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I grab for his hand, holding it close to my side. 
Tomorrow is a new life, another day to face the world without your voice, sense and presence because sometimes I feel wasted without your touch.
When did it happen And when did I know?   When I first saw your picture Or heard your soft voice?   When your eyes first met mine Or your laugh cast its spell?  
Skin x Spirit: A Love Story   The skin I am most comfortable in The reciporcal reality of it being  defining but divisive  accomodating but attractive 
We fell in love in late spring  As cool wind nipped at our cheeks  we found warmth in each others bodies  Our love blossomed into the summer Hot, sunny days  Walking trails hand in hand 
Dpp and Babia, a love story so sweet, Their bond, so strong, it's hard to beat. Together they're a perfect pair, A love like theirs, oh so rare.
Coffee breath mornings filled with quick good bye kisses and jingling keys  I miss you texts and emails that could’ve been meetings stuffed in between  Topped off with My soft asleep lover and me 
Don't you find the concept interesting?  People grow so attached to other people We depend on them throughout the day They become our day, our night, our evening   Suddenly It's time to call quits
I tell myself that I don't want anything more to do with you, But it is hard to convince yourself of that after everything that we have been through. I tell myself that I don't care whether or not you leave me on read,
                                                            Ich werde alle Glocken läuten Für deinen Geburtstag Ich werde aus meinen Taschen
Tell me the truth   tell me what i want to hear  i know all your lies, the ones in your eyes  I cannot keep living in fear -   Of the you that isnt really you and the me that isnt really me 
Last class of the day Best and worst class of the day Easiest and hardest class of the day The class that we’re writing The class we have to read
I sat at the corner of a coffee shopA cup of hot coffee, a cozy-cold day,Across the road, wearing a suitIs an old man, sitting beside a grave.I can't help but see what others ignore
  Amore, mi sveglio questa bellissima fredda mattina di aprileForte come un leone in cattività, ma solo una cosaMi sta agitando: sei lontano da me e dalla mia isolaSei sola, assonnata e lontano dalla terra.
Like i'm here But I'm not Like someone cares But they don't Like I belong somewhere else Anywhere but here
It always seems as if things come to you when you aren't looking for anything to occur, And when things get hard, it can be very easy to keep longing for the way that they once were.
I saw everything psychedelic placed Nothing functions out of place  Kings chosen are already know And born as they should  Nothing will take the land 
  I love when a man is nervous to talk to me for the first time Not in a masochistic way Or a rude way I just love the way they blush Or the way they trip on their words Or fidget with their fingers
On a summer day i met himWith his sparkling eyes, smooth talk and confident smilei could’nt do anything but fall for him  
I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sor
I would love to tell you "take all the time you need, I'll be here" I would really, really love to, But I don't really know if I can. Not like this. Desert. Dry. Empty. Lost. Lonley.
I'm not asking for a bouquet of flowers on my step door every single day I haven't asked for handwritten poems on the daily or for you to have to pay I never asked for the moon, the sun, the mountains or the bay
I see the most incredible woman I have ever met. You make me smile and laugh Every time I see you and think about you.   I used to think that happy endings and Dreams come true only happened in fairy tales.
I want to be the man I see in your eyes Every time you look at me.   The best is yet to be, The last of life for which The first was made.   Grow old along with me;
As I struggle to contain my emotions; My heart is speaking to you And I've come to realize how much I care for you.   I know we shared a lot Except for our deepest feelings
All for one, one for all. Can't have one without the other. Pain, hurt, desire, love. All for one, one for all. Can’t have one without the other.   My heart sank when you told me of your decision.
You were supposed to be The one who would love me and take care of my heart.   Love denied once again.   I still feel the pain, hurt, and suffering From past and present relationships.
My Loud Whisper
Emotions, too hard to hide feeling, sensitive to the touch feeling these emotions that I have for you makes me vulnerable for I feel too deeply i feel,
Like the sun and moon endlessly chasing after one another giving warmth, one moment a piercing bone chilling cold in the next i chase after you still my voice reaches out, but I am not heard
Call of the birds at sunrise  Is never unheard and if she’s Laying with him otherwise They don’t awaken in time  To bear the weight of risk 
Constant exposure of  instant gratification, that’s where we’ve drawn the line. Where we are, where we’ve been; then traveling further in time. 
Why do you want to go? I love you, many a times I told you so Still you want to go and leave me alone Then I won't stand in your way like a stone Although I'll cry for you round-the-clock
l have decided To let go A hard road to go I wish you were by my side I will keep the fight Times l say yes, times no Hard for others to know I will walk to see the light
So we strolled to the bed, beneath the sheet we rolled Our bodies melt with warmth felt The dangling emotions now tangling
We met as planned, the venue scanned In the evening cool, beside the glistening pool Amidst a scanty crowd, some in their panty
'Twas was a waking call and her voice was breaking She said' my night wasn't sweet, today, let's meet Let our needs gently proceed
My phone rang and 'twas her voice that sang Sweetly the rhyme one on time My ears tingled; the sound floats with flowery mingled
Call me in Oh, dear, never fear Bear in mind what joy to wear Call me in To your life, be the wife Of my life, it will end the strife
Yes, of a truth We met as youths With a sincere drive Together in life to live
A cigar stuck between your lips Your hands on my hips, remembering the first kiss The first day we ever looked in the same directionForgetting our imperfections, to see our true reflections
she left me in a meadow and as i could not stand the silence i ran past the ancient groves the secret place of lovers past but as i was not welcome there i ran more quickly past
My darling my darling Oh, my sweat dear You look ever so handsome And fill me with cheer When I do see you My heart always flutters I long to see you Because you make my voice stutter
My darling my darling Oh, my sweat dear You look ever so handsome And fill me with cheer When I do see you My heart always flutters I long to see you Because you make my voice stutter
My darling my darling Oh, my sweat dear You look ever so handsome And fill me with cheer When I do see you My heart always flutters I long to see you Because you make my voice stutter
Do you want to? Cause I do if you do Let's jump in and not care what they think Us, we aren't new  We've been through so much  And my love is true
There is a weakness in me. A small glint  of a child not yet grown.   It lives in me, And everything I am; everything I do.
MAGIC CARPET RIDE   Come hear my heart Let the sound take you away Feel the melted kiss from yesterday....   Like a floating feather On a magic carpet ride Together
you were an unexpected.   we were never supposed to be actual friends. but mutally we fell, got back up, and tripped again.   you make me smile- even when it feels impossible.
thumbprints left on my inner thighs, he opened me like his favorite passage. watch the plot unfold and skip right through to the climax.
So a thunderstorm A really ugly fight Four days of not talking Maybe just another break But we know that a break isn’t a break
Adrenaline boiling in my veins like hot molten hot lava or acid rain. Once the seasons change and the heart heals, nothing will ever be the same.
How do I believe that or whole relationship was fake? An act to get close to me, never give, only take. I’ve done the research, such much sounds shockingly familiar. Words described you to a tee, seems clear, yet unclear.
There is a sickness within Us, that gained control of Us. Took the lives of the best of Us, introducing Us to the worse in Us, destroying the trust we had between Us.
How, why, what, is this real, for real. This wasnt apart of the deal. For you I would rob, steal, even kill at will. I want to get off this ride, going in circles like a ferris wheel.
That was the first time I didn't want to runThe first time I wanted to live it through,But I was caught up in my wishes and went blindThat I could no longer see the truth.
I've lost my position as Queen at the throne. My king, my life, my home, all slipping away, gone. Your loss, due to the fuck shit you be on. Soon I will sit in emptiness, be isolated and alone.
What's your motive, what's your aime, what's in it for you to gain? Things are adding up leading to more of the same pain. It's insane to stay on this crazy train. I should have just stayed quiet in my own lane.
I want to catch loving looks,To feel adoration and care,Vainly try to resist the pull,Because of the feelings shared.
Without us, I lived as though I didnt give 2 fucks. There was no we, no possibility of an us. There was silence, no arguing, no bickering, no cussin', no fuss.
PAPA   I felt you weeping today. As you listen to the song       that life has given you to play....   The colors of the dayHave drifted away From bright yellow, pale blue and pink. 
DREAM RHYME   Thinking of her Out of the blue Wondering where she is What she's about to do ....   I stop my work drop my pen My mind wanders to a time when ....
MY NATURAL HIGH   She's my natural high My red carpet ride To another world Alone with me ....   The wind       that ruffles her hair And the rain
We are a nation of “simps” in a world of mad men - unknown   I’m like a bubble, Levitating round and around And when I reach the surface,
NIGHT WALK   I want to walk with you at night.  Where you walk alone in the morning light.  When the rising sun pushes away the moon. Where you walk six hours before noon ....   
LIKE A SUMMER BREEZE   Walking with a cane You came into my lane. Jumbled my ways My nights became days.   I’ve felt this breeze before I thought. For sure! 
What if we suddenly awoke, Realized it'd all been a dream? What kind of feelings would be evoked; For us what would it mean?   And if I could give back all this time, Run back across the line,
MR. WOO   You flew your heart true In the sky aboveWith your last love. Mr. Woo ....   
REAR VIEW I think of my past. Because you are here at last. It becomes clearerIn life’s rear view mirror ....  
OUT OF TOUCH    You're feeling bad  Out of touch .... aren't you girl?  Life has taken you on a whirl Don't let it steal your joy You're not in anyone's employ....  
YOU SAY   You say ... only time will tell.  I say ... I want to hear your heart's bell.  I don’t need you.   But my heart wants to.   My soul does not need you. 
BONNIE and CLYDE   The clock passed the covid curfew And I'm still with you. On stolen time  Trying to see new love rhyme.  We are Bonnie and Clyde Lovers on the hide.
ON A SWING   In the morning when the sun clicks on       and she gives a sighAt the last evening star dancing       in the pale blue skyThat's when I dream Of her and me On a swing.... 
LADY DAY   Let’s give all      to this flower of ours....We’ve been alive without love      for too many hours....With others      but always alone....With some sun 
ARTS GARAGE     I loved each moment   At Arts Garage   A blues music barrage   Then walking the street at large...        Your touch   Your smile   And for a little while  
LAY WITH LOVE   All I want to do Is make love to you With poetryWith musicAnd a caress or two  That boils your heart   A dreamy kiss  That melts like butter in sun
BEING MY REAL  What matters now is how I feel  and being my real.....   I am drifting on my boat and you're on shore  Waving to me.. shouting.. "give me more" 
IT FLOWS THROUGH ME  The rising sun kisses the day  The breeze flows to me  It has something to say ....   It ruffles my hair I wonder what is to be What we will discover
Gypsy Queen. On me leanBe my Gypsy Lover....  The song you sing Makes love swing So play away To my heart each day And be my Gypsy lover....   To the wind I will sing:
MELTED KISS   That night We danced tight To the rhythms of the floor Wanting the band to play more At Club Colette  With the beach jet set....   It was so so right
you are blue like the walls of my room --   soft, yet vibrant.   sturdy and protective.   you are all-encompassing,   my safe space when i have nowhere else to turn.  
TABLE 26   I must sayYou were lovely today With laughter of fun  I long the return of your sun And to play  With Your smile of wonder  And dance with you Untill dawn at six 
EVERY MOVE   I’m free to love. Let me be free. A free lover. To All of you.    If you need me Call my name. If you want me You can do the same.   
KISS ME YOU FOOL!!  I know you understand me  It's uncanny   We have a rhyme  Unlike the many      we spent time .... 
chains clink, wood creaks.   the birds surrounding us sing their sweet song,   perfectly in tune with the sound of your voice.  
A LOVER'S NOTION   How could you knowI miss you so....   We've been apartImprisoned by disdainListen to my heartLet it explain....  
I encourage the writing of love- I do not deny this, but to be perfectly clear with you it is my opinion that some love stories shouldn't exist.   The stories of the extremely fragile soul
I wish I could forget you, And all we have been through. I wish I could free my self from These prison walls around me. Walls you built to torture me Selfishly, in the name of love.
it is impossible for me to put my love for you into words,   but i will always continue to try.   would adjectives be accurate?   maybe endless,   passionate,   intimate.
home is in the sparkle of your eyes while you talk about something you love.   home is in the stability of your arms as they wrap around my half-asleep body.  
i'm not quite sure how to put the way i miss you into words.   i see your face in everything around me.   your taste is a recurrent craving i can't seem to curb.  
i look into your deep brown eyes    and feel gusts of wind rush into my lungs at the speed of light.   deep breath in,   deep breath out.   i can finally breathe again.  
you are a work of art.   from far away, you look absolutely perfect.   but when i'm standing in front of you, all of your gritty details show themselves loud and clear.  
honey-brown skin   glistens like liquid gold   and pours into my open mouth.   i drink up as if i've been parched for years.   but this flavor could never compare  
can't sleep.   it feels like these walls are closing in on me   so i find shelter in your arms instead.   (i could stay here forever.)
pink cheeks   rosy like blooms that burst when you compliment me.   you say my name   and everything else falls like petals, sinking   down   down   down.
your golden-brown skin is warm and inviting.   on the outside i stay cool and collected --   freezing my feelings so i'll never crack.   but on the inside,  
i seem to fall in and out of love at a slightly disturbing speed.   my lovers are like puzzle pieces.   i'm always trying to find my perfect fit --  
All the expectations and love for you Shattered and annihilated in a moment or two Building the castles in air, I was Pursuing you, was my biggest loss Deep in your self, I have lost mine
Street talk, I know you don't understand,I can imagine why,The limit is in the sky,Trust me, the feeling is escalating, My fault,Street talk,My bad, It hurts me I feel twisted like a rope that can't be untied,I want to sleep away the feeling,Im so
Please don't doubt it I do love you For me love is not an emotion, it's a choice Although i can't have you and you can't have me I never want you to leave
You Matter.    At times like these, when it’s night, I’m tired but I want to get up. I have no drive but I’ll get up and drive.   
Fear comes with the territory Hate to break it to ya Vulnerability comes with the territory If you haven’t realized Awkwardness comes with the territory
i love you so brutally. sometimes i’d lay awake at night wondering if you were the thing that kept me going when i couldn’t anymore.  
i no longer think in gray.   i see you and i think in oranges, reds, greens, and golds. i looked into your eyes and i saw the happiness
If you never find love If you have sad days And you ever feel lonely If your heart gets broken And you can’t see the light If your mind starts to wander And you think you’re not enough
I just want someone to love me for who I really am. Handle me with my snort laughs, and my obnoxiously dark sense of humor. Hold me close when I’m anxiety ridden and full of pain.
(Kristen)Getting the person you love back in your life can be achieved through a love spell, that will be cast Naturally, i lost my boyfriend to another girl and i was devastated at that moment, then i came accross this (https ://lovespellsolution
you love love love me? love is a broken boomerangheavy from despiratation.and of course it would be,what could possibly reach my expectations?
I couldn't sleep right, I thought I was texting you all night. You seem to take advantage of my kindness. I never thought it would ever happen. You explain things as if you're always right.
Curtains and ceilings are the TVs of late night thought trains When you can’t think straight When your mind draws blanks All the patterns are signals Made up
A hand ruffled through hair, a kiss on the cheek,  hearing humming sweeping  from the warm kitchen.   A pat on the back, hand clasped in hand, a foot against a foot
Never fall for it. stop falling for it. her beautiful smile and soft skin. how she tricks you into coming back. How somehow everything is your fault. She could stab you, but the kiss heals the pain 
You put me in a box and there is where I stayed It was cold, dark, and lonely, but I loved you anyway Then a light approached me and I took a peep outside The air was warm and full of love,
I’m coming to the end of my teenage years And I realized that it wasn’t worth the tears
Growing up and old in the rich and slightly wildered jigsaw valley,
warmth.  embrace, it's something i lack. i'll be without, you won't come back.   hate. love, it's all an illusion. at this point it's all confusion.    fate.
When I was young, each day was so incredibly filled with possibility.Each moment burst with fresh emotion so bright and furious that it burned out all feelings prior to it.
I wandered alone Clinging to things not my own Placing my worth in them Painting my future with brushes of past Thinking that love would never last   Jumping from sin to sin
laughing at nothing feeling everything our love a rose in spring   something has changed we have changed into something more   maybe it was how his hand felt right in mine
thought i was finally done and then i noticed it was small things at first you unfollowed me on everything which was to be expected dropped any sort of contact
sage /sāj/ noun 1. a plant with green leaves that are primarily used for cooking, originating from southern europe and the mediterranean.
I need you To hold me  When I’m sad I need you  When the nights  Are so long  I want you When I can’t sleep I want you When I cry I need to Hold you when
If you wanted to see, The pieces of my heart. Look in the mirror.
I’ve considered putting my hair Into a ponytail when I’m sleeping Because my hair not soft against my Cheek and gets in my eyes and is Hot. I’ve also considered getting Another better-paying job. Both
i called her my forever girl because it’s only with her i felt the need for a never-ending romance   Kira  Instagram: @kirapoems
Soon you will return, I'll be by your side I know you will be gone as soon as you arrive 3 months spent far away, another 6 out farther Maybe spending 2 more years before a chance at forever
We love with a love that’s more than love. It’s passion, It’s experience, It’s understanding.   He’s loved me at my lows.
The big bad something Decides it’s time to talk, Pounding, Behind eyes, Spherical, The bullets shoot you, And the hiding isn’t easy.   The thing about “something” is,
you asked me what I see in your eyes. I could’ve been cliché  and said I saw the sea, but instead I said, that I see a whole world in your eyes. With a fading blue-orange sky and crickets chirping and little children playing outside. With smiles  
Happy Father’s Day to a father Who was absent when I craved for him Back then in my days This relation was rather growling and grim
Sometimes my words Go in one ear and out the other.           But that’s ok Cause by heart and soul we are tethered. It’s my job to be mad When F’S litter your report card, I know you can do better.
Do we ever think about the things we create? The small things and the large things that we drag with us through time, the phases that we promoted that we thought would last forever in our minds  
Anger, a muscle memory, triggered by his voice now teasing, now taunting, now icy creeping in my ears and down my spine.    Like tomcats we clawed,  screeched at each other, like 
You're kind of crazy and I am too, I'm only me when I'm with you.   You make me smile like a child, I hope you'll stick around and stay awhile.   You make me feel so safe inside,
Life is like the Earth Always changing Growth, rebirth Movement, rearranging.   People are like seasons Some seem to linger, to last But for whatever reason Others quickly become past.
