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I think when the earth was young a meteor from somewhere in the cosmos crash landed on the surface, exploding for miles and miles, And ever since then the pieces have been traveling through water and air over land and sea, or through anything that
Life is listening to a song on repeat until it's melody is agony in your ears Life is stubbing your toe on coffee tables it enraging you to a point that tables never should
Life is listening to a song on repeat until it's melody is agony in your ears Life is stubbing your toe on coffee tables it enraging you to a point that tables never should
Oftentimes Right is Wrong and Wrong is Right But how does that happen how does that happen? It is not the acts that's Right or Wrong but perception of those who judge
Words wander around wildly. Worldwide the words fly. The words wander wonderlessly. Wonderfully waiting until 
So …. What's In A Word ? Well A Word Like ... F**K ... Can Possibly Mean You've Run Out of Luck ... !!!
I am Beige. Smeared across countless walls in infinite shades, Plastered over fissures and cracks, I am many things. Cookies baked just right, Beams of light just before they fade into the night.
What is a soul? Without being a sprirt. What is a flag? Without strips and stars. What is a game? Without levels and goals to beat. What is sorrow? Without pain and harm. What is earth?
The Warrior in Truth is an artist.His sword, like a chord it plays death.His tune of destruction; at times it sounds staccato.On occasion, it’s a swirling crash of whistling fate.
A blank screen, with simple line, deleting and rewriting itself constanly. Nothing but negative space waiting to be filled with words and ideas of a madman. deep breaths of silence come
The sun comes down through the dark clouds The lights go out on a melancoly hill The dark comes when the light is out of bounds The light decays in my hands like a disolving pill Light doesn't last a day or two
You are comfort You are hope You are a light behind a sea of air that I once thought was a wall of despair You are pure You are true Your mere presence calms me
I'm moving forward in life. I need to take the advice. There's a voice in the back of my head, checking it twice. Make the right decisions, so that I'll avoid collision.
sometimes i wished for peace i wished for insanity wish, wish, wish, all meaningless i wished for meaning-- i had none-- i had no point. did i have a moral compass? i wished my
In The Middle August 31, 2018 ~ Friday Every person, tall or leaning Building what they thought was meaning
There is a stillness. A sense of calm as one takes steps through these grounds. A soft, pitter-patter of steps against soil that resonate with the steps taken by those that came before.
Do I even matter?Amongst the chatter,I hear the clatter, of the shatter,of my little heart.
Red- through the dictionary A color at the end of the spectrum next to orange and opposite violet   Red- through the poet The feeling of
Hungry, my brain’s insatiable appetite devours sweet, skillfully written words The lines flow, a river of rhymes, winding down a path of metaphors and similes
I like the words I have yet said Like poetry left unstirred The space between every line  Every letter, leaves room  For the undead Red, shred, dread, and led It doesn't make sense
There are days I could scream scream at the top of my lungs, scream untuil my voice is gone, silenced like my voice is now. I could scream and never be heard, so I do not even open my mouth.  
It's easy to paint, they say It's easy to draw, paint, and sketch without thinking Thinking about nothing Nothing that turns into, perhaps Something?   It's not as easy as you think
Dear Purpose, I am searching for you. Day by day I walk by my mirror. Side glances and momentary looks judge my exterior. Day by day life gets more monotonous.
Face flat -  cold cement Strings that hold - strings that break All the things that you said- Meaningless.   Yet.We defy. Nature. The odds. Authority. We fly. We soar. We breathe. We die.
From horoscope readings To zodiac signs To interpreting the location of the stars in the sky To stumbling upon one special person Unaware of the great impact they will have on you Whether it will be good or bad
I am teeter-tottering on the skinny silver lining of the life I'm currently living. I balance in bliss and blind myself from my own discontent. Discontentment wedged itself inside the fat walls of my Daddy's wallet and 
The thought that counts I hold this dear Regardless the gift The intent is clear Loving someone, has no price Its unconditional
I think I'm a jerk. Maybe the funny part is: Some people are jerks.
The night before, I dreamt of oblivion.  Alone in this world Yelling into the void And out of my indecision.                        A mere two words prompting a connection beyond. 
I walk down the blank road, the life I lived behind me. A trail that only ghosts walk, the empty void within me.
Rivers flood, lakes rise, humans live, humans die. society grows, criminals win, the earth watches, as it spins.. hero's conquer, kings adapt, rulers fall, loners detach.
Words are imporant, Flashy or dull, However the meaning changes, With the way the person behaves, Without an ear to listen, They are only sound in a world of many, Without a mind to comprehend,
To live on when I am gone thoughts that were once in my head may always be read thoughts that were once in my head live on when I am dead to live on when I am gone
The creative langague of  flaunting words together-- each transition a contortion of imagination and the fantasy of reality. These are my faithful inspirations because words are my pearls
poetry makes it easier   the attempt of articulation of the abstract; feelings too unfocused to figure; emotions endlessly endeavoring for expression
My soul is overflowing. My brain is overwhelmed. My heart is bleeding. Filling my veins and pouring itself through my fingertips. Mixing with the ink on the page. My words staring back at me.
