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I’d rather not  Sitting with my teacup  I’ll let my hands burn  I’d rather not  Watching all the others live their lives 
I wonder if you think of me  in the way I do of you.   Does your heart flutter, or do you get butterflies?   Does your heart ache,
She is pleasing and delicate, Attractive and entertaining. Wind her up. Listen as she sings Her mundane, chilling tune. And watch. Watch as she does her little dance, That stupid little dance.
It calls for silence It calls for reverence It calls for smiles It calls for laughter loud and louder It calls for silence It calls for reflection It calls for hesitation My answer is no
Woman, woman, oh sweet womanMy love, my crib, my tokenIn my daily diaryEvery day is your journeyYou are my soul, my pillarI cherish you everydayAnd I love you, my flower.
                                                              Tocaré todas las campanas Para tu cumpleaños Saldré de mis bolsillos Bonitas joyas de las hermosas calas.
Women are conditioned to dress like prey. High heels, uncomfortable and impractical to wear, are designed subconsciously to imitate the hooves of grazing animals like deer. Women are to be like earth.
                                   Queen Elizabeth II is dead The whole world seems to be wailing, mourning
All of my heroes were housewives Smoke a cigarette and pour me some wine Pop me a pill and I'll start to unwind
The Wind Is the wind is blue  the wind who cools the wind shoves  the wind braids my hair  the wind tangles my hair  the wind blows my tears away 
You are man You tell me to clean You tell me to cook You tell me to put my hair up Because it looks ugly When it's down You say "Watch your sister" You make me clean You make me cook
She... used to dance?   of life,  in reality,  Unknown.  in your own rhythm,  in your rhythm,  ignorant of everything.   She...
He must be deaf, The whole world must be deaf. As my screams are muted, Even I can’t hear them. Should I just give up? Let him use me then hide.
I dreamt I had a daughter.So pale and fragile she cameInto this world fighting.And with her tiny fist wrapped aroundMy pinkie finger,I could tell she would fight to stay in it.
Welcome to womenhood doors are wide open for your opinion but don't think we opened them we are door stopped by people who have no right to be wedged into out society, but we don't matter
Fanm, fanm, o fanm rapadou Boubout mwen, bèsom, kòmansmanm Nan kaye jounalye mwen chak jou Chak jou se pou ou, se jou pa ou
Mujer, mujer, oh dulce mujer Mi amor, mi cuna, mi comienzo En mi cuaderno diario Cada día es tu día Tú eres mi alma, mi pilar
  Violence against women is simply unholy and unacceptable.
Today I feel griefUnlike any otherMy country has fallen In hands of angry men My mother weeps For whom I do not yet know Perhaps for my brotherWho fought for change But couldn’t bring it
i  saw a little leaf to whirling in the wind,didn't want to fall from the treebut the leaf keeps falling over,i prop it up, it falls again .At the end, the heartbroken leafleaves a tear when it falls
I Was Asked Today To Write A Poem... About Todays’ Tech Age And The String of PROBLEMS That It Now SUSTAINS... From Men To Women To Those... Teenaged... A Piece of Wordplay Can BARELY EXPLAIN... !!!
All my life I’ve been around Niggas who think they can take something  From me My skin Rips at the sight of them Their teeth
You need to act more lady-like. Your posture is bad, sit up straight. Cross your legs when you sit.   Never kiss a man on the first date, 
To those who handed me the paintbrush  to craft a mind of my own In a world that's rich in color, To those who spoke up in the quietest room, To those who heard me suffer in silence,
Woman: an adult female human being. But what is my real definition?  A Mat? A Punching bag? A Nag?  No, No, No What is MY real definition  Creator, Savior. 
Now It's Simply My Vibe... !!! But Now I Believe That The Price Is TOO HIGH... !!!! To Have That HOT Wife Whose Got Those FIRM THIGHS... And Boobies SO FINE That They Actually BLIND... !!!!!
Boys will be boys, just as they say. They’ll push, they’ll tease, they’ll laugh, they’ll play.  They’ll take a no for a yes, and unrightfully so,
school days! school days! learning for the boys but the girls are just toys pass them around  and then  just deny it   school days! school days! boys can come shirtless
I first learned what it was like to be a woman  When I was 10 And the men who were supposed to be my mentors My teachers  My figures  My preacher
It Seems Most Relationships Now... CRASH or BURN... !!! So Choose A Sound Girl To Have In YOUR WORLD... !!! BEFORE You Are FORCED To Get A DIVORCE... !!!
Okay... LISTEN Baby... ... " Ya REALLY DON'T Get Me !!! " ...
Life, breath-takingly wonderful I want to shout as I heave my insides out Yet I feel so great
Are men from Mars, women from Venus? A woman aims to improve a man But a man only wants acceptance A man for motivation must feel needed But a woman too must feel cherished
The Dreamer I can't give up still I keep my head up. Living my life in dream what can I do? Trying to survive in this tough game.
Somethang make me unhappy😒 daddy who make babies and leave a young mother to be a pappy.
All I was looking forward to, you; War made you different, Now the war is between us two. What is going to happen to our children? Crying myself to sleep has become the new norm.
I had my first menstrual cycle at 13 And i have spent my whole life hearing About the gifts of womanhood So answer this Why am i awake late into the night
God created world but wasn't very happy for what he saw Thought how could He make it better and more interesting He wasn't sure what He needs to do and pondered for long
Why celebrate a day as the Daughter's Day? For me every day is a Daughter's Day Can you imagine a home without a daughter? A house becomes a home that has a daughter If a home is the human body daughter is the heart
I am no more than a piece of body  that you choose to take advantage of  I say no you keep it up  But enough is enough  I am more than a body  I am human 
KISS ME YOU FOOL!!  I know you understand me  It's uncanny   We have a rhyme  Unlike the many      we spent time .... 
“No.” (This is my death warrant.)   “I have a date.” (I’m lying for my life.)   “It’s just a piece of clothing.”
Thank you! For being the moon in my dark nights, A good afternoon in the bad days, The best mom as always... The rest can't fit in this page, You don't get tired with age. None won't be as real as you,
Women are equal,  Just as men,  But when men need help,  They ask another man A women can do  Anything a man can do  But some men 
There are moments when I feel the injustice to my gender more prominently    When I am told in my job orientation that my attire is restricted for the men’s comfortability   
I used to believe that this world was fair  That equality was everywhere, didn’t know it was rare  I was naive to believe that people are good 
Every month you come to me,Every month I wait,Every month you beat the shit out of me,Every month I ache.
Confused, unbalanced, scared -- The control is gone - What is my fare?   Milestone hit -- little achieved. What to do - where to go...  Define passion... define relieved...  
Confused, unbalanced, scared -- The control is gone - What is my fare?   Milestone hit -- little achieved. What to do - where to go...  Define passion... define relieved...  
And who is it that cares to think anymore as to whatever became of the former femme fatales- yesterday's darling divas? Those once glittering beauties from the barrios of Denver and L.A.
These Days I'm ... " Hearing " ... LOTS of Things About Peoples' Relationships ... ALL Kinds of PROBLEMS Between Women and Men ... ?!?
What Is It Wid' Girls And Their CRAZY World ... ?!? Headspace FILLED With TWISTED Curls ... When What's Instilled Is FAKENESS' Served ... Upon Those Platters That LACK REAL Data ... !!!!!
To recognize the beauty of the crone and regard the hag as goddess- seems ludicrous revolutionary at the least - a wild leaping from current trends, so-called sensibilities.
Women like me   Women like me will always be judged, Why can’t women like me just be loved? I wish i never had features to look like the rest.
Women like me   Women like me will always be judged, Why can’t women like me just be loved? I wish i never had features to look like the rest.
Alright, sweetheart. What’s this about acting the victim, Again? Your dress is stained, my dear, And your hair a rat’s nest. 
Funny- yet in an odd sort of way, how men liken women and cars to fruit- of all things. And we've all heard the expressions " She's a peach," and- " It's in cherry condition."
don’t look at me like that  as if you felt what i felt  don’t try to empathize  to make yourself feel better and then ignore me when i’m falling apart     don’t come near or look into my eyes 
MAN I Sure Can Pick Em' ... !!!!!! These ... CONFUSED Women ... It's Like I'm DRAWN Somewhat Forlorn ... Like A King That's PINNED On An Old Chess Board ... THIS ONE Was TALL ... Waistline Small ...
You Know it's Funny To Me How Some People Be ... It's Like HYPOCRISY ... DEFINES Their Breed ... !!! Like White Girls QUICK To Run Their Lips ... About Racists Who They Sleep With ... !?!
Lady, there, sipping cappuccino smelling sweetly of scented soap jasmine, coconut, lavender or vanilla. Are you the worldly sophisticate avant-garde an epitome of fashion dazzling?
WOMEN ... Raise Children ... !!! BITCHES Have ... " Kids " ... !!! WOMEN Are Forgiving ... !!! BITCHES Have STINGS ... !!! BITCHES Will Say ... "Men aren't nice to them !' ...
What is more beautiful than sisterhood?
It's Time To MOBILISE Those Who USE THEIR Minds ... !!! For MORE THAN A Prize Or Bling That Shines ... Those NOT inclined To Live By LIES Or Hide Behind Their PRIDE FILLED Lives ...
What You CHOOSE Can DAMAGE You ... !!!!! So Choose WISELY And Make SMART Moves ... !!! Before You Find Yourself In A BIND ... That Leaves You TRAPPED With NO Backpack ... !!!
They ... HATE IT Don't They ... ?!? When You ........................................................... IGNORE Them .....
Some Girls And Women Nowadays ... REALLY Make Me LAUGH .... !!!!! They CLEARLY THINK They're SMART ... So CHOOSE To PLAY The ... " CHASE ME Game " ... !!! Well ... "Not me babe !" ...
Listen Man … " What you waiting for ? " ... A Housewife And Mother Who Acts Like A WHORE … !?! Good Luck With That Man ... !!! If You Find One Like THAT TRUST Me She's UNIQUE … !!!
First off, lemme just say this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do And least of all people, who would’ve thought it had to be to you. You are the true definition of a ride or die
Watching reflections chased down walkways As it’s cold and rainy on a day like today When normally the mood would be ruined But somehow - the reflection turns up the spirit
The butterflies wings flutter The volume of a helicopter The knife fell from the butter Clank on the kitchen floor She only wants her Mother
I was birthed into this world A hardworking clever woman  It started with my sweet mamaw Who’s stubbornness and lovingness Could overpower all of the  Spinning sphere’s evil and anger
She's One of THEM Who DISMISSES Men ... !!!!!!! Because She Says She's INDEPENDENT ... !!!!! And In This Case THIS ONE Is French ...
I Could Write About Women Every Single Day ... !!! Because Their Ways Leave My Head ... SPINNING ... !!!
most of her works are serenades to miracles that occur daily.   some of her works are cows will be cows will be cows. named miraculous.    the miracle is
Do You Ever Get The URGE To Write Down Words ... Which When Observed Help People ... LEARN ... ?!?
“You’re nothing but a dirty, nasty female” His words rang in my ear Rang in the air The venom in his tone flooded the classroom
What A Shame ... What A Shame ... !!! You Like To Play Games And CLEARLY Like To SNIFF Cocaine ... !!! Why Let Your Brain Go Down The Drain Why Be Like THAT Babe PLEASE Explain ... !!!
I know I’m beautiful. The compliments are nice…  But not new. Not meaningful. Not unique. You told me I was wearing a nice shirt-
Orthopedic surgeon fled Vietnam at age fourteen   Old Lady works full-time and rescues children in between   My doctor doesn't know mother died from a complication of this surgery  
To Become English Citizens It's Been ... " Alleged " ... Some Women Are Willing To ... S P R E A D Their Legs ... !!! I Guess You Really Can't Blame Them ... !?! " Lunar House " ... Down There In Croydon ...
BEFORE YOU READ THIS PEOM INVOLVES RAPE   Look down Keep your phone out "Take" a call That way he won't go after you.   Don't look Don't smile  Don't laugh
As a daughter of the King,  I know I am more than  a number that magically knows my flaws, imperfections, strengths, desires and dreams.  I know I am more than  the sterotypical, 
Why DENY Me Because I'm Black ... !?! Why Try To Stab Me In My Back ... !?! Why PUT ON ACTS ... ? Why Be Like That ... !?!?! I'M SAYING Man Stick To THE FACTS ... !!!
the Blood from my Mother is Thick like Syrup; Bones don't Crack in this household i carry the maternal weight of Generations i feel their adamant Will in my Gut; sit up Straight they say
Why Girls ... WHY ... ? Do You Like To TRY ... To MESS With The MINDS of .... " LOVING Guys " .... ?!?
Traumatized Shaking, Crying not leaving home because the nightmares keep following you Keys in your fist Pepper Spray in the other
So What Are You An ... " Educated Fool " ... !?! Or One Who THINKS You're ... " GQ Smooth " ... !!! I'm Neither of These But What Are You ... ?!? A Woman Using Sexual Tools ... ?!?!?
Girls ... DISTRACT ME ... !!! Do They Distract YOU ... ? There's SOMETHING IN The Way They MOVE ... !!! They Look SO GOOD In ... " High Heel Shoes " ...
Girls These Days Are So Confused ... ?!? They Seem To Be In ... " Alices' Shoes " ... !?! YES ... " Wonderland " ... ?!?
Get in the kitchen, that is where you belong Stay home and clean, that is your job Look after the family, you wanted this Don't work to earn money for yourself, do it for me  
She was born of woman as a word, swaddled in question marks but cooed with answers - statements of soothing reassurance
"Let's Just Be FRIENDS !" NOW Those Are Words ... That KNOCK Most Men ... !!! IF They Come ... From Their Girlfriend ... !!! But When We Men ... Hit Girls With Them ...
What Is It With ... ... " Modern Women " ... ??? That Makes Men Want Them .... ? Cos' Women These Days ... Drive Men Round The Bend ... !!!!!
Rape Culture I was raped. He took it all away. And what could Athena do? I do not blame her. She gave me power.
Now here's a story most fellas know ! You're chatting in a bar and see a SHINY STAR ! NOT one up in the sky but one with female thighs ! She catches yes your eye when you utilise the mic
We weren't singing for you We aren’t posting for you You call us vane? Yet you picture us this way  In your mind Made us look at ourselves like 
Her intestines have been tied into bows  By the twisted ways of Poseidon.    They decorate her like we do the dead, And she is a skeleton waiting for dressing.   
  Where have the Old Gods gone?   Athena walks around college campuses Books in her bag And a switchblade under her tongue
Olympic queen of bow and arrow Artemis draws and releases Target red, thirty meters Breathe, anticipation  Wishing it onwards In search of gold Pierces true Hear the Cheers
Decades decades decades  Each tick of the clock we evolve Gaining insight, losing primitiveness We promised to be “American”
1. a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events.  
Women die to violence, warranted by their gender the flashing headlights don't warn her of imminent death never looking in the backseat, so naive, so tender car in park, death's arms, a man's arms, steal her breath
my hair used to be my most prized possession (so i cut it shoulder-length and dyed it black) as were my dignity and worth, but right now 
When we have gone through something traumatic like a guy trying to get in our pants when we are not wanting it  Or we are assaulted or in an abusive relationship
1. When I was a child, I thought my hair a leash, an agony, a nest for rats, so I took up my scissors to hack and slice and cut until it was gone.
