Everyone's going to have a bad.

Some people take it a little more seriously.

There are people who need someone.

They sit in their rooms and blame themselves


They don't understand why they keep messing up.

They don't understand why nobody cares.

They want someone to care.

They want to pour their heart out.

But they don't want to bother you.

They think they're not worth your time.

They think they can just hold it all in.

They don't know what to do with all this self-hate.

All these emotions.

They don't get why they are so sad sometimes. 

They just want someone to talk to.

They want someone who cares.

So go help them.

Before they leave


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This poem describes me. I shut people out because even though they care I don't want to bother them. Great poem and please read mine and tell me what you think.

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