Words flow and ebb and I feel them  more than the others. No pain No color No light Can be heard in my words by them. My voice is oft ignored the letters form a web
Upon death the Spirit was born Not heralding a crown or extravagantly adorned The Spirit was free, and had a right to be
I'm not antisocial, Nor do I hate people when I go away. I actually thrive around them, But there is a limit for me everyday. I don't like large groups, Unless it's a festival or concert.
Why don't I just kill myself? Already you're worrying, letting out a moan And Questioning my mental health As you dial 911, Fearing that I'll soon be a dial tone
Poetry, according to Webster's decree, is "Something that is very beautiful or graceful", some sophisticated art or form, meant to make the heart feel full. But what about Ginsberg, Bukowski, and Poe?
Meaning. Fills life and keeps it away from despair, And darkness that constantly fills the damp air. Sometimes the meanings infront of your face, And sometimes the meaning will be found in an unknown place.
Words bundled in my brain Thoughts knocking on walls Speech lessens the meaning Of these thoughts in my head To talk to someone is talking to a wall   Express yourself, they say
Years have passed, time has flown; My heart has wandered on its own Endlessly I sat alone, Waiting for the day that change would come. Here I sit, upon my throne Built inside my failure zone;
There are places that can never be trasversed There are ideas that can never be spoken There are emotions that can never be expressed   directly.   But every moment is a passing, 
There's many things needed in order to have a meaningful life, and I don't mean a life full of achievements that make you feel like you mean something, but rather a life where meaning is found in full 
Loving you was my best mistake,   a beautiful affliction. Nothing could have prepared me for what was to come. You came unexpected, filling a desire I never knew I had.  
You don't know the meaning of the colors you wear. You put them on to follow, so that everyone stares. You emit no emotion towards that color. No thought of it even crosses your mind. It is not to hide, or flourish.
To live without you would be like living without water. I thirst for your love almost every hour. When I look into your eyes I see how green the earth is. But it’s your smile that makes my love deepen.  
Are you searching for meaning friend? Are you coming to your bleeding end? Do your wrists speak your bleeding mind, telling you your purpose is hard to find?
Some say words are useless they are inaccurate idealizations that never capture the true nuance of meaning   Some say words are useless
A smile A hope A belief A meaning I look to God for help but there is none This is my time This is my battle I can win if I choose  Or if I work I can lose if I let
Hello? My heart cries out, Lokking for something to call its own. It draws me towards many things- Music, Art, Boys, and Poetry but none of those seem to fill me.  
The definition of love faded.
i'm growing tired of writing,but not for writings sakejust the printed words
Of course no one knows. But I do know what you’d get If there was one.
  Life is fantastic
The meaning of life.
Free From everything I used to be                      Re-writing my history Picture by picture I’m finding me   I’m alright My hair plain brown, my face aged with time
Hands swiping the screen Hot, sweaty fingers ruining the perfectly delicate smooth glass shield of the device Two pairs of eyes, feeling the burn of the blinding light
I only m
Living or Surviving?  
1 mississippi, 2 mississippi, 3 mississippi, 4 mississippi, 5 mississippi. I just wasted 5 seconds of my life. 6 mississippi, 7 mississippi, 8 mississippi, 9 mississippi, 10 mississippi.
I'm determined you can't deter me I won't stop going like I'm fuckin furby these irrelavent motherfuckers they can't hurt me I have a hell of a dream I gotta prove that I'm worthy
why,  at the age of five do I ask myself  "why"?  Why does my dad tell me he has to go away for a long time?  Why am I the only one left?  Why does my mom speand so much time alone with her friends instead of me? 
When all you feel is tired And don't know where you belong Like everything you've ever done Is completely wrong. How do you keep living How do you survive
Love. One word. That has so much meaning and power behind it. I mean, I’m not even sure I know the value  of it is anymore. I thought I did.
Should I take a chance, or just fallback? I don't want to get hurt for my concern. I leave it all to God to tell me the way, but is it the right thing to do for my sake.? 01°30•15°
Every day is a gift,  all the days just flow so swift try to live positive & for others try to uplift... <3 You are here for a reason bigger than you I know some time you wonder what am I here to do? Is it some thing huge &  grand, here...
Ugly, repulsive, boring, plain Is what we believe others see in us. But through filters there is nothing we gain, It’s our own mind that creates such a fuss.   Take away the photoshop and filter,
It is 4:43 am, & nothing feels rightI am tossing and turning, 
Every day I put a mask on my face. I pick out my flaws and try to erase The "imperfections" our society has set. Impossible standards that have yet to be met. So who am I behind the mask?
I can't breatheI cant growI can't reachMy aspirations are made in desperationin the belief that if I don't change my occupationI will become nothingMy excellence is irrelevant
  A relationship with another human being is such an amzing thing
What I'm about to say is from what I've learned No matter your agreement or concern Poetry can be written by anyone No matter by paper or touge Your reason or cause
I sing form a well 30ft below Drowning in my own tears They hear me surrender
I'm just another colored kid living in the suburbs. Picket fences all around, all painted my neighbors color.