Her skin is the ebony of tree bark, Her hair and her uniform are both writhing shades of blue,
Girls go to college for knowledge, apparently knowledge brings power
lesbians are not real, peeping tom. the ones that u want anyway. dreamland lesbians: straight girls in sheep’s clothing that succumb to men’s advances eventually. only existing when u
if i was her boyfriend i’d invite her to stay the night at my house if she likes, she would say “yes!”, we’d grab snacks i would nervously rest my head on her shoulder o why did I wear a dress?
Silence;              was a man i once ‘loved’ he said he lived in the bath that perhaps                if i held my head                                      below water 
Growing up I had a perception of the world,  one that was filled with happiness, love, and friendship, but it soon began to slowly fade, just like past memories.
My lists bring me closer to perfection, Or at least lead me in the right direction. To be the perfect woman, Requires much dissection. How you walk, how you talk, and the clothes that you wear,
"mamá,  i’m not a kid anymore!" she raises her right eyebrow in disapproval— the look.  clack... clack...clack...
How can Men control our bodies When They refuse to wear a condom Or Even knows how a tampon works Instead of sticking them  Up your nose Why don't you educate yourself because
Try When I was a child I was innocent I was free as the leaves I chased I was living in wonder. but Childhood leaves us.
Balance I go to the city to gain the knowledge and grab the tools. I deepen my practice and learn the rules.   In the city is where the people are.  Where the jobs are, 
0 degrees: When you are born a girl pink is your life. Your shoes, your dress, your hair bow. It's a pretty cool color.   90 degrees:
The crowds sang her fate 50 philosophers, she converted- But not one, would share her estate She stood, keeping her eyes on God  
  Lost to an act so long ago, a kid already but I didn’t know what it was you that you did and yet although I was so naïve I could tell how wrong it was to not go
  The city street is their territory And we are their prey. I used to not mind it so much. Their stares. And their piercing howls.
You make the world come alive You are the inspiration for nations to strive You are the queens behind the victorious sovereign You are the prosperous to us, you are God's blessing
Some souls burn bright Passion and fire mix and fight Twist and turn Every breath feels like you're gulping air and inhaling water There is a churning in your heart Your soul leaps to beat against your ribs,
feminism /ˈfeməˌnizəm/ noun
she is a story      written on her body  
“It’s not rape if you like it” a sentence created from arrogance ”it’s not rape if you like it” a sentence formed by the uneducated  “it’s not rape if you like it” do you mean arousal non-concordance
I see her A girl, a small ignorant girl Looking back at my eyes She’s angry, she’s sad She’s crying, she’s mad Because inside her, her spirit dies
She told me that being strong meant to suffer.   And I couldn't possibly fathom her words, What mother, after all, tells her child to suffer?
Here we flutter, soar, and fly Abuzz, for all to see, an iridescent sky Our pride, with which we manage, Asserting our presence, flags raised high,
I was hanging on by a thread, Fear grasped on to me I hyperventilated, thinking of it made me sweat. I was never strong enough, Bold enough, Courageous enough, To leave the cage I was bound to.
The past three years have been the hardest strongest most vulnerable time of my life. 2016 granny died suddenly, stage 4 pancreatic cancer two weeks, three days, gone. 
I'm good with children -- an axiom, A loom that weaves tapestries of branching fates: One depicts a teacher, Another, a counselor, A third, a nanny, And all, a Mother.
Shadow... Now she's the girl he told everyone about, bragging, changing, manipulating the reality of what really happened. She got stripped of her clothes, stripped of her trust, stripped of her youth. 
  Lost to an act so long ago, a kid already but I didn’t know what it was you that you did and yet although I was so naïve I could tell how wrong it was to not go
I  Lazarus Shatipamba Was in a friends car When i saw you from afar. Though my eyes were slightly ajar I did see how you carry yourself like the wind So its no suprise that you blew my resolve away
Illustrious, She is Illustrious. Confidence glints off every step, Basking in the respect and admiration from past victories. She is Illustrious.  
i used to try on my father’s clothes his attire never seemed to fit me, in his eyes anyway. i felt the emptiness in his work shirt, envying how it compared to my shoes. leather and sole,
March 1997.   A 32-year old Pakistani man leaves his village, wife, and young son in Gujrat, Punjab He went to New York even though the distance made his heart throb
I am a beautiful black girl I was born with curly black hair I have beautiful melanin skin Beautiful full lips No filters No make up  I am all natural 
At the age of twelve, after the ceremonial blood bath, my mother sat me down and told me that I would have to be a women. A women. There was rules to the name. To be a women you must grow your hair. 
In a stereotypical patriarchal society,  I would soon have wifely duties and keep my mouth shut.  How boring.    "Your poor boyfriend," they say because I remind him, in the future,
     I AM MORE THAN THAT!                                      In their eyes, I am a young woman                                             A black African woman,
Armies of men fall at the feet of Beauty, and we're taught that women are weak.   Men watch their brothers transform into monsters, and we're taught that real men don't cry.  
I became a real waitress  when I started moving through tables with my hips leaning over the table without spilling.    At night, men tumble out of pick-up trucks. From across the parking lot, I hold
Theseus’s paradox raises the question If a ship’s parts are replaced as they rot One by one, until all of the parts are new, Is it the same ship?  
A beautiful bird Shows off her ideal look It cloaks true beauty
I remember I couldn’t reach my pants They were far away in the night My back hurt from lying on the ground under your weight; you the boy
I looked up at the sky Wondered who am i ? Will I be defined by my gender Or by the women before me
She is ample long, luxurious locks that unlock me plentiful, sloping curves that my tongue skiis down she provides rich milk nourishing my pounding heart soft, plump lips whispering
Look at me...You will see my long, brown hair Look at me...You will see my big brown eyesLook at me... You will see my tanned, ashy skin Look at me...You will see my worn out shoes  Look at me...You will see how helpless I appear, begging in the s
I hate the way she looks; But I want to look just like her. Her olive skin and dark hair, Her hips that curve wider and wider. But that’s her not me. She’s fake but I’m not good enough either.  
My light whispers to me I am a woman grown; Called beyond waters I have not yet known Wisp of mist display secrets I have not yet shown
Do not tell me I should of been raised to protect myself When you were never raised to respect me. Do not tell me I should of worn less clothes When you wore less than I had on.
To the women in my family,
Isn't it odd that I consider myself lucky That no unwanted man has ever put his grubby hands on me?   This is not about luck though, or the clothes I've been wearing
Men are like fast food. I don't actually hate fast food, But I hate what it does to me. 
I've known thirty-year-old boys and seventeen-year-old men because being a man  has less to do with how many years you've spent shaving your neck than how you treat those who look at you
I am a kid  I am a boy 
It is 2018. It is time. Time to end the stereotypes and say its fine.   Throw away your barbies. And say it out loud! I won’t take it anymore
What Is Sex Really About?   Someone once asked me, what is sex really about? Is it when a man climax and your name he utters out? Is it the intimacy of the act between a woman and man?
She didn’t notice, at first That anything was wrong She always felt whole But They told her she couldn’t be She was not Right Not the right size
These are my daughters of a broken heart.  
Momma, Grandma, Aunties and Great Aunties And all the others that came before you and me Thank you for shaping me
Wombs.  It’s where we all come from And it would be wise to  Respect Them. Too many times It’s taken upon Men To neglect  Them. Degrade them. And even
  A viper can choose, consciously, how much venom to release with each encounter, as if he knows which birthdays to forget and which biting remark
they all give me wary eyes cross the road to avoid crossing paths pull their children closer  holding them tighter the drunk men hoot at my covered behind "Allahu Akbar" they say 
It really breaks my heart To see that we made it this far But nevertheless they’re here And they want the progress to disappear It is stunning in the wrong way They don’t leave us space to have a say
giver of birth and the reason of me you sacrificed your hunger so i could feed off of your breast you gave up sleep so i could have mine oh how i wish i could remember your face
Women are the weakest. Never will you hear anyone say girls are not necessary for more than reproduction How can we say women are not just on earth to be men’s partner. It is impossible that
My life was a hot mess. The daily abuse Left me in spirit Alone and confused. Five years of this stuff Was more than enough To reshape my person And turn me to mush.
This, this is poetry, the abstract sitting beside me, like a long lost friend exchanging thoughtful memories while Discarded thoughts of tomorrow sit like old men, forgetting themselves over the horizon remaining just beyond the water's edge remin
I didn’t ask for your approval. I didn’t ask for you to be my mirror on the wall. I didn’t ask for your comments as I crossed the street. I didn’t ask for your filthy cat call.
golden girl you are more   your skin smoother than the finest belgian chocolate it glows like
Dear Men, I can't even remember the first time I was catcalled as it happens so frequently it now feels like a routine.
Pretty ladies with a handsome man Flock and squawk nonsensically Are silly and full of mindless fantasies The man is powerful He can do anything   Beautiful lady with a crowd of men
Pretty ladies with a handsome man Flock and squawk nonsensically Are silly and full of mindless fantasies The man is powerful He can do anything   Beautiful lady with a crowd of men
I need a job I need a life I need you   Far from perfect we are born With some of us feeling more privileged than others The one commonality we share is disappointment  
Nine year old me,  wrote how she hated to be,  enclapsed in a world,  full of misery.    Thirteen year old me, hated to see how the world,  percieved women to be.   
S e l f  d o u b t  d r i v e s  h u m a n i t y  t o  i r r a t i o n a l  b e h a v i o r.  
“Do you think you can forgive me?”   He asked me this while there was still blood between my teeth.  He asked me this while I held my own right thumb, because
Woman, Girl – Lift up! For far too long your shoulders have bent forward from the weight of the despair of injustice, inequality, mistreatment, ignorance, devalue, degradation and disregard.
You water me with your reassurance You made me feel beautiful You dowzed me with sun You forgot to water me  You left me to welt You told me I was pretty  Yet you left me out to welt
Dear Mr President,  Why must women be placed on a pedistool for you to notice that we are people too.  Why must lingerie and nude models please you rather than your promise to make America great again. 
  You were my best friend Or at least I'd like to pretend But i guess every story has two sides I remember that morning you were more than just my friend,
you were my day and night you were balanced everything was as nature intended but your nights got longer the days ended sooner you started suffocating me into your dark dimension
you were my sunrise my warm happy day the sky under which children played  and people dreamed they looked up at you and would see beauty  you were my purple orange red yellow sunset
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's ass, For jealousy leads to hate. But damn, she has such a nice, fat ass, And everything else she has is great. 
Not every girl is Rosie the Riveter Not every girl is a housewife You’re so hellbent on labeling us On shelving us, filing us away neatly You don’t even consider the middle ground  
There’s a soft patter of mice in the attic, as they rummage around in cardboard boxes, opening their eyes to the brilliant streak of sunlight
It's not a lackIt's not a wound...my vaginaIt's not where a penis ought to beIt's where I choose to stick one-or notKeep all your fraud and imagined penis envy out of my vagina.
Oh she too dark. Oh she too picky. Oh she too skimpy. And her hair looks nappy. But she looks at herself... And she thinks happy. She ain’t wimpy. More so Out here getting
I am a slut And I refuse to believe that Women have a right to their bodies I realize this may be a shock, but Saying “Don’t Get Raped,” rather than “Don’t Rape” Is a lie, and
To All, There’s just one thing I don’t get,this one thing, almost a threat.The one reason all wish to abet________________________________ Why am I viewed as a damsel in distressFor what reason am I subject to sorrowAnd why do all think with their
Hi, I'm skinny I am five feet seven inches and weigh one hundred and five pounds Yes, I have a flat stomach Yes, You can see my collar bones Yes, I have a thigh gap And no, that does not make me beautiful
Dear You, The day we met Was one I couldn’t forget. You were my first And I wished you were my last. Things were great Then I started to hate.
Google Translate ‘yaya’ from Filipino to English: governess, nurse, maid (show less translations)   i cannot remember the first day i met you,
Dear Jessica,    What does a man feel like? Is he soft like trampled moss? Or scratchy like peeled back bark? Does his smile warm your heart?
Dear Jessica,    What does a man feel like? Is he soft like trampled moss? Or scratchy like peeled back bark? Does his smile warm your heart?
To you,                 You know who you are, so dare I write your name? Dare I continue writing? I dare because that is what you taught me to do.               “Dream on, dream big, never be subpar,”
At the bottom of the food chain This was the beginning of my campaign and the start of my reign   Soccer was my passtime I begun the climb Meeting friends and was in my prime  
Little Sister,   Please, baby sister Stop tearing at your body. Your heart Your soul Is crying, Baby sister You will never find purpose in the clouds of smoke
Dear You, This is for you. When you pulled my hair on the playground because you liked me. My childlike mind accepted the tugs, not realizing using the word "No" was acceptable.
dear the person we thought we could trust, here's to another night, of being curled in a ball,  sobbing out my emotions. you hurt me again.  and it left me confused as to why?
  She waited, Emotionally drained, Physically pained, But still captivated.   Time freeze, She found him in the breeze,  She knew she was going to be fine,
To Her Dearest, fondest one to my heart My eyes do beweep themselves on thought of you alone There are not many things I could say to you That have not been said a thousand times before  
Dear Mr. Fitzgerald,  Your story The Great Gatsby is a novel I admire greatly. And ever since I read it, I’ve been trying to figure out how to tell you that you’ve got it all wrong.
Talking. Talking is hard. Breathing, eating, sleeping.  It all seems hard. From the time I was a young girl to now, everything has been hard. Exspressing my feelings is hard but I have a dream.
we are people, not objects or products, not apologies or excusesoften dehumanized and abused, as if we are not your sisters, mothers and daughtersmen have the audacity to mistreat
                The Black (pt. 1) I am not sure what I was expecting Here; We have this- This potential And those who chip away at it With their gold encrusted pick axes
they say we don't write letters but I wrote 'em just last year christmas alone the only thing I wanted was to speak but he was    cities   towns   states  
ah, look at you. you’re a plum pit to me, a cratered seed of stability amidst rotting flesh, the nectar of bee stings rolling off you
A woman's heart will bear the weight of 1,000 deaths before it becomes at peace with the reality that she will not achieve validation in the end. Validation that she was good enough.  Good enough to be worth it.
Dear Girls of the World,
Little eyes, Asian eyes I didn't know the window to my soul Told such lies Not on the whole These eyes of mine are small Yes, but that's not me Assumptions from all On who I must be
Dear the boy who took advantage of my love:  
Beauty impossible for just one to obtain Roots so deep Branches both long and graceful Facade hiding what’s inside
things fall apart but that is only the start  of a journey that may last days  or years  full of things, only you can hear  you travel down a path made of gravel encrusting you with scars 
blooming from my darkest parts begun the change in my heart shifting with sunshine my flowers are growing, wisdom and knowledge flowing showing me my power & potential
Dear Donald Drumpf, I don’t quite see the appeal Of a walrus wearing a toupee Shouting out obscenities while I stand here in dismay The country is in shambles
Dear young women,   One day, you'll have your hair pulled by a boy and You'll hear your grandpa tell you he just has a crush on you, That he's just a boy, so what else could you expect?  
