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inattentive. the color of my eyes my beloved bed-time story  my necessities for when i slept  the way i looked up to you as if you were the answer to all of my problems.  
My heart feels a pang at your arrival. It is not so much about those poetic lines Revealing unresolved emotions for her, But how you make this situation so trivial while I pass sleepless nights
what happens when you have no more words to say?  nothing you can say?  you desperately grapple for something, anything: weather/food/school/life    so much pointless chatter   filling up the empty space 
Illuminated by the infinite sublimity Of the seemingly half-real form of this man’s body weighing her down, She sinks beneath His solid shadow,
I know I said I thought you were the moon but right now you are shining as the sun I cannot sleep because you are there My eyes closed you still burn through The lids and layers of my skin crawling fears
maybe if we enjoyed the lullaby of empty dial tones, we would fall asleep somewhere amidst the clatter of unanswered phone calls.   there is a melancholy to be found in silence.
Every atom of me misses every atom of you, dear. 
Time has passed, The pain still lasts, And I’m still hesitant to write,   Issues and pains, They still remain,
In a poem I once read
broken and confused  shaken up and abused you told me you loved me see how words can be easily misused
I reply with a "REST IN PEACE" when someone brings your name up, I mean, I might as well... You've been dead to me for 18 years. Or have I been dead to you?
When I was just a Child A small thing My mother would Yell at me For no reason   She would Sleep For days on end it seemed We even had a game called Pillow
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