Life is difficult, Of course it is. Do you really expect it to be so easy? Life is cruel, It throws things our way, Things we cannot prepare for, and yet we make it through the day.
The voices in my head Laughs and stalks Mocking their way to my heart   My heart has a door The key Jesus He is who opens and locks.   The voices in my head Laughed and stalked
 Rooftop sightseeing,  while the sun goes down.   Makes my heart starts to ponder,  as the bird reaches it's high,  and the breeze of the wind embraces me,  then makes me feel the essence of positivity.
I have no color,  No shade of gray.
Where do I start Should I start with a map  Or should I start with my Imagination
When I was a kid I thought all poems were about roses
Thoughts unhinderedTravel spry, in the form of prose,Observation won't ceasewhen the world slows.
Being flawless isn't always easy. To achieve true beauty, you must believe that you can do whatever you set your mind to. I never let myself see the downside of my dream. You work hard, you smile at every
You are not invisible not in any way, shape, or form. I know you see things differently. you dont have a "set in stone" way of thinking. You think of evrything, possibly, too often.
Feeling pretty?
Free wind Free air Free fall with fear Can't stop Won't stop Fall Freely Fall I wish I could understand gravity... Not scientifically But the simplicity
Truth lies in the words we speak Truth lies in the words we hear Truth hides when lies are told
Who needs filters the constant judging of people who see 
         My life is a dream.        Am I that image I see?           I fear maybe not.   
College what a magical place.
From today until tomorrow, years later to forever I want to make an impact that would change the world There are moments when we see the violence coming and no one is in sight to stop it
Where I’m From
Some may say, "Oh! You're name's Mahogany, that ugly reddish-brown color."
Change is all around. No matter where you go you can't hide. I have tried so many times to hide but I always get caught. People leave and some stay that is the way of life. I hate it. I hate it all.
There are things that people judge you on. My conclusion is that their opinions are wrong. All the bully's out there, no longer bring me despair. In fact, I found they judge because they've never been shown whats fair. 
I remember the way the filters made me look, so beauiful and delicate, something looking brand new. I rermember how the tilt of the camera changed the entire view,
Don't glance at me with empty eyes, I demand that double take from fiery irises directed at laugh lines and a squinty-eyed smile.
Looking in the mirror you'll see something that naturally I think is horific, cheeks too wide, mouth too small, eyes although pretty in color are not big enough to stand out.
This hallowed land, Where the ancient fell Our ancestors, enemies And friends They have died upon This hallowed land Many tears we Have shed Over battles lost With lives the cost
Seeker Stroking waves call anon, Restlessly seeking laughter and love Filling this empty air Clouds block the sun from above Refractions of loss plunder this mirror Timeless Time draws nigh
Redundant is in every aspect of this wave.
How can I tell you who I am? Through the snap of a single square. It is hard enough when face to face, Look closer if you dare.   How can I show you who I am? With a simple crooked smile.
I was made like this; created by a higher power, who took much of her or his time to make sure she or he got all of this right.
They left you a piece of coal Take revenge by becoming a diamond And no diamond can be made without pressure. After the pressure of your past and problems you overcame
More contrast here  A bit of saturation there  Is this an interesting way to stare? What’s the correct stance for a bathroom pose?  Does this shirt convey my knack for prose?  It’s up to followers I suppose 
I am like a man, flawed and broken, left on the hot sand to fry and crisp like a token. The shell created by social brutality falls away to reveal the shining soul climbing through harsh reality,
A 17 year old child applying for college, built for success, wisdom, and knowledge. A plethora of information has been deposited into him, But due to his black skin many have trained him on a whim.
Spoiled. You can call me anything you want But warning: you do not call me spoiled. I mean you dont even know me.
Natural Hair, Natural Smile, No MakeupCall that #Nofilter just natural beautyMany will say why you look like thatYour response I just want to be me 
It starts off small, feeling rising
Beyond the lens, I am not perfect, I have my scars and wounds
I know tonight we had a fight
I am from Teddy, the brown nosed secret keeper, from the heart of my impeccable savior. I am from the impossibly high imperial castle that protected me from countless encounters with “el loco”.  
My silence means every bit
Who am I ? Im a young black African American teen. The one who always gets in trouble. Always getting locked behind bars. Six feet in the ground. Or a bullet wound. Who am I ?
Who am I behind the camera? What do I see when the sun doesn’t shine on me and mask my imperfections? Who am I after I spend hours editing just to cover a few blemishes?
A shy, fragile boy;Curious to see the world.Dreams he is uncomfortablesharing with the world.Not that he is afraidof their ignorant opinions,But because he doesn't want
I see me one way. You see me another way. You see me:  Short with brown hair, Thick in the legs but perfectly shaped body, A face of an angel, Pretty brown eyes and soft brown skin,
*/ /*-->*/  
I’m the terrified freshman girl in a dreamlike state
Look in the mirror, what do I see?  Without all my filters I feel vulnerable to it all. A girl who has wasted far too many opportunities, pursuing all the wrong things until she had to take that wake up call.