Smooth skin, made up face, forced smile. Perfect body. Why should I conform to society's standards? My leg hair has grown, my face is bare, my smile is natural. My body is imperfect. And I love it.
Verse 1: I am one of billions of women  Who was put on this runway called Earth Where appearances, incomes, and people we know are averaged to total our worth.   
I grew up calling my vagina a 'chhee-chhee' ('Chee' being a Hindi interjection for 'disgust') Honestly,my vagina wasn't that bad a stuff, But,my mum taught me that, So,it got to be correct
At five, when I fell off my bicycle for the first time and bled, my mum leapt in to pick me up and ,"Honey!”, she said, “You know why Superman has a cape that is red?"
I held a rose today  I grasped its thorns aggressively  My ring finger was pricked As if nature had told me, “She is far too exquisite to be tainted by those who do not understand 
Bald isn't a curse! Hair seems to be the epitome of beauty Keeping it kept up seems to be a woman's duty Keep it long keep it thick Edges laid edges slicked Outside yea its brick
As a beautiful woman  jaws drop crooked  eyes peel open and cross when vulgarity drips from my mouth  my supple lips should not speak with such rage  they do not open and close on command 
Society its always the answer or the well thought out solution. theres no room for any type of change or evolution, When you know the revolution, won’t be televised but you stayed tuned in.
Walking down the street, Not a worry in mind. People around every corner And every door. What are my thoughts? I can't think. What are my intentions? I just want to go to the store.
In a world where Women Fight Patriarchy Misogyny Sexism There’s a new breed of witlessness A group
Aurora is the definition of beauty- skinny and p-r-e-t-t-y. Who needs a personality when men will fall for your appearance?   Ariel is selfless and brave.
Bitter Sweet Exhaustion   I wish I would have known I wish I would have known That beauty is a just shapeshifter that turns into the nightmare shown
He knelt down on one knee for you Eyes to yours, hand in his pocket Your gaze jumping everywhere except for his Your chest dropped to your stomach, thoughts becoming silent prayers
To the girl who struggles with porn- I understand.
I cannot sleep for saddness nor for ill thoughts I cannot sleep for grief in my heart and pain in my mind There is a sickness in my drumming on my skull NO NO NO played over again
The powerful women leap with joy over  the painted and indelible story they killed quietly with the eve of everything true. In unconventional status, they talk of a paradise for triumph,
  There was always a struggle between inner and outer. My inner screamed leave, but my outer wouldn’t budge. You sent a split through my control and you took half.
From whatever distant island you're viewing me from today: I have conquests on nations.   But you can't see that through a lens, or a message, or That letter I never replied to   
My hair is long, which is nice, but I have too many split ends, My natural hair is wavy, not straight like theirs in my defense, I’m short, I could never be a model, I don’t have the body for that,
a woman so full in her figure and bright her mind is the most beautiful presence on this celestial rock (her curves so soft) my hands stroking her thighs and gripping her waist she (moans)
There's nothing as great and as bitter As my hatred of humankind I speak with my mind As you read these words, let me be heard When have you seen such disaster? Do we not have a Master?
I'm sorry I woke you You used to say I could. You crossed your fingers, nodded your head, like I knew you always would. You whisper sweet words of decit, as you look into my eyes
Whoa, Man I know that because I am a Woman You might think that I am less than You Man
Today I drowned in the ocean you created The ocean of blood that you watched spill Spill from the eyes that are now deflated The eyes you used to carry me into the dark The dark you thought would blind me
Sisters-  If a man ever pleads  with you, saying, "It's  what all guys do  to girls," it is  your job to tell him  but one thing: be different. 
My mom is blount, but kind. She is loud, but she listens when the time is needed to listen. I watched her carefully as I grown into a man. I learned how to be kind and a great listener from her. 
I feel like your choking me when i am around you, but i breath, because i love you.   I tried to fight my feelings,  but victory was impossible, because i love you.  
We were born and raised in a society Where our worth is determined by our waistlines,   Where the size of our butts are more important Than the size of our brains.  
We have trembled against men, We have feared the rise of men Yet we continue to shout We shout our rights, We shout our rights to be equal
my baby he loves me so he tells me (you’re a chore) to break me open like a tidal wave and i will always return to him to this love       this is love
She is the calm before the stormThe lightning bolt that strikesTake her as she isShe is a womanof might 
I am not your baby You did not give me life I was never your joy I was never your pride I am not a dog I don’t respond to whistles And shouting, “Aye Shawty” Will only result in dismissal
Powering my rage - I am walking down the street, Summer evening light, Still warm Dozy, disgusting, disheveled From the day and the drive, And I hear THE COMMENT.  
They say that love always wins, but sometimes I can't be sure. I want to believe the world can be a safe place for me,  but when I'm downtown for open mic, it's always: Check your skirt length.
Love is patient. Love is kind. I've heard it all. But I don't know if I believe any of it They should change that Love should be patient Love should be kind Love destroys
He loves me when I smile He loves me when I laugh He loves me even when he calls me silly names He loves me when he calls me bitch or stupid I don't care when his words are mean Because he loves me 
I love you but you don’t know Yet How I gaze at you through your bedroom windows How I marvel at your beauty as you study in the library
    My momma told to never be afraid of anything, but two things El cucuy and sometimes her chancla. I was raised in a ear pulling, frijole smelling, cumbia playing
The Trap   I am the only one Who loves you Who else could ever love you?  
Soulful -she's beautyVibrating in her essenceEvolving within her spirit She is beaming from her light. 
My wrist burned as he held my arm tight, his thumb digging into my bone. “You know I can’t control how jealous I get.” Words ringing in my ears like the wedding bells I wish I had run from.
I am a girl. I am a woman. My sex is girl. I am powerful. I am worthy. In this man made world, I am sturdy. I will not let you look at me any less than you look at yourself. I am amazing. I will NOT LET YOU BELITTLE
The question I ask myselfWhy they look at youAs if you're half nakedWhy they look at youAs if you're a piece of cake baked
Once, long ago, (think back, if you will) Stood a beautiful palace on top of a hill; And under that palace, a kingdom that’s not
When I stare at her,she dies a littleThe more erotic look I give,The more she suffersShe gives me a glance of suffering;I enjoy a littleWhen it discomforts her
p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; } Fair-skinned, beautiful, and kind She sings, birds listen, and fly to her hand The World fights against her, and she smiles still. This is the Fairy-tale Princess,
I am not Cinderella But I happen to have her shoe size A coy smile And I’ve come to the conclusion That this Is enough For a man
I am not Cinderella But I happen to have her shoe size A coy smile And I’ve come to the conclusion That this Is enough For a man
“Oh Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let down your hair.” “Since that is the ladder, I will climb it, and seek my fortune.” Sure you could climb up halfway, Your boyish valor shining brighter than the sword at your hip,
Once upon a time When knights in armor shined There waited a young princess Who had many hobbies and interests Yet at the very thought of marriage, she felt herself grow distant  
Snow White doesn't stay in a house. She doesn't depend on a variety of dwarves who grump about. She goes outside.
There once was a princess that did everything right. She didn't lie,  she didn't swear, and said her prayers every night.    She kept up with her studies and aced every test. 
In stories like Cinderella, the princesses always end up with a prince. But what if they didn’t? Would the endings make you wince?  
  Once upon a time they made me a queen he said it was because my skin glistened with a sheen unmatched by others it was the glow of youth that made me your stepmother married now and praised by all
A woman who speaks her mind without hesitation. A woman who follows her own path and dismisses the disapproving voices. A woman who knows her limits and knows that we are lifelong learners.
My sisters name is Ariel, I am sure you all know her. She has such a soft heart and I've seen her conquer. We live in the ocean and she fell in love. She ran away to go live up above.
My mother got me pepper spray for Christmas and at the time I scoffed. She told me she just wants me to be safe and I asked what from; she just gave me THAT LOOK. Every time I go running I strap it to my arm.
I am a host for a parasite, A parasite whose disease has sucked on my mind, Leaching my hope, Leaching my sanity, Raping me of all personality.
Since when did Princess mean damsel in distress?   Since when did beauty become our strict standard?   Since when did worth correlate to marriage?   I am intelligent 
Once upon a time… There was this lovely lady who wanted nothing more than to be free from her wicked step-mother and sisters After a few months of putting up with the abuse she left, disappeared to never return
  She can always see her princess-perfect heart shaped face in the window Doe eyes just big enough to weigh down the organ she pretends is still her heart
Once upon a midnight dreary Cinderella could see her future clearly A life in a house With step-mother louse Cinderella's eyes got quite bleary.   Enough of this! She blarted As she stood
Whatever your beliefs. Atoms colliding or Adam and Eve. We should thank the architect for the greatest design. Chemistry, biological or divine. Believe what you will, nobody can deny.
Nobody goes out asking for it.   When I walk out,I am a statementnot be ignoredbut not be taken advantage of.  
It is hot The window is open, but the breeze only brings in dust and dry heat We have asked for fans Because enough young girls have fainted
you told my best friend I changed your life, then you asked for my name and I guess I can say you changed my life too because I remember words in the back of my head that I couldn’t get out because there
They hurt my feet these slippers red as a beet I don't want to go to a fancy hall or wear makeup on my face  in this "gorgeous" sheet. but those horrible sisters and mom they say
Things the men in my life have said to me:   "Yo girl, how you doin" When I didn't respond, he repeated himself Like I needed to be told again to respond to men "Yo girl, bring that ass over here"
America the great The beautiful The selfish The blind The ignorant When will you realize that women are much more More than
Who the hell are YOU? Who are YOU to tell ME what I can and cannot wear? Who gave YOU the right to decide what I do with MY body? Who are YOU to touch ME without MY consent?  
America isn't great, nor, will it ever be because We sexualize young women but tell them to wait until marriage.  she cringed every time your fingertips traced down her back, pulling her closer to you.
Born into a place that depicits my race as something bad, as something less than them.  Born into a place that thrives on the white face.  That white is pure and anything of color is a disgrace. 
Here we feel trapped Women, Workers, Minorities Artists
You taught me how to be a "man" My bad.  You taught me how to be responsible You taught me to stare at the obstacles And overcome the impossible   You taught me that sometimes I must blaze my own trail
from the steps of lewis and clark  to the marches of those fighting  war of 1812, mexican american 1846 civil war 1861 the boats of immigrants wanting better life
I went to the Women’s March With my freshman year boyfriend I cried and cried and he asked “Why are you crying? Isn’t this a good sign?” He couldn’t understand.  
Woman: An adult human female Girl: A female child Daughter: Any female descendant. Sister:
A great nation would help our brothers and sisters they need us more than we can imagine but instead of allowing our global citizens into our hearts and our homes we push them further away
Being a girl means taking up as little space as possible.
U.S.A, the red, white, and blue The land of opportunity. But not for me and you.
Finally I've come to this realization  That you've never planned on staying  Even with all of your dedication 
We've grown up being told that we can become anything. But the white lies turn into  the darkness that consumes you. Because once your hopes get high enough, they come crashing down and
When I was seventeen, I had a friend With sparkling eyes and a contagious smile She had a fire for life and goals to achieve Two men ripped away her aspirations
For men, there is no ceiling to hit, nothing restricting them, But for women, there is a glass ceiling. They can see through it, they can see what they could have.
I won’t turn on the news when I watch TV Because I can’t handle the things I know I will see Instead I watch comedies and try to push them from my mind
i run with thighs that carry my burdens   thighs that curve and give me form   thighs that hug at my waist embracing me like love   i run with passion as my chest moves like 
Dear Mr. President By: Princesa A. Santiago   Dear Mr. President thanks to you this country has never been greater,
Who gave you the right to use us at your disposal? In the end,  you'll be alone--- like an empty vessel stuck with resinating regret.  Are you aware that you're leading to your own self destruction? 
“Grab them by the p***y” Is that all women are to the president? Something to be groped and violated?
To all the little girls out there, who don’t like to be told what to wear or how to behave That like their hair short, and don’t mind to be called ‘tomboy’ And don’t like to play with dolls, so they have other toys.
America made me, half believing in my dreams half knowing I would have to fight for my life battling the words meant to kill me, giants spitting words 
the united statesin a separated stateMinorities vs Majorities brother vs brother separated like oil and vinegar because Liberty and Justice For All only quailifies when your Caucasian father and motherpull 100K a yearno justice for the black boy w
God Bless America! Where the grand homes spit on the peasent who make the ground they walk on God Bless America! Where black infestation is eliminated by the wonderful cops who are suppose to be protection
"Are you ready now?" whispered the wind, gently folding its warmth around her enveloping her in a tight embrace, holding her away from all living eyes. The path's been chosen, the leaves are black,
She's a woman, what has she to say? Truth be told, I could list off every issue, I could tell you all day. I know how you think, I know how your mind works. After all, being male has to have its perks.
Oh crown thy good in brotherhood and sisterhood. Crown the days the weeks the months  we spend with our backs bent over the stoves and our hips holding our children. Crown us Queens,
Every morning, I wake up with a lighter heart. I no longer bare any resentment. Because here I lay, Reminiscing each day Remembering how I fell to you. How dumb was I?
Don’t tell me what I am meant to wantDon’t limit me to your brain’s capacitySociety was only made to flauntthe very flaws within societyA culture built on fear and hateWhat other outcome could be in store?A woman’s job is it sit and waitAny more t
I’m laughing, smiling, Dancing like I own the world at age seven. Stars handpicked like strawberries for only my eyes to eat Nothing could tear me down.  
mommy,you told me i was made ofthe galaxyand its brightest stars.then why did grandpa frown upon my sightand make us sit at another table?
I am A woman Belittled Degraded Insignificant The consequences of my Gender   I watch white wealthy middle-aged men in stiff suits pick and chose
My body is the house I grew up in, how dare I try to tear it down to the ground.
Can I be quiet? Can I watch and just observe? Can I just be   and not spend every second of my day proving that I am worthy of being heard?
This year, I burned myself away I let myself wilt  Without dismay Often, I was horrified A world in meltdown Triggered my pride And let me drown I got up, though I always came around
I flew, past the skyscrapers tracing in the sky, up an alleyway, dark and dangerous, through the moon as it smiled at me.  With shining yellow eyes, she called me her daughter, and I just nodded and agreed.
Keep your shrill voice quiet, you’re disturbing the men at work. Actually, it’s preferred you don’t speak at all, honey. “Go get me a beer, baby,” he’s saying.
We believe in the constitution, even willing to bet our lives on it, yet we aren’t even sure it’s actually complete The equal rights amendment has never been truly ratified
"You should smile more," he says I remain silent, now on edge, awakened I pray my silence will be matched in return Unfortunately for me, I am quite mistaken   "C'mon sweetie, why don't you smile for me?"
Love is such a broad term   Heart ache Heart break Heartburn   So many of the people in this world are filled with love,
"My rapist doesn't know he's a rapist. You taught him that it wasn't his fault - I drank too much, Flirted too much & wore tight shorts. He left me in a parking garages staircase.