I see your guilt through tired eyes, Two bloodshot victims of countless nights Expressing dejection in bitter solitude.   I smell your fear through a raw nose,
My heart flutters and bangs its way throughout my body.  Adrenaline courses through my veins and your hands trace it out of my skin.  Hot breath in my mouth and out yours.
Hidden   Friends, old and new join together, forming an odd kind of family. Drunken men make moves and women refuse until the morning.
I’m just not the same Where’s the picture for my frame Where’s the candle for my flame  I just am not right  Where’s the sun to bring me light Where’s the pen so I can write  
Lovewhat is love?Is there really a definition for this simple four letter word? If I try to describe it maybe I would just sound absurd But here I go
Guilt is what I feel everytime I doubt your capability to love me wholly.  
I would push myself everyday To walk the streets abandoned by my mother Wrap my words with her lies And sell them as truth She would lend me her voice to call out my demons   
You and I. A million things that could've been and that might still come to be,One hundred things in those three words that can be read between the lines,
to the one who broke me   i hope you’re doing well, even though you called me a shitty friend and listed all the things you hate about me
I hug you and kiss you Then, I choke you, But I soften you. I killed you. But I love you, I still love you no matter what. I hate not making you feel better, I want to be together,
My routine with you has never changed. Night and day, Your promises seem so far away. My routine with you has never changed. I pray, I write , I read.
“Together forever” “Together until the end of time” That’s what we used to say But every promises Are meant to be broken   Everything has changed We’re slowly getting further
From afar I saw it, Flying with its gorgeous wings Among the flowers But when I touch it, It flew away   The butterfly is just like you,
She didn’t know, What would happen, when he came to her life She wasn’t aware That she slowly changed, to another person for him  
They say that Distance Makes the heart grow fonder But I was fond enough When we walked Alongside one another
You were wildfire. Someone lit you and left you to burn. So when i came along, Your ashes and flaming embers, landed upon my skin and ignited me. Your smoke wafted into my lungs
I don't believe in omens I don't believe in signs Though our paths have crossed and Our fates seem to align. Am I in denial if "Coincidence!" I cry, Blind to unseen strings? Is chance a myth, a lie?
You were there when I needed you the most… When I was breaking under pressure, Like a sapling overburdened with snow. I always thought of myself as a mighty oak,
She is ample long, luxurious locks that unlock me plentiful, sloping curves that my tongue skiis down she provides rich milk nourishing my pounding heart soft, plump lips whispering
I still listen to all the songs you told me about. It's like the only piece of you I have left. They bring back bittersweet sadness. In myself, I've found some of you.
You've always compared me to a rose and I never quite understood why. Is it because I'm pretty? Or is it because I have thorns? Is it because, if you get too close you'll hurt yourself?
That communication is Sometimes not the key? Only if I want to hear it, Then I will respond back to you. Or better, if I don't like it I'll rant about it to everyone I know. Why does it have to be?
In the center of my heart She planted a tree. Happiness a branch I'd soon know. The leaves sprouting in full with no limitation to height. The roots carry the depth of how far her hands have gone.
If there was a time in my life where I said I hated you I lied If there was a time where I said you didn’t mean anything to me I lied If there was a time when I said I didn’t need you I lied
Dancing on the floor Singing cheerful songs The world rotates for each movement that is made Stained in vibrant hue are the lights that illuminate the room
why do you expect me to be okay? to be okay with your actions, to be okay with what you say i'm not why do you expect me to forget? the words you told me, the words you said i can't
It never works, And I'm an idiot for trying. I feel like you've unpopped the corks, 'Cause I'm suddenly crying.
                                                           Baby blue                                                         I put my faith in you
"Have you ever wanted something so bad,  that you find yourself mesmerize when she passes beside you,
The way that you love me It's like you know exactly what I need to survive, and I finally see all that I was missing, now I can finally proceed   I never knew love like this existed
What if I'm not as pretty as you think? What if I have scars on my face? What if everything changes once you blink would I no longer be in first place?   Would you eveen bother to get to know me
There's a definite gleam in my eyes,  the moment they set on you. A smile comes across my face,  at the phenomenal view.  The glow from your skin,  it brightens the room; The curves of your body
Now I'm packing up my things, From the space where our hearts overlapped. You've left a few items I know that you'll be back. I'm not going to be there You can have my key, I'm leaving this place
Nostalgic melodies cause me to rise, from the safe white, billowing sheets, and the shared warmth of surrounding arms.   Aimlessly, I sway unsteady, on the forgetful memory foam, legs wobbling, arms bending,
Just wanna tell you I love the way you love me Just wanna tell you I love the way you talk Just wanna tell you I love the way you staring at me Just wanna tell you I love the way you kiss me
A hopeless romantic, a hopeless dream That’s what is real, and it’s all it will be. To crush false hope at the source of its seam.
Awakening to a senseless breath, a breeze takes over; a simple stroke as yesterday's misfortunes fall back into focus __________ One fork in the road,
Him. Me. Tranquility.     I feel safe but strange, it’s not my game.                 My chest feels small
“You are the thunder that echoed through the night; died off in the distance and stayed out of sight.   Every day an endless nightmare; every night a dying dream.   A sleepless heart,
"Her name written in the moon between the stars, crossed out, covered up with several black ink marks. The tiny spark, the invisible pen, marks all you see but cannot read. That little hope, it still burns faint, the fire burns, always.
"I am picking out the glass underneath my feet from stepping on your littered beach. I tossed it back into your sea and poisoned the wildlife, killed off its resources. The water grew toxic so I couldn't swim.
April 20, 2017. 12:41 am  
I was the shattered glass laying on the floor, until you swept me up and built me into something more. I was a hole in the knee of your favorite blue jeans,  and you stitched me up along the seams.
I was the shattered glass laying on the floor, until you swept me up and built me into something more. I was a hole in the knee of your favorite blue jeans,  and you stitched me up along the seams.
My how you look tonight
Beginning ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Its 2AM & I’m lonelier than I’ve ever been. Attachment is a funny thing It forms so quickly
I used to miss you. Mostly your body and the way you moved. But now all I can remember about you is your sour tone and the way you used to put me down. I used to miss you, but now you are nothing at all.
Whispers drift with the salty breeze. Oh, my dear. His tender hand brushes a lock of hair behind her ear. Just, for me, bear it a little longer. Let’s enjoy the fireworks at eight.
feelings we disect, fail to digest. we're both so depressed. emotions repressed; show reason less. we scream and we shout; dont know what about. I saved this for us. you stressed me out.
Why won't you treat me like I'm perfect? Why won't you treat me like I'm worth it? You ripped my heart right out of my chest You did things to it that I never would've guessed Couples don't treat each other this way
Having a broken heart makes it so hard to breathe I begged you to stay, but I ended up having to watch you leave Best friends? Best friends till the end? I guess with time my broken heart will mend
The laughs that we've shared have now turned to scars and bruises. My days would end with me in tears and u still wishing for my life to end.  
The night loomed over the park. The cold nipped at us. We held hands through the scattered blackness   and I wasn't even afraid of the dark. Red Blue Orange Green White Purple bulbs everywhere,
Her bare back moves with each breath as she sleeps into the late morning. A tattoo on her shoulder peers over the covers, as her glasses sit on the table adjacent to the bed. I want to take in all of her-
he was a secret that I regret keeping locked away, deep inside my soul he stayed he shook hands with my fearshe befriended my pain
Poetry is an insight to the soulPowerful images built with wordsEmotions drawn from rhymeThere is a world in poetryA story to be heard and cherishedLike a book condensed to linesSimple phrases, hidden meanings Look at a person like a poemAnalyse,
It's like he doesn't wanna be with me anymore, he looks at me and doesn't see what he use to see anymore all day Fighting it's like we couldn't agree anymore .. I do anything to get answers and just to be with you more but
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She gave him everything she had. Her body, soul, and heart, She thought they would be together forever. Her eyes folded into her face,
His tongue tastes of wine I feel childhood memories on his spine. His eyes shimmer like the sea I know why he has that scar on his knee. His lips taste like cherries I watch him devour some Ben & Jerry's.
Picture this: the two of us, in bed white sheets, black holes No, blown pupils we can't stop staring
Today I woke up and wrote a poem. It wasn't about you, but you were in it.
I am a fucking phoenix. You can tear me down You can burn my body Leave me in the ashes of memories And even blow them across the floor
My body has been burned Scorched and used From the times my feathers were ripped from my body In a pillow fight I will never win. My bones are fragile
What is that look when you see me in public? You give me this look of loathing Chills me to the bone. What is that look when you see me in private?
Jealousy appears to be the only feeling in my heart. As I watch you touch him like I would like for myself. Don't you dare love him... but who am I to say. He must feel similar to my own pain.
I don't want you in my head. Sitting there, taking all of the space. My lock has been latched, as for you, can never escape.
I miss the old days The times spent with you But friends finally told me To find someone new. 'Cuz you sure have changed now But I haven't left My heart aches so much as  I hope for the best. 
Lemon squares And sorbet eyes Belong to the one That I am in love with. They think of themselves As judgemental and crude,
When I think about you, I think about all the times I’ve been happy in my life Because that’s what you do You make me happy
I would say I’m sorry But it would be a lie. I could tell you that I love you And everything is fine.
Crash The structure comes down We built it together, and we'll take it down together It may seem like we're divided, but we still have one goal before it's over
I want to paint all my walls yellow. So when I wake up, I wake to the color of you. The color that holds every sunset, every warm smile, all those kisses on the beach.
Temporary completion, I took it so personally It was something I was craving for an eternity  I was so desperate. I craved something so real and profound
can you feel it the burn inside yourself the fire and ache flooding through your soul let me be your relief your taste of snow and ice feel my lips freeze your skin calm the fires
My phone used to ring At 11:55 PM Every single night For some lovely months, But at this 11:55 PM, Ringing has ceased               Because I asked for it to. At 11:55 PM,
I need you.   I need to run my hands through your hair. I need to kiss your lips and your neck and your chest and your skin. I need to draw shapes on your body with my fingertips.
When he took over my thoughts He did more than just manifest In my brain He became the heartbeat that kept me alive
If the body is a blank canvas Let me paint a picture Through the kisses Telling you what is now Through the time in my arms
Painting Greys
My heart's now frozen Then again it's on fire Your soul and my soul Only a bird can go higher With you there's few things that I can't do See my insecurities as just things you shoot right through
i am sorry i am sorry if you confused me for home usually flowers do that too.   i dont blame you for doing that i dont blame you for throwing words into the sky
I hope you realize how much you mean to me, regardless of where a relationship between us stands. I hope you know that you make my day. Even when I fell like the world around me is falling apart,
I look at the stars late at night The wind that blows against my face is very cold I did whatever I could to make you shine bright When you where lonely I was always there for you to hold  
Dear firefly,  It's been too long since I've seen you It's been too long since I've felt your touch      the brush of your hand on mine      the soft reassurance of your fingers skimming the skin on my face 
You can't tell me that you ever cared about me or my feelings when the one time I sleepily told you I loved you (on accident), you told me that I didn't
Backstory/Commentary: This was written on May 5th, 2017,  right on the cusp of me diving into a relationship with my now ex,
This is a story of a boy, A boy from a broken family, A boy with a dream, A boy with a goal,And a boy with the means to achieve bot
Dear Lover,  I am not a puppy or a little plaything you can choose because you think I am cute,  I am not a creature you can punish for not behaving how you would like me to,
I am unable to recast The same sun that rose  The day that was our last This isn’t what I chose Glass between our paths I had you in my grasp
Forgive my reach I can't stop I know I should But I can't stop We pick our fruits From the places we love But seasons change
Dear Sam,  Sometimes I'm not sure if I miss you or the way you made me feel. Sometimes I'm not sure if I can live another second without feeling the way you made me feel. Sometimes I'm not sure how you really made me feel.
Dolphin Gray -  The color of my favorite  Crayola Crayon  At six years old slightly blue-tinted gray catching my eye
It is not me who over thinks. It is you who does the over thinked.
I feel like I'm drowning in your words and every time I open my mouth to breath, I lose more air. 
Something in my gut tells me to just run away, move on and find someone less difficult but then a spark of hope ignites in my heart and says
love is just not my thing.  maybe it never was. And never will be.
I hide my body, And decorated my soul, I don't put doormats or door signs, That says "welcome" anymore, I got rid of all the dodders, And sowed seeds of dreams in my chest,
dear precious and dexterous,   the house in the hills of cinque terre, is resplendent in its alluring wealth. it is orange,
Dear lover, Why are you afraid of me? This would mean you’d be afraid of The girl who cries at night, the girl Who cries because she doesn’t know the future.
Acting okay. Asking for forgiveness, Always pretending.   Broken heart. Bridges burnt. Baby, wait please.   Crying for hours. Cutting off everyone. Can you ever forgive me?
I reached to the depths of your despair While the pit of your pain revered as it leaked. You crushed the very flower that still scented your skin Tainting its petals, making it yours to keep.  
Dear Jake,   My relationship with you was a plant, a flower, it bloomed like a rose.   Beautiful from afar, but if I got too close, held on a little too tight,
To My Dearest Beloved, I want to start by saying, I’m glad you’ve stayed this long. I don’t think anyone else would have. It’s been five years, Since you first hesitantly said, I love you.
 Dear Far-Away Love,       Yes, I know today is another day                          with you over there and me over here   
Oh how I miss you, Your sweet smell of flowers  The comfort you bring me  Oh how much joy you bring me every day You're always there for me at the end of the day when I come home from school 
    wrap me in your love again. blanket plush, velvet crushed. make me feel again. misery, over and over.
Dear My Future Ex,   I'm tired of all the lying and the cheating, Our alliance suffers from treason,   Whenever we talk, we're fire breathing, Only time we aren't fighting, is when we're eating,
You were warm. I was cold.  Hard.  And you were warm. Warm like a fleece blanket Softening my insides in cozy embrace.   You were sweet Like you knew me before you ever had to ask
Your steady warm breath Against my neck. Your body wrapped around mine As if your first instinct is to protect.   You hold my hands in a warm embrace With the conviction that you will never let go.
"You are so young, you have so much time" Never mixed well with "Life is short." So I never poured my time in a hot bucket Sitting in the sun as it evaporates into the last place  I wanted it to go--
Dear Rebekah, I always take a look at you when you're not aware, But most times you catch me looking and I find it so unfair That the stars in your eyes twinkle, when you see him and not me,
This poem reflects a bad relationship: Dear whoever cares, My heart hurts. My stomach hurts My chest hurts. It's my entire body actually. I feel like I forgot how to breathe. This isn't right.
I loved a man who broke my heart Haven’t we all I loved him deeply from the start That was my first mistake   I just should have waited
  Lately I’ve grown aware Of my habit for lashing out, my cold fits My disenchanting flare and I know my pride's laid bare
Your striking blue eyes Pierce anyone that dares stray near your territory   Your gay, uncaring smile That is not only contagious but gets you out of trouble   Your strong, echoing voice
Liberation, She called it, Discharging pet Lovebird from the Foreign shackles Named commitment  
Dear The One Who Hates,   I still remember the days that we shared. The plucking of flowers and pulling of hair. The theories of God that would fly through our heads
Maybe it was too much what I put you through, in the end I always thought of me and you.I asked you to hold on when things were rough, you tried to hide it but I could see things were tough.When I shouldn't have been lonely I was, in those times I
I know I don't usually send things this way,but I wanted to tell you;
I cry almost every night, asking will everything be alright  Stare into dark space with a low face, a lot people don't know this takes place What woman can own it and say the love of her life is fading away, that maybe it's be best to split even t
I almost told you the other day. About 4 times to be exact. It was on the tip of my tongue but for some reason, my teeth grit and pushed it back into my throat each and every time.
Stale smoke, It clings to the threads of his jacket, Yet i've never choked, Our relationship is stuck in a brackett. Oversaturated Old Spice,
Days, Days go by, He has nothing to say. Cry, All you can do is scream, You just cry until your eyes are dry. Dream,
Oh, how these past few months have been filled with tears. Losing you was by far one of my biggest fears. You made me face it, with your sadistic, evil ways. And now we haven't spoken in days. Thank you,
Girlfriend, Dear girlfriend, Your inner star shines brightly! Deep beauty is great.
A heaving chest, Quick breaths, You stole the very air from my lungs.   A watchful eye, Beautiful surprise, You took my focus for yourself.   A thumping heart, Set apart,
To my ex-lover, You were my first real love, My first serious relationship. You taught me how to be in a relationship, How to love, How to be compassionate, How to commit.
Dear John, I know this sounds cliche, But let me count the ways, That I think of you, Oh wait. You’re Not
My Sweetness, Freedom of reproach and firmness against difficulty Have been found in our love, Tried and tested, it is true.   I hear the grit of the others, Trash talking our silver-ringed way
Where there is love, Distance doesn’t matter. Whoever wrote this line doesn’t know the kind Of love I have for you.  
As we grow old... We are supposed to listen to what we are told.    The wise & the bold,  Told us something that we should all take & hold.   
My love For thunderclouds And rainy nights Is like my love For you   Cold and depressing.  
Ill use the love letters you wrote me to fuel the fire I light to destroy this paper house I have been living in.    
Buy into the aestheticI wouldn't spare you a dime I am my own butcher of my edifice Not a single truth nor a single lie Could slow the ebbs in current Could stop the rising tide
I find joy walking in the rain with you. The wind brings a biting chill And the water droplets sink into my clothes. The sky is a flat, endless gray.
(Verse 1) Just let me say I’m only a man I hope that you would’ve understand And see all the love that I had So high up but I’m about to crash and land Worse come down since my acid trip
“No one loves you like I do” The words that once seemed lovely Burrow into the crevices of my mind Right next to “you’re not good enough” and “you’ll never achieve anything”   “No one loves you like I do”
‘Thermodynamic equilibrium is defined as the state of an isolated system in which there is no tendency for spontaneous change a tenuous balance between unimaginable forces.’
I loved like a sloth. I clinged to him like a life source, like a sloth clings to a branch. I fought for him to see me , love me, want me. I used all my strength to stay  in the safety of his affection.