I feel as though all I have are rough days 
I am Authentic I don't need the right lightening, or the right edit to have my picture get 1,000 likes or hearts. I am Authentic
I'm afraid of the dark A creeping sense of danger I flip on the lights There on the table Metallic in glow A skull of human proportions Box it up in cardboard Save it for another day 
What wouldn't you see, If I wern't scared to be me, With out a filter.
What you see What it is behind it all.  
My name is Ariel.  I am me. As happy as can be? Always comparing myself to others I see.
It's amazing how moments and days,Pass away,
Without warning, it erupts.  Like a storm it takes us by surprise, the torrent encases the strongest of wills. We watch as our lives are torn away without want.  Screaming scratching clawing 
What do you mean filter? I've always been too honest for my own good. Since I was little I never really tried to filter myself. I was always truthful with how and who I was.
Peel them off The false eyelashes that shoves glue in your eyes The fake nails that break off the moment you try to have fun One by one Wipe it off The lipstick that stick to your teeth
With a filter i am different Without a filter i am me For without a filter i am who i was meant to be Without perfect hues and perfect color But i am me, and not some other  
I turn my face away, gripping my cheek.   I'm sorry... I'm sorry.   I didn't mean to make you mad. I never do, I don't know how to make you happy.  
I'm looking back and I no longer see anyone.
My third eye has awakened. It has been close for years and years.  You know when you eye has open when the mind has opened. It can never been seen unless seen death at its strongest.
My photographic anatomy consist of confident bones that deny filtered crutches My four-cornered ribs cages every spoken word
Im not like you. Im too much like me.
 Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Breathe in then breathe out Pitch black   The smell outside Is the smell of a future Thrown away into the depths
Tati who has wings like a blanket and asks who loves him who is wind and a rock and a shoulder who is a trailblazer and an alarm clock whose hair is like the breath of a kite,
What is money without those you love Everyone wants grip allow me to be the glove You wonder why the stars get coked up While there are people struggling to get coated up
Anxiety is crippling, Is explosive. I attempt to hide Under the guise of sleep. Yet slipping into my disguise I cannot hide- I am sought out. Anxiety cripples me, I explode.
  Her morning turned worse And inside every detail would seem to radiate change Like oiled chrome paint with unexpected comfort The driver glimpsed ahead, Steering down, the expanding ride,
selfies reflect us, right? or at least they are what we want to be seen as.   an edited face a funny pose loads of makeup a smile.   sometimes these are all
Jumbled nerves tangled thoughts calculation, manipulation tugging cuff take a seat breath out count to ten watch their faces blankly staring   avoid the labels attained
Heart And Hustle I can do it.
Baby, I've been thinking about us lately, The way I smile when I'm in your arms, How you make me feel safe and at home, I just wanted to let you know, I love you, and I don't want to live without you, so lets forget about tomorrow, Lets forget abo
Every night I will Rise into the dark lit sky like a flawless star   Flawless like rubies  Precious as the red bright sun For the world to see  
We are a messed up generation We hurt the ones that love us the most and love the people that couldn't give two shits about us Time has warped my view as to what the word "love" really means Some of us confuse it 
By and by
Yes honey, I woke up like this Better yet, I was born like ths My confidence is hard to miss
I am a normal girl hiding behind a secret that i only trust a few with. I am a country girl that likes to get down and dirty,but i am a little shy.
Do you remember the first time we met You showed me Love that I'll never forget As time went by me and you got real close
You Can​'t Break Me   I will Make Me Stronger Than I've Ever Been 
Behind all that editing lies a young and beautiful girl, full of beauty and imagination
I have been told "Where there is a will, there is a way" When I grow old I want to see Christ walk my way   I have been blessed with many gifts Somehow I want to use them
First, the feelings of unworthiness battle for domination of mind and soul They, seemingly irrelavent, are allowed in These do not want to be known from the outside So they hide themselves behind a joyful face
My motto is-
Start the day working. Whether it is on a car Or on a drawing. I work untill it is done.
If it were easy I'd be where I should be
Throughout my years, I've been broken down and I've been built up. I've loved and I've lost. I've changed others and I have changed. I've drank and I've smoked. I've cried
Staring at the expressionless reflection on the other side of the mirror Searching for the hopes and dreams and aspirations that once became me
Looking through my perilous soul I see nothing but a toll Is this me I see in this photo Or just a way to fit in with a motto Nothing ever seems the same With filters getting all the fame
It's not our fault if we feel this way,
I embraced myself when I couldn't stand I became my own friend and my own enemy I used my heart, my mind, and soul Death talked to me I shut him down I healed my wounds I only grew stronger
Small since before birth,
I am a pile of leaves waiting to be affected by the winds of time; Scared of what the future holds. I lay here calm and collected,  my emotions trapped inside; Bursting at the seems, my sanity is wavering.  