The blood, sweat and tears she lay,  as she smiles from day to day. Sweet as flowers of a rose, Bitter than a lemon that grows. Clear as the blue skies and birds that flew, but little did she knew.
There are minimal downsides to being a Poet, But one of the few is that it's difficult to simultaneously be One As well as the girl you want me to be.   It's difficult becuase we'll be in English class,
     If the Angels fell for women how long can man escape from the snare of women. Her words hold the weight of the world. She speaks happiness into a mans life. She multiplies the seed of man.
Mirror, mirror can't you see? What lies beautifully and elegant in front of you? Who is she?  She looks into the mirror as if looking at someone else as she rubs her hands through
Seventeen years of life experience and I'm still not qualified for the job, because everyone thinks I'm either too young or too dumb. Pressured by society to look thin and tan, but we can hardly face each other man to man.
I expose my soul To the world To the people To my friends To my enemies.   I tell what I feel To whom I feel for. I speak my mind. I share a hug every time
Time goes byAnd I am still inside this crystal globeDaydreamingThinking about how life would beas if you were still here.  
I want to hold I want to kiss I want to touch I want to rub I want to cuddle I want to stare I want to smile I want to laugh  I want to LOVE
I lie here and I think about what we could of had, you were like a puzzle to me that I wish to put together you always seemed down, and I wanted to bring you up you seemed to be lost, and I thought I found you
Her prowess is unparalleled, Suppression never dissuaded all that she is-- An ephemeral incandescence-- ceasing relentlessly
He walks with a step more than man Bowing beneath the doorway of her room And when he speaks it replaces the air Like cigar smoke He urges her to sit as he lights the fireplace Though she is already hot  He stalks to her and his fingertips are rou
Yes. I am a girl,  and no, that doesn't make me weak. I'm a girl,  and no, that doesn't make me meek. Just because I'm shorter and smaller doesn't mean you can holler at me, and cat call as I walk by, 
How would it feel if you put your bloodsweatandtears into advancing the world And no one knew your name No one knew how hard you tried
 *************THE GIRL OF MY DREAMS*************** The girl of my dreams-is a nightmare.      Acts like she likes me, but doesn't play fair.      Pretends that she loves - she doesn't really care.      Pushes deep drama - almost to much to bare.  
 *************THE GIRL OF MY DREAMS*************** The girl of my dreamsis a nightmare. Acts like she likes me,but doesn't play fair. Pretends that she loves-she doesn't really care. Pushes deep dramaalmost to much to bare. Pulls on my heart, then
Just because I'm black doesn't mean I do drugs , Just cause I'm not fair skin I know I am still loved. Just because my hair is not soft like silk doesn't mean I'm worthless , My beauty comes from within .
I am dark and lovely. My skin glows with melanin. It is naturally unique.   I am dark and lovely. My hair is full of natural kinks, coils, curls. I don't need a relaxer.  
I get up in the morning because I’m angry Angry at the world, angry at the people in it Angry how the color of someone’s skin determines how they’re treated
  I am just a girl. Unaware and overdressed. Spent too long looking in the mirror You weren’t there I guess  
With grace, You demolish preconceived notions of what a woman is or can be.
That girl you just made derogatory comments to,  Doesnt want you. She didn't dress in any way for you.  Although it probably doesn't shake her, As young girl she's had heard it too
I'm a girl, such a pearl, Call me 'nice tits", I think I might hurl. I'm blonde so I'm dumb not really, just numb I have all A's, i must be a teacher's pet I study under my parent's threat  Never had a boyfriend, prude as can be I've had girlfrien
I’ve spat out every single forbidden thing I was told not to do as a child Because it was too american Or un-american Or unladylike And un-me I swallowed every drop of teen rebellion And got drunk on every ounce of its bittersweet taste
She pierces wounds unscathed
I grew up in the unfenced yard so I had to be the homecoming queen and he the starting quarterback. Make straight A’s and never sleep,
The Trinity VICTIM I stand alone. I stand unheard, unnoticed. I am on my own. And the world cannot see. Confined to space and time am I And I cannot try
Life was put into me and in an overtime instance, I was hooked. Not one soul could take away the love I had for you. Your smile. My smile. We internally matched. Were one. Whole.
I'm going to tell you a story. It's about a girl who thought she was extraordinary.
I don’t love you at all. And before you glare at me with those squinted eyes, Before you place your hands akimbo, Before you wiggle your neck at me and say, “Excuse me?!” Excuse me while I light my spliff.  
In a quagmire of misery the girl wallows. Her feminism a bitter pill to swallow. It’s a man’s world, so a man’s code she should follow, Is a lie they tell her and if only the society would allow,
I am a woman of weakness.<br> I will never believe that <br> I can succeed at anything<br> And because I know<br> I am a failure and a waste like people say<br> I just don't understand how<br> I can be brave and
One is torn from the inside out as the death of life and the consequence of the original sin of \mankind manifests its estrogenic massacre;/ The red of the fruit \of the knowledge of good and evil pollutes /white linen so neatly;
 Dear Mother Society, The ideal child, I did as I was told.   “Close your eyes” This world is innocent, if seen by the eyes of the blind.    The ideal child, I did as I was told.
For all my favorite Roses Born into tragedy;   she is celebrated, adored, nurtured, envied, blessed -   she is beaten, sacrificed, scrutinized, enslaved, damned - 
dont be too fat  dont be too thin for gods sake dont be so loud  you are too quiet  dont be a tease  why are you such a prude dont be a ditz let me lecture you on your doctorate 
I gaze blankly into the sky and the Tears are dry. Maybe it’s just my uterus Talking—the smooth, Smug woman’s voice on the ad tells
GROWTH OF A WOMAN  foundation soil brown green grow from the roots to the trunk to the stems to the leaves birth of a nation combustion of the sun  pineal gland exploded to conceive this gravitational cycle of planets molded into a wound holding a
Her heart as deep as the ocean She is mysterious like the other side of the moon Her intellect as bright as the stars Her skin glows like a million suns   She is as fierce asa cheetah 
"Oh, baby! What I'd like to do to you!" What'd you think that'd make me want to do? I wish I could let out the anger in me, but I know that it's safer to just let it be.
She once knew a man who made her forget the difference between the sun and the moon. Someone who stood up before she even felt the need too.
She dressed in all black, with the most colourful mind. Questioning the universe about how beauty is defined. Is it not strange that autumn is so beautiful, yet everything is dying?
I am a mother of two. I have nothing, but innovation and imagination. I promised myself as a kid that I would abberate myself from the norm. 
The mirror speaks her financial advisor invest in the stocks and bonds of the soft skin on her arms softer than the sands slipping through dirty fingers playing in Jamaica's naked land
It's an echo of society it instills this insecurity  and encourages us to fade into obscurity to accept medicority lest we be criticized  to refuse idolization a compliment little more than
  I am not an object. Sexualize, fantasize, All for your pleasure.
Dear class, Welcome to 2016. where we’ve had someone walk on the moon and a black president but still haven’t completely wiped the dust from the word
There's something deep about this love. Deep goes the love that flows from our Father's heart. How far does it go? We don't know, but yet we do know. Because a man died and rose from the grave.
From the first time I saw you I thought you were cute.  Not like little boy cute
 My Box    The look, its there for none to see  but me.    The way it is  I can not bear
She is the Elephant. She stomps in to make everybody know she is here to stay. Following along, is her younglings that she will protect till the day she is no more. She is the Elephant.
The rhythm of my heart is no rival For the movement of your wandering eye. Her lithe figure signals her arrival My cadence lulls, watching, undignified
LISTEN, who told you that God could not be a woman?I am almost 6 feet under my own fearsand I have no holy power to turn tothat is a reflection of me.Who shoved their generationally skewed
She is a wife, a treasure that should be beloved! From the ground, she walks on to the air she breathes above She is a mother, a precious gift! Without her, life would not exist
She saw me once standing there, helping her mother out of the bus and she smiles at me with her crooked teeth. Her blonde hair waves to me in the frisky wind And her purple blouse screams to me diva in one direction
I've never known her or seen her to be the mystery behind her. The black long hair silky, and her surliness stands aloof. Her long legs could spy any secret of mine or James Bond.
I am black. My hair is nappy, and my toes are long. I am black. I love fried chicken, and rap music. I am black.
Put the food down, Girls look better thin. Don't frown, Smiles always win. Don't cry, People will think you're insane. Look away from football, Let boys enjoy their game.
She called herself the Art Whore. For she saw art in everything and anywhere. The crack in the wall that had been there since her father had slammed her head against the wall was art and
  remember when you were a little girl remember when you were wonderwoman no remember when you were spiderman
Your bruises are obvious. I wish you would cover them. I know you are only showing me my mistakes, hoping I will right my wrongs. But, my darling, you have forgotten that I am the dark monster under your bed.
Lips red as blood and skin white as snow With hair as black as the solid night sky Just as hers does, I want my skin to glow For hair dark as hers, I need bleach and dye.  
It doesn't peel away, but I can take it off It makes me feel beautiful But I can wipe it with a cloth. Compliments from boys all day Somehow boosts my confidence, but It's not me, It's my mask they see
Beautiful, A word hard to say. A word most Women don't describe them selves as because they listen to what others have to say.   Beautiful  That's what you are;
" I am a women of Power" with strength and matter, all girls matter, i am strong and made of steel, i can make all things come real, with a heart of gold my heart is my soul, I am a women,
I tried to hold on sorry I let go, lost my grip hand slipped then I lost all control Anger embarrassed me and it got the best of me
Anything you can do, I can do betterI'm sick of you telling me I'm dumb WorthlessNothing. I'm sick of you telling me I'm a nagUseless.
When did the idea of being a woman become filled with dread? Desperate women, driven to the knife, Just like in the stories I have read.  
I’m a femme fatalemy father taught me wellLike Mata Hari my charms arefor my victims to dispelLike the mistress Laura Bellthe Queen of London Whoredomone day I may find the Lord but
She called at four am. Sobbing into the phone, we were both barely past ten. He had touched her with his sweaty hands, and looked at her with his lustful eyes. He had ripped her out of bed,
I often wonder/When soft fingers grace the faucet,/That graces the bucket,/Whose metal contours grace the floor/Who decided/That sore knees,/Coupled with aching arms/Tripled with hunched, apron wrapped back,/Wasn’t enough./Who concluded that/Sweat
In Yellow and Stripes of Black They did fight for freedom, did they They were considered to be Dirty They were killed, Brothers, Sisters   My Brothers, Sisters They were,
I’m a filmmaker My mind is a bullpen seething with mischief. I know I can adventure into places unknown with my camera. Which is why
"Who Am I?" A Question I now ask myself daily. Am I the girl who smiles at random strangers? Am I the girl who hands the homeless a sandwich? Or am I the girl who is lost?
I am the girl you were warned about. The girl built from fire and stone― The girl who swallows the stars and extinguishes the sun―
Waking up to you is like discovering a foreign place. I trace every birthmark on your skin to find your face. I was a vast land, long forgotten and claimed my none. Curious eyes reached beyond the horizon, it had begun.
I am immortal. I have hips and thighs I am a carrier of a generation, I have been sunkissed my God himself. I am told that because i have breast and hips that bear a child, i am nothing
Maybe what we fear most is not failure but the idea of what could be lost.
I am a strong minded Hispanic women is something that is not only wrong but unusual to hear.
Facebook Request  Like  Message  Hey  Flirt  Date  Butterflies Flirt  Date Calls  Kisses  Deep conversations
When the world comes crashing down Out comes your knight in shining nightgown Yet he doesn't know how  To save his own damsel's crown.   The king must declare war Men young and old must serve
As women and girls of our world today
I am 4 years old all pink dress, all blond hair, all blue eyes when strangers ask my name i tell them, that i am princess peach                                               
You tell yourself ou arent good enough for a love like that But you deserve it You deserve spending the rest of your life with someone that loves the same music that loves the rain just as much as you
Words, so many words but They can never express fully the feelings that swell inside  threatening to spill out onto the sidewalk who's cement tries to be strong but 
Words, so many words but They can never express fully the feelings that swell inside  threatening to spill out onto the sidewalk who's cement tries to be strong but 
Ladies? Are we worthy of the title? Such beautiful masterpieces  Being scammed out of our worth by theives Who expect me to believe That my ass makes me relevant And my intelligence makes me a prude
         Fannie Lou’s black        Breath told how colored had a right
Here is to the women who hurt. How their pain never told though their stories ever sold, intuitively resistant and bold.
Who am I? Am I another cover of a magazine? Am I an enlarged and edited pristine figurine Waiting to be picked up off a shelf? Will I reduce myself to being fueled by the greedy views of bigtime CEOs
I am a woman with a vision. A vison so clear that I will break through all barriers to reach. I am a student. Despite all prejudements, I have made it to Howard University. I am a daughter.
As I grew up I always knew The subtle power of having two Differing chromosomes that is
When the man I loved tried to commit suicide, I can only describe my pain as having my heart ripped through my chest with hands of barbed wire, broken-glass dreams and smoldering promises.
Women are a lesser cut of meat, cut and chopped on a slab for a man’s pleasure. Women are a distraction, and a skirt above the knee keeps a man from his work. Women are crazy,
Women are like gnats. They only come in packs. Some nights they don’t show up, Some nights they just attack.   What’s worst about them, though, Is that when they’re finally done,
From a young age,
Defamed, defaced
There’s something glorious about being a woman Like the feel of Saturday mornings when you don’t have to go anywhere And the sky is painted with lilacs and periwinkle and you wonder “Why do I ever go to Sunday school
Oh, grandmother With your white-white hair and your pale skin you protected from the sun Did you have any regrets? Were you thankful for the gift you were given? The gift to pass as white?
Sometimes I wonder How could I make a kite fly Even when weighed down by a boulder How could I make these diseased things happy They want money and my everlasting plea to be their servant
at age 13: girls were Sluts; Bitches, Whores, or Prudes,  and we thought that the length of jean aeropostle shorts were fuses that would lead to some dangerous explosion of promiscuity because:
met you in the fourth grade back when we were just ten spent half my life with you every step since
Funny story about opinions, they're not always right. 
And then he touched me He said it was ok, we were a trust, trust me and then he touched me again And it doesn't go a way Because he touched me I'm a defect a goner I was pricked with disease
I am not a toy. I am not a thing that you think you can play with
Just one, I'm a few, No family too, Who am I? I don't know   I am a single mom I am a married mom  I am also a Scientist That will find a cure I am also a cop
When the stick in your hand reads "postitive" there is an expectation from the world around you Except instead of instantly feeling maternal joy, you feel the pang of a loss.
 She's the most beautiful thing you could ever see. From her long black hair to her beautiful smile and don't get me started on her body.
I AM BLACK. Blacks fought for freedom. I AM WOMAN. Women fought to be counted. I AM GAY. Gays fought for equality. So why am I still fighting for freedom? My freedom is confined 
She said she'll think of whitty jokes just to show that it's not all smoke. She said she'll think of interesting facts but the fact is that the pact was supposed to be that she would go on a date with me.