This is my story,My love life through my eyes,And what a healthy relationship,Means to me.
You made me so happy.I would always smile at the thought of you. 
Because I love you I want you to grow in all aspects of your life I want you to become the person that you want to be
words grip me into a choking hold as i grasp for air from your overbearing love that tighten my vocal chords   i ask for you to leave
Crinkled candy wrappers filling the trashcan, I turn to my right and gaze at your caramel skin. Headphones on, you furiously play your favorite video game Which over time causes my eyes to drift away.
Because I love you I know you’re not perfect                   But I love you regardless   Nothing is perfect not you, not me, not our relationship
The love you have is yours, Yet you give it away to me. Adding love to mine, never dividing. Flowers grow in the gardens, yet no rain falls. For your sun shines and our joy like birds.
To understand a healthy relationship, you must understand a healthy self. Neither should you starve to death, nor should you stock junk food on the shelf.
Love ambitiously flowing through my veins; All of the qualities you possess allow my heart to never rest; As relationships are always put to the test;
Didn’t think I’d be the type To be like the stereotype, But I can’t stop thinking I’m falling but not sinking. When I look at you, If only you knew. That you are without a flaw,
Before you I could never be alone He was always watching, listening Never letting me go Why do you do these things? To which he simply responded Because I love you  
Because I love you In my very own way I accept your outstretched hand You have kept your promise Never led me astray So today, united we stand   If divided we fall I would not be upset
It’s nearly a year later since I’ve written And I’ve regained myself. I believe in my future. I want to strive. I want to love all. My heart has flourished since I’ve last written.
Her. She’s eighteen years old, and she’s in love.   Him. He’s twenty-one years old, and he’s got his own place.   Them. They go out on a Friday night,
there is something strangely beautiful and completely hilarious about listening to you snore over skype.   i have never touched your face or kissed your lips but i feel your heart beating in mine.
We were born from the same star But stars burn out So we did the impossible We fell here To this safe haven But what is safe when it's gripped by your screaming? Can nudes save us?
                                You are the only cloud on a sunny day.                                 Because of you, I have shade on the hottest day of the year.  
Because I love you, a smile tugs at my lips at the sound of your name. Because I love you, my stomach becomes a butterfly garden when I see your smile.
#BecauseILoveYou Can I trust you? In high school I'm Currently in one. A relationship I mean It starts off all green and circumstantial
I was told actions speak louder than words But few recognize how words twist the soul Some I hear have connotations absurd And I wonder if it's really their goal   To guilt others into pleasing them
the first goodbye is hardest and the second is easier once you get used to leaving walking away is numbed   but i was never the one to walk away just watched you leave so each goodbye stings
It teaches you who you are And shows you what you’re becoming The foundation To healthy relationships So that you’re not left there stumbling There’s only one person I’ve ever fallen in love with
  My reflection showing hate Destructive thoughts would not shake I needed them to validate “What a pretty smile” Didn't they know it’s fake?
Why? Because I love you!  Every morning, one of my favorite parts of the day, I get to wake up next to you. Every night, another favorite of mine, is lying in bed with you by my side.
“How was your day, Sweetie?” “I should get one for my partner too.” “I mean… Would you want to?” It’s as simple as that.
A white feather fell on me as I walk to my office. Once I enter the office, I felt a kiss on my cheek. I looked back quickly and saw nothing.   I resume to work without thinking or telling that to my boss,
A spark of emotion birthed a flaming relationshipText messages and posts proclaim the feelings you have to the worldYour once boring life took a spin, and FLIPThe problems in your life just vanished; unfurled
Something changed inside of me When I disturbed the water lilies The curtains stirred in disarray But she said that she couldn’t stay   Something changed inside of me When I sang to the water lilies
Take my hand in yours and let’s walk the earth, As if we were meant to since the birth, For I have never felt anything like this, When you lean over to blow me a kiss, In the haze of infatuation.  
The purple flower grows at night so is the white flower. The purple flower grows stronger and brighter so is the white flower. The purple flower dies slowly, but not for the white flower.
No one understands me in the times of the shadows  No one listens to me in a world that is full You do, oh, it is percious when you do   You take care of me like a bear protects its cubs 
Because I love you, Because I love you I saw more for you than I did for myself I let go of my success and marked the path for your access.
She loves him because he trusts her fight her own battles but still stands silently behind her, always ready to help but only if she wants him to.
I love you this much, More than all the tears from your eyes. If you love me, You'll not worry your pretty mind over my lies. What I mean with my fists My love will persist;
  In my darkest moment,  You were there to cradle me Somehow you became my opponent Preventing me from being free   You and I together Perpetuated my pain The way dark and stormy weather
Text me when you're home Safely Did you eat? I can buy you something Gave you all my love All I could give But what I couldn't do was Forgive
The butterfly with black wings, black body and black eyes. The butterfly comes at your window at midnight. The butterfly made a fluttered sound. Then you turn your head from the table.
When you lie restless at night,I will console you,I will tend to your needs,I will assure you that things will be okay—Because I ca
They built me up, And knocked me down, Over And over And over And over. A cycle of trying to impress,
Less sugar, More flavor, With a hint of lime, And salt. Therefore, Balance  of Life  and Love.
I had become accustomed to the monstrous features beneath his surface - The claws that grasped my hands; The cold lips that touched mine; The fire that burned in his eyes.
I will never leave you, and I will always listen. But because I love you, I cannot always help. For I am only human, just as you are only human. We make mistakes. We fall, we cry, we mess up.
Because I love you I will listen to what you have to say Because I love you I will never just turn and run away   Because I love you
I choke you, But I soften you. I love you, I still love you no matter what. I hate not making you feel better, I want to be together, With you, Until we decayed at the end of our lives.
Normal couples fight, right? It's not out of the ordinary to be coerced  To need someone to push me out of my comfort zone Normal boyfriends keep their options open, right?
In January She was toxic. Through lies and pain, You broke a little more.   In March You said it was okay,
I would do anything for you. I loved much as my stupid hormonal 15 year old brain could. All I ever wanted from you was for you to care and at least tell me that you love me.
Because I loved you, I felt worthless Because I loved you, I saw myself surrounded by darkness when you were supposed to be my light Because I loved you, I saw blood on my hands instead of your fingers between mine
Because I love you, I thought it was okay to spend all my energy on you. My grades started dropping, And I was up every night talking to you.  
As I closed my eyes I could hear the raindrops sing, I could hear the wind whistling “it’s going to be okay” “it’s all over now” “it’s going to be okay”  
Because you love me, you do your best to make me smile, Because I love you, seeing you is worth every mile. Because you love me, you call every day. Because I love you, I want to hear everything you have to say.
Love is not building a relationship on a foundation of physical looks.  Love is having respect, trust, and empathy, whether it be romantic or brotherly love.
The first day we met You asked if you could sit beside me You didn't move 'till I said yes   A few months later You asked if we could study You didn't get out books 'till I said yes  
Because I love you I send good morning texts And goodnight texts Because I love you I remind you to eat And make sure you're okay Because I love you I break down knowing we won't last
#BecauseILoveYou I love you for who you are Not what I want you to be Or what anyone else wants you to be
Will you be by my side until the end? My mind is trapped inside a hidden box If you were here to make me apprehend The crosswalks in my life are a paradox
With tears in my eyes I look into yours Our eternal lives Have been suddenly cut short Though they are closed tight A new door unlatched.  
You love me I know that When you read my poems And don't hate me
Because I love you I will hold your soft hand Through the sweet winter breeze With our toes treading sand Because I love you I will place your lips on mine It'll feel so free Since you're my valentine
I feel like your choking me when i am around you, but i breath, because i love you.   I tried to fight my feelings,  but victory was impossible, because i love you.  
to Love, One must giVe and takE to Love, One must bend, neVer brEak to Love
How did this happen? The odds  Astronomical The chances Celestial Seven billion lives Beginning, ending, colliding And I find you And you find me How  How How
If I have a soulmate  I hope he finds me first; When I have a soulmate I'll know that he will be my last.   One look, one touch Just enough to say "Because I love you,
Because I Love You I am patientBecause I Love You I let you make your own decisionsBecause I Love You I will support you
Because I love you: I am me. No more walls No more faces Because I love you, I took off my mask I showed you who I was,
My heart has felt everything and then nothingIt has been ripped and burned and then sewn back together with broken fingersSo I put it where nobody can touch it, deep below my belly, hidden in the darkness
What does it mean to love? Is it a title? Is it to act like a vital?   No, it is much more. Much more than I can implore.   It is a feeling a feeling of believing.  
Being alone at night, One day i found my knight. Sharing emotions and being talkative, I found him being very positive. Not only about how I felt,
A destiny, a change in what we see as the worlds eye another doesn't know there life began this journey through every expirence to every sorrow, a bond is born into a trust between two, 
I’ll respect you, not abuse you I’ll encourage you, not discourage you I’ll cheer you, not depress you I’ll stand up for you, not ignore you
Few years ago I would smile and say hey Because life's too short to feel hate Now, i have been hurt too many times Being nice to the traitor is no longer my fortay
I am sorry, it is time for me to depart I have seen the person that you really are Yet, he wishes for me to stay Pulling the same trick just so I stick around for another day
Growing up, I never saw a healthy relationship.  I didn’t see my dad kiss my mom on the cheek, And I didn’t see my mom get roses. I didn’t see my parents in the same bed,
“You’re just worthless, that’s all you will ever be.” “You’re a whore, and you’re not good enough for me” “I’m too good for you, can’t you see?”  
I liked it when you told me I would be your princess on a pedestal I liked it when you told me life with you was never dull I liked it when you told me I was perfect I liked that I was the one you picked
Because I love you     I will catch you when you fall I will sweep you off your feet I will protect you through it all Would you do the same for me?   She holds my hand when I feel defeat
I want to be an apple in your eye, The figure your gaze lingers on just a second more,
Out of all the people in my life, you're the one that has taught me the most. "Love yourself, before loving others", but how can you love when you're only a ghost? When you wander Earth all on your own,
Dipping my fingers into your affection, It tastes like sweetened condensed milk - The way you hold me when I'm trapped in the dark, Your company such a welcome confection.  
I’m with You. Entwined within the gnarled grasp of somewhere that is not quite Rockland. It is darker, for the place that confines us rests snug within our skulls
She has hair that falls over her shoulders in straight caramel colored strands. She has blue eyes that are perfect pictures of the ocean . She is a good 4 inches taller than me and looks great in everything. And she has you
For just three months we've been together It truly feels like its been forever. We call each night with an exhange of words,  So simple, so sincere, I couldn't ask for more Time moves on as our affection grew
Because I love you I will put you over me, You before me. Because I love you Respecting you will come before all, No matter where we go. Because I love you Your dreams will be mine,
Because I love you I heard it every day After each beating After each round of screaming   I cowered Because he loved me He loved me so much it was an honor to be his To be worth his time
He holds you close He helps you out Everyone obviously knows it's Because he loves you   He grips you tight He tells you no He never really lets you fight Because he loves you  
How can it be love When the girl you say You love Is afraid to speak her mind?   How can it be love When you say you love me
Because you love me, you told me to stay with your friends 
I wanna be there Gonna be there  There is no where else I'd rather be I'm gonna support you  Always be there for you Like tomorrow is not a virtue I'm gonna be loyal Gonna spoil you
I wanna be there Gonna be there  There is no where else I'd rather be I'm gonna support you  Always be there for you Like tomorrow is not a virtue I'm gonna be loyal Gonna spoil you
I wanna be there Gonna be there  There is no where else I'd rather be I'm gonna support you  Always be there for you Like tomorrow is not a virtue I'm gonna be loyal Gonna spoil you
he looked me in the eyes and told me please don't cry "it was only this one time i'd never re-commit this crime"   it's been three years since still every time i hear his name, i wince
Because you “love” me. I’m left wanting more? With where we stand, You’re still “never sure.”  Because I love you, I ask for “too much” I make myself your wings. You,
and so I fell in love with the way he fell asleep at night the way he breathed unevenly the annoying way he held me captive - during every phone call the way he made me late to meetings the way he laughed
I feel like I am lost.Every mistake I make and sin I takeDoesn't lead me awayBut blinds meI
I missed your call earlier, and it was okay. You didn't repeatively call, to "make sure I was OK" I was busy doing homework, and you caught me off guard with "I understand"
I will support you, I will talk to you, I will be here for you, I will make time for you, I will talk with an open mind, I will listen with an open heart,  I will not hurt you,
  I entered into an unfamiliar room Didn’t know what to come of it. Leaving old friends behind Will always leave a wound   Looking for the light
There’s an old saying - Greek or Roman I can’t remember - It says that when you meet your beloved, Flowers start to blossom on your soul, That those who love move through life as walking gardens.  
"Because I love you" Doesn't mean it's okay  For me to do as you say.   The phrase "because I love you" Should only be used to express An act of love, of gratitude; it must not be used as a screw.
The reason that I love you is simply very clear, 'cause when I am around you I can feel no fear. Enfolded in your arms, warm in your embrace, all of my troubles I know I can face. Since you are my darling and my dear
It is not about, "Oh, there it'll be alright." When something goes wrong. It is about being strong when there is weakness, "We will get through this together." You are there I am there
Because I love you I don’t say I love you I know you can’t say it back right now. Right now The words are stuck inside our throats Like stones.
  Because I love you…               You are the only thing that will ever matter to me. Because I love you…               I need to see you every day. Because I love you…
Welcome Home old Friend  How was life Was it an adventure did you see the twilight dance Did you watch Did you taste the honeycomb  Did you savor the flavor
How does one survive a hurricane Especially when the hurricane has become your favorite person The aftermath of you will be earth shattering, I know You've broken others why would you be easy on me
You do not complete me, instead, Compliment me in my entirety Fitting into the spaces where I falter   A loving embrace, a casual reminder
We ate and drank and laughed until we could not be filled with any more. In the depths of the dark, the painful, you surprised me. You, a presence, when every other thing cowered.  
Love isn't happy love is trouble love can be happy if you try harder don't make excuses don't say because I love you don't blame your madness on "because I love you"s
Relationships can start as a heavenly birth Or as hell on earth hid at first by mirth The reasons why Can take up all space from here to the sky
Because I love you, I will call you Dear, I will let you yell too, I will ignore my fears. Because I love you, I will hold in these tears, I will smile for you, I will call for help.
To my dear friend When I am with you I don’t pretend   You are a blessing Between us is trust You stop me from stressing   There wasn’t much light But when you came into my life
Okay,   The big kid monkey bars. Today was the day. You pull yourself up until you're eye level with a row of metal bars and   You jump, one    bar, left  hand,  next   bar, 
i need you your soft lips those warm fingertips are not all   with tears falling to the ground you cover me in a hug
When the one you love most is getting hurt, what do you do? I knew her the best; we spent so much time together, it's impossible anyone surpassed our closeness.
Because I love you, you should love me too. You should honor, appreciate, and cherish me.
We had a black and white kind of love We hid things about our past Now here we go on round two Both of us are finally starting to see the color
There are arguments. There is yelling, and tears, and frustration. There is sadness, and anguish, and pain. There are days where it feels as though we will never work this out. But we love each other, still.
Even silence is ecstasyYour heartbeat in my ear, a steady drum.Monumental or minimal calamitiesUntil my breathing levels,your fingers comb my hair.  Your hand in mine, a rushed societal defianceBut you are unabashedly in love.Fierce pride in your
When you say you love me I know it's very true Because in your eyes I can clearly see Your thoughts consist of you and me   I love you when you're happy I love you when you're sad
Because I love you,It didnt' matter what was leftAnd what was right. It didn't matter what was up And what was down. Because I love you,Days mended together. You and I.
I am here I am committed You are sick, I take care When you cry, my shoulder is there   I ask permission I consent
I am here I am committed You are sick, I take care When you cry, my shoulder is there   I ask permission I consent
  I catch a glimpse of your dimples when you laugh, Thinking to myself, Why are you still here?   I watch as you water the garden we planted together, Thinking to myself, Why are you still here?
Waking up, you're by my side , I'm so in love with you . I want to stay with you until we're old. I know you don't mean it love the kicks ,the screams,the punches. You're hands , so soft ,
I am an ocean I am rough and wild and relentless Brutal You do not treat me as if I am Delicate Sea foam spun by the quells of love You look at me
  healthy relationships they are really special things they can be in each new friendship that someone brings it might be hard to find one at first but once they’re found
Love heals Love serves Love hears.  It takes some time to decipher  the truth from the noise.  Love is falling apart  and knowing they won't change their mind.  Finding light.
The sound of my head recalls sweet kisses, Our moments drum close to rhythm danceable, And how do I take your yes for no, Your sudden intentions to let go of me.
"Look at me beautiful," you say gently, as you wipe away my tears, or hold my shaking hands. I look up to meet your eyes           flooding with love           flooding with concern
“Because I love you.” Multiple definitions For words so loving.   “Because I love you.” Manipulative gestures
Last night I dreamt of you, we were just like we used to be. We we're watching the moon cover the sun, we had felt so free. You held my hand and squeezed it so tight. I knew in that moment that everything would be alright.
Paint me with your breath and your favorite hues of red until the pigment and anticipation drips from my chest.   Draw the sunlight onto my back with your fingertips
Oh, Mr. Plumber man, I heard drips from my sink. So I called you over, to come and fix the leak.
From the shortest to the smallestFrom the biggest, tallest and GiantsLet's stop the violence's The average, smartest and brightest
I love my king I love the curl of his hair I love the passion he shares I love the bold brown in his eyes I love the cold chill of his vibes I love the smooth of his skin I love the peace in his grin
Your fingers trace my skin, like a pencil on a map. Slowing down over my edges, like a car on a mountain. I never know where your journey will take you. I just hope I am there to see it.