No pimple or pill popping Yet so beautiul the world's stoping Overweight and in the hood Smiling as much a could, because I can. Comfort over style Voice ringing for miles Feeling the haze of
Most of us defined by flaw use harmful words that make us fall   But have you ever stopped to think that instead of these flaws making us sink   They make you who
I feel like crap In the mirror you can see The deprivation of my oh so needed sleep With dark circles surrounding my eyes I feel like I could cry   Makeup can’t be seen in sight
I am flawless, though not everyone knows I am flawless, doesn't it already show? the media may try to convince otherwise
People look at me, and only see the bad. I do get mad, but that's only one side of me. Look for the key, to see what I really am about. However, do not be a snout.   
thier is always something intresting from the how i live every day but for some reason every day is challenging day  i wake up not knowing what is gong to hit me if its a curb ball or a dogde ball
I’m a content creator, Not a content replicator, But when I was younger I wanted nothing more than to fit in. But when I grew up, It turned up, That people liked me more when I was different.
Here I am.  All alone, yet somehow surrounded, by the lights, the noise, and the all the people, so slow. Is it slow?
Everyone thinks they know me but really do they
i happen to not say the truth all the time i close my eyes to escape it all
If she told you she was flawless, she would be lying through her slightly crooked teeth.
You call me selfish when I try to be selfless.
Want to hold your hand, It's right there for me to grab, I feel close to you, I'd hate to see you go, don't.     
The screen fades to baby blue, My heart expands to a beach ball.  I did this. Me.
My beauty is flawless  It doesn't cost more nor cost less My beauty doesn't come from the magazines of Ebony and Essence My beauty comes from how I grace others with my presence.  
I woke up like this, flawless, I woke up like this, beauty so rare. I woke up like this, girl with dreads, I woke up like this pretty dark skin. I woke up like this thick in the hips.
  I've lived in one house my entire life. The memories vibrating in the flesh of the walls.
Flawless wierd word twisted meaning im flawless because of my flaws  the one every one notice
Fire happiness takes its majestic rule, Fiction tricks are gone for now Hours read, life slides.   Thunder thrash, smells tinker, Muttering muzzles, gentle face Attitude foxes whine out, "Food, Food!"
Beauty is in the Eyes of Society Growing up, I was never skinny; my skin was dark and all I wanted was to be pretty. I was 10; looking at magazines, seeing all of the skinny girls
Life is like a camera,
I swore never to cross oceans
"Are you the brother that lives freely?"
Life is a strange wonder. It's a difficult thing to understand. I am a strange person. I can't understand myself.
When I wake out of bed, I see a young girl dressed in red. Her brown wavy hair in a bun, Atop her head. Olive skin, and big brown eyes Full of honor and pride.
  So some of my friends recently asked me, want to go swimming today? And I gave them a foul, foul look, and stated without delay No. I clearly don’t want to swim in the pool so you can go play
You want me to tell you why I’m Flawless. Flawless, having no errors or mistakes;
Life is hard no doubt It hits you from every side There is no way out   Death is no option It is for all the cowards Those who are not strong
I thought I was the flawless  in the past. But now I realize that with the critiques and the mistakes I've made,  I am flawless with a cause.   I am flawless because I have flaws on the outside that teach me.
Once a man asked the crow, Why I fail all the time, Crow first laughed,  Then said Kaw - Kaw...  In our world, There isn't a word "Fail",  We crow follow nature's rule, 
Never did expect, for it to give up but I awoke one morning wishing it were all a dream; wishing my pancreas would wake up with Me and realize I still needed it.   But it was never a dream, and
My name is joy and I am colored girl brown painted work of art with wide hips and thick lips a colored girl not just yellow blue green or red but all colors and shade swirled into one ebony colored piecea colored girl
Gems and Dimonds and most of the lot are smeared and bruised  by life's dirty plots so thus we gems  so thus we diamonds work from dust to bring new light  we are not perfect
All you do is bring me down. You told me I am ugly, a slut, a loser, and a monster. I am no longer the moster. I have finally learned how to accept myself, even if others despite me.
What makes me Flawless? Is it the clothes I wear, The shoes, my face, my hair, No, what first comes to mind when I think of myself being flawless is ME my personality, my mind, my story,
Wake up hoping for a fresh new start, but we all know that wont be the easy part.
Simple and Nice Is what others see. A shy little girl; That's displayed through me.   Quiet and calm; Like an ocean sea. You might even hear waves, If you listen closely.  
My name is Isobel and I know its quite simple at best but I must confess it suites me well.
I try to walk away from who i really am I try to hide my true self I'm scared to show everyone who i really am I question  if i'll be excepted So i just stay to myself
Flawless, What does it really mean? Some perceive it as perfection, Or what they see on TV screens.
Strangers that had a past. Enemies that had a bond. Two seperateminds, two seperate hearts. Trying Failing Hurting The force grows stronger But it never touches. Civil War of the heart.
