I got this. I succeed.But it's on Saturday and Sunday that I feedMy soul.I do what makes me happy.I live my life the right way, but my wayWhen I do chores, it's still play
The beauty uplifted me.
The sun is rising leaves are falling, the crisp, cold air has arrived I love the feeling, within my whole being, that you have awaken inside you are my sunshine, my moon, and my stars,
Thoughts People, Friends, Family Music
A pug who snores and grunts in her sleep, Who doesn't regonize rich from cheap. With a curled tail and a slant to her walking,  And enjoys peering over curtains for people watching.
Whether it's soft or LOUD
When I say “I love you”, I mean it I know it’s right
My happiness is the way the sunlight glinted off his skin that morning The green flecks in his deep blue eyes. The way he timidly brushes his fingers against my hand while were in public.
If happiness is success in life, then what is dying? Everyone's hyped up on the thrill of life; few are ready to go. And when they do, who's prepared? Even the one's who've expected it
Happiness can be considered as different things People find the joy in money Others find it in drinking But my happines is laughter I never knew that a smile from someone can make your day
Hello, you there!  With the two eyes and feet, With a mouth so red, Looking so clueless and in defeat.    What are you, there? With the mystic sorrow gaze, Appearing so solemn,
Happiness is key to life and finding inner peace
we all want happiness is happines ... my job  my kids my spouse my relations with others my religious belief the question is if it is these things or all how to obatian them?
Words tumble faster than I can write.
I have so many people in my life That i adore so much. But the people i perform with Have a special place in my heart. I look at all of their faces as family. Every day i look forward to seeing them
What is love? Love is humanity's magic, Love is life's essence. What is love?
From all the stars in every galaxy,to the electronic melodyof every song that comes through my eardrums.From every relaxing activity
To be happy:   sip coffee in the crisp, early mornings before crawling out of bed. skype until 3am just to see your person laugh a thousand miles away.
A dash of joy, A pinch of smile, Remove all bad memories, Throwing away things all vile...   Stir in the fun, Chop up and mix in every great time, Pour into soul and body,
Nothing in the air silence, peace, tranqility nature is caling
I'm sad, tears down my cheeks.  Walk to my room, the door slides open. His excitment, running, jumping, barking. My smile big, pearly whites showing Jumps in my arms, licks my face
I want a
The joy I find when their near The tingling sensations that appears With warm embraces Smiling faces The sound of laughter wafts through the air The glow in my heart for all to see
I sit down  First day, first class New faces are all I see  I see smiling faces Faces, all staring back at me Comforted, that's how I feel Routine, that's what I need 
It’s been a long time without you, This leaf burning season is always so hard, I have so many memories I want to relive But I won’t hold back or leave my heart guarded.
Forever by my side, 
What is it? What brings Joy, Laughter and Happiness to one? We all seem to lose ourselves in life. 
Happiness can be found in the air or in your hair. Happiness can be heard  in the laughter of company or in the peacefulness of your country. Happiness can be felt in your heart or on your skin.
Nimble fingers, busy hands- A guilty head tilt off to the right  As delicate lines kiss the page. She spends her imaginary free time in a world of her own. Armed with a pencil,
I’m a poet…and I’ve always k
What make me happy are sweet things A delicious run on my fingers The vast joy of ice cream that lingers Infinite red velvet cake tickling my dreams My most precious times are with sweet things
Here we are in the best four years of our life, We stared this jorney in a new world, it became urworld, and soon we will have to leave this world. Sometimes between exams and friends the world beats us down,
The best feelings in the world are simple.    a bubble bath.   cuddles with a puppy. a hug from a missed sibling.
Determination. Self Will. How they coincide. Hand in hand like how I am when I am with you. The force that your aura brings when it meets mine. But from where does it stem?
Hey dude, its your birthday today, You are still so small but you think like a giant wall, The days we spent together, all that stuf in library, for me its all about memories, today i take stand,