As his eyes met hers, once again, memories filled with colorful bliss suddenly awakened,   the past quickly met the present, but only in his mind, and only for a moment  
ChorusSticcs and stones and broken homes your curses are what hurt meYour heart is stone it breaks my soul your hatred is what birthed meYou drink my blood and drain my love and you always seem so thirstyYou act so high above us all you act like i
I can count a million reasons why our love is true, and the many ways I've fallen in love with you. There is nothing in which compares,  to the love that we share
On long car ridesShe chooses the music playedCarefully setting the moodUsing songs to portray emotionShe turns melodies i
My heart it aches for unrequited lust To bear the pain of full romance I lack Capacity to join my soul I must Admit my conscience has begun to crack  
  tell me if this worth the waittell me if ‘us’ is enoughcause i've tried and triedto see beyond my doubtsand all of them;were just fruitless attempts
My childhood's full of stories-- Happy endings and of kings: Of fairy-tales where love prevails And princes give me wings...   I knew that prince was coming, But I couldn't stand the wait;
Maybe we don't have to know; What's there to come in the future. And maybe ten years after everything We'll stumble upon each other again,  laughing about how we broke each other's heart.   Love,
We walk Through the woods of my backyard My fingers skim across The rough bark of a tree.   I’ve lost sight of you,
We were supposed to bike through Central Park and ride through the trees.We were supposed to take a trip to the shore and sleep on the beach.We were supposed to plant your garden and protect it from the bees.We were supposed to cuddle all night in
This love has me looking better than ever my beautiful boy has me believing I'm in heaven. This sweetness lacks of sorrow and for the rest of tommorow,     you will be mine.
I wake this morning to my surprise  someone is there the World in his eyes Am I dreaming? Thoughts rationalize I fell asleep here Brain replies Who is this one
Blood is redAnd tears are blueMixe​​​d, deep in her heartLies a purple bruiseI've spent way too longThinking of youSo much, that it's started to vanish
She is always there for me when I need her the most, She always gives me what I need, and to her I toast. What you did to me, ya she already knows, So be prepared for the show.  
it was here that I fell in love trapped in the salty waves, burning my skin with the most gentle touch ripples that altered images dancing in my vision  from an emerald sea to the clearest blue sky
Everyone makes mistakes.. and everyone forgives, but why'd you forgive me... I remember the way you talked about him... You were actually happy when you got to talk, but then I came into the picture...
I’ve heard you say,“I want a man of God who leads, loves, and stays.” But you won’t follow him when he tries to lead you the right wayinstead you take lead and lead him astray. You seduce him with sinand see it as a win. Don’t tell me you want a B
As a kid, I really wanted a puppy, my mother simply refused. She got me a fur-real pet, I wasn’t amused. “It’s kind of like a puppy!” she said
I want your kisses in the rain I want your love on bad days I want your fingers intertwined with mine I want to hear you sing Watermelon Wine I want your touch I want your laugh
where did the minds of the people go? the minds that love the idea of loving someone giving yourself to someone, but not physically
Sometimes you look at me as though i’ve never kissed a girl before. I cannot tell if it is pity or love which causes you to fret over my virgin lips.
Love is not about money The words you have been uttered But the main thing  You connects with me Is all about the money You call me You said you miss me But seasonal to say "I love you"
90s love True love Honest love   Just love I don't want just any kind of love I want your love   Let me see your face Touch the oulines That make up such a beautiful face
His name was Agape. He had a fascinating mind. It was dark but when beams of light would shine through the broken glass that had sunk deeper and deeper into his skull over the years, it was beautiful.
I know immersion. The complete encapsuling. Do you love? It is different. For each person- Their own love, An immersing love. For me, words. Reading, writing, speaking.
I found the feeling of love in a teenage boy, deep in his caramel eyes. The warmth I felt when I stared kept me warm through those cold October nights
When I was thirteen, I knew exactly who  I was going to marry. He would be tall, and strong, with black hair  and even blacker eyes. He would be my protector.
I think that  I never understood how much I could care, why I love you so much, you frightened me because I couldn't tell where the line was between friends and lovers  
I’ll never forget The day it all started. Driving home, I wasn’t excited to see you. I didn’t really miss you; Assuming it was nothing.   I’ll never forget The call to my best friend.
watching the rain fall makes me vulnerable every emotion i've ever felt pours out of me you all of my emotions lead  back to you joy desolation envy lust all at once
I think thatI am finally over everything.It feels like a weighthas lifted off my chest.I don't need to worry aboutif I am giving off 
I know that you don't really care,but I'm here so you should deal with it.Just because you're avoiding my eyesdoesn't mean that I'll disappear.Just because you pretend that it doesn't hurt
A troubled soul mine has been, For the past year much has conflicted within, I was left wandering in a foreign land, My steady life shattered and shifted into one unplanned,
It all started in a sea wrought of Red and Black Independence among me, us three, never looking back But every backbeat moving me forward to the sound of music Imploring the euphoria we seek, of beauty.
I was born a princess, there was no shame in me. I was happy and innocent, caring and free. But the years went by, I was just fourteen, A boy met my eye- he was kind, funny, and lean.
And for every time we touched,    It felt like New York was still and quiet;     And Las Vegas had gone dark;      Big Ben down in London stopped ticking;And the flow of Fallingwater seized;           Venice stopped sinking,                And Rom
It’d been four years right to the day,Till she had come to see.Her love who’d flown so far awayAcross the deep blue sea.  Their hearts had never quivered ever,From the one they most adore.No storm or any violent weatherCould dismay what they bore.
  Sadness reigned over her 3 years of pure sadness Nothing, she was nothing   With one moment with one word She is taken back
  “you want black tea?” bitterness curled like steam through frozen tendrils of air.
Some people didnt know love was going  to hurt , but truth be told that isn't love , Love is suppose to feel good  Only reason why it hurts is cause were searching for love in the worng people.
(Do You Still Love Me?)   How lucky these sheets would have been to know you.
Do you know about his dimpled cheeks, His crooked grin, or his chocolate gaze that dare matches yours,   Do you know he calls me baby, just like you did,
When she becomes you and you become her. See she’s that other half of me that made room for herself. The light to my darkness for
Let me smell like cigarettes, after kissing your sweet, pouty lips. Help me look from left to right, please give me wisdom, give me sight.   I'm stranded here with nowhere to turn,
His hair spills around his face like a halo of curls His eyes are dark and careless and captivating They are black holes and I am falling, falling in His laugh sounds like a waterfall Rushing out Spilling out When he laughs his whole body laughs S
I will center around the idea of love Not knowing what's to come Soulfully becoming yours My body will explode once you have caressed me My mind will wander into a mystery world once you have whispered into my ear
he was so bright God, he was bright he made my skin burn when he touched it he made my heart race,  air so thick I couldn't get a breath like the hottest day of mid-July. yes, he was bright
You’re everywhere, No matter where I’m at I can feel your stare, Following me like my shadow, your eyes trace my every move, I do not know the reason, or what it is that you’re trying to prove,
Your name tastes sour now when I say it, And yes I fell in love, I have no shame to admit, I loved the things you said to me, you always called me amazing,
So here’s how it goes.I breathe my life into the wind and the mists carry it to the sea
Love songs and empty words curled Around ideas of what love Should be, like horns that ram the unsuspecting, Shaking and shattering bones And all expectation of the
Memories are meant to be a cherished moment.
 The breaking of the heart is the most painful when you think you've found the one, then they just walk our or your life like you were never nothing. The heart breaks when you lose someone you loved with your whole heart.
He walks with a step more than man Bowing beneath the doorway of her room And when he speaks it replaces the air Like cigar smoke He urges her to sit as he lights the fireplace Though she is already hot  He stalks to her and his fingertips are rou
This is what I am. I'm going to go my own way. What I do is what I can. Don't let them force me to sway. My path comes acoss many. Like brown among branches, they all just seem the same.
  "The blacker the berry, The sweeter the juice"     Is the first quote I think of when I think of you
When I feel the life fall from my eyes, down towards the ground, falling through the dips and valleys of my cheeks,  when I feel as though my knees are drawn to the earth,
I really should begin to go.You know I didn't mean it though When I said “I won't see you”. As the clock goes farther in timeAll you do is stay on my mind.I hope for you; that's true, too. Although I know down in my coreI will start to see you mor
Everything people said.Everything they did.All of it was true in some way.“Until it happens to you you won't know how I feel.”I get it nowWhy they say “you have a heavy heart”Now that it's happened to meIt feels like I'm falling and will never get
Introverted and maybe a little perverted I stay inside my room with no plans for returnin' My life is going down and it seems like its burnin'
So the tears, we hold so dear becomes falling rain, that does not wane.And the evergreen lies, that tempted the skies creating lavender blue water, never to falter.Inside her chest, a tree does nest it's beautiful leaves growing endlessly, spreadi
I can hear but you never tell me- how you feel that’s why I’m drowning- in these ashes of flames that we caused, caused to burst since we showed each other our flaws.Though we try we just fill with hatred- for the agony of the other in the other’s
He had been poison in her veins And she was insanity to his brain They made each other sick Whether it was the with love kind Or felt bonded to a contract they'd signed Knotted by promises
So, i heard your name yet again, today. Yep. Still got that sour taste and rotten smell that lingers well after you're gone. Oh, fuck you. Wait. That's all you ever wanted. I’m suppose to forgive you.
I make wishes upon the stars that are laid out on your skin, the ones that shine almost as bright as those orange iris's, but just not as vibrant
It was an ominous sign for our eternal relationship when dark clouds covered the blue sky and you decided to break up with me you know I always yearned for you because you were my unique woman and
I’ve been waiting for you Maybe for a minute Maybe for my life Yet, how come I’m waiting To see your face To see your body
You And me Were best friends And that was eternal We shared love and affection And shared smiles, happiness and sorrows One day boisterous wind finished this friendship
At the end of the tunnel I see a light;I'm so relieved that it's still in sight.I almost thought you had given up,but I knew when you called me "buttercup,"that was not the case.
This is the the letter that I'll never send. Dear Ex, You stole my heart with just one look. You broke my heart with just one word. And you fixed my heart with just one kiss.
You're like my own personal drug, Addicive and intoxicating, You cast a spell on me, And I can never break free.   It's dangerous, And I know I should run,
Inspiration for true love, you always remain, With your ineffable look and idyllic thoughts, Your dulcet expressions are very iridescent, When two lovers are kissing in garden.
I still see the same faces everyday, but something has changed in yours.     Maybe I'm watching too closely for some sign of you missing me.    
I am convinced that part of me has always belonged to you. Before we met I walked around with an empty hole somewhere between my lungs and my brain.
Trust is like a piece of glass Shiny and new with class May be fragile And could cause a battle   Once Cracked, It can never again be exact
Flaws and truth try to get along.  Wound together like pretzels, dancing like dandelion seeds in a thunderstorm weighed down by the stinging raindrops in the maelstrom.  But they love each other
Words so sweet never tempted to escape these lipsAs I blow the breezed flowered utterances to youI must ponder in direAre my expressions suffocating?Are my advances tiring?And I must hope in earnest
somehow you've changed everything, with this simple letter. You've brought me down from highs and cured me from my deepest lows. One day I will tell you my whole story and you will accept me into your arms,
Life was put into me and in an overtime instance, I was hooked. Not one soul could take away the love I had for you. Your smile. My smile. We internally matched. Were one. Whole.
You promised me Wonderful, glorious things.   You promised me A white house,  With not-blue shutters,  A pond out front,  And horses in the back   You promised me 
As each day goes by there is not a hour I am not thinking about you I can't even type this poem without tears forming in my eyes Why did you have to do me the like that?
4.24.16   Pretty girl in a dress walking by the pool. I watched him as his eyes watched her every move. Invisible I felt, for the one I loved was admiring another.
3.30.16 He stole my golden halo and clipped my white feathered wings. Perhaps he's merely a lost boy who needed them more than me. He claimed I was part devil who
4.07.16 He left me in March buried beneath the dirt. The showers poured in April and cleaned away the hurt. I will blossom in May, for this is my rebirth.
The smell of the fresh April air Reminds me of this time, last year The day seemed fair But suddenly became my worst fear   I never meant what was said A week before this
I made this bed Here for two I wait an hour I can't move   I want him here He said he'd try I know he is I can't cry   Its not fair He's so great
I hold my breath when you kiss me to stop the rattling of my ribs and the expansion of lungs. So my body remains undisturbed, unless it is touched by you.
You've been my sun, throughout the darkness given, Just like Jesus I've finally arisen, I need to let the girl of my dreams out of this prison. She's Incarcerated due to the lack of trust,Please listen, because you and I, that's a must. I know my
When this started It was fun Or at least Supposed to be When this started It was light-hearted Or at least Supposed to be
I am a tsunami. The water waxes and wanes at my will, Captivating and crucifying the shoreline.   You are a wildfire. Endowed with incalculable miles, Extinguished by the hands of others.
Let one guy left with a fond memory of her raise their hand It's unlikely to be her bae Took her so long to realize the damage she's done Spreading how she felt to everyone
I wish I could have saved you From falling for a broke thing like me Because I can see it in everythng you say and do That the shards left of your heart aren't free And this isn't what I wanted
I'm waiting Longing for her to decide to just stay But at the same time, I know I can't bear the thought of making her stay knowing shes unhappy. 
To you: You left, I cried I ate ice cream, you went out to drink I went to school, you stayed at home I got my degree, you got a new born I got my house, you barely make rent
First came love like a roaring fire, Burning intensely with flames only getting higher. The roses were bought out of a love so deep. I stayed up all night missing precious sleep.
  I hate you,why don't you just die is what I wish I could say but part of me still cares no matter how hard I try I still like you why.
I know the angel of obscurity is long in the futureBut I'm already thereI'm already thereYou kill me everydayand everyday I can't wait to dieYour gentle moving fingers skim my sun withered skin 
Ethereal sensations pass through me as he searches for his answer, Yielding to the slightest touch of his hand as my own
It's not that I don't want to be in a relationship. I do. I want to call someone 'baby' or maybe I'll settle for 'noob' because i was never really affectionate when it mattered.
You can think in a blink, But you better not wink. Don't scow at the Polaroids, I know you're annoyed. You didn't want to be there, Because lets face it you don't really care.
On my own little island, there is little means of escape I sit alone, on my nearly treeless home in the middle of a delta My only neighbor, hardly acknowledges that I am even there
You’re showing up everywhere nowadays I’m seeing pieces of you in everything I do Every breath, every step, every thought You, you, you I couldn’t be more infatuated with you An impossibility, it seems
Love is love, but we frown upon certain kinds. I remember when I was scared to let the world knowthe kind of love that I like. Hiding a relationship...Four years to be exact. Hurting myself and my partner.
Like a ballet dance on blades,Your mind is a fickle thing. Relevé, going fully en pointeOn razorblades,Slice your sole to sorry shreds--So very fucking sorry. 
From the first time I saw you I thought you were cute.  Not like little boy cute
I convinced a scientist to unstitch my DNA, to tell me what it said inside, and when she translated the nucleotides, A-T-C-G, from Morse into the mother tongue, she
Baby, please, sunshine--darling;Gimme more of that light, little bit ofEnthusiastic beaming, sunrays I tore from your shy smile.I love making you think it was your idea. 
Bloody carnations, stamped down flat into sizzling concrete;The smell of their demise is sickly sweet.It's caught in my lungs, filling them up as thoughAll the air I now breathe is just tar--
Is that how it's supposed to be  Sitting in quiet because we wore out the words before we spoke Ignoring the deafening silence that comes crashing around our ears
I swear to you there’s stars in his eyes, bright Blue like an ocean never ending, begging You to jump in, tempting
My hand makes contact with yours  Your fingers interlock with my fingers  Your holding my hand in your hand  My hand swings yours forward  We walk hand in hand as one  Your hand squeezes mine 
  I Need❣   I want to be be with someone who will call me at 3 am to make sure I'm okay.  I want someone who will make me feel like I'm the prettiest, smartest, and coolest girl in the world. 
Sitting in the car attached to the cart while grocery shopping with your mother Being carried from the couch to your bed by your father after you've accidently fallen asleep watching The Little Mermaid again
I'm in love with you. I love the sunrise, telling me that it's a new day. I love the breeze, calming my senses from everything. I love how the world is imperfect in ways
An image formed Through the darkness within me I braced myself I thought of you and only you, my dear   Softly brushed, an abstract Bits of snow, it seems to lack Colors of liquid met
In my world, there are places I've been to That left me breathless and wonderstruck in the most heartwarming way. There are people that I've smiled and laughed with,
Help!!!, Help!!! Somebody help me. I’m stuck on this frickin’ island and I didn’t have time to take anything with me. Can anybody hear me? Might as well talk to the guy in my head
It has always struck me as odd, the idea that “loving you” and “losing you” are only one letter apart. This small difference is proved
Nine hundred and ten days Many days filled with laughter, Few filled with sadness. Nine hundred and ten days,
"Princess, my princess that's what you are." The first words you said to me when we first meant. You were charming, caring, loving. You had the whole packet. Everything that I was looking for.
Let me try to explain, this is not what I mean: 
You’re focused on the music I’m focused on my happiness The two could co-exist But for some reason you’re not having it And I keep coming back again
Thank you. You changed my entire life with a simple smile. You bring me happiness and gratitude, and make me into a better women everyday.   Thank you.
Charismatic and charming is he, who steals my love only to flee. He who shines as bright as day, takes my heart but doesn't stay. Arrogant and scheming is he, who picks my flaws and laughs at me.
I like green apple jolly ranchers, and I am different I told them I yearned for him to pick me out To see me as separable Identifiable I did not enjoy the glorified blue raspberry Hell no
I was not, am not know for being kind
I refuse to stand here without you Choosing to move forward knowing we'll find each other again Here I try attempting this impossible task But soon realizing there is no need
Your crystal clear eyes are the first eyes I've ever been able to keep contact with. Your soft touch entrances me, your arms are my home. Your warm body seems to fit with my cool soul. We find that happy medium, you are my safe haven.
The Sailor who callously masses the storm faults at the hand of God As he inadvertently veils the damage to the stern, the responsibility is forgot.
Alone, no that's not right. I need 'him' there right by my side. At least I have an ear to talk right off. Someone who will speak right back. We can joke around to make time past.
Can't sleep at night, and it's because of you. Why is this happening, what the hell am I supposed to do? Because of you, I can't even think straight. At work, kicking back, and laying in bed you're all I think of.
My love, You are the sun to my moon, And the fork to my spoon.  Without you, I would have none to turn to. I could never live away from you. My love, I could never live one day without you.
