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A chance encountera snapshot in timelife's random momentsare simply sublime....Mark Toney © 2020.8/14/2020 - Poetry form: Rhyme
When i feel lost,   I feel sad, or happy, or thoughtful, I simply walk on the beach.  The seasalt air circles me,  Hovering and holding promises of adventures.
Once upon a time I was listening to sublime,  right on the beach so peaceful and calm,  the waves clashing into the soft sand, while listening to my favorite band, 
Illuminated by the infinite sublimity Of the seemingly half-real form of this man’s body weighing her down, She sinks beneath His solid shadow,
When blue meets black is at high noon
Okay hold on I think I gotta check my flow cuz u just made my heart skip a beat that's and anime reference I thought us might need to know but like in naruto chpt.631 we all come back together before the war is done like the bible told even tho I
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