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I prowl the internet late at night and everyone tells me it’s terrible for sleep but I do it anyway. I learn a lot from the late-night internet and
Obviously I’m a burden As you said so yourself  Yet you don’t know I’m hurting Or how I cant stand myself   I can never be more Than the man that I am So I walk to the moor
I see it in the shadows,  behind me and below. It follows me everywhere,  everywhere I go.  This burden that I carry,  from every day to day,  May one day prove worthy, 
Your 125 lb frame Might have been easy to carry... But you weigh my heart slowly. Like a million feathers You're a leach.  Sapping away red plasma I am drained, From the pain. You remain,
I think I was able to laugh before Jokes from my friends and funny stories Eventually I got tired of them I wonder why….  
Just because I wear one shirt for the entire week, doesn't mean I'm broke. And it definitely does not define my individuality nor the scent of my skin,
He holds onto me Even when I loosen my hold on Him He holds onto me Even when I feel I'm letting go   My hand's sweaty with fear Worn with temptations Disjointed with pride
why did it take me so long to realize  there’s only so many burdens a person can carry I apologize I made you my mule thinking you could carry the weight when in reality, you are a human
You hear and yet you do not listen I know this because I watch your eyes They glaze over, stare blankly at me and I realize you don't care. I shouldn't be surprised.
Illuminated by the infinite sublimity Of the seemingly half-real form of this man’s body weighing her down, She sinks beneath His solid shadow,
What a burden love can be 
A tiny voice asks me 'what do you provide?' I answer with nothing The voice will taunt, scorn, and mock Useless, it says. You believe your writing is good enough to provide.
I haven't got a clue   As to what I want to do  
Slave of inhumanity, product of my own insanity The man I am is not because of who I was but who I want to be I stand for what is unbearable, I breathe and am unbreakable
The burden of boredom.
It's just a part of who I am Everyone's happiness has always mattered more.  
I feel like I'm falling, into an inevitable destiny of disapointment.  Full of empty black space. No one in sight, nothing but space.  Chances are, I'll face the world alone. 
Picture this: You grow up, get married. The two of you buy a house, nothing fancy Just a quiet little fix-me-up in a safe neighborhood. The two of you fill the house with kids Taking each day one at a time.
I am burdened. Weighed down. I feel I cannot fly and soar as I wish. I desire to be free. Free of this college debt. Free from these social expectations and 
Beside the wood-framed doorways of Paradise lay what we have left behind, for our gatekeeper is ever vigilant, sorting soul from chaff, "You cannot take it with you." -
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