She said she's sorry that she made him ashamed To be vulnerable and open Since she's been living that way It was imparted on she, so to him she did the same She never knew that the girl that she wanted to be
Let me fuck your body, make love to your mind. You do not critcize, simply coincide. Just like the leaves, you shall fall in time. Like success, darling, you shall be mine.
Watching you sleep is like watching the moon you are so far away and so close at the same time and when I press my lips to your cheek I see light
I destroy every single thing I touch.  I should've stopped myself when you told me you wanted me. You are now tangled in a web I've created for myself.  There's blood staining the place my heart should be.
I picture her lovely skull tracing her thoughts stripping them naked with the tips of my fingers flicking brushing thoroughly her needle scalp Her button eyes
I never promised you a garden full of roses Or a big blue house with white shutters - one that barely closes Or a happy home with bright laughter Or the sound of children's feet running pitter-patter
I didn't know colors.  I thought that they were mixed,  a simple product of light,  bouncing off,  as rays.  Only the modern physics.   That's all I saw.  The calculated facts. 
Not loving you? Why, that's too easy Like painting in black and blue Like counting to thirteen Starting with one, two  
I'm not gonna lie it burns for me to say this faster than our love apparently you thought we should quit said you couldn't love me before you love yourself
I know I said I thought you were the moon but right now you are shining as the sun I cannot sleep because you are there My eyes closed you still burn through The lids and layers of my skin crawling fears
You It’s a question most have heard before: What would you do if you were stranded on a desert island by the shore? What would you want?
The rocks beneath the earth that shelters the lava away. The gravity that holds us inside of this earth day by day. The people that try to help me even if I push them away.
my teeth chatter at the sound of your name my eyes close tightly and I hear the whispers from before you’ve ruined me
Our meeting? How could I possibly describe it? In tones and words and emotions so fleeting That the memories of it would cry out for injustice Because its beauty isn't a thing
your smile slowly disappears and your eyes lose their life cuts and scars appear so tempting was that knife you were as bright as the sun
The rain poured, and I stayed inside. Plenty of clouds, not a drop of light. Can't go outside, so I turn on a song Started feeling lonely before too long. Come on over, we can dance together.
Part I. They Fell In   Simply put I cannot understand you The way you make my chest shorten And the way all this furniture of our lives came about
It’s hard to act like missing you isn’t killing me. It’s hard to act like I sleep at night when I have somber bags under my eyes and tear stained cheeks. Have you ever felt like crying, but all you can do is smile? I’ve never understood that.
you down bottles like you're going to find something special  don’t act like you love her  because if you did you’d be kissing her and not cigarette butts you lied to everyone about being sick
Cutting you out of my life would be like ripping out a piece of my heart... But that part has been so beaten and abused that the rest has learned to beat without it already
People say the relationship is toxic. That he'll kill me. (It surely well might be the case) But it's not your business I tell myself   People say the relationship ain't healthy.
we'd go out in the city after one of your shows makeout in the parking lot of some drug store   you'll write a song about it  and my eyes and your drugs and how it makes you feel alive
  His skin is a rounded tan feather on an eagle's spread wings His hair dark, damp pavement that glistens in the sun. His eyes a chocolate bar that melts in your mouth while devoured.  
Bite your lips; your words are robbery. You try to destroy anyone with a basilisk’s glare. Do you grin inside? You’re killing me.  
stop - release my eyes, so frail,from yours which cease to careand my misery, so deeply entailed,from my soul, running cold with despair.
Pludering towards the shores  the hurricane rises higher, each wave more fierce then that last.  The sea green water churns  and those on land fear the damage it may do,
i’m high-maintenance, baby, i swear it, and this you have to know, and i know that you disagree, because for you this is just how things go. but though i know you don’t care for it, you can’t just ignore all my texts.
A tinted red rose grazes my cheeks when I think of the time that you licked your lips after kissing me when I asked you why, you said you could still taste me. It was delicately beautiful and disturbing all at the same time,
You told me I made you feel the way I feel when I draw circles under my tongue,                                     but I'm not very good with new concepts.Driving the nails into the coffin of my inhibitions,
The blue of the sky matches your eyes I glide around you, With pep and coyish glides The heat of your touch clouds my gaze And I yearn for that fog to stay I glide around you Red with craze
My hands are often cold, like ice, like the Arctic. I dont know why. I must tuck them into my lap, just to warm them. But when I'm with you, they get hotter, like the heat of a fireplace,
mind twists like a hanger that’s rusted and bent dangling off of the clothes rack all metal and dents if you asked me I’d tell you I don’t have a clue
evergreen forest and blue wintry eyes vines that consume every fear, every lie a five-petaled flower adrift on a tear
the love song hangs unspoken, there for you to steal from my lips as you stole my heart. and now there’s nothing that I would not do: I’d barter, kill, and for your love I’d starve.
Every day is a new moon the same the sun shines brighter than my name the clock ticks with every certainty that tomorrow will come this certainty is fact. The same certainty that you will tell me you love me the next day.
Hard to hate when he’s liked: A million reasons to keep fighting but he justs sits. Thoughts that scream in his mind but stay mute to the one he claims he loves. Why does he do this?
Inhale. Exxxxhale.. Check your mirrors. Watch your speed. Put your hands at 10 and 2. Why do I keep thinking about you? Stop. Stop behind the white line. Wait your turn.
And she dances away with a smile on her face  So candid, full of joy and life  But only to the naked eye, will she appear to be this way 
He was awkward and clumsy And rather shy But there was beauty in his honesty when he was stuttering And there was sweetness in his inherent need To ask permission for everything he did It was a little sad
I lay down in bed thinking about what could be going on through your head Where are your thoughts Who is in them How are you feelings I ask these questions repeatedly as I want to know everything about you
Facebook Request  Like  Message  Hey  Flirt  Date  Butterflies Flirt  Date Calls  Kisses  Deep conversations
All I wanted was to be wanted You gave me meaning A purpose A reason to live I lost myself in you Who am I without you You said you loved me But then you left me
I want someone. Someone whose thoughts will collide with mine. Someone whose thoughts shall make love with mine. Someone whose on the same wavelength as me. Someone who can fuck with me.
The thoughts you breath consume my oxygen leaving me lightheaded, blinking away stars.
Maybe Maybe I always knew It'd be toxic You'd be toxic But maybe  I craved that Exquisite poison That would undeniably  Silence my heart.
Love is strange It can be misunderstood Sometimes it is a result of fear A drop of compassion, A dash of respect, A pinch of naivety, And maybe some caring nature  There are many types of love,
You—   You are the only one that accepts me as I am. You ply to my will no matter how forcefully I embrace you. No matter how many times I change my mind or turn away,
On my cheek he'll kissThat's something that I'll missHis fingers between mineAnd how he smelled of pineHis giggle lingers in my earHis voice is oh so dearI miss the grey of his eyes
My mind keeps replaying the mornings when i'd wake up with you on my mind.   2 hours away getting ready, to look good--for you getting butterflies in my stomach
2 a.m. caught up in my feelings got your image running through my head flipping through the scenery   lost or lonely  I don't know  can you tell me what I'm feeling  
Continually you ask that piece of polished silver
In those perfect awkward momentsThe lingering tendrils of laughterWith your curly hair in a wicked mess
i love you is so overused thats why i always pause  before i tell you  that i love you because i want you to know that im serious and i hope for my sake and yours
Your lips give juice from the sweetest fruit. Your dick gives pleasure like an unworldly treasure. Your soul is not humdrum; it's much like the sun.
I am not she I will never look the same But, I am me And you are to blame.   You say that you love me How can that be? I am not perfect I’m only maybe a 3.   In your eye,
My 4ft Bestfriend,
It is a painful memory To which there is no remedy. I cut you; you don't bleed. No eyelids, you don't see   That I cannot breathe, And I am on my knees,
We met again in the dark last night, But before I let you go I left my mark. And for a while I'll haunt your reflection. Every time you see it, you'll also see me.
I use to feel like I wasn't enough For anyone to cherish or place above. I use to feel like I wasn't enough Unless it involved emotionally detached touch.  
The purple
I’m falling to pieces From these full-moon musings I kept a journal Stayed up all night   You promised one day But I wanted forever Save your sorries
I forgot I loved you. It was never me in your memories, And I have learned the hard way Heartbreak has no remedies.   Set aside tragedy, With every heartbeat breathe in,
Even someone cold as you Could feel this summer heat I would just like to know If your heart breaks when it beats   August has long since gone Your voice creeps in my head
This morning, the sun rose
My heart is light like a feather, dark like night. Your heart is warm like a fire, brighter than the sun. Fire and ice, I'm dark, you're light, But if you mix it right, it can be paradise.  
I don't know what color his eyes are. I know that they're somewhere between blue and green and gray but I cannot say exactly   I have memorized every detail of him. I could map out his chest and 
Have you thought that just for a minute that am not not the person you hoped id be ? Our days are more gray and white, then them bright vivid colors they used to be . Can't ever seem to see eye to eye for nothing .
Ive always hidden from his eyes
It's no longer him and I        It's we We have been changed We are one person now I breathe him and he breathes I     We are together In and around each other soul weaved into soul
 “Go with your gut feeling."    I don’t feel anything   Except the heat from my brain Coupled with the pain of thinking of him Cause I can’t, Won’t let myself stop thinking of you
  I don't believe in them Especially when people play the roles I'm sleep, thinking I’m dreaming them   I met a boy and asked him what he thought of our relationship
You're a devil. You're a menace. No more love for you is your penance. You're irrational. You're belligerent. How stupid was I to think you were different?  
Sitting in shipless sea you wade and wait for me. You wish I'd get in but I wouldn't risk the tragedy of a storm, to bear us back to a foreign shore. Alone, together, with no hope for another.
When I hold your hand My fingers are always tighter Than yours I'm starting to wonder If this leaks into other Parts of us like Rainwater into the ocean Like how I always hug you Longer
Love blooms like pretty eyelashesunsuspecting fly landsvicious Venus snaps her preyrips him to shredssucks him dryheartlessa carnivorous plant! .
Peel off my layersas we flip through feelingslike perusing some brain file.You're so indiscriminatewith your oh-so-inconsequentialattitude seething mythical fury.When real love flees
My lips ache for yours like a dry dessert craves the water of a downpour. Will my tears ever be dried by the gentle wipe of your hand across my eyes? Will my hand ever be able to feel the smooth, light creases in your hand?
You set a fire in me But you didn't do it for me, you did it for yourself I burned bright and warm for you I let the fire consume me But like all fires I burned out so you left.
I'm at the tipping point of being fine and okay.  Okay with the fact that you are trying to  fix yourself, on your own.  And I'm fine... I'm fine... I'm fine that you won't 
I wish to take her atop a lighthouse,
Why create a poem if not for a loved one? Why sing a song for someone if not for someone special? Why not just make it something less meaningful since you dont like them? Well here is a wake up call.  
Annabel Lee By Edgar Allan Poe
These ups and downs don't mean a thing
Whoa, that man have caught my eye My perceptions far on edge   I wonder why Who could he be?   An abuser came straight from hell To beat up on little ole me?  
Some older people say "the reason relationships use
You're probably never going to love me back.
My Love, did you know? The sound of your voice was and is sweet and so sincere. The taste of your lips was and is sentimentally divine. Your touch gave me astonishing goose-bumps.
The path has never been a straight one, 
It's 6:27 on a Thursday morning  I woke up with a knife in my stomach and I'm missing you   It's 7:39 on a Thursday morning 
Nervous glances we exchange    across the lunch yard,  our eyes locked in a nervous dance,   bounding apart the second they meet   Too nervous to say aloud,    that my stomach is aflutter
I encouraged myself, I mounted on a voyage to the far reaches of space a spaceship fueled by the sadness of my heart a pioneer of the cold, the void, and the emptiness
I'm so in to you do I get through to youI want you so bad ....its driving me madBut then I think to myselfI want this to last ......cause you the best I've ever met.....and I don't want to ruin this just yet.....cause the feeling I get wi
I think in pictures, not words.
Colorless is how people should appear to a police officer’s view Offender’s skin shouldn't make a difference in the end its true
Colorless is how people should appear to a police officer’s view Offender’s skin shouldn't make a difference in the end its true
Never was there anything as sweet as laying in your arms fast asleep Never could there be softer words spoken then from he Only one could be the perfect fit it so happens that we go hip to hip
Tingling sensations oing through my ear and your distinctive lips draws me near. Vibrations going through me bed. Is this love or lust instead? Wake up early in the morning and i'll be here
The sun shined, and the sand burned, The waves were soothing and calm, My hair soared while the wind turned, The hot sand was grasped in my palm.   I felt a sensation of unexplainable joy,
she was always afraid of falling in love
Jealousy doesn't get you anywhere in life. Chasing doesn't get you the person you want. Stealing doesn't get you the satisfaction you deserve. Screaming doesn't get people to listen. 01°30•15°
I have a healthy fear of lying To myself and those around me Often these lies They won't die No matter how hard I try I just feel like I'm dying.
Sometimes I find I'm lost for words Sometimes I lie and the truth it hurts Sometimes I cry and i fall to earth Falling too deep, my feet in the dirt Sometimes the tears, they mask the pain
I linger I stare I play with your hair that shines in the sherbet sky my eyes burn yellow and orange I've forgotten you've scorned any notion of touching you
every morningI wakefor tea,but I'd ratherwaketo findyoulying nextto me 
I sometimes lie awake at night
She perches herself in front of her mirrorResting on a peach vanity stoolBlack lace accentuaes her curvatureShe removes the eleastic band from her bunGolden vines caress her shoulders
It feels rather cold tonight
I don't want to be the fire burning gold and dancing through your veins,
Yeah, I quit, so what? Our team was terrible, it sucked You could tell from the first games That weren’t on the same page I was hitting the ball, getting triples
Make me a fantasy out of all of the stars, just how deep do they pierce the skin?
When life leaves me with an overwhelming day, I close my eyes and to Him I pray. I put my trust in Him, for I know Hes there.
You were a bird Free, fragile He was a vulture Cruel, devious You were a storm Somber, dark
I knew it was broken the moment that I became unsure 
Dear my Love, the walls have fallen, The stones and mortar have given way. Authorities have not yet told If it were attack, or mere decay. The resting village still lies in peace,
You've gotten fingerprints, All over my favorite movies and songs
I have memorized all the break up songs Cried a thousand times Remembered your beautiful eyes and face But… The memory of what’s behind it Breaks me up every time I want to say I love you
Come, Sit down and view my world Let me take you in   They say my name As if it is I that should be ashamed. And yet, I win another battle  
How was it so easy to change on me We use to be so deeply in love That when you were sad, I cried When I was hot , You Sweated When i thought, You reacted If you had an enemy
I love coffee stained breath in the morning.
You lift my youthful soul, A sinking ship Your icy blue waters warm me Your firy red sun chills my spine These waves we ride send us soarng through the night At daybreak we see the light
So much depends upon A kiss For so many feelings For so many experiences   Because of a kiss
Me and You I was your love and you were my babe Sounds cliche and cheesy but why not hun Just a couple of kids who secretely liked the other for years But this was not known until recent
Do you feel that?  That feeling of pure satisfaction and highness? Oh, how I love that feeling.  The feeling of the liquid being push into my viens, 
Butterflies, sweaty palms, a new embrace.
I used to tell myselfthat I cannot loveI will not loveI wont allow my self tobecause that was easierit was easier to break heartsand say goodbyeand runwhen you don’t have anythingholding you backor tying you downmy mindand bodyhad gone numband for...
when he spotted the abandoned clothesline he knew it would be a safe place to hang his drenched fabrics to dry (safety was always his priority; practical thinkers are
I wish my heart That beats off rhythm Was enough to make you stay
  Trust is something you can't rush.
I still dream... A friend of Mine, Then A boy age of 10, A neighbor friend of mine, As close as heart, Remember days together we played, Never missed a day he in dream,
I love you with a love not unprofound But so gentle, tender, kind That when the full force hits you You don’t move an inch.   Like a gentle breeze it lifts your hair And its tendrils make you smile
love is a soft, and strong  feeling,  We can feel it so right or so wrong. It makes us smile, and make us frown.   Love can last for ever or for a day, It makes us wanna run or wanna stay,
When the time gets tough Seems like there's no light  to shine, You will be alone at the darkest night. But there's always stars that shine with bright light, And when you look at them, see the shining light!
They say nothing lasts forever. Now I know to this you'll disagree. You may say we'll last forever, but forever is what we'll never be. What would you do, if I said we won't last forever?
Yeah I never never know, but it always goes to show that I'm not you. Oh yes it's true. And you never never know, but it always goes to show that I'm just me. Oh can't you see?
It's 12 am and I'm starting to realize that I literally want no one else but you and I only want to touch and draw on your skin and I only want your hands on me and I only want to comb my fingers through your hair and I only want your lips to e
I do not wish for a quiet love
The key to mystery is balance; Though, I suppose, it doesn't really matter if you're not trying. Sometimes the silence doesn't hang quite as heavy as it used to
As I stare at the deep blue sea I think of you and me I hear the wind whispering in my ear The love story that is near My Aztec warrior we meet again Right on this earth were we first met
When the nights were dark and the clouds were gray My heart was broken and I couldn’t feel my legs Too many drugs had killed my brain   The stars had faded The hope was gone
When beside you Nothing else is seen Nothing else can be felt  I only see us  And what we are  I see nothing else I no longer see the oain That I have seen for years
All was in vain We knew it Our hearts have fractured But only I am pierced  by the shards Now words are exchanged You didn’t know how you spoke Through the emptiness of your eyes
One day you were there By my side Hand in hand Than one day you left No words were spoken you Were Gone Waiting for you Hoping someday  You'll return.
(A.K.A 'Question')Why praise God, onlyto curse & challenge His namewhen a trial comes?
I want you. I want you so bad to be like her. To remind me of the times when I had a smile and everything was fine.
The glow and look in your eye. A shock of excitement from your smile. Spread of warmth from those delicate hands  Maybe even a stride in your walk
Almost everything in daily life You're there We were there We listened to this We sang to that We ate here There We kissed here We just talked there You liked this
I really don't need your shit I don't want it Don't have to take it Don't need to hear it   I live with the memories of the past What I've done What I've said Who are you to remind me
Being left all alone After all the effort put in The effort wasn't noticed It was that or a step forward Many steps back I could say there were times when I didn't care I won't like
One day.