My thoughts are not limited to my own mind. They are exponential exceeding the parameters of a tangent. But I want them to be organised which is why I focus on brain management. My own mind wants to unwind
When I look in the mirror I don’t see the same little girl that ran around my mother’s busy office
Woman- what does it mean? Tall, fat, skinny, short; why not smart, compassionate, or witty? I know I know, boys will be boys,  they will think and speak crude talk, but can't they be taught that We are more?
“in my menstrual fight,invisible warriordrinking fallen blood”
As a young woman it seems my body serves threat to my soul. My body making up me; unqiue. Curved and straight and flat and wide and thin and all, is my own.
Just to clear the air,
Opportunities aren’t abound for women like me My face has been stepped on My history utterly destroyed They haven’t fared well If one can imagine them left in my position at birthIf our lives were switched
Patches of Dryness  
When will some one find and keep me? They all see a piece of me and not the full me. I'm either intelligent, pretty, funny, or anything else that people see on the outside.
Who am I?  My birth name is Shelby.  But that's changed over the years; shrimp, chipmunk, penguin, shorty. School was rough. Not always fitting in.  Graduation set me free. Now - I am me.
I'm not as skinny as I'm supposed to be  and don't have flawlwss skin.  My laugh is a little obnoxious, but hey this is me.  I don't cake my face with makeup  to live up to the "beauty standard"
As a woman I can act like a lady I can dress like a lady I can expand my vocabulary so that  I sound like a lady I can walk with the right amount of sway Like a lady With just enough tease
Another long day Pretending to be
"Feminism" is taking over, and wow, they have a point. Men can do what women do and women do as men. But is it really feminism...   When we tell a girl that she ought to wear pants
She lay there naked and dying
Hate is a good thing, When it comes to bad things, But hate is for the next generation. When they look up to rap kings Who promote bad things, gold bling, and diamond rings.  
Every second of every day The world is telling women how to behave Wear your hair like this, your makeup on point And if you're over 110 pounds Get your ass to the gym
Sick of division, powered by ambition Brushed into a corner from their social superstition   What's your favorite color, boy? White girls are who he enjoys Therefore I'm not worthy of his attention
I was never one for sports though an active child.
I AM THAT GIRL Just like my girl Rosie. Don't mind me if I get a bit noisy, Cause I'm standing up for all the girls, All the girls around the world.   I AM THAT GIRL It's a positive thing. 
strong independent women beaten and broken misunderstood emotions turned to violence women battered hopes and dreams shattered by the hand of their love strong independent women
I look to the stars above: I see the galaxies, swirling In a brilliant array of light- Now I look at me.    I see two eyes Colored with the heavens' imagination. I see freckles,
The life of a young woman is boundless and untamed There is no way of telling where she will go next or who she will become The crazy twirl that destincts Who she is   The girl I was years ago is gone
I am a new beginning A jump across a puddle and two hops to the left Press start. Look up. The dreams no longer satisfy who I am   I am a force  Not a physical matter to measure
I am a woman.
I see her staring at me Both picking out each others flaws wondering how it could be Thinking about society laws on beauty wishing I could withdraw. I stare at her picking out every beauty mark;
f(x)=a(ng+el)*r[e(y-e)^s] I am a complex math function  that you cannot understand. So, what do you do first? Step 1: Factor completely. Extract my primes and variables, 
“You walk funny.” These words have plagued my school experience. No one knows the reason behind this walk, They don’t know that my muscles don’t work and I’m slower than the rest
Oh!  There it is,The blood of my Mothers’SinsBlossoming onMy white sheetsLike a bouquet of English roses.A shame -Laundry day hadBeen yesterday.  My thighs have been painted
i.in this 1525 woodcut print by Albrecht Dürer
I'm sure most of us are familiar with the term 'Ladies First'. Eve took some and ate, ladies first huh?
Don't look that way Don't say those things There's another pretty woman Look away from the screens   They are supposed to define you
  Tattoos? Not a chance. 
Women are equal as men. Although it takes two to make a baby, babies would not be in this world without women. I do believe the creation of life is a 50-50 job between a man and a woman, but within the job, the roles are split up.
i heard a child scream once, only once, and it was the sound of Algebra, the Cold War, global warming,   but also a mango seed scraping wood to etch grammar rules.  
Without a flaw Perfect skin Perfect body Perfect hair It's a  girl. We have impossible standards For each other and ourselves. It's not fair
She sits alone, crouched in the darkness, holding up her knees with thin, spindly arms. Dried tears have created a track on her dirt streaked face. Her blue eyes have lost their charm.
Aubrey Contreras FLAWLESS Scholarship 12/9/14   Self-Love  
I am flawless because I have flaws, I am flawless because I work hard. I am flawless because I have weaknesses, I am flawless because I don't discard. I hold onto my emotions, my appearance,
My thighs stretch out across the seat when I sit.
Flawless is waking up at 5:45 in the morning feeling like everything that the world says matters is irrelevant at that moment and I
If you do not feel anything When your fingers touch a keyboard   You are not a poet   If there is not the slightest rhythm From the syllables stampeding In a Socratic circle
My mother named me Dorothy Not after a girl in blue gingham Not after Jerry Maguire’s crush I was named after her Grandmother The Strongest woman she ever knew A woman with a pilot’s license
  Why did I put up a fight
I am a goddess Fierce and Ferocious
Am I enough? To be considered beautiful, naturally. Naturally with acceptable flaws. Being 17 in a media-controlled world can either go left or right. Am I enough? To make mistakes and be forgiven. Still be human.
The day I asked myself am I really this person inside, Am I covering up the truth? Is there anything to hide. Blinded by other people's expectations, focused on unexpect fear.
I've heard it said- is it true? The heart of men is wicked. But does that just include men? Are women wicked? Children? Men are deceitful. Are women not? Children?
God Bless America. Where suburban neighborhoods flourish and every house looks like the other, like rows of mass-produced Fords. God bless America. Where the government spends money
  I see women.  I see thunder thighs  and freckles,  muffin tops,  rib cages,  a birth mark that covers the length of her collar bone 
NO she said does no mean yes? we know you know better than that you did what you did because you wanted to it wasn't her fault you can't blame the way she dressed the way she talked 
Let me straddle your mind Let me lay on top of your thoughts Rubbing & caressing each care away Interrupting them with each touch & feel I can open you up, to love, lifting you up Giving you a high
My Heart is like a symbol steady tinging
Why do old women wear musky perfume?  They are not mothballs yet
I am not a toy. When you look at me, a body is all you see.
It's coming around the corner, The corner on 13th street. Shuffling and scuffling along on its heavy and weakened feet.   It's coming down the sidewalk, twitching and swaying in the night.
Senior year turned cold one day. I fell on the ground and didn't have anything to say I held on my stomach and cried a little or more than that a nurse brought a wheelchair over on which i sat
This is my body. I do what I want. This is my body, Not your’s. This is my blood. It will shed   Only Every month Of my life.   This is my body, too.
If the universe were still before thee,Ready to gaze at thine emerald eyes,
We dress up and make-up to impress on a daily basis With mascara and tear stains on our faces we still smile Because we know we are the strength that keeps you warm We’ve been through it all, the rise and the falls….
We all want to be happy. Fall in love, get married.  We all want that fairy tale ending.   We fail to see the evil in the poeple we say we love. Because we don't know what love is. Or the damage it does.
It has been an era since I have gazed Into the mirrored eyes of morning. The thought lingers in an ocean Of fruitless expectation. The yearning, thirsting shore Waits untouched by equipoised waves
The flowing waters of Eros Traversed the infinite space Where cold and stoic I lingered Far from warmth’s embrace   Slowly, thus intrigued, Approached the seeming cause Of my dismantling
When you tell a girl she’s pretty she’ll paint a smile on her face so she won’t look in the mirror and see her life was a waste When you tell a girl she’s pretty on compliments she’ll feed
Carefully, she wraps herself in her very own, invisible cloak, one just like how Harry Potter had except not quite For only the innermost layer of her being is hidden, the one she’d only show when she was at home
Define rape – A four letter word meaning She was asking for it Her skirt was too short And, well, she didn’t say no. Define catcall – A seven letter, slang term describing how men
      Do you breathe in whistles, sir? Because every time I walk by that is all I hear.
The truth is I don't know who she isDisguised so goodI blew thisWith the lipstick on high heels strongBut my ankles not so muchI'm just trying to show that ICan play the roleJust like all my friends
Face the Facts. 
Face the Facts. 
Women can’t do everything,
Crystalize the memory & synchronize your chemical scheme, as the city underground travels through the blood stream ..of the young, the rich the old and poor..and the faces of the familiar across the crooked corridoors.
There once was a rose Attactive and sweet She reached to pluck the fragrant bud Only to be pricked with it's thorns  
Everybody has responsibilities to uphold... The question is though Do you uphold them to the fullest? Women! Babies are having babies and they give the responsibility to their moms
This is for the girls who lie awake at night,
I guess I'm confused how the term woman translated into bitch, or why I have to constantly reiterate that we're woman not hoes to every dude I'm with. You must've lost your mind when you lost your respect 
John Dominique once said, “You cannot kill truth. You cannot kill justice.
The cheating hurt, but besides that so did the lies and the punches. Im glad its over, I took a stand and I left. Im glad you know that you hurt me.  My tears weren't just the sadness you gave me.
I can't find a method to this madness connecting stray dots  and calling them poetic thoughts numb bodies with  teeming eyes We don't deserve this demise! Where is the paradise?  
Walking home from the grocery store with two heavy bags, one in each arm to balance the weight. A man blocking the sidewalk whisky on his breath and blurry eyes “What have you got there?”
I am beyond forgettingForgetting about loveLossOr any other emotion or feeling.I am beyond forgettingForgetting who I amTrulyOr who I was.I am beyond forgetting
The voice that creeps from my pencil, that leaps from my keyboard, that spills from my pen Is the voice that struggles a fight from within  Fighting to be heard. Fighting to be heard.
Born to a home I don't belong, Where nothing is right and everything's wrong. An alcoholic mistake is what I am; One Summer Hummer too many, I was not part of the plan.  
It’s commonly believed That men are stronger Than women. They can build houses And fix bikes And change oil But I’ve never seen A man Carry two toddlers And an infant
This is for the women with the broken bones With the shattered heart and tattered clothes This is for the women with silent voices Who made tough choices that were seen as pointless  
People say you can’t be a lawyer because you’re a woman Says who? The Hobby Lobby Taking away our good medicine for the obstruction of religious freedom And people dying of AIDS, they didn’t know
a young woman usually finds herself bombarded by coments and misconceptions that a woman cannot be beautiful and still be an intelectual
What makes me tick are these sick, unrealistic expectations of women.   “It’s what’s inside that counts.” Well, how the fuck am I supposed to believe that when my worth is determined by my appearance?
attention, affection, hugs so tight!  He's invincible-  brighter than the stars at night.   a doctor, an astronaut, Singer in a band, books in his mind are a future in his hand  
We are not Women. We Are not Ladies. If the only thing that makes up adults is our age, then we are adults. But we are not Grown Up. We are Girls. And we wont be made Women by Physical Coming of Age.
Love means...?   I love him till that last star stops shining  Bet you, he don't love you like that.   Mac, your best friend It hides your scars everyday Your girls tell you, 
Equality is a joke
War on Women  
There was red in my bed in years of yore something I'd never considered before. Lost in time, back and back, a rarity in a rugged sack.   There was red in my bed, she had no clue.
One falls from the sky
A piece of meat cornered by beasts, lured into the trap, and now you're their feast. They don't kill you, but eat you alive. They like it better when you fight.
My eyes do not “light up like the sunlight upon water,” My complexion is too blue and white and every girl is hotter, Society does not reward small chests like mine with glamour,
I was once told that if you love someone that you must set it free, Especially if you are being affected because self assertiveness is the key, It is only important that you love yourself enough to let go,
  Standing on our two feet Living without regret or defeat. We are what Rory the roman  will wait a thousand years for a woman.  We are those who will rise to greatness,
Normal It was being nice and standardizing yourself to fit in But there she sat in her worn out old navy boot legged jeans With her eyes on the board and some ink machine in her hand
You smelled of stale beer and musty basements,And soon that smell became the only one I knew.You drank until you couldn't remember your own name,And screamed mine until your voice resonated off the walls.
Here's a message to every girl across the world. Know that you are not a tool. Stop allowing men to deprive your soul with the pleasure of lust.
Well I live down on the beach,next to the green Florida Sea.I like to dig my toes in the sand,sipping some sweet ice tea.  My red lips can rock your world,I’ll have you down on your knees.
I’ve never been good at acceptin
Why can a man walk free down the street, without a care in the world, and a pep in his feet? But a woman must  leer, must live in a constant fear that a man's touch or sneer 
Listen, I tell the tale Of my pain Of their pain   Do you hear them? The collective despair Shared by every woman who is forced To witness their culture stripped Only to be sold
I hope you receive whatever it is you desire. Whether it be a King or a Queen, anything that reflects you, will do.
let go baby girl souls heal, be brave turn that page, new chaper you can on do better pick yor slf up tears slid without a trace disapear no more
  There is a special worth that comes in knowing
There should be an absoluteness of beauty simply in the act of being a woman.  
Forget Me Not *controversial*    Morning sickness brings the blues, Monthly cycle is overdue. She was drunk that night, Flinging morals in the wind,
She feels them staring at her. The energy it gives off Makes her want to jump out of her skin.
you are a little late coming this time I've been waiting for you to show I've prepared your white bed and planned the places we can't go can you not squeeze me so tight?
In a pride of lions, the lioness hunts while the male stays back In many species of birds the male's bright feathers elaborate dances and song are desperate attempts to attract female birds
Monday through Friday, 8-5 "Young Lady," I hear "Shh, while they talk" Is my input not important?   "Young Lady," I hear "Listen to the men speak." Can I not speak as well?  
300 years of slavery, 300 years in chains, One hundred years of bravery, This finally led to change. Fifty years later followed Obama’s campaign, Somehow we are still scared from all the previous pain,
Being gay isn't a choice Because why would I choose to lose my voice? Not my voice physically, but politically
The bringer of life, god, all give respect. A cave of birth, a cave of delight, a cave of all. Vaginas are normal, part of everyday. Everything comes from them,
It started out ok, It started out good. It started out the way it was supposed to, It started out the way it should. But I dont really know what happened, Something had went wrong.
Her EYES   Blue as the ocean   Peaceful as the morning breeze   And when a secret is amidst. They close slightly in curiosity, peering through my scalp, demanding to know what’s on my mind  
I can do a push-up.Not the modified, girl kind;The "boy" ones, with my feet and all.But this is not a poem about me.  
A girl born with different parts than boys,
When I was younger, my mother’s name for me was Doll. Her hair was golden thread, her eyes were glass. She would dress me and undress me, and hold my pink hands and sing, “How perfect you are,
Great night for fireworks
You are not alone Same feeling, different situations
The sunshine gleams in your eyes As the sea moves within your body You bend the earth And breathe the air You’re something new in the world A spark from a shooting star
Gaia turned around: walked The long way up shore. She cast away stars With the milky haze Of her own skin.    She has grown tired Of division and multiplication Growth of diameter, these
Here I stand, in my apartment, where you broke me, you took the old me, and molded me into something new. someone I hardly recognize,  who is that girl in the mirror?