I'm perfectly and wonderfully made  
I was fifteen before I realized that no one could ever love me as much as I loved me And a revelation of poetic, creative, fertile ideas were released inside of me
I wake up to a sea of white. Is this what society is preparing me for? Being marginalized as "that black girl".  I expected more.    Perhaps my standards were too high,
Wild Nappy Untamed and uncombed "A bird's nest" "A hot mess" "Mutt hair" Is what it's been called. The curls of a biracial child Is a snowflake in the winter
   From the Clothes that I were To the style of my hair There a smile on my face  That has no disgrace True me  What I always want to be  From the sweet sound of my voice 
Sometimes life seems too hard for me  And I don't care to carry on  I feel like it has beat me down  And wrote death's sweet song    People try and figure me out  But they can't find whats wrong 
To strive and hold is what matters most The love we have sometimes hard to control We can fight and argue all day long But in the end we know whom we belong  
Life is road heading to bliss... Some times smooth, sometimes rough.  Sometime sad sometime joy... Don't give up hope in middle of road, Stage by stage, good or bad,
Life isn't what I thought, It's full of mystery... Too fast and short, too bad too good, Different people different manners, Too hot too cold, too lively too dull,
Who am I really? The true me isn’t wounded so tightly to a chair on wheels just to get from place to place. But walks everywhere with such confidence and strength. The true me doesn’t face new obstacles but new challenges.
I don’t know if I’ll be remembered As a great anything or a terrible something More likely I’ll be forgotten in time Reduced to great-great-great grandma And a footnote in my family's history  
My eyes take in the devastation, The damage, destruction, desolation. No noise Except a chilling, piercing silence. Then, A scream, Quiet mourning for the dead. Despair settles in,
Laughing Smileing Shy Sad Scared Angry
I can accept my mistakes Just as easily as I bake cakes. I can always move forward with my life, Yet I also know how to sharpen a knife.   To bond with creatures Is not only in my nature,
All I did was love you While you snuck out and gave your love to another But all she wanted was your money And now look who's the sucker   After you made me sign that waiver
Mirrors tell the truth, you see They are blunt and honest, the worst but best kind too It's hard trying to see yourself when it's impossible too. You can't count on people's words either.
Family… The definition of it: is a group of persons who came from the same ancestor Sadly though no one wants a family anymore From the generation that has now been born
love is nothing to pease war is death to us all between god an angels the war is small to us love is all peace inposible war always untll we are dmned etween devils and god we're left for dust
I need to be flawless, For if I am not, I no longer wish to be here, If I allowed myself to become, You, Then I am no longer flawless, But I am, I am Me, Me, is a special word,
Who am I ? I'm the guy that loves the ccolor blue
"Up from the ashes"
Break away from everything. Are you aware of whom you are? Remember when you were little and you knew Exactly what you wanted in life?  
You look at me with empty eyes The filter removed, no longer bearing the pain of lies Creative Trapped in by no faith Art Never to be seen by my own Hope Lost before myself
I saw it but I held my breath 
Is it true what everyone say I'm shy ,quite, lonely,sad Or is it just they don't know I am way more I am a girl that Is strong that been though a lot But still bouncing back
The outside doesn't matter, Even if you are a bit fatter. What counts is what is on the inside  Please, don't be shy. Shout, scream, yell it all out Show them what you are capable of.
Flawless doesn't mean perfect, We let celebrities and athletes define it for us. Flawless means that you have accepted your flaws, You've learned to love them and use them to inspire others.
Beauty is skin deep For some that may be true For others its not how they look
We're trying to make it in this world But most of us are still poor
Silently angry of an arguab
Consciousness is the art of being aware of one's existence.
Society has changed a lot in who we are 
As I stare at the deep blue sea I think of you and me I hear the wind whispering in my ear The love story that is near My Aztec warrior we meet again Right on this earth were we first met
what's the point of waking up each day when you know all you'll get is torment and life's one true love has flown away? just to see sunshine
I was taught That no matter what happens I would never be "flawless". I was TAUGHT  That who I am Makes me flawed. I WAS TAUGHT That being exactly who I am Was unacceptable.
When I first laid eyes on your goregous caramel skin, round brown eyes, and cheeky smile I nearly fainted And so did my parents I could not keep this love a secret I would not have it
What is life? Does it exist in the form of a blooming flower? Beauty and happiness dripping from its petals Does it exist in the form of a child? Ignorance and bliss keeping horrors away
The richest love from deep within trapped in the catacombs and left to die Lives longer, Shines brighter, Than these tedious old lies Meant for nothing more  than to keep you satisfied
Do you think she knows? The way she moves, Giggling-groveling-grooving She cares too much of who approves.   Do you think she knows? How she makes the world turn, Living-loving-leaping,
Im sometimes wrong, but I'm always right sometimes I win, when I refuse to fight Im not perfect , but who is? I'm gonna change the world with my words of encouragement  see, look at me. short bubbly and kind
Perfect in the eyes of others; Flawed in the eyes of the mirror. I have stretch marks that show I have lived and grown.