Do not love a boy who will not read your poetry. If you pour your heart into ink and paperAnd he refuses to read, he is not right for you. You are a freshman in high school. He is a senior.
Weeks and months and years They say it all goes by so fast But not when you’re waiting for something Anticipating a day so far in the future, it seems like forever What happens when that day comes?
It is now that I understand that I have underestimated the angst towards complacency.   Complacency is being finished. Uninterested. The lack of fear.
I love the touch of your warm hands running through my hair. How we share the Safire stars that holds the skies together. I cherish the moment when you drop a heart of white chocolate into my coffee.
I am I am the bright sun that lights up your dark world I wonder if I could be shut 
please dont ask me to write about our love or about us at all   because i can only write poetry on the things that kill me   and if you want a poem from me
You didn't tell me you  loved me in so many words   but in the way you looked at me and held me   you didn't tell me goodbye in so many words  
I remember a little about  that cousin in Rikers I remember a little about  each relationship
man my minds a train wreck so explosive but nobody knows what's going on cuz I show no emotion. I don't feel the need to tell people my problems.simply because my problems are my problems.
Whisper in my ears “I love you” For it is an act of my ecstasy Those words I live for daily The love we shared eternally   Whisper in my ears “I love you” For it etched a tattoo in my soul
My heart was once your home. Lucky for the girl who have your heart now Lucky, for she finally captured what was once mine. Be happy, I know you already are.   I want to be happy for you
Your scent reminds me of blossoms Your smile is the light of my mood Possibly seeing myself in your eyes That swift touch like heavens bliss   Treasuring those senses For those smell, sight, and touch
To all wounds of the heart, Time is the antidote. Designed like a coat Soothing the pain as it impart   It is nonpareil It understands what you want As time acts more than a confidant
Is it the way you look at me when i'm mad Or maybe is it the way I smile when I sad You bring out the better side of me  Even though you make me mad when you test me My pride tries to stand in the way 
Will He, Does He, Can He? By Jay Whitney
My two little windows look out on the world Seeing things that it cannot explain To to light in the attic, the windows exclaimed, "What is it we see?" To which the light said “Love.”
There is one simple truth that I am sure nearly all women know.
Every scar is a reason, A reason to hold, A reason to love... Let me hold you in my arms tonight, Showing you that I can see the beauty through the beast,
Metal, plastic, wood, and flesh
Two idiots      sneak off after school      to cuddle.    They park     at Wawa and crawl     in back.   Lying together,      listening to sleepy music, 
Now, may I love you evermore through space and endless time? The thought of life without you might keep me from another rhyme. So will you give me the honor of using your left hand?
I love the way you look at me, I love the way you smile, I love the way you laugh at me, I love your quirky style. I love the way you bite your lip and play with my hair,
Crashing down,falling hardBroken dreams, broken heartI guess I'm not really sure where to startPicking up after your goneWide awake at night, listening to our old songs
Where'd you go?
If love were something that could walk and speakIt’d do such as you doIf dreams were something that could take shapeMine would live as youFor dreams do not always cause you to smile
Your demeanor fooled me. Thug hood hard ass sending chills down  my spine I despised you at first glance
My life is miserable like yours
When we’re kissing, don’t worry about your chapped lips.
Your honeysuckle tongue has all the backlash of a whip, 
I wanted to tell you how I feel, But I don't want you to run away; For the ones who I care for and love the most
I never took you for granted.
On the first Saturday, I was a stranger in your house.
Fly.  What are you thinking?  Me?  If you were here, what would I say?  I've imagined it more than  I've breathed. If you were here... The hypothetical. Then reality. 
If you dusted my skin for fingerprints you would find a multitude of people have touched me in all of the most
The belief of who you were is as irrelevant as crayons to dog food,
I used to be different The world was brighter I always had a smile  Nothing could bring me down
The thoughts and feelings, even the tears and dreaming,
You are so close to my heart. You completely skipped the start. We turned into a thing, So unexpected, so beautiful, so strange. You are 800 miles away, but it'll all be okay, One Day.  
I’ve never been in love, but I hope love feels like fireworks in your chest and butterflies in your stomach and music in your head and colors in your soul.
Falling endlessly into a world of darkness and peace, my world drifts away and i drop from conciousness with a suddenness that makes my limbs weak and my mind roars at the endless possibilities that are to become dreams.
I may not always show it or speak it when I say I really like you
I remember thinking that you are as consistant as the sea,
People from across the globe fall in love from house to house or thousand of miles away Never meeting except online what if you met that person face to face would all those feeling come flooding back
My heart was about to be broken But you came just in time You saved me from falling My heart belongs to you
No, that wasn’t a euphemism for Anything, you have a dirty mind. I keep reminding you to buy milk but All you do is write in my books, My first editions of going nowhere,
Something about loving a person makes me smile.
One month Four weeks Twenty eight days. A lifetime in a moment, two heartbeats in a second. First week of the semester you were there Skating in and out of my vision. I noticed, but didn't pause
I miss the sound of your voice I miss your smiling face You're so far away But soon my darling we will be together Soon I will feel your loving embrace Soon I will feel your passionate kiss
in this moment, I did die. the smile on your lips. the soft touch of your skin. the twinkle in your eye. in this moment, I could die. the sound of your breathing. the rhythm of your heart beating.
Look Here N, You stole me Yes for the very first time someone has stolen me in years But please know I’m very fragile and have high self-esteem And unlike the body I live in I don’t have any fears
Am I wrong to think about you like this? Will I open up your skies? You would say no and walk away pissed But you know I know I hear your cries We have the same heart same beat
I think that is a good question C+N? Will it ever work while I hurt and think about you Knowing that the love I have for you might be true But it doesn’t come back to me boo I guess I’ve lost the argument
EVERYDAY LOVE   Because she lights up my life Every day and every night,   I wish I could make her my wife
Remember when you used to say that you wanted t
The name N goes so far He really does he’s like Jafar Giving him promise, my times, and even my attention It’s like he’s got full dominance Beautiful green eyes like emerald seas
I hope you think of meas you are flicking through old moviesas you are kissing lips thinnerfar thinner than my ownas you are hearing words that triggerpast text messages exchanged
Your Love is
once i love you it can't be changed no matter what the out come is me  and you R one forever
loving you isn't the hardest part lossing you is the worst part but not being able to see you feel you love  you this hurts me the most      
A sweet glow follows his every glance, My seductive love heats the land.  While we spin around enjoyuing the dance,  My love travels the world holding my hand.  Bringing cheer to fauna and flora, 
I opened up my narrow sighted mind In hopes that it was you that I find with my luck the sun will not shine you continue to give me no signs   the rain pouring down it hurts my ears 
Two broken souls, Lost at sea, Will find each other, When it’s meant to be. But for now, They search and search For a love that burns bright. They look at the same sky,
Someone is going to come this way one day,I know I expect a miracle today,But, no one can come to me unless the street dogs,No man comes to me except the rain,
My spanish lover is charming He speaks with the knowlege of and educated graduate He walks with the stride of an ambitious gentleman He's different from the others, obviously
You told me you loved me, Those words sounded like honey to my ears. I let myself fall. I didn't realize until I hit the ground, that they weren't honey at all. They were poison to my mind.
Off in the distance there was a land across the sea,
Love is a beautiful thing,
I met him in the city of angels
For those of you who have a BURN BOOK... This is different. Not really. JS- My first kiss, nice enough kid. TH- Angry Anakin, such a moodie cutie. Well, Padme didn't stick around.
This is specifically directed to you. You may not be here to hear my words, But as long as the words exist, As long as the words have been spoken And they are directed to you It doesn’t matter.  
You're dancing fingers along fret boards, stopping on notes to stop my heart. Writing me love songs from the ashes of past sadness as if its your job to learn the melody of my soul. Is it?
She was beautiful beyond compareyoung, brunette, and fairI could not help but call “Hello there!”My dear and beloved Lillian.
I can feel her hands touching meas if we were in love yesterday, 
Craving the embrace of your limbs intertwined with mine, Leaving marks upon my sunken skin, Oh how our love was yet another violent crime, However you left me broken and thin,
I thought you was the one, I swear to god I thought I thought you was the one, and now i'm just to myself thinking and linking what did I do wrong so you could not even say so long you was gone, told me you would be here and ten years from now,
  To smell to breathe to feel to be alive This are my greatest joy Knowing i can smell your scent Knowing i can breathe what you percieve Knowing i can feel your warmth, your touch
I was put on this earth for a mission, and my massion was to find you. I have completed what God wanted me to do. I never thought that it would be for a short period of time.
You bring out the love in me. The tsunami of emotions in me The tornado of desires in me As you leave me tremble in my knees You bring out the colonized Colonized by love
love me I love you
The worst part is not knowing why. Was it he or I who did not try? Was it my height, my personality? Or was our relationship just a formality. Were we in love with the idea of us, but never eachother?
Am I scared?
When I say “I love you”, I mean it I know it’s right
Into your heaven drifts your lonely pen. You sketched me a beautiful sky. In shapes and clors not colored in, your maniatic illusion is addicting. Mix together your deepest emotions on the palette of my skin.
The life in your eye, the tenderness of your skin. Your breath on my neck, that trembles me within.
A lover's Dance is patient and caring it nourishes the heart, soul and mind. It bring you deligh and bliss within knowing that he will be with you through thick and thin.
When I find myself among a sea of negative ions, Forcing, pushing, trying to keep distance, Repelling from my indistinguished negative charge, You are a positive ion. You could say I am attracted to you.
you think that holding someone tight will  bring them closer             not a regular tight             tighter than that close enough that you are him  and she is you
You take the affection I give you
You are all I need, and you are all I ever want... 
I am more in love with you now than I've ever been And all I have is a folder of pictures saved on my phone And right now you are exactly 719.6 miles away from me Yet every night I feel like you're next to me
You've captured her, she's free no more. You've vanquished her, she lives no more. She's already dead but you dance on her grave like a maniac hungry for any drop of profit you may rape from her body.
Is it still just a game—? When you’re holding me close underwater And I’m wondering how long you’ll let me wait Before I turn around to see you face to face In the dark, alone and falling
You are the smile on my face You are the tears that cascade down my silken cheeks You are the bubbles of laughter that escape my lips You are the gut wrentching sobs that pass through my mouth 
Death  near my grave, Fear in my mind,
Things I [don't] want you to know: • Sometimes I sit in my closet and stare at the amount of clothes I have. And it makes me sick to think I'm so lucky when really, I don't like being alive.
This girl has got me tongue tied 
Oh the joy of my world The man of my dreams  He is what i dream every night  
i called him last night it was 5:23 am the phone went to voicemail-he was sleeping because he had to work in the morning my friends tried to take the phone away from me
My Love, My Love Pain. That is all I ever felt without you hugging me into a soft embrace, Lost.
Love was in the air. You and him were the only people breathing. The world stopped for the of two of you. For your adventure seemed so endless.
You used to whisper into my ear sweet nothings I love you, I would never hurt you, Leave you, I will only and always love you.
Dirty feet and white sheetsLovers down and oceans foundTravel with me and discoverWhere we are and where we are meant to be
The rose needed to bloom The rose was doom
I see you looking at me,
my just went to catch itbut you missed.
I dream of a place One distant, yet close I dream of a face With blue eyes and a sweet nose. I dream of friends, Friends I met long ago. I dream this chapter ends And I find a new home.
My mind is sense, it keeps me safe. My heart is passion, it beats it breaks. My mind and heart are always challenged My heart and mind are never balanced.   My mind “thinks” and “ticks” and makes its lists
The soft breeze sways the trees As you twirl me in a bed of leaves to the rhythm of our beating hearts You pull me close and our souls' music starts   Your breath whispers in my ear
Every morning, Every day, i feel as though i haven't found glory, maybe i'm a stray.    If he could only know, how i feel as though i've lost him.   Throughout the years,
  How do you live with yourself? How can you sit there and pretend nothing happened? Don’t you realize? Can’t you see what my life has become because of you? Because I let you in,
Oh, If they only knew....   It's never who they think it is Those who would suspect  that you long for someone  
She asked me how I knew it was love and I didn't know what to say.
There's a large crowd and I'm in the back. All preps and pretties with beautiful bodies are at the front.   The second crowd,  only with men hurry to find the prettiest girl
Waiting on you is like waiting on War Anticipation
My heart is still breaking and I haven't stopped thinking of you since. This apple sends down my spine and puts goosebumps on my skin, but not like you can.   I'm trying to cope.  
No one wants us to be together, Every time we're around each other our friends give us stormy, cloudy weather, Rain drops, Thunder storms and Rumor Swirls How do we live through this bad weather,
When I try reading his mind Its just a Big Question mark. When I examine his eyes He looks past me, And more focus on anonymous things. 
  For what is a heart if it is not brave?   What is it for   if not for feeling   the courage to invite every stranger   into Its home   To
I love you I am sorry, I just lost    control
I AM the girl who loves coffee and good music Who loves to read and paint and sit and enjoy. Who loves to be at peace, floating through life. Who you can find in a big sweatshirt and panties, Without a care in the world.
Everytime I look at you My life changes for the better. Whenever I feel like crying, We can laugh together. All I need is a glance in your eyes. You don't see how perfect you are But I wish you did.
When we run, what do we have to show for it? When we're nervous, no one will know of it When we draw it, we obscure it And defile and hurt it It's ill-conceived to put  The word love, with the word hurt
My sophomore year is when we met,
Hiding my head, losing my mind. Drowning in sorrow, surrounded in sadness. Gathering my thought, smothering them with hate. Searching for a reason But found chaos. Clinging to hope But found reality.
Sugar does not crave more sugar and vinegar does not crave more acidity.    Sugar craves water, and heat.  It longs to be a syrup–smooth, sticky, and sweet. 
Promise me, we will still be in love, years from now. Promise me that you kiss my tears away when I cry. Promise me that some nights, you'll let me hold you the way you do me.
Roses are red  but not as red as the sunset in my dreams,  where we're sitting together on the beach, laying, cuddling in the warmth of the ending day Violets are blue
Love is the ocean. It's unpredictable, one minute it's smooth sailing and the next it's a terrifying storm of overwhelming waves.
I don't miss the color of your eyes;but the way they looked at me as if I were all that mattered.I don't miss the shape of your lips;but the way they felt as they grazed the surface of my skin.
Came in a text message I couldn't do nothing but stay still in silence thinking it's a joke  I felt used where the values of my heart didn't have no artificial price tag
For I am only human, I long for his touch, His scent, His grace,  His trace.   When he is no longer near, I whimper like a pup. I do not show this side because I know
Tell me everything that makes you you  all your flaws, so I can love them,  all your scars, so I can kiss them,  and in the night I will cover your body with all the love I  have to offer 
I was once an open book; my emotions and deepest thoughts were the cover. One day someone ripped out my pages and tossed me into a dark corner.
The other day, someone asked me what made you different from all the other guys I've dated. And all I could think of was how happy you make me feel But it got me thinking, shouldn't every guy make you happy?
Dead and gone you may now be Take your place among the stars Our joyous, wonderful memories Forever, dwell within my heart
This is a poem for the next girl to break my heart. I will write angry poems about you. Post them on billboards. Pray to a God that I don’t believe in. Dead stars should not shine.  
From the time I was a cub, I knew how to roar. My mother lit a fire in me before my paws touched the earth And maybe I’ve burnt things down. Arson is a crime, but love is not.   I was taught to love all men,
Relationships don't you mean relationshits? 
How does it feel to have poems written about you and not to care?
The Path
I'm at a table for two Because they didn't have A table for one
I’ve been described as free, a description that stayed with me because I can’t be tied down, what’s the point. What’s the point to be an equal in society, I want to dance
I packed a bag for a perfect day, Of course my mind's camera also came,
To be loved by a beaten soul  Is a special kind of love To be loved by one who is not given it Is beautiful To know I am special enough to hold such a delicate heart within my rough hands
Held back by our own limitations,so we start on our medications.Arguments fought through litigations,never considering the implications.  
I am woman. You are man. Though I am not Eve nor are you Adam. The deceit lies on the tip of a tongue's vacant truth,
The rush you give me is addictive.
they never even noticed the redness in her eyes they never even noticed  the signs that everyday she cried they never even noticed because they never even cared
he's a man but really he's sarcasm lanky, underfed, patched whole with drugs. he scares away crows but he doesn't scare me. I'll pay for this later. but sunsets sitting in a haze of
Do you know the definition of distance? When I can't turn around and see you or walk down the street and be near you.  I go throuh everyday looking for something that isn't there but all I find is my shadow.
You say I am a decent writerSo I write this one to youYou who loves me for all of meNot just the me that is nice and pleasantBut the me that is mean and dark and confused
You use to be my Luke Sky-Walker, and now you are my Hans Solo. (Star Wars) You were tired of monkeying around. (Jungle Book)
This... This is settling. Sitting here with you Staring at this static fuzz on the TV screen, Listless, blank, and melancholy. We gave up so long ago,
I am bittersweet, Bittersweet and scared. I am unable to let go Of all my fears. Interested in the journey, But very wary of the road, I'm worried by upcoming decisions
Make me happy Make me smile for hours Give me the fondest memories that I smile when you’re not around Make me think   Make me ponder things I never thought
She called upon me to aid her, to stop the crying.  Her crying is a marathon runner who can never reach the finish line. I’m no savior, but I’m the only one left to care.  
How do others expect me to describe you? How do you describe what growing feels like? How do you describe what breathing feels like? How do you describe what being asleep feels like?
So we are going to talk about relationship...
With a swift brush of the breeze, you are beautiful.  Soaking in your everlasting scent, I can see you. The ability to taste your bountiful lips is euforic, in the sense of purity and love.
My skin burns where your hands once were like acid on light flesh. I've taken four showers today to try to wash away the pain but your handprint stays on my porcelain skin.
She saw this girl but didn't think much of her. Then she would start seeing her around a lot. Randomly they had a conversation which felt right. They started talking and instantly had a connection. 
Prisoner of Words Unsaid  For so long For so long I've been a prisoner  A life sentenced prisoner for a crime they committed for me  Like Alicia Keys "I'm a prisoner of words unsaid
emotional calousses and psychological imbalances there's unwanted inhabitants in my mind's inner palaces i never fathomed this like a sudden heart attack kicks in i need to relax, sip the jack, numb the madness  
I love you more than words can say.