How, why, was that who I am?
Do you remember when you were little.
Why Is it that everything I did upset you? Am I just not as perfect as you wanted me to be? I listened to every word you said,
Women have been pushed to believe That skinny is the new black And that gentlemen prefer blondes And gentlemen prefer blush And redheads And eye shadow And nice clothing So change your hair
It's Just a Compliment By Marielle Eaton         “It’s just a compliment”                         just                                     just                                                 just
In India are sacred hidden pools
I came to my father and said, "Father, I have straight A's." Ignoring me as he turned to my brother. "Son, don't ditch school or get F's. You're the one that carries the family's name."
Put down your pencil, And pay attention to your class, Not everyone is like you, They’re all just trying to pass,   You make think that they care, But they’re all laughing in their reclining chair,
I need feminism, because I can't leave my legs unshaven without being told it's wrong. I need feminism, because if a man shaves his legs he's told he's "feminine", "girly", and "gay"
As each girl takes her first inhalation, She becomes a host to the cycle of corruption. And it starts as society's thoughts creep into her ears,
Why should I have to prove myself? Must it be the silk of my skin that defines me Must it be the way that my locks tumble down the curves of my hips And all our lives we are measured by our grades
The black girl. Built strong, legs long unlike her hair. Hair thick like her hips. Full lips. Left on this earth for a purpose but constantly forced by society to find it alone.
Female, Is not synonymous, With quiet. I came into this world kicking and screaming, and I don't plan on stopping, anytime soon.   Because female,
Rap is My Boyfriend I’ve gotten into a relationship with the wrong type of guy Because when I was dating R&B or pop, my self-esteem was so high R&B’s words were so soft and sentimental
I used to think I loved you I used to think you cared I used to think "this is it" I used to be so scared I used to want to be your all I used to think you did too
The color pink is a presuppositionthat was forced upon usfrom birth.We were not given a choice.
I used to grow up thinking daddy's wide shoulders were the highest point of Earth. questioning my worth as i stand here vertically challenged
Because it is vulnerable, an option, you might see. Wide out in the open, entire visibility.
Kindness, is it only but a word?  A person who hears people's needs. But oddly, sadly, is never ever heard.
You try your best to see the light. In a blinding sheet of darkness. You ignore and try to forget.
Help me father
It will hurt like a tattoo guns sting as the ink infiltrates your skin.
                                                       Do not fight over me.                                                        I am neither Helen of Troy
Hannah was late coming home this evening. Traffic was slow and she had trouble leaving. Work was hard and she hadn't any time
A Queen Birth from Sin Placed in a world ran by men. She can made up of various colors. A women Is a mans strength, his rock, his joy. A beautiful flower that has its own structure and design.
What to do with all the hurt? When inside you're fit to burst. You're supposed to be so strong. You're supposed to not be wrong. Put a face that betrays the truth. Give an air of being aloof.  
My dreams have become a reality. A reality I don't wish to feel. Because these dreams once of pleasure, Have become nightmares all too real.  
  She exploits her body to the opposite sex Or the same sex It doesn't matter right As long as she gets her pay check Because at the end of the night Her pockets are full $500 in tips
Let me tell the tale of a frail child,
now is the time they say that women have more liberties more chances more power more more more   but the attitude remains the same we are still second-class citizens  
What I Hate Do you know what I absolutely hate? What makes me so sick to my stomach? And my skin crawl with repulsion? I’ll tell you what I hate:
Another day, another way,
I down another bottle To wash the pain away. For a brief moment, I feel a bit okay.
Listen, sister, for this talk unsettles me. Stop here. Because You are not the sum of things you have made. You are not the sum of others' judgements, opinions - no.
She wears: Skimpy dress. Tight shirt. Short skirt.  
They told me it was a bad decision. I told them I saw good. They told me he'd be a bad influence. I told them it'd be the other way around. They told me he wouldn't treat me right. I told them he'd changed.
Roses are red Violets are blue Yes, I still care But, what’s it to you?   You showed no respect, No emotion at all. So why did I stay When you put up a wall?  
When I cry it's in vain When lightning strikes the tame
Forever and always is what you say Forever and always is what you claim
The pretty girl who everyone wants they admire you for your smarts  respect all your wishes all the boys wanted to call you theirs and one day, a boy was able to   you thought you loved him
It's just really frustrating:how it only takes one person to ruina safe space; feeling obligatedto play into the "nice guy's" hands; how you
The faceless faces now hold detail. The wounded women now show sealed scars. The chasteless children now innocent.                                                                 The hollow home now stands solid.
She was supposed to be a boy. Over there, she might not have lived to see another day. Here, she was loved.   I am loved. I can follow my dreams. But they called me bossy. Loud. Pushy.  
Life is a pair of black corsets, fishnet stockings and cheap lipstick, suffering from the intoxicating riches of each breath. and in the midst of it all is a shadowed wrong turn, in which my legs keep gliding through air.
             I am a woman             I have long hair, I have a high voice, long lashes and lips of cherry             I have curves, I have breasts and a butt             And I love my body and I am proud  
You tell me, And you tell her too. I bet you say that to everyone.   You don’t know her But she still hears you. I hear her crying.   You exist everywhere,
I am a Nappy headed woman, I love my naps...I love my curls...I love my dreads.. I refuse to let anyone put chemicals in my head...
I cause concern Make heads turn While all my heart can do is yearn For you to understand That this was God’s command Not some man’s demand And that This life in the hood Is a choice
What makes me a woman? I mean, besides the biological logic of my body
she wanted to look sexy,so she put on a cherry red mini skirt,with flesh-colored pantyhose,a black halter top with tiny sparkles on it.the shoes she chose were ruby and high-heeled.
close your eyes let the white walls drown you surround you with the inevitable letting you fight the current
"Your ears are the ocean," my friend said, and I imagined the wash of waves erasing the auditory footsteps hanging like fading dreams in the clear morning light of the seashore.  
If I were to change something big or small Would it be my height? Sometimes I were I were small But this would only please myself temporarily No, have confidence. I AM TALL  
Lights, Camera, Action Light, How do you see it? Can you even see it? Or is it felt on the fine arms that brush up when air is left of mist.
Look at her, look at me; its gold, versus silver, the sun against the moon.   Where she shines, I am dim; saught after, and alone, the Beauty and the Beast.  
If I could change the world I would change  the wage gap the catcalls the disrespect the dismissal the phrase "Don't be such a girl"   If I could change the world
“God hates”
Sinful Rose, Sinful Rose,  Let free your thorns that want to bite,  I am that rose, Sinful Rose, 
My hair My eyes My height All things I could change But what I would change is something much more  It not about myself, its about the world Rather than helping one sole, It would help much more
Women work all day Yet they don’t receive same pay Empowerment now
Stupid girl She was called You think you can contribute? You’re so tiny in this world You may as well be mute You’ll never get a word in The Big Men are talking
I'm tired of walking down the streets With girls gripping my arms in fear Fear of catcalls Fear of men Fear of bigots and most of all: Fear of people without respect   I'm tired of hearing
A young woman, eighteen and fair, With big brown eyes and long brown hair, Made her way past the lamppost that stood, In the middle of her neighbourhood.  
Growing up, I had my pick fromThe Big Four of respectable careers for AsiansBusiness, Law, Engineering, and MedicineI chose to be a doctorBut I realized I disliked scienceSo I changed my mind
I would change If I could change women’s volleyball shorts. their function is fine, They fit the way they were designed to I am able to dive, hit pass and spike in them.
Imagine a world of no conflictNo anger, no murder, no war   A world of respect   Where the color of your skin doesn’t matterWhere which side of the tracks you grew upon makes no change  
She was everything her mother had dreamed of
"OMG you too Ms. Imani?You see I... I thought I was the only"Thats what this young girl said to meas she glared at meno longer feeling lonely.
The time's come to fight Tell your mothers, tell your sisters
I don't care for men, women neither Men walk around as if their genetials have swine flu fever but then women are the beaver
The Few. This way of life is not for everyone; Most think we're crazy, which might be true. There's no black, white, or brown, just green. Serving my Country  with pride, Along side my Corps family.
  I’m crying. Right now I’m crying. The salty sorrows slowly sinking Caused because of too much thinking Ten-fold more as I start blinking Crying sadly so.   I’m screaming.
After my study i met this hottie in a baby blue hoodie- That said fear the D but she said she likes me casue I go to UIC And still working on my degree I date catholic school girls
I’m just a girl My mind is figuratively empty Filled with the simplicity of the mundane My contributions to culture are like puffs of glitter They are common though admirable and short lived
The chador draped across her
Unequal pay, Long hours durring the day, Sexual harassment in the office, Why do we deserve to be treated this way? She doesn't work as hard as the others her they say,
My hair, the color of straw Compared to others it seems very blah I am not who they think I need to want to be But do I need to care what they think I should think that I need My body is curved and round
It's all okay
The difference is a letter Or a chromosome, really It’s a variable, it’s chance By biology, a 50/50 split XX = XY   It’s not biology It’s society I am a female; I am told I am lesser
I stand behind a glass case.I am an object to behold.For my submissive nature and gentler tones. I tend to children, I tend to the injured.I remain hidden behind a man.For my lesser gender, and simple mind.
Being Darkskin In This World Today Is Harder Than Any Other Pain That Comes Your Way You Would Think After Segregation Was Over The Color Of Your Skin Wouldn't Matter LIESSS
Every morning, A girl somewhere wakes up, rubs her big brown eyes and walks to her mirror She looks at herself and sees a shell of a person Whatever she feels on the inside is what she sees on the outside “I’m fat”
Women are faced with a societal burden.
The universe bleeds racism of humanity and sexuality. But for some reason it does not bother me. It is what it is.
When I feel their stares, I know that I am beautiful. When they compliment me, I know that I am beautiful. If he ignores me, how am I to know That I am beautiful   If you love me,
I was born with this bodybreasts, cunt, curves and a certainsoftnessthat means I can't be the action herothe saviorthe martyr
My mother of Resolution A mother of hope A listener of wisdom My detective of crime Understanding of all imperfections   Loving, caring, compassionate
In the mirror, I look up and stare at my reflection, Oh, man, I saw this coming. What a recollection. My makeup all smudged, all damp and out of line, Huh, it matched the line I tried to draw when you were mine.  
When will I be able to wear shorts to school Without being harassed, touched, and stared at?   When will I be able to walk at night Across the street, across town Without being scared of every shadow?
Sweeping dust in the factory coughing out pollution casually making shoes for kids in the west each hour getting paid ten cents there is a woman in somalia each day she faces insomnia
Potential is what I see when I look in in the mirror staring at me. Thousands of ways to help the world... But will I be so ever bold? To work one of my destined careers, That helps both of Earth's hemispheres?
When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man When a woman givers her opinion, she’s a bitch. It’s hard out here for a bitch In a place where for every man’s dollar women make 78 cents
Abuse Detrimental, Awful
Words cannot contain how much pain that she feels.She lost her five children to waves of steel.  How can she go on and keep on living without her beloved by he
The light shines thorugh the only window inside of her eerie cocoon, symablaizing the fantasy that she can only dare to dream about.   Downstairs, you sit there on your throne
if the boy you love consistently asks for sex but refuses to treat you like the goddess you are, leave him 
Woman One of two or one of many Depending on your views   Woman Not worthy of wealth Except wealth of home To the man she calls To the man she owes   Woman
A world dominated by people who have erased vulnerabilityFrom their thoughts, seems to be falling apart.We train ourselves to be stern and collectedTo not show emotions, because emotions are our downfall.
no one knows the secrets that i keep no one cares to even ask me
Bold Dark presenceWreaks its havocAmongst the people,Poison’d human Morality,Degraded by Brutality,Guarded from Equality,Caged by harmful Mentality.
The day I
If everyone read National Geographic There would not be as many things to report about in National Geographic   If young girls were surrounded by images of beauty and strength
Theres more to a woman than her shape Theres more to a woman then her sex appeal Theres more to a woman than her body Theres more to a woman Her smile, as bright as the sun could shine
We eye the people that walk at one in the morning In askance: Are they safe? We walk on different sides of the road, our skin crawling with fear I do not trust most men Their faces, eyes seem cruel and evil
Alexander  K  Opicho(Eldoret, Kenya;aopicho@yahoo.com)Daughters,sisters and brethren in the African womenfolk
What if. What if I'm not just the tight kink of a curl. What if I'm not just soft brown blends that make the hue of my skin.
Every morning she wake up wash her face paint on her socially acceptable face and pretends
stragley hair that won't straigten  freckles that makeup can't cover up chapped lips  "oops I broke a nail" uneven toes too small of eyes stubby fingers "I'm not skinny enough"
When you’re caught in the space between
When you’re caught in the space between
There was a slot in the fence at the end of my street
Silence. It surrounded me like a thick blanket, a false illusion of security as I walked across Fulton and through the market. My flats tapped the ground, giving off no sound,
We spend billions of dollars to protect our country, but what's the point if behind the walls is a land that's crumbling?
"You're pretty for a darkskin girl"
Sometimes, I feel like what happened
Woman is an angel sent to Earth back in the day,
In the middle of the market The bones lined up in rows They used to be so pretty Where did the beauty go?   Come here lovely darling Be a part of the lovely show
Every day voices circle all around me Telling me what I should or shouldn’t be Why don’t you play with girls’ toys? Why do you spend so much time with boys? You should go shopping more with fellow females
The sea meets the sand  Where there is but one strand  The light of the suns effervescent  On the lands where we were well met  I saw you and I loved you then   Beneath the green leaves of a palm
    Mistress is just a pretty word,
Cuts are appearing,
Raped, beaten, yelled at, threatened I still keep my head up high Ditched, cursed, bullied, shunned I still say good morning every time you walk by I am a strong woman  
Please don't be angry, Please don't be mad,
Is this really love This nagging in the back of my head It screams out at me like a vulcher Watching the already presumed dead This breathlessness in the middle of the night All those books had me so mislead
To my future daughter You will know that you are a queen from the moment you are concieved till you rest your head against the silk linen of your eternal crib
In my house, a woman actually has a voice. We have a goddamned choice, and we even have poise.   Not one man present to cause any noise. No testosterone, no sign of any boys.  
I walked in alone No phone, no knife, no money I walked in alone
I am a woman. Catcalls are not a compliment. Not in a world that blames vulnerability instead of those who take advantage of it. I am intelligent. But it doesn’t matter because my body is worth more than my mind
This poem does contain footnotes on the bottom that may be used for clarification since there are many obscure references. 
You think because you have placed your hand ever so lightly on my thigh without a flinch that you can touch me like that? My eyes never begged for more only my heart yearned to be felt...not my body
Every month,
I love my job it's the best job i've ever had i get to dance i get to make conversations with strangers i even get to learn how some men react to voluptuous women 
What lies hidden with my beating heart
I’ll never understand the pain of a woman
I am a woman.