There are times when I feel ugly, not good enough, angry, upset, hateful, but these times are punctuated with exclamation points of happiness, enthusiasm, feeling better, good enough,
I rarely see shooting starsPlenty of airplanes have crossed airways above me,But they just don’t do it for me.Being man-made birds make any possible wishes on them seem materialistic.
Expressing how I feel sometimes confuse me a great deal Can I understand myself? Or better yet can you? I dont always say what I feel But when I do I keep it real Anywhere any place
Silent and still in her darkness she observed The lights glowing in her milky way growing disturbed. The stars jarred and jerked Though their brilliant burn seemed all the same from planet Earth.  
I wish I could share with you the euphoria I get when I’m really, really high on life.   It feels as if I’m apart from my body. It’s like a million birds singing with me,
I stand here to tell you of who I really am.
You wear a mask like me. We can both see it, But neither of us have the courage to say it. You always go above and beyond for me:    You sacrificed your time       To relieve my pain
Living behind the curtain of the perfect girl is tough Not telling anyone what is actually going on is tough I've been through a lot in my short lifetime A few years ago my best friend called me a slut behind my back
A girl with curls one may observe, but She has feelings, you see, as strong as a nerve.  
I hope you
Lost within You
I'm a laugherI'm a comedianI'm a jokester   I'm a loverI'm compassionateI'm a hugger   I'm a realistI'm a black womanI'm a journalist  
I’m not who you think me to be; I’m not a sweet innocent girl, waiting or searching for love. I’m not a delicate little flower, waiting to bloom.  
Have it your way. Or instead, let’s do it my way. Leaving you, to suffer, to fail, and             To die. Leaving you to run into your own             Enigmatic maze.
Who am I? Who are you? A mirror. I am you. I am the reflection of you. The true you. Your heart. Your soul. Your inner being. Your every essence. You have an indelible presence.
Why do I care what others think when I know I’m amazing?
every day the kids in the the classrooms hold conversations like it's no problem.  
When your emotions are bottled up, Sealed away beneath the depths of your heart  And past your soul, It makes you feel saddened, No one has ever tried to search that deep To find what you really are,
  Secrets to my Flawless: The Real Flaw  
If  I cry or if I'm down My resillence picks me back up My legs may be strong but my mindset is stronger My confidence is not found in a cup When I feel weak I say, "I'm strong" and that just does the trick
I may be short, but oh, do these legs make me stand tall. These legs, yes, MY legs give me the strength to do as I choose. And how I appreciate these wonderful creations God has given me
Wake up feeling FLAWLESS.  Fierce, Living day by day with no fear.
A knife through your heart, they tell you how you feel. A smile on your face, they tell you what to say. One more dish on the counter, you better do what you’re told. One more load in the washer, you better get a job.
A knife through your heart, they tell you how you feel. A smile on your face, they tell you what to say. One more dish on the counter, you better do what you’re told. One more load in the washer, you better get a job.
Why follow a crowd? Never have fit in with a pack.  I've always taken the " small leap of faith" so they say. Natural hair? Psh I've dyed my hair so many colors natural isn't even an option anymore!
You can’t see me? Good I don’t want you to. I stand behind this curtain Behind this wall So I am away from you From your judgment Because you don’t know who I am. I am a great person
What’s said is done for you I have no control over me What’s said, what’s said I have no life of mine   Dreams dreamt, time passes All I’ve done is to please you No life for me but to serve you
Who am I? Am I my Own Or one to live your own? Locked inside, kept away Where is this place I try?   --Try to reach out? In the distance, --Where I see a glow? Shut out, shunned from
Dear Motivation,   
    The world is filled with upset teens Burdened with the pressure of perfection. Always striving to be lean,
Get speed dressed, eat quickly, rush to school. . .   Get good grades, get compliments, feel awkward. . .   Get sister, get home, get sleep. . .       Wake up and do it all over again.
Girls. Overpriced makeup. It Differentiates those who want to be from those who... Are?
Yes I am flawless, from the color of my skin to the brown glow in my eyes. I am a soaring bird, who always flies. Obstacles stand hand to hand waiting for a perfection to come on their land.
Reasons why I am flawless:   I am not. I have a dead rose garden buried in my body and a barbed wire fence around my heart.  
French vanilla is what they see of me and has always viewed me as lack of sun is what they may say but African American is me all the way the background of my family is what I would
Breathe in Breathe out The exhale is a gust blowing the pain of depression out Bulimia catch the tale wind leave me please No you bring me right back to the beginning Momma don't drink
Your feet are too big Your feet are too small Your legs are too thick Your legs are too thin Your butt is big Your butt is small Be who I am   Your tummy is so flat
Two sides of the same coin yet so different  one puts a religious front and the other a complete non believer mother and father wouldnt approve  thanks to them my curtain is locked  fool proof
You (Flawless) She wakes up and starts her day Gets in the car and goes to school Everyone she walks by, she says, “Hey”
She's afraid to show society what she's made of.
Beatuiful girl, who sits up high in the sky. Your more than your beatuiful cures and thighs. Beatuiful girl, who sits up high in the sky. Your blemishes and imperfections are your perfections.
