dream job

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For the time has come, I am to leave the nest that once was created by Mother Bird.   Ready to take on the world And unaware of what is to come.
I am Joseph Conciatori/but I'm not your average Joe/I'm more than that, an intellectually gifted and highly talented young man/with a proverbial truckload of ambition/I aspire to graduate at the top of my class/with that marketing degree I'm tryi
To the little girls on bedroom floor, praying for swollen breasts and long hair. To the teenage woman, trading incoccence like baseball cards for what they believe is acceptance, 
T  eaching is the job for me E  ducating teens with intensity A  ll the while instilling integrity
I say science, and they see an endless stringof binary code and digits in single file,test tubes and lab ratsand my eyes dead like mindlessness, likea love of creationcan be muddied up
Since I was young, I've had a dream. I looked up to my Papa; A U.S. Marine. Though I was naive, and got new ideas. Now I'll do my time with four years; Anatomy, Chemistry, psychology and more.
To nurture your minds and adore your thoughts would be my everyday To listen, teach and guide you in every single way To learn from your young souls more than you learn from mine
Write words hard to understand
I'm here, I feel the air fill my lungs my voice fills the stadium where he stood.
I envision something great I envision a lady in charge. She will strive to achieve her goals no matter what obstacles are in her way,
Some day I want to explore. I want to swim And experience things I never have before.
Orchestrating art, New life in the old classics, Shakespearian Director
I will write my dream upon a white sheet With lyrical lines and melodic notes. My heart will be lost within its mad beat, Bursting into the song that I had wrote.   I will sing my dream upon open stage
One Job? One job would change my life in so many ways I could help others and have food on the table for my kids every single day My dream job would change my life drastically
Traveling Meeting new people Speaking a different language every week This could be my reality With my dream job Always on the move Constantly learning Constantly questioning And best of all
"All the world's a stage," Macbeth said,  And maybe I believe him.
Fingers fluttering across the keyboard Pen in hand Paper crisp Inspiration flowing As the sun sets in the west On a foreign coastline   A scarred hand meets mine With a callused grin
Never was the brainiac in school. More like the distraction in my peer's paths to their life goals and dreams. Pops ain't shit...Moms ain't shit...So what does that mean for me..?
Towers of Infinite DNA Small and gleaming Compounds Just waiting to be discovered Reasons waiting to be found Measurements of life realized In the soil under our feet In the simple air we breath
To dream of words is as trying to crawl away from the high walls  Losing ones mind in creativity is risking a stable future  The voices of untold stories wait as they scream their calls 
Words The power to harm and to lift and console.  The wisdom in combining
My dream job that I would like to accomplish in this life that I have is to cause children and people in general to smile not only through my main job but through the music I want to put out in the world.
i am the firstborn cub to my mother and father born to complete what they lost in their own life cycles as a reincarnation sent to redeem the regrets nagging behind their sleeping eyelids.
Words i have to speak,  much a life i have to live,  experiences to tell and stories to give.  To change the world,  in all the ways we dream, turn the new direction,  split the old at new seems. 
This dream I dreamed, I dreamed of a job of great caliber. I was glittering blitheness and success.
The Joy of Baking   Do what you love Never work a day Alone in the apartment Just the oven and I.   I bake up a storm Never stopping to worry Just cookies and cakes
I was seven years old, when I knew what I want to do. Its easy to dream big when you are young, everyone encourages you to dream big as you can but as you grow old dreams turns to dust
  I would love a job that Inspires But how do you define the career that fits your direction The Job I desire
    Every parent has hear their kid say, When i grow up i want to be..
"Children are the future," So everyone says. "Children are the future," Show me your proof, then. Hungry, impoverished Children on the streets? Too many in the classroom,
A job that is filled with challenge. 
I want to be a time traveler.
When you start off young you see yourselfan astronaut among the starsor driving in all the fancy cars. You never know what mess you’ll get in
Two things; Listen, listen, listen...let me pour out my heart to you, it's just a matter of how Don't judge how I feel, you can't really know I'll tell you my story, my weakness I'll show
PARENTS TEACHERS COUNCILORS BROTHERS SISTERS AUNTS UNCLES GRANDPARENTS they know what you want in life     you want the grades             you want the friends
'What do you want to do with your life?'The age old question.From practically the moment we begin talking,Everyone asks us what we want to do.
Through out my life people always ask me "what will you do what job will set you free?"   Days went by I gave it some thought. I couldn't decide what it was I truly want.  
The words they flow, through and through, Running, skipping, bouncing too. Under and over, bottom to top, Swirling and laughing, they don’t ever stop!   All the day long the sun they chase,
    The mirror before her Shows different from the view within.   Stiches sewn along her two lips I see her bloody outcry.   Black blue and purple covering her pale white flesh
I stare at the computer screen, Fingers twitching over keys, Thoughts flying as I consider what to do. Within my mind, shadows converse, Speaking of things long gone for them,
According to statistics I never had the chance to make it out of my city. There was no way to break the cycle of poverty. Everyday the days got darker and I started growing up.
If I had any job in the worldJust this one job I'd work as a social workerSeeing young kids trying to make just one friendSeeing the old trying to get aroundSeing one person get their life togehter. 
Life is like a rollercoaster It has its ups and downs The highs and the lows Yet I’m sure a certain career Will have me smiling from ear to ear I’m still unsure I’m still inexperienced
My sister and I have never been close.  When she was in high school, and I was in middle school, we barely talked at all, except at the dinner table or a not-so-occasional quarrel.  When she left for college, I could not have been more relieved.
We all have a dream job. They say if you love something, go for it because you will never work hard in your life. Some say it is not true. I say that a dream job is not a job, but a career. A
Is it work, or is it play? That's a key question. I dont have a dream job, 
As a kid I was asked what my dream job would be. I thought lawyer, astronaut, or doctor maybe. But now as an adult, I see things differently I want to be a person who does things consistently.
my life changing job. something so unique, its so hard to choose with all these fish in the sea with my plethora of intellect, and many more skills I could be anything from a dancer, 
Biomedical  Engineer Hard. Time-consuming
MONEY It seems that its all people want The driving force for all society The green devil that consumes us body and soul.  FAME  What we all crave Recognition for our great acts
To me it seems that life has a reoccuring theme a constant, nagging question "When you grow up what in the world are you going to be?" big smiles peer down on innocent, tiny faces
The Depths of the Sea, Not Having much company, You shall always be
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