Embrace the strength;   the new found confidence. Something women suppress
I cannot bear the History The Submission, The Imprisonment Intelligence wasted behind the fearful pomp Confined in lowly places that don't suit us   Women, much stronger than believed
Radiant skin, face so smooth Pride in her walk, swag in her groove Who’s that lady? That makes hearts flutter Can’t speak her name Without a stutter Her brown sugar eyes They have a surprise
Do not tell me to smile, I cannot. He takes away my innocence, my hope. His fingers on my skin feel like black rot. They tell us that they cannot change, just cope.   I cannot be at the top of my class,
You make me ill, With your kind words And not so secret stares.   I feel your gaze on my body. It touches my face, my arms, and my chest. We both know you aren’t hunting for my heart.  
I'm in love She said The first day she met Bryan   I'm in love She believed As she showed me The dozens of roses   I'm in love
        We kissed, I felt her lips connect as if we were one, and yet I wanted more. I could not resist her, her looks of pleasant torture, and warmest of the body. Long ago, her beauty vanished, and left there was nothing but hate.
He knocks me onto the floor Tear drops and lightning break out I cry out and run to the door He kicks me and with a shout
For two whole years she lived in fear
Starting a new chapter every morning  of my life   I seek improvement, reverence and connectivity    MY LIFE!      I walk on thin ice made of doubt...
There is a slight connection between the fear growing steadily along with my inner hope And the obscure room filled up
If the walls could speak,
She's in no condition to be marketing youth, beautiful as she may be. Age has caught up to this queen, and it seeps through her meticulously touched up image.  
The elegance dripped from her body onto her toes, as if someone had taken and lifted her above and beyond my world. Had draped beauty over her soft spoken words and slowly released all her pain until there was no more.
He traces her skin of black and blue. He hits her again.
When I was a child, I wanted to be a dancer. Twenty hours a week, ice packs and recitals. Dreaming of a stage with a full house and applause But what I was missing, was working towards a cause. Forward.
My love ink spilled onto this page. It smeared across this paper, this medium of which I pour my rage.    My heart so full of love and lust, has been stoned by my work of art,
One Strike Two Strike I feel the blood drip I try to move but my body screams I touch the blood I sweat more and weep This will be the last time I will Feel your curse set upon me  
I’m running, I’m running fast away from him. He’s getting closer, He’s getting closer to me again. There’s blood on my leg, It leaks from my open flesh.
  Here I lie unable to comprehend- I tried to evacuate, yet you brought me right back I made efforts to free myself from the unending grasp To tackle, fight and defeat you, who tried to bring me down
I like shopping a lot! Jeans, khakis, shorts: booty or not, skirts: long or short. The tops! Shirts V-neck, T, crop top, one shoulder, strapless, just bra, no bra!
Poison dripped
Crouch down
  I'm scared no one will love me the way that you had. You always listened whole-heartedly and never thought the bad. I was able to be myself and open my hea
Because of history, I am seen as nothing more then a figure to be worn on the side of a man.
            In this day and age, She made love With the wrong man— Her father. A love without consent; A love filled with hate; A love that brought new life. He slaughtered the life—
I am black. I am a girl. People tell me all the time what i can and cannot do. They label me as ignorant, rude, ghetto and ratchet because of my color. I am weak, whiny and sensitive because of my gender. Who are you?
In a crowd you are bound to spot him He is standing so very tall Not too much impresses him He has seen and done it all. His hair is short, eyes are sharp, and not a smile is seen
My dialect is catastrophic. Viciously it consumes the minds of those who surround me.  To catch only a whisper would reveal the sadistic sense of my nature.  At least to some. Those who merge opinions with facts. Bellowing assessments of "this gen
  Do you even realize how much you hurt me? How much damage you have caused? And you have the audacity to come back After two whole years of torment
Do you see my tears? No. I am your toy. I am your "woman". Do you hear my screams? No. I say "I love you" only because it means you will stop for a minute. Do you feel my pain? Yes.
The Hardness of her heart the coldness of her hand, i wonder why she ignores me so much.   The sparkle in her eye is only when she crys, confort seems to not be enough.  
I am more than what’s between my legs.   But you’ll never see that because you seem to live there.   Just like every other boy that has walked in and out my life.   Notice I said “boy"  
A laugh A scoff "She's such a slut" That girl right there With the low-cut shirt, high heels, short skirt. You don't know her, You don't know her life, But that doesn't matter.
How old are we when we become corrupt?Where along the way did we lose our innocence?Better yet, when did we stop looking for it?We curse, we hate, we live selfishly.We live in a world wherewomen are raped,
A fairy is real when a child is young, A belief is what that idea is among, Everyone believes in something, Societal change is what beliefs can bring.   Religion is something one cannot escape,
  Do this. Do that. Be this.
The dark colored eyes that hides inside holding the mold to every fiber that was once a destructive storm through the night. How do we transverse, move, breathe, converse?
Demons hide within us all Echoing in the back of our minds Pulling against the chains and begging to be let free Everyone has demons Some are just louder than others  
I met Mr.Gun on a lonely night Sad and alone I took him home I told him my story and expected him to laugh but he didn't to my surprise, He just stared at me  He seemed to understand me
If there is a “man”, Saying you are not beautiful, He’s telling you lies, His screwed up, twisted opinion of you doesn’t matter,
Sweet beautiful intelligent divine being Created by 2 hearts with lost souls Combined in one body Care was taken to take and place your heart into it A soul born by society
it can happen to anyone, by anyone there is no excuse the hurt, the aftermath, not fun all because of abuse. countless nights of crying you feel like you want to die but no more of that, start trying
  In a room full of immature young men She is touched. She is uncomfortable But does not know how to say no. A touch on her leg, A word in her ear Sends tension crawling up her spine.
I am a real piece of work And that much about me will never change I’ll change the world with words The same way you changed me You made me a worrier Excuse me
I am in this world deformed,Rendered useless by some,But unbeknownst to them, There's a world that will accept me.It comes through the TV screen,in the form of kingdoms, mazes, and caverns.I can take to the skies, swing a sword at those who questi
Did my clothes grow a voice box and speak for me?Because my own voice couldn’t be heard over your insecurityThe only word I needed was noWhen a child first learns the word no
Oh. Thick girls? They are better than Big girls. Big girls are like big.  Thick Girls are just better Said everyone.  Big girl  Big girl No loves you they said, lose weight they tell me
Can you hear me?  I'm here wanting someone to ask if I'm okay. I wait and wait but no one can hear me. No one notices the hurt I go through. No one notices the pain and suffering.
She was perfect. Bottled blonde. With hardly any flaws. Straight A's in every class. Cheer leader on top of that. Do you know why she's gone?   Some say she just up and left.
Brainwash the children of the nation with songs by Drake  omg becky look at her butt you only live once dripping with misogyny  stupid sayings  strangle our minds into believing
Three times a marking period That's how often we can go But if you are married Then shouldn't you already know?  You say it's too much, disruptive, distracting If we could stop it, we wouldn't be asking You've never experienced the anxiousness of
Remember that day you felt you could never compare That feeling that life just couldn't be fair Remember the tears that flooded your eyes That feeling that life is a pile of lies
Angry, sad, confused, helpless scared  These are the emotions of a women  A women who has been hurt A women that has been abused  A women who has been lied to These are the challenges of a women
Given the opportunity to share my point of view... I wish my professor can see that i am more than just a mere name on a sheet of paper I am  more than just another body in a desk
She was thinking about windows The window in Mr. McClellan’s bedroom that Tom had shattered playing catch With those older boys down the street. The windows in her own house That could use a good scrubbing.
I'm tired of these fucking stereotypes dictating how I feel and act I shouldn't like English I should be petite and quiet I should study, study, study Well I fucking done finito, over it
Silent everytime no noise at all Until one day it spoke The voice was very soft  Calm and gentle  Then it got louder Speaking of truth and facts equality of women and power
  why can't you see me? why am i invisible to you? am i nothing? am i worthless? what are you doing? what do you think of me? how are you? how is this possible? will you see me?
He's stripped her of her innocence, His touch has darkened. Her internal morals vanished,  Her souls' been broken.   She remains silent and carries on, But her smile has wilted and gone.
Placed Prominently In permanentPerpetually Painful Positions; What is women?  
It's wrong of me To want to be equal. It's wrong of me To not feel like a woman. Or a man. It's wrong of me To not be sexually attracted to anyone. It's wrong of me
"I like a long-haired, thick red bone", he saysas he yanks her, drags her, and spreads her legs.Her mouth is sewn shut, but her body screams, "more!"because her man on the screen showers her in Gucci and Couture.
You, girl. Wee girl. Oblivious to the world that surrounds you. The vultures, the animals. Creatures we call people.   They'll wine you, they'll dine you, They'll rip you to shreds.
The sun awakes, The baby cries, All the world is passing by— Men all polished and prime, Keep the women with less than dimes— Desks, telephones, and emails galore, Why don’t the women deserve more?
Don't cry for me just yet. I'm not dead. I'm not forgotten. Although, you've neglected me. I'm not oppressed, nor destitute. Although, you've stole from me. Death is but a moment away.
I’m prepared to awake, and start to make, my future something grand, and make a stand, I want to prove to myself I can do this, I’m the only one who can make myself miss, this opportunity in life,
Da Dom Da Dom Da Dom (heart beat)Before I knew of his mistake I’d already condemned himEven as he tried to explain I scolded him for action he never madeRazor held high I went in for the killHe’d never hurt another
Bags under her eyes, but ever alert Sleep was a luxury she can't afford. Always moving and never staying long Trying to look to the future, but the darkness of the past blocks her way.
A Letter to you my black women, Do not let your curves define you.  Your thick lips, circular behind curved hips, kinky hair be your primary worth.   Realize you are not only your astounding exterior
How was your day was all I was asking. I didn't ask for you to punch and slap me. An eye for an eye I know it isn't right but I refuse to go down without a fight.
  Time is a luxury I’ve never had At six I was left with only a Dad   The clock is always ticking Mom and dad were always bickering   The hands keep moving round and round
When you look at me, tell me what you see. Do you see me, or are you simply focusing on vanity? Shakespeare once said that all the world’s a stage, If only he could see how he prophesized this world of today
Under my bedI layAfraidBecause tonight is just one of those nightsMama works late I can hear you stumbleYour scent getting closerYou mumbleI should call mamaBut I'm just not suppose to
Tis the wakeing dawn, And i feel the sky is just beyond, My reach, For she is my heaven,This be a truth not spun from eden, For it was there in her arms i found my lordly beginning,And instead of always pining, 
I can read,on her face-the daylight broughtonly misery and hate. Not all rainy days,are meant for joy-tears are the rains toys.
We are Colored Girls and have not been able to lay in peace since he left us in pieces. He left like he was a six year old boy who had become frustrated because he couldn’t find the missing puzzle piece.
Teach a girlNo doubt, she is diamond-beautifulInside and out,Because God created herWith a purpose.Break the curse,To crush deadThe tiny mocking voicesIn her head
God made the perfect creation when he made womenSo elegant, charming with their smiles
Why is it so goddamn hard to teach your son how to love a woman?To love her for the things inside her head,and not for what’s between her legs,and not for what she has hiding underneath her blouse.
No Makeup do you need You’re Beautiful without That make up. That dot upon your face is what makes You. No makeup you need Your beautiful without The powder. To me you’re a desire.
  Nobody told me that it was okay to speak my mind   Not just the fluffy, fuzzy pieces of my mind   But the dark corners, the judgments, the truths that sting red against the skin  
His fire burns, his fury builds.His screams of rage fill the air.I stand still.On the outside I look calm,but my eyes reveal terror.Appalling questions escape his lips.Horrendous accusations.
Dear World Where you have to pay extra not to have chemicals in your food Where not being the most obese country is an accomplishment Where Nicki Minaj's butt has more hits than Mahatma Ghandi
He never hit me. But sometimes it felt like it. When you see someone punch a bed because of something you said or smash a windshield because of a fight you feel like you are to blame.  
As I sit here and watch tv,
I deserve respect You know you wouldnt talk to your mom like that I am a girl I am 15 I am black And I am smart With ambition  Nothing can beat that So why wont you respect me?
She wants a poem I cannot write, one for which I have no sourse of inspiration or reason, drive or occassion. Yet I find myself letting the ink flow for something I have no idea why I’m doing.
I am not a slave to my looks therefore I am not a slave to my hair. Next time you say, Girl!  You will never get a man with that hair. 
  When I was younger I would sit in the back of the classroom without saying a single word My teacher would always call on me
I think about you when you're not by my beside You live miles away so that's almost all the time Even worse we're going to college separate ways  Both hoping the relationship will never fade
Dear Jessica, I hugged you as you left for the park. You borrowed my shoes, Your make-up was perfect. You were meeting him, The first of many times. You asked me if you were crazy,
Worth by Paige Adkins What determines a woman's worth?, Is it the clothes she wears?, The makeup that lines her face?, Perhaps it is the swerve in her step, And the way she gives men chase,
In the beginning of this love affair with poems I learned I was empowered  by the way words flowed from my pen. I saw that it was a unique talent that not many got and fewer choose to practice.
I thrive on intimacy Soft touch Now that it is gone I feel empty Worthless Numb Like there is nothing Like I am nothing   I feel like the source that fed me has ran out and I am
If you hear the word “radium,” do you think of Marie Curie, Of the thousands she saved by radiation therapy, Of a woman who died for the love – in the name – of science,
1964. Kitty Genovese. 28.Raped and killed while her neighbors did nothing.Her blood left a scuffing.2009. Jane Doe. 15.Raped by ten guys at a homecoming dance while several class mates laughed and joked. 
  I am so sorry That my eyes are dark brown with an added twinkle I am so sorry
what do you think your looking at as if i'm some unidentified object  staring at me as if i did wrong through your eyes and.. who do you think your looking at  I am my own women
Lost is the lady bee in the apple tree Drawn to the nature without a mother Carrying only a bit of poison to protect herself Looking for the soft petals of security
36- 24-36 The measurements of perfection The ideal hourglass figure; Big boobs, skinny waist, wide hips
She can taste the blood in the corner of her mouth From when she was tripped during a struggle to the door The iron taste to accompany the scarred ford From when she “fell down the stairs” at the home of her “love”
To be a woman now Is to be a woman with impressive prospects Not more than half a century ago We were trapped Ensnared by the prejudice And belief that we were for some reason less capable, inept. Weak.
When one violin stands alone If it can’t play a chord, Then the string is plucked Until it breaks Snap
The first time, there was no fight, not a wrong or a right. It had stung just a bit, no punch, just a little hit. Not a drop of blood or a mark, but rather a swoop in the dark. I wanted to ask you to stop
The look you give me brings out my fear For if I show any I will tear For the path I creep upon will distress my womb Until the end I will not be Because thanks to you I vanished
The implications of your strength confuse My emotions and leave me perplexéd; Do I find safety in your able arms, Or do I fear the strength sup’rior to mine? The way you take control is my excuse
To be ownéd by you is my dark wish, Sweet man who has power to bid me his will, And protect me from those who’d demolish My heart and send my world into a hell. I do not care what the radicals say,
I am Woman I have no power and I no longer believe that I can make a difference It is true that I am silenced And no more I achieve Freedom I am Woman
There are men more clever than I. Thousands of handsome faces to steal you away. Confident Trojans, brooding, drunk musicians whose songs envelope you in swift, obvious seduction. Bullshit poets. Tale as old as time.