To be a thing of staggering perfection, Unlost in a crowd of typography, But not to the masses of passerby, Rather to one specific soul Who sees a light in dim, dust rooms
What the hell is wrong with you?Don’t you know I’m beaten and blue?Leave me alone.I’ve done nothing to you.
Lost in your eyes I want to feel the sunrise. I want to feel the flutter of your heartbeat, in this beautiful demise. Though your hunger will make me bleed, my thirst for you will intervene. Lust lust I'm feeling lust lust, lust lust lust.
Roses are red Violets are blue I like bacon More than I like you   Tulips are pink Marigolds are yellow Don't you dare Touch my jello
I am writing this to you. My love, my ecstacy, the one and only I come to.   You know who you are,
This isn't my nightmare, no! My dreams and thoughts and veins ache for you! For release. To see them all again. All over. This isnt my nightmare, no! Cover me in pretty pink lines, baby, I need you now! no! Not you... not you...
Emotionally invested into something I once protested.
The pain you have put me in is nothing anymore
His hands reach for mine. They reach for a part of my soul That I keep Guarded, Untouched. He yearns for it, And I for him. Yet, I do not lust for his soul, Like mine;
Is it not enough for you that you've ripped my heart out already. You fucking broke it and now you have to step on every single one of the pieces too? Was it never enough for you to just know that I loved you?  
It was a day the Lord made; the day this little raven came to be. Such grace and strength had he. He yearned for the day--his day-- when he could finally fly free.   All the courage in the world
Watching the storm grow stronger, so do my emotions.  
I dream of being in your arms, Laying my head across your chest. I slowly wake up and, half asleep I can still feel you as you rest. We're together, just us two I hug you tight and won't let go,
You took it Didn't even have to ask No persuasion was necessary All I had to hear Were those three words.   Desperate to believe I listened and gave in To an unasked proposition
Broken roads engulfed with rubble A heart apiece, blind eyes focusing Who can stand to face the trouble The hearts that burn, spurned Eager to face another day, wanting
Darling, light that cigarette  Let the ashes fall  With them your dreams Cause tomorrow when you wake up  You'll realize we never met    Standing on that boardwalk  In the dark of night 
Its 11:55 right now and i began to think to myself why? Why me?  Why now? I work blood sweat an tears and do not know the reason why? Why does she lie? Why now?  My hands get weak when i think of this situation,
As I child I would speak No one could hear me Was I talking to loud? Or were their thoughts preoccupied? The day I discovered the power of ink Was the day I discovered the power within me
I try to stay away from you But you keep on coming back I see the desperation but I do not give a flack You're a crazy creepy stalking pig who I want far, far away but you just seem to return to me
The romance and the bliss the honeymoon phase, that special kiss. I want so badly to be held tight, to be smothered in your love and to sleep with at night. Is my hair ugly? Do I talk too much?
We moved perpendicularly, Bringing with us no exact intentions. We wore binoculars at our eyes, aimed at the future But we looked through rosy lenses. We hoped without restriction,
She's the girl with beautiful browm
I’m trying to healSo I send this alertMy mind feels angerMy heart is hurtPlease just listenTake in what I sayI tell you because I careThings cannot be this wayIt’s only because
Fables foam from your mouth
Still thinking the things my lips can't say. You may not be flawless but it seems that way. The little things count the most, and I'll never let go of my hope.
I guess my love is worthless, along with everything I do, but how else can I announce my adoration for you?   My heart is sealed forever, no way to be let loose.
The other day was great. We agreed to see each other again And trust me, I've made an effort But it's obvious you haven't, So let's talk.   Talk about what?!
he takes all i have  and all he leaves behind is my regret and sorrow that has remained for quite some time   i fade to ashes in the wind when his words singe away my pain
When you kiss me, I scream intoyour mouth as hard as I canso every time you puffa cigarette, youmight think of me.
enough of your comfortand poetry about innocence   my scars are not an invitationfor you to kiss my wrists   and how dare you try to make me feellike my wars weren’t realdid not exist
  he told me nothing could be without me. he couldnt live in this world if there was no "we". saying all this while "she" was laying in his bed. all these lies fed straight to my head.
this passion for you  melted into these meaningless words on a page no one will read and the hours and minutes i spend bleeding these feelings and dead smiles
One hour,
Little girl grown, how you toss and turn in your bed while images of him plague your sweet mind.In the night-time you see his face.
Out here, it's just you and me No one telling us who to be The moonlight and the stars shining so bright embrace us as we embrace each other
My life has been hidden by a set of horizontal blinds.
I used to think I loved you I used to think you cared I used to think "this is it" I used to be so scared I used to want to be your all I used to think you did too
I get into the car and you begin to drive The only thing we share on our journey is Silence It smothers our words Chokes our voices Louder than anything that could be spoken
My knight in shiny armor Is but a mere common man Who I learned to intensely adore By taking me to worlds no one else can   He entered my Spanish world Opened up a new book of knowledge
I love music and I analyze the world around us according to two genres: Hip-Hop and RnB More specifically I define love in terms of their beat What rhymes catch my attention and what rhythms prompt me to move out of my seat
Sometimes, the world gets so powerful It's like standing on the edge of the ocean during high tide And getting swept into the dark abyss of sin right before your eyes Caught and tangled in the lies of this Earth
I’m confused. Like really.  I am SO confused and I need some clarification I see an epidemic that is spreading across the nation. I feel like world has taken the “Christ” out of Christmas
It started with four words Let.  There. Be. Light. And so his light shined on the world No brighter light that’s ever been seen before A prelude to one of the greatest stories known to man kind
Darkness consumes me. My surroundings slowly seep into my body. I have no control over my body. I try to move but something has tied me down. All I can feel is the tears that roll down my face.
So tired of playing the same sick games Running around in circles playing whose to blame We fight we fight you’re mad you go date around Then when you aint happy Im left to be found
Hannah was late coming home this evening. Traffic was slow and she had trouble leaving. Work was hard and she hadn't any time
When I was a young child I was abused.  I won't say which way,  how or even why I think it happened to me,  but it did.    My mother would tell me how  beautiful she was and how
You hooked her heart up to strings Told her you'd give everything You'd cover her scars with a ring Your little puppet gave everything You pushed and pulled on the ropes She bent and bent 'til she broke
He's not worth my love, He's not worth my feelings. He's not worth my pain, And me getting upset over things. He's not worth my thoughts, He's relevant no longer. He's not worth my sadness
I'll leave you be That's what you seem To desire You left me standing
The memories reply over and over in my head Your laughter intermingled with mine And mine with yours Running and squealing Joking and Jumping But all of it isn’t real. You joke around and act
You string me up like I'm something special.
You  and Me
Your so curvy and smooth and you catch peoples eyes when you come into a room But so far with you I can't even look your way Everytime I see you I know i'm not okay..
You and I were lovers And now we aren’t even friends It hurts to say that I never Felt the pain I have yet to strip I wake up each morning Wishing it weren’t true That if I’d look beside me
She smiled at him with the stars in her eyes, He returned the gesture with a gentle kiss, Which earned a giggle of surprise, He gave a grin of utter bliss,
Why? That is my question. Why do I feel like you're the exact definition of perfection? Why are you so amazing even though I'm only staring at your reflection, Not making a sudden movement,
If I could I would; I would take it all back. Clarify exactly what I meant. How I truly felt. I would of never shown any weakness. I would of never been so open.
  While I sleep silently,
Work Work W                 O                                 R                                                 K That all you do, But what about me? We are the children of the world,
Kylie, this is a poem all for you, you're the only one I want, I hope you feel that way too, want us to just count the months, today's your birthday, a day all for you,
Her beauty is snow storms, tucked away, Tiny freezing snowflakes bottled in my fingers.   It comforts me, and breaks my fall, And its sparks set my heart alight.   This girl is unique in perfection,
the warm white tide Your footsteps in the sand, They’re only temporary, Soon to fill with seawater, Flushed orange with the last Lost rays of shimmering daylight.
#1– O/S:     Your mismatched eyes are so beautiful.               – One of glowing umber, as bright as the fantasy of Neverland,
God work your magic through my hands; I'll heal the souls of the dedicated. When they break like rusted baskeball nets, I remind them why they entered the game. Remember when you dad got you your first ball?
  if i lost interest in you  would things finally fall into place.
  did time burn out the flame. whose the one to blame. 
No matter where I go, I can't explain away, the limitless attraction to a girl who knows her way. She's a mystery to us all,  and a puzzle to a tee, a conundrum to her parents, 
I feel as if I knew every inch of your being. Your soul, dark like your lies. Your smile, as white as the lies you tell. Your eyes, once as deep as the ocean, now as deep as the trench where you threw our love away.
A letter to my mother   My mother hates me and I don’t know why We just can’t seem to see eye to eye She disrespects me to the ump degree Now I’m going to tell you what’s in my decree  
1. I've literally spent like thirty minutes trying to think of a number one. 2. They say a picture's worth a thousand words so if I could, I would take all the photos I have of you, nail them to a wall and call it poetry.
I am not a spiteful person and even yet I wish I was less effected by such unadulterated hatred.
I’m haunted by my memories. The memories of us, the memories of you. Your smile, your laugh, the look you would give me, the sparkle in your eye that gave me a hint as to what you were feeling.
It's something about the way you smile As if these nights truly are worth my while 
Believe in G
Sometimes I dream about the half eaten dinner for two rotting in my fridge Lusting for the time when that goose was first cooked
Soon will come a day A day in which my life begins The beginning of my time where my clock finally tics   Waiting inside this darkness I met you You camoflauged and kept yourself hidden
He's white and tan and blond smoldering blue eyes He plays baseball, a star jock   She's black, well brown-skinned actually Her hair is jet black and shiny, Shoulder length and gloriously curly
Slight touch
Your lean over on my head
They look perfect on the outside Everyone wants their relationship Nobody know what happens behind closed doors Nobody hears her screams at night   She keeps a fake smile on her face
Religion by Dillon A poem on how people should change the way they think. I would change religion. So many are caught in its lies. Religion is something I despise. It tells man to work for perfection
She was a flower, She held herself high, Strong, White and filled with innocence. But someone came along, He took away the flower's sunlight, He uprooted the flower, Put her in a dark corner.
An excuse of good looks don’t get you anywhereSoft blue eyes and long blonde hairIn their eyes are all bad habits
I have thought about it As I’m sure you may have, too, That friendship came between us, Broken, scarred and bruised. We ended it in silence, Eyes averted in fear That past times may never recommence.
A star among stars that shines brighter in the night, too shy to say It is bright. I wish I may, I wish I might, How I wish you could see how beautiful you are to me, Tonight.
I feel broken down everytime he comes around in my mind is a trainwreck you love me, i dont give a shit. I feel the arguments seeping through into everything that i do
im breaking. listen to me crumbling like stones. i'm falling. through the cracks, i dont wanna be alone.
I know his footsteps and the catch in his breath And i know his laugh sorted from the rest I know the way his hair flips out in the ends And I know the freckles covering his face down to his chin
You held me so tight As you kissed me good night You pushed my hair behind my ears You took away all my fears You reeled me in With your cute, little grin I was caught
Our love is a flirtationship, but I want a relationship. With trust and love, and an abode with cubs, but you want something less.   Our love is a flirtationship.
A hot boiling pot of water
  Forever, atleast that’s what you said.
And if you could have made it that much easier  I doubt you would've  It's so unlike you to give away anything  That could've  helped a single soul  Along the winding road 
She cries softly, Tears drive down her cheek. Hopelessness fills her body greatly, And she fears the next encounter. How shall she escape,
I remember when I placed my hand on your cheek And planted one kiss on your forehead Reassuring you that everything was going to be alright And when a smiled, I felt that the world was warm
The sky is broken and I wish I could know why because right now it feels like the only one who will understand. There used to be flowers on or fingertips but they wilt with every word.
The sunshine was as thick as fog and all I could see was your face with your lips Lips that gave kisses  that melted the ice that covered my body. Kisses that
We are simply friends, I first thought of youYou wanted my tape because it was funI failed to see you saw me as your sunThat brightened cloudy days, your skies made blueYour wallet took a punch - admit it's true
Across the room he sees her reading text
My feelings are something I’ve yet to learn:
Do not be like a jagged rock; static, forlorn, yet easily eroded. Do not be like the mountain; overbearing, ignorant, unmovable. Do not be like the wind; blowing too hot or very cold.
This is real. The shiver up my spine. This is real. The metal my face has ever so met. This is real. The warm blood trickling from my nose. This is real.
I've had it up to here with relationships gone south I can no longer stay, you're a toxic taste in my mouth If you put in for me all I had put in for you I wouldn't be here, I'd still love you too
Letting go 
I remember the nights I cried over you
You sit in the dark
If i had the courage to tell you how i feel then you might fall for me  if i had the stregnth to hold our relationship then maybe we would know what love is  If i could see how much you dont care then i might just move on 
I never would have put you through this, If I knew how much misery it'd bring. Did I simply persuade you amiss? Or did the mockingbird falsely sing? Don't refuse your true feelings; I can be your guide.
  I saw you today, Surprisingly I was okay. I didn’t want to cry or question why, I’m fine that you aren’t mine. I didn’t know what I saw, Or why I would miss you, I could even risk you.
Seeing things in different ways, is giving life a perspective. You don't have to be blind, if you can't see them.. Maybe you just couldn't find the right perspective? Questions last forever, but lying by answering doesn't...
What Did i Do That Was So Wronq All iReally Wanted Was For Us Tew Ghet Alonq I Thought This Relationship Was PERFECT :) But iGuess He Doesn't Feel The Samee And That Really Does Hurt Me
It started in heat. A heat that kept 
All my dreams, a thousand miles away they lie nestled against him as he sleeps too bitter and faithless to kneel and pray the life that I wanted, I could not keep   I hunger for his voice, to hold his hand
I love you, even while you are medicated your heavy eyes, not quite reaching mine Your lack of interest in the words I’m pressing so hard Frustrating me to the point of tears But I do not blame you
I could have left when I was younger, before I ever began making trails with my shuffled and fumbled footprints.I would have never hugged the ones I loved.I would have never laughed with those I laughed with.
I am skinny gawky average unappealing in the most appealing ways.    When he entered my life I was lost broken and he was my light   Told me I was beautiful amazing
Instantaneous instinct in the shadows of My yesterday; the nostalgic scent sickens me. What used to plunge my soul in hypnosis Is now a long-lost, hurtful memory, A reflection in which I've built immunity
My head and heart screamin' out your name, It's been so long since they deemed me sane. The middle of the night, I'm in this dream, I want so much to see you standing beside me.
You've got my heart beat runnin' high, make me feel like I can touch the sky. You give me that look, your amazing eyes, My heart takes over, goes into overdrive...
I played along like it was nothing, a crush that wouldn't last. I never knew you felt the same, we could've skipped the pain of the past. I denied the accusations, But I knew I loved you from the start.
Life. isn't always about Love. isn't always Pefect. doesn't always mean Flawless. doesn't always mean Right. sometimes leads you Left. is the path less Taken.
Crush. Eyes met. Smiles are stolen. Her laugh is adored. They fnally build the courage. They talk and make a date. Then on that date night they kiss.  A single date then turns into many moments.
I remember  the way our eyes met,  when we first talked.   I remember  the way our lips touched, when we first kissed.   I remember  the way your fingers fit perfectly in mine,
May your eyes be there to watch over me, May your arms be there to comfort me, May your smile be there to cheer me, May your thoughts always lean towards me, May what makes you you always be special to me
A silence in time a moment of moments With the chitter and chatter slowing to a hush my heart raced louder my mind a rush   The touch of his fingers fitting in mine
She was scared to fallShe was scared to trustHe looked at her with nothing but lust She was scared to love him cause' she knew she'd be hurt againShe got caught in his eyes, she couldn't see past all his lies.
I wish I knew how to communicate That I want to go slow, But instead I’m walking home Alone. We can’t talk without it feeling awkward. Well, to me it is. I know we’ve talked about it,
Missing is something I feel I wish love was never real Now you have a way to tear my soul Are you the one I've been longing for? I know it's true that you love me too But how can I if I'm the lie
You know that feeling when people on the outside are silently laughing at you. That feeling of I told you so. That feeling when you were so sure about something but you fail.
You are my contentment,With you true love can be experienced.The depth of our love is coherent,With you my insecurities are nonexistent. I never had to hand my heart over in your hands, My heart knew you were and always would be my man.and by your
I used to be your everything, now it seems as if I'm everything you never wanted, I thought I was the one for you at least that's what you told me, I go to war for you Rell all I ever showed was loyalty, the make ups the breakups I still held it d
This is the story of tragedy immemorial.A tale of endless woe.I hope you'll learn from the mistakes.Made by two really quite bitter foes.
I hold a small, pink eraser in my hand I carefully bring the ends of the eraser toward each other Watching the middle of it stretch To make ends meet
The single rose that an apologetic young man rudely plucked away from a shrub. Along his aspiring excursion up her fire escape apon her window seal. Rueing for making her heart twinge with regret
Distance is like a spark, indiferent of the fuel only offering ignition. Fueled by emotion, there is a reason most stop at the notion to ignite this flame.
You are simply beyond my reachA treasure I can no longer keep For holding on to something at such a distance Meets with such strong resistance
Talk to me, please  Put my mind at ease   You claim to lack the time of day But we both know those are mere words astray   I yearn to know; what is it really? I'm eager to ask, but is it silly?
Before my daughter, I didn't know what I wanted to be. Now that she's born, I know exactly. I want to be someone she can look up to. I want to be someone she'll like to view. So when she's older, I know she'll say,
There wasn't a good A sign A word But a bye But there I left the shells.   Slammed, My fingers still seeping through Why can't I be in   The flood, the water Is me
Your home, the open road Pavement stretches for miles to go. From East coast to West coast Counting down each milepost.   Your heart is of metal like The music you make.  
Go on now, let me be. My mama gonna' get you when she see. Leave me alone, please let me rest. Then he say she dont care Bess. Well, for the record thats my name and im as young of seven.