The silence slothfully smothers any hesitancies Gone is the opportunity to right the many discrepancies. Stereotyped in a single, cursory glance, The human being is a she and denied the chance
A woman should be treated As she is a queen, Kiss and tell her you love her. Tell her you’re the pretties’ thing, Comfort her when she’s in her weakest links, Put your arms around her,
I want to be a barbie I want to be a fresh out the box Accessories not included Anatomically in correct Manufactured in the flesh Rubber in the chest Barbie Mark me made by Mattel
As long as a need exists, I will write; The innocent must have voice, I will fight. For babies in the womb, They must see light. For a beaten woman, They must not fear the night.
I think of a day when women had no rights And of places where this still somehow occurs. Not too long ago, women had no say at all. And women fought, and fight. Women are amazing.
Along a lost dream, He grieves the loss of reality. And feigns forgiveness to the dry bones Of humanity. Society and it’s pillars Hierarchy of wisdom and folly: The child, the woman, the man.
I write for the women before me Who had no rights to express their thoughts Oppressed through the generations Until someone took a stand
I'm tall, your short which ones better? big boobs? small ones? or how about this big ass, small bum I just love mine who cares, because thats the way I am! The way I am! what can I say
I need answers I need prayers I need sympathy In this dying misery I need affection I need hope I need this wind to tell me which way to go So come with me now
"I like curly haired women." "Black women are loud." "Why aren't you open to new experiences?" "You shouldn't wear weave." I think I have just about had it with these young black men. Who do you think you are?
As things get rough I find her head hangs low Eyes bellowed beneath the clouds his hands on her chest as a chain on his ankles holds him tight Her body is in a state of mind that nobody can feel
Tell me about the time you almost pinned youth to the ground How she laughed in bell tones before she cried Before she told you that her time was almost up That was when you noticed the bruises, didn't you?
Women. The evolution has changed drastically. First there were role models, then there were icons But now a red sole defines one as her majesty. From the likes of Sojourner to Rosa
He will respect you He will help you He will acknowledge your thoughts And never resent you He will motivate you He will inspire you Like a tree he will ground and cultivate you
We put people in boxes And we say You must be THIS way. We put people in boxes Crammed in. Like contortionists. But without flexibility.
Expression is a lethal weapon, Locked in my own judgments, Don’t understand why I’ve been chosen to fill the shoes of an unholy person
I once had a spirit, That would cry, Livid. A soundless screamer, A sleepless dreamer. A cowardly warrior, A body-less barrier. A sharp taste of rum, A native tongue. When the soul spoke,
We press it, cut it, blow it out, and pin it up We change our texture because it’s not desirable We dye it as the trends change And we die a little more ourselves each time
Have you ever sat and thought about what a true woman was? Have you ever wondered what a real woman does? The life of a woman is easily reflected, but is God vividly projected?
i feel sick. sick from the hurt from the pain from the hate i want to feel, but cannot. sick from the hole in my heart from the helplessness from the power you have over me
I Love You The most special words a guy could have said We'll live happily ever after, like those fairytales I've read Kiss me softly, whisper sweet nothings in my ear
Looking through a black girls eye What do you see? Ignorance is not uncommon It’s everything it can be Looking through a black girls eyes I see pain Pain that cannot be changed overnight
You'll always be second best You'll always be just a pretty face You'll always be someone to be seen, not heard They tell me what I am, they say who I should be "Women shouldn't think, that's not what they're for."
Her story begins where her mother’s ended She tries to occupy and conceptualize the idea, that her history, was intended She’s scared, and each step she takes to escape leads to her life being at stake.
Just as I thought it was save to rest my eyes. The pain of the ignorance you exhibit is blissful, yet it haunts me through the night.
Scary winds, so rough and so strong Emptiness, that feels so wrong Loneliness, dragged on for too long My warm heart, once full of love and light Was torn away from me one starry night
Alone in my shadow. He creeps from his murky corner. Fear envelopes my breath. Paralyzed. His coils slowly wrap my mind. Consumed. Shedding tears of fright. Control is lost.
The National Musuem of African Art is filled with beautiful art from historical moments in time and indigenous native tribes but one vase in-particular caught my eye an elegant piece of tribal art
If a picture’s worth a thousand words, his vocal cords must never find rest. In this tiny cottage, his blossoming collection litters walls where the wall paper used to be. Each image features her, the most stunning female of life.
On the other side of sometimes, I wait with baited breath On the other side of sometimes, I keep away from death
I am a woman Not the woman on the front page of a magazine, But a woman with thick thighs, and a large bust. A woman of words, and a woman of thought. I am a woman of dilligance and of pride.
What do you see when you look at women? Do you see a women in the kitchen or do you see a women in the bed?
She was never the type to fall in love Rather fall into bed "Having a good time" was one of her mottos Got what she wanted then fled Hell no she didn’t want no ring on her finger
It's a sad sick world we're living in Love is a word thrown around carelessly And here is where the story begins
Women. The creature that used to make a man fall in awe The Creature that made men drop their jaws We used to inspire ballads and poetry Now it is solely pornography We even once held surprises
I’m talking about crown on my head & power in my palms. Closed fist in the air as I defend my cause, To be treated like royalty and never anything less, For I know my worth, so don’t take my warm heart for weakness.
There isn't a stir, Dim light bathing the room in gold, And she sits, staring out the window The landscape a canvas she paints with her eyes, Conjuring dreams from the mind to the beyond.
You are loved. 
Forget what mama said
 when she was angry 
because you didn’t agree.
 Turn away from that 
boyfriend you had,
 the one who broke 
your heart and promised

In the mind of my mother dishes are cleaned and neatly stacked all on her account. His dress shirts are washed and neatly pressed in great, abundant amounts. In the mind of me
I don’t go to church anymore, there’s no sleep for the restless. I spend my days with a crooked wishbone, the meat still sticking to it, and our shed smells like the gasoline that burned out of me years ago.
I am a woman, So I must be perfect. I am a woman, So I can't be too fat or too thin. Too ambitious or too meek. Too smart or too stupid. Too sexy or too prudish.
They say to sit down, want me to shut up. They say I'm too young, I can't know. Tell me I'm ignorant, I'm naive. But I am experiencing, right here, right now.
It was a real love story, Like the ones you see in the movies. She had every reason to believe it would Last. Or at least she thought she did... See she was the desperate type,
You act as if a crown lies on your head and a gavel rests in your hand – as if people were born just to serve under you and obey your every command Reality will strip you of your illusion
Girls today are rewinding back to the Leave It to Beaver days with June at the helm of their dilapidated ship filled with: aprons, house coats, cake mix, feather dusters, and beige pumps.
Born with the XX chromosome, (Why?!) A little girl, Growing up in a world, Too big for her to understand. A dad, That got the hardest job: To protect his daughter, From the countless dangers,
I need a woman! Not a girl. One that will have my back. She will tell me when I’m wrong and pick up on my slack.
(CHIME – rings the bell) Have you any plan for after tonight? (CHIME – rings the bell) Have you any bed to take slumber till morn comes? (CHIME – rings the bell)
Will you be my Valentine Allow our paths to intertwine And for our hands and lips to join for the very first time? On this one day This day of affection Would you kindly stay
For example, Blocks. Stacking rings. Mr. Potato Head. (What about Mrs. Potato Head? See what I mean?) Those Little People that come in a family their own house their own car –
There's a mother caring for her child, Who has the ability to calm the wild. Her strength is that of an ox tenfold, But she is calm, like a wind blown marigold.
When you shake my hand can you tell who I really am? Or is it in my voice that makes you understand? For all you could know I am the girl next door, Or maybe even the girl that you have labeled the school whore.
STAND ABOVE IT, there are too many women out there, who have convinced themselves that they are not capable of surviving in a world where sexism, male chauvinism has rammed them into the dust.
Pretty young girl named Cree Her boyfriend always giving her the third degree "Who you with?" "Where you at?" When he doesn't get the right answer he hits her with a bat How is that? She says she love him like crazy
I wish that I didn’t have to tell you how beautiful your body is. I wish that the world would shout about the beauty in the map of your skin. The freckles, stretch marks, bumps and scars
You are hurting her, more than you know. Cuz she won't admit it Her feelings won't show. You lacerate her, stroke after stroke then you kiss that bitch she's been broken.
The time passes by unnoticed is it leaving so fly it happens so quickly like the change that happens in or world from friends to enemies Is it because we are not alike why?the media changes who we are
You pay women to dance, while your love is at home. Two Viking babies asking when daddy is coming home. How familiar is my name, For daddy’s the one to blame... Your ice cold look is really just a new flame.
Death is a woman when she is killed emotionaly. Death is a woman when her heart is broken. Death is a woman when she is abused by the man. Death is a woman when she is afraid of her own mind.
How To Be Cool At High School (colon): a list that might be more appropriately entitled “How To Survive At High School”. One: Listen to rap music. Two: Like red meat, and also like football –
I have always heard the world whisper your biggest flaw is my conscience Because in words I convince you a universe of me.
“Your fault,.” he would say. “You’re right.” Regret filled me. “Try harder,” he spat in my face. “I will.” Shame rose up. “You need me,” he simply stated. “Please don’t go.” Panic overwhelmed me.
A pure divine to life, beautiful as a lotus that blooms from the dripples of water, and the rays from the sun. From the soil a seed was planted, deep in the womb The anatomy wept from agony and painless fear
I was a pumpkin …once Grown and harvested in the richest soil My flesh could have fed My seeds could have rooted My life could have been meaningful But instead of enriching the potential I had,
Iran, when did you end up infected? I never knew so far has spread, This deadly plague, Now your women shall suffer, You shall have your share of screams, More cries from more Mothers,
I guess I was half-expecting the sound of fingernails to fill the room, but I decided to let myself drown in the silence sink to the bottom until looking up was my last option.
How can you see through the fog and the lies that surround your scarf You told one student he was going to Hell and another she was not feminine enough you told me that women have it easy
Who’d know the color of my skin presents so much ambiguity in society? A different angle in the light of the city What am I today? For the historic family trees of America remain hallow at my name.
Women are just a different type of man without one, neither would exsist. we both have two arms, two legs, and two eyes. two eyes that see few differences between us.
A Man and a Woman are like Peanut butter and Jelly The Man, Peanut butter. He starts off hard but when he gets whipped he becomes smooth and hard to swallow. The Woman, Jelly.
Hey there, pretty lady. That’s who I am tonight, Pretty Lady. Pretty Lady this morning Pretty Lady after this crap job Pretty Lady now
how odd, to be a woman and a girl to wear the dresses but concern about cleavage more than meets the eye: because. and so we waddle for the men – twisting straps, my petticoat drawbridge
I can't decipher if it was love that caused me to be attracted to him Was it his cologne or after shave Was it his thug like mentality an his gentlemen facade That caused me to be smitten by danger
My little lady, Is going to work today. Dressed in her Sunday's Best, As she trots down Avenue A. She'll sit at a bench, For a near twelve hour day, Yet still will only make, Nearly half of my pay.
Had a sporadic moment of brilliance today This extra-terrestrial brown skin Bronzed with historical significance Scarred with repetitive adversity It isn’t coming off
With our flags, banners, and voices, We march. With tired bodies, overworked minds, and children in our arms, We march. For our daughters, granddaughters, and future generations, We march.
I love my civil rights, It helps to keep state laws tight. The 13, 14, and 15th amendment, How dare you try to suspend it! It protected my heritage race, Guaranteed freedom in any place
Shouts in the streets again My pulse wakes from its slumber With all risings, it says "amen" Oh Lord, just let me get home to feed my kids
The breath that must withstand the agony of birth, as an innocent child enters the world, also is the air that cares for the stern man, who pays her no mind. Her careful hands cradle the baby bird,
People being treated unfair, Being judged for their race, For racism is cruel, This is why we now have Civil Rights, Freedom for religion, Freedom of speech, This is why we have laws,
Look at all these presidents, They're all the same kind of gentlemen. Wearing their suits and ties. I wonder where are their wives. Sitting at home? Perhaps, I don't know Because they can't tag along.
Equal people, same in hand and face, but outcast quickly when not the chosen race. Die for beliefs that should self explain, that treatment you beg for, hope to gain. Scream and battle with tooth and fist,
Civil rights are right, right? Yes, indeed they are right, because it say so in the phrase, don't have an eyebrow to raise, because civil rights are right.
Capture the past I'll let it live Very loud, asking for forgiveness Ignite a passion for history Let you beat me like I beat you
We're marching for our freedom and rights Picking up a righteous fight The streets are paved in black and white So join us as we march for our morning light
By the way things used to bug me is not the same way it bugs them but with euality and equity it bugs us all now; I know i wasn't able to do things they did but now i can do what they do
here they come, riding on the two buses that would have changed the world, here they come, the freedom riders here they come.
Dream, Dream That's all I ever knew I have a few Dream, Dream Don't you see We are one, not three Dream, Dream My skin is dark That doesn't mean I need a mark
I had a dream last night that turned into a nightmare,I woke up still asleep and walked to school full of fear.The kids gave me weird looks and I didn't know why,
Met a man on the street today, black shoes, black glasses, black skin
 Talked a while about this age we're living in
 Told me his story, how he'd nearly made history
 Until he realized the strings were pulled by white hands
Rosa, Martin, and I We agree, see eye to eye. Ain't we all equal? Ain't we all people? Susan, Sojourner, and I Also see eye to eye. “Ain't I a woman?” Just as good as any man?
Try being a woman - video poem.
You think you can come back And hurt me like the last time Well, you can see I’ve put you in the past You’re ancient history now I’ve put you up with all my childish toys It’s time for me to be a woman now
Eyes hold the truth Black, blue, or green No matter the color They can still be seen I look into his eyes And I see the truth The truth he tried to hide But it made its way through
Afraid it will come back Up like a shadow Up like his smoke Rolling in with the tide Even when I hide I'm afraid it will find me I'm afraid I'm still to week to fight Because I remember how
A crow's warning, the dark, soft death is near. The danger is in the cruel, withered rage that keeps you in its grip. The black grave, though rare, turned the girl drowsy as she struggles with her grief.
Do not promise what you will fail to deliver Beautiful Hopes are crystallized shards of glass Fragile But when they break, a maiden will cry a river Promise Each vow: special; varies in size and shape
Do you think avoiding me will make things better? You should know by now, I’m a real go-getter I’ll be who I am- screw tradition I’m a woman, on a mission I’m a huntress, and you’re the buck I’m having for dinner
To be a woman in some ways more masculine than man To be a tree whose efforts bear no flowers nor fruit To be uninteresting, unattractive, and unloved To be showered with compliments and praise, and,
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After tears comes fury Rage, simple and true Tears are everything women are supposed to be Weak and powerless Prone to emotional outbursts Unable to defend herself But when the tears are gone
Kept a permanent division between her thighsand in the eyes of boys her body was a playground.Young men slid down her swirling slide,counting a game of tag on her outstretched arms
Play our war drums. Allow the beats of this body, these bones to cover bruises held like a second skin from wars that lay out blue prints imprinted in between our hips.
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