It's happening again.The same old phone calls at nearly 4am.Wondering if I should even pick up,Its pretty obvious what you want-You only tell me you love me after 2am.Once everyones gone and the liqour sets in. You dialate in the darkness,wander b
One click, two, a pause and a smile I can only imagine the dream like state of your eyes on the screen And as you proceeded on, you knew all the while What would come of a simple message, a day to convene.
Because of you I'm afraid. Of THEM, Your kind.   You left me. ABANDONED me. Without a care in the world.   They always felt bad for him. How you weren't there for HIM
He first treated you like you wore a crown. He fucked with your mind until your smile was a permanent frown. He convinced you as if you were the one at fault. Like a daily dose of a wound filled with salt.
Words are loaded, tongues are sharp speaking bullets, missing marks conversation in crossfire tensions like we're in trenches and still this isn't the hardest part   Dropping bombs, explode, remark
A well-built framework made just for me can be used by everyone to make good company.   Don’t call on my name
NumbEmptyAching to be with you Ripped away from our fateNot given the dateOf when we can be together again Days pass in a blurAs Nights move like a slugNo relief from this pain
Passing by those who create your past Wishing they had never walked Through your heart, leaving stains Broken shards pain your very existence. Memories shred your remaining soul
Miles to, hundreds from Where my hearts pulled Where the sun drowns Where the wind doesn't blow, We sit in silent war.   The cry's cold cut on the brink of hysteria
It's hard deciphering secret agendas when I'm busy deconstructing every word you say. Depicting what you've yet to reveal, does that mean I have the upper hand, or am I simply playing into yours?
I wish I was famousSo I could expose your greatnessI want the world to seeHow much you mean to me
Have you ever seen eyes that speak sermons.Respirations that birth holy spirits.With those kind of eyelids that are like curtains,Blocking out sunlight that flowers cherish.
You said you wished the stars were red,so I pulled them down one by oneand painted them by hand,for you.
I'll spin you a song of pretty things,of angels dust and fairy wings,of all the very lovely things,That make a girl smile,But I doubt you'd listen to such a thing,You'd rather I told you tales of glorious deeds,
(I don't know why the ending got all jumbled up, sorry.)   You can't undo this You can't get back what you've lost You can't erase the past You can't redeem yourself  
I have come to hate everyone                  but That doesn't matter to you          because you You hate everyone too; so I stay.   The more I think about this disaster
Might I relate to you? Could you feel the way I do?  Just slip me a smile- it's all it takes to leave me up- wide awake   A flicker- a glance my chance-  to lean in a kiss
                                                 Different,                Different is the laughter,                 Different are the tears,                 Different is the feeling               knowing you're one of my fears.                  
  Tattoo my body with your touch and tongue,And I will smear the ink against your skin.So pressed together, blood and soul resungWill lift us two, so heaven lets us in.  
What will it take for you to believe in me in We, in Us, in Trust, for it is a must for the creation of Us to survive and thrive to not fall but to dive into a sea
The stray child, between her two eyes resting on the bridge out of sight. The slight tickle of a fleeing thought at the front of her mind. He kisses her brow good night and is forever lost, the stray child.
Trying to find the words  To say but you being yourself wouldn't understand it's a bittersweet quality. Moistened lips so pink and full my heart wants to tell you but my brain and foolish ego won't.
You exhaust me. That hardly describes it. I wish there was a better phrase for putting my emotions through a spin cycle. You didn't even hang me out to dry.
"Whenever I miss you I tell my heart no. I then close my eyes and let the memories roll. Out of my eyelids and straight down my cheeks. Pouring into the pillow that captures my dreams. And as my heart sinks when the images do fade..
A star-studded calendar and meeting the sun every day at seven cannot curve the blowOf the fact that we are learning the unspoken of moving apart.I miss you.
I'm lost. But I remember you. "I'll give up everything. I love you." These words were meant for you. I needed the fire burning in your eyes. Otherwise I'd be unable to see
I have always kept the thought in mindThat people come and go So I would always keep my distanceAssuming they would leave But I always craved a friendshipThat would last until I was old
My daughter, I created you perfectly the way you are Why are you trying to change that? I made you blonde, Not brunette, I gave you blue eyes, Not green
A black hole spit out my kind of light I’m on the road when I finally come to life Hit the gas, head for the city to feel tonight
Just when I feel that our relationship has prevailed You pull away and remind me why we've never been strong Not even enough to withstand the falls And never to rise You rekindle the fire that burns my heart
Gold and red-checkered lips. Pink and purple plumage in pin-curled hair. Corsets colliding with chosen partners. Flickers of light from silver sequins scattering the ballroom.
Look into your heart- feel the connection of my being. Look into your soul- remind yourself what I am seeing.
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"Everything will be all right," He says as she sobs into his shirt, Her tiny hand clutches the fabric. Between sobs he pats her back: rocks her, Back and forth. Back and forth. 
Every war that was ever fought all began with a single thought. They are such powerful things: the start of relationships and flings. One thing leads to another and your thoughts become words.
Fairytales I never used to believe in fairytales I’m not like Cinderella when the clock strikes 12. Won’t prick my finger and fall asleep Or become a prisoner and love a beast. But I met you
Its a sad poem with no title. I did it today. I never wanted it to be like this Was it an accident? Was it life giving me a sign?
My skin is tan, and my back is strong. strong enough, to take the pain .. inflicted again & AGAIN.   I get scared to, and I fight back knowing I'll lose because I'm strong enough, to take the pain ..
You would think that love would be easy to find I mean Isn't it stronger than anything? I wish i could find someone i could love with the heart that ive already given away Not only that...
She is the ghost haunting you, She created the fear. She wasn't the victim Which is why you and I are now here.   She was the one cracking the whip, She broke your fragile skin.
She said I’ll love you till you’re worn She said I’m breaking to the bones. The kind of stuff that breaks a home- The tortured cry of a widow’s moan. She said, you can’t believe that love is real
She smiles as she looks at him Mesmoriezed by his eyes Light brown with a twinkle Kind of like the stars in the sky   She smiles as she looks at him Mesmoriezed by his smile
This is exactly whatI didn't want to happenYou and me, fightingI guess I knew, deep down insideWe'd end in flamesNot that I want that,But that's were we're headedUnless we can do something
And they said that everything about you was perfection and that made me believe that you were the perfect guy for me. You took me places and held my hand, then I fell for you and you became my best friend.
You must love to watch me crybecause since the beginningthat’s all you have caused me,tears and breathless sobsand i sit here as these big dropsof sadness and despaircrash like waves onto my face
  Each night you sleep peacefully in the padded satin In your petite, floral painted wooden home As I prepare for another day, I reach for you You comply with no hesitations, no complaints as
I use up most of my lovein airplanes. Spending it liketokens at theLocal arcade.   The engines hum,the wings thrum,the guttural startof take-off.  
Not sure what we are,neither are you.We've never met, yet..I feel very close to you.We have much in common, i'll say that.But I feel like there is one thing,that is holding us back. 
Lies! That's all I tell. Maybe, I'll rot in hell.   Playing with your feelings Making you fall deeper in love With me.   If I just rolled over and died I know you'd cry
Ever since I was a teen, I hoped and dreamed to one day find him. As I slept we traveled and danced, But awake my chances seemed very slim. Was this wrong, could it be, to not know, to not see?
There is a feeling that our hearts call true love.But how can someone describe such a powerful feeling.Does it feel warm and fuzzy.Does he/she love you for who you are,And not what you pretend to be.
Sitting with the rain Holding my hands under the puddles Subconscious illusions Fading I see the rain stop The sun set and then the moon Compress, Explode.   As if the moon was glass
It is hard to say when it all began Was it from the moment we met Or was it from the moment i ran Far from you because of the dent You placed on someone close to me I choose to listen to unfaithful words
The implications of your strength confuse My emotions and leave me perplexéd; Do I find safety in your able arms, Or do I fear the strength sup’rior to mine? The way you take control is my excuse
The dots on the wall become bugs; crawl. Your second skin implores you to buy in. Allow the separation of sanity to fall, Like the rain of grace, with razors instead of peace. The vociferous outward expression;
(poems go here) No matter what he tells you. . The key to his heart is not locked in the space hanging between his legs. Pick your head up little girl. You should be meeting eye to eye, Not penis to mouth.
We walked hand-in-hand Through the woods With the sun at our backs The air tasting like salt And the sound of water hitting rocks, We approached the lake. It's funny, I'm the size of an
I am looking for a long-term fulfilling relationship with Music.Primal in beat, with ascending crescendos of melodyPassionate in rhythm, emoting steady confident surety
It started here. I walk through the door. Did you ever glance? You never notice me. I sit next to you. You ignore my presence. Tried to interact. But, you blew me off.
You've got my mind working overtime Stole my heart, you've done the crime I can't find the words I should say- Hearing from you brightens my day Say to voice my feelings for you
What would you say To us alone in the woods? Not simply to fuck Rather instead alone to pretend That we Are alone in the world Together we Can find a rock in the stream
I lay here writing the words I can't say And the longer my mind fights wondering and wanting to say hey- And the longer we go without a word, this becomes a never ending day
Is there any part of you however small That says that you love me at all? The fires of passion we once had have dimmed The times we spend talking have once more been trimmed You look into my eyes and I look into yours
In the presence of royalty, she bows down and worships thee, Kissing everything from his eyebrows to his feet, Thinking that he’s real, and loves more than her sex appeal,
We together make Us, We, Us you and me. We fight We argue We disagree We, you and me. We laugh We smile We joke We, you and me.
Don't try to explain yourself I know the truth I never want to be by myself never wanted to hurt you.
In me, your smile has awoken something long lost My heart has begun to defrost- Elated that our paths have crossed You smile, I smile, I lack self- control A fire burns in me and you've lit the charcoal
The skies darken And around me The pressure builds With a burst, I feel The first fat drops Of rain as they begin to Fall
The room is always dim, aside from the fog of creeping cancer, and over-priced incense. It bounces, it swirls, among the sad lamps (barely holding on), seeps from under locked doors.
Frat Boy Love Poem I am in love with a frat boy. I know it He knows it We both know it We just don’t acknowledge it.
3:57 odd time to be a- wake. I lay slowly, adrifting away- awake. the Insomniac beat... yes it benches and bangs, an anvil god's trinkets and toys bring pain-
And just like that I became the snake to your apple. However, you can’t deny the inherent curiosity you had swimming in you. Not a tadpole, but a Kraken inside your blackened multitudinous seas.
An exchange of looks, Aging man with false promise, You came and you came.
My body and soul detached from the spine that weaves them sinks and floats, respectively, with no direction.
I met a boy when I was only sixteen,
Tears turn on like a broken faucet, droplets splashing on my hands and in my hair. He hasn't come home yet. His absence is fresh in the minds of his loved ones and all left with almost no more emotions to bear.
Tip toed, Old age comes and smothers innocence, Purely out of habitual fashion, We sit back and keep our eyes closed, And when we return to this reality, Summer has turned to autumn.
When love breaks its like a storm Inside everything is torn The smell of rain is rolling in You know this love is about to end For a moment everything stalls While the first rain drop has time to fall
Can’t sleep cause I keep thinking Every moment that passes is weakening I keep wondering, keep sinking So blind with emotion I can’t see a damn thing Now I'm left alone wondering why
Love Is the moment When I hear a plane overhead And think of you Love Is the days I'm out with my family And smile at motorcycles
I wonder how you came to be for your stone cold heart doesn’t seem to beat. There’s a chunk of ice in you chest, frozen so cold you will never rest. The Love I gave you could never undo
No one knows how I feel No one knows what I want They laugh and laugh As if they don't care
Let’s break it down to the dirty details. You broke my heart, but have yet to know. Maybe you won’t either.
You look at me with eyes that Don't know the truth You look at me with eyes that Will not acknowledge the truth Because the truth is, I'm in love with you I'm in love with you and, She'll always know
I forget everything You say to me All because I know It means nothing Absolutely nothing All because you Habitually tell me lies I fail to believe you Because of your stories
I am the one for the talk The walk has commenced And I refuse to be the fool Playing the jester's part You tell me lies I smile Graciously actlike I agree And walk away
When in her eyes and in her fractured voice, The ache hurts even I, who knows no pain, The tears in scarlet eyes, they have no choice But now to fall and mar her face again.
He's worried that she might not smile everyday He's worried he'll miss her too much when he goes away He's worried that she won't laugh at his dumb joke He's so worried so much....dam he might choke
If you were here It would all be different The way the leaves fall off the trees They could glide the way lips graze over teeth in smiles
I love you so much that I hate you, get it? I hate you because I loved you to the point where it broke my heart I love you because your smile made me smile I hate you because you drained me of my happiness
He loves me, she chants with her accustomed bag of ice. He loves me, she chants in the morning and at night. He loves me, she chants as she turns black and blue.
Dear Anthony, I'd like to set aside order for a moment And what's inadvertently thought of as important To spill my heart on a palette With words left uncalloused Waiting to engrave
Hello Mr. Keeper Today I lost my soul Have you seen it? I looked everywhere I searched heaven I searched hell But my soul is nowhere to be seen I think I might die
Is this wrong Or is it right This word love It evokes a thunder within my heart A freezing rush of painful memories Gliding gently across the lens of sight Some where it happened in these memories
I cried laughter and pain, Memories rushed through my brain, I wonder how I lost you. Thinking ill have you back, Times i tried and lack, I still wonder how I lost you. Seeing your love for me is gone,
Amor, you are my love. Babbled like a baby when we first met. Couldn't keep my emotions in, Didn't want to lose you as a friend just yet
You never intended to stay with me You only gave up and ran away You never listened, it was always your way I use to imagine how we would be But I've given up on that silly dream
Pretty little liar, in your pretty little attire, looking stressed and hot wired, we see through all your games.
My dad lifts my new electric blue Schwinn Mountain Bike onto his shoulders and hauls it into the garage. He takes a wrench and adjusts the pipes with the precision of a poet, pulling them to fit my height. I stretch
Do you want to know how I feel? There are butterflies swarming around my stomach at all times of my existence. My bones shake and my heart rate goes through the roof.
Heart feels so overwhelmed I look into your eyes And see the unexplainable Twists and turns of unexpected Happiness and sorrow All rolled into one smiling face
when i was little you did your best 2 shelter me it was a blessing & a curse later on the real world had to street better me you were always there for me the times that i grew
Adonis, Greek god of beauty And desire. When you’ve been crawled up In the corner, tucking your knees in To feel the dying flesh Of your past pressed tight
What's wrong my Swan? The seasons have changed, it's time to migrate. Can you not see our Lake Frozen? I've left the weeds overgrow it. The summer has passed.
She said "I can't see myself without you" He said "well close your eyes, and if I ever really loved you would I tell you lies?
You’re distant, a behavior I wouldn’t usually accept The thought of you has consumed my mind Confusion arises, I have yet to truly witness your emotions Please don’t leave me dangling, only to fall
Remember When things weren't so complicated When words weren't hidden meanings And we were raw human beings? When "I love you" meant I love you and "I do" meant "I do"
Everything is so confusing not being able to be with you. It's making me crazy, and I don't know what to do.
I just want to know, how far this poem will go. Will it reach you at sea? Will you be thinking of me? Will you hear it in your sleep? Will you think about about it when you weep?
you make me stutter in every language I have
Buildings rise to heaven unconstrained Leaving the unexplained disappearance of the sun and moon My boots beat against the dirty, wet sidewalk after last night's rainfall.
(He slaved, he slaved, he did this his whole life, Man how he just wanted to get it right, But he couldn't because of his pain, He suffered so much with pain, again and again, He could never win,
I don't think you know or even have a clue, how I love your spirit and everything you do. At first it was just mere infatuation, Over time, I couldin't stand near you without my heart racing,
No one understands the true meaning of love, But when I'm with you then that word makes sense. Being with you, I tell you is the closest thing to magic, And if not it's bang right on it.
I don't have an angels voice to sing you beautiful songs I cant tell you I'm perfect cause I do things wrong I cant say I'm the smartest person with words Because I get scary like little birds When trying to fly
i will not bask in the river of your hate,or the sea of your so-called love i will not float on the waves of lies and deception jus to be fooled again because i thought this was not an ordinary trip
My heart is waterproof, but they say blood is thicker then water. I'm thirsty but you've ran out, and I'm left here with the cold blood pumping from my heart to my veins... The blood is leaking from where you left your remains...
Oh the dove, so peaceful and nice Hopefully it has no weakness to ice For the white dove of love has no idea of its fate It will soon be dead giving great grief to his friend Tate
To say what I haven't… To whisper the words that I could not say I forgot the way we use to once be… The connections that use to be had… The bonds we use to share I lost them. I strayed from the path…
Has he even noticed? Or does he even care? This car is turning, racing but we're going nowhere. He steps on the gas, my heart begins to flutter. We're free falling fast, but without God's ruder.
To whom it may concern: What is it about me that frightens you? Is it the way I talk? The way I walk? The way I’m shy? If you really get to know me I am a nice and sweet guy.
Yesterday finding a suitor seemed doubtful even though millions of fish live in the sea. No one could spark my life, it continued to remain dull. Just as I began to lose hope, you found me.
The day I get to see you, is the day the sun rises. The day I get to see you, is the day the flowers bloom
Why humiliate me, then tranquilize me and worse yet make me feel something that I’m not? You’re presence alone swiveled me while your words devoured my heart and those thoughts.
This is a take over for the Earth. I wish you drowning in dreams as it seems. the planet will be dead soon anyway. I hope you cut your throat and bleed blue, because thats how I feel.
I'm not used to this isolation again You drew me an image of desolation With a hint of imagination, you brought me to life And you colored all the whites and grays You stayed in the lines,
I cannot recall what the feeling of love is. They say it is warm, It is kind, It is butterflies in your stomach When you see the one you love.
Yesterday, today, the same I’m too cowardly to speak your name I’ve never feared rejection like this I’ve never been afraid to shoot and miss Maybe… with you, there is too much at stake-
Ive just been layin here in bed, you're the only thing going thru my head..every little thing about you, all the things i love, all the things you do that just captivate me...
How are you? It's awful I don't know. Where have you been? Not in my life; that's for sure Why did you leave? I can't seem to find you. Why am I still here? You left me behind you.
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