It's true no one is perfect. But everyone can become Flawless. I'm flawless in my own way. I am Fanatical. I am Loyal. I am Accepting. I am Whimsical. I am Lovable. I am Enthusiastic.
The wind carries my soul away from this society that is oh so cruel , and I am greeted by the birds in the sky
Living is wanting more,always more; Wishing, not for appetite,but for illusion. Oh illusion, this is the signal of life; Love,that is life. Loving till you can give yourself for what you love.
To those who look nothing seems extraordinary a standard face, two eyes a nose, high cheek-bones
they look at her with big bright eyes little do they know she rages inside they look at her like she's an angel sent from above little do they know she's far from being jesus white dove
*Note:The format of this poem was inspired by Frank X.
Grasping his cold, calloused hand tightly, My throat squeezed itself even tighter. I looked up with cloudy eyes and fading hope. His eyes glazing with his own tears, he said my name.
Why should I change..
Flawed; simply those who stand with imperfections, and have mental or physical blemishes. I believe you are what you think you are... Self-fulfilling prophecy
Today the world seems incomplete,
I see myself as people see me
The cleanest face, the whitest smile, the brightest eyes.
Flawless is just a word or so they say.  There is no perfect women or man.
I look in the mirror and I love what I see 
I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, To see who I am and wonder if I need to change.  The media shows us that we are  inferior, That without being slim and muscular we are strange.
That's me,I'm confident.
I Dont Do That!
i do not want to be the girl that makes you forgetyour nights filled with loathing and apathyor that pushes the thoughtof suicide from your cluttered closet of a mindi want to be the girl that makes you remember
Verse 1: Why do I fall when I stand why do I sink when I swim and why when I try these things never go as planned when I'm around you everything I try to do seems to fail
I want to be strong. I want to be pretty. I want to be heard. Someone will always have what we want, but cherishing what we have is the best thing to own. I always thought, and thought.
A beautiful face is that all you see , desighner on her back , matched with the gucci shoes and using common phrases such as ...."I sip my tea ".
When I was a child
My portfolio Is my best friend. My portfolio Is my worst enemy. My portfolio Will help me pass Financial Lit. class.
He is the world to me, Yet he is so much more to me No one could imagine such a lovely face He's just so beautiful in so many ways "There's nobody like you girl" I'm just so glad that he came into my world
I won't change my ways Living is meant to make flaws But I'll grow from mine    
When in life, In times of strife, One must be a leader.   Whether it sounds its command in a roar or a squeak, Whether it executes with the hand of the strong or the mind of the weak,
She rides the bus every day to school, and people tell her she is uncool. Every day she eats lunch with the teacher,
Finally realizing I'm imperfectly perfect.
Delicate as a flower, precious as gold. Pure in heart, blossoming white as snow. A mother's first born is a flawless love. To have and to hold, to fly away like a dove. Family by fate,
When I was born, I was born as myself. A unique little girl, Unlike anyone else.   I was one of a kind, Someone very special. I was in charge of my life, The queen of my own world.
People will hate on other people They will put them down and make them feel like nothing Just because they don't look a certain way or dress a certain way
A friend is somebody
The angel of death is so very wise, because the angel of death has taken so many lives. So many husbands,  so many wives. To death do us part but the love stays alive. 
Behind her grey eyes madness laid
Depressed-depressed and purged from joy  I stand in the absence of men. Fears of course are not lacking And regrets I continue stacking. Yet how generous is your hatred’s provider
my room is crowded with feelings, and all i feel is alone. my family and friends, they just pretend that this house was ever a home my mother, she really does love me. she's the one who tends to my wounds.
The moment of silence lasted till noon We all agreed that he was taken too soon Some call it a tragedy But our lives are not Shakespeare And Death is no Bard So what sense can you give me?
These brightly colors,
Someone may ask What uplifts you You may say something obvious Summer, friends, food, family, your significant other But rarely will a person ever answer, life
When skies were always of a blue In times when I knew love was in me, When I was young and filled with joy, The world seemed beautiful and good, I loved a girl, and she loved me,
Living While Winning Life with barriers your losing,  Life with insecurities your losing.
What's special about me?
Rai, that's my name To some its only a three letter word To others its a foreign name Traditionally it means lightning, or thunder, or even trust But it means something special to me
I am scared and alone I wonder what death feels like I hear snickers and whispering at all times I see hatrd in the mirror I want to be numb I am scared and alone   I pretend that I am happy
I stare into the mirror and look back at myself
 “The Prosecution Rests” This room gets smaller by the second. I swear that my winter-wear was underestimated. It seems cool when you’re on the outside, but as soon as
Just because you're alive, Doesn't mean you are living. Not even if you shout, Or your feet keep moving. Living is more, Then just a daily chore. Embrace it, Love it, Stop making it a bore.
EMBRACE LIFE Everything Happens for a reason You can go through bad things or Good things If you go through bad things Just Embrace it If you go through Good things
Though your pain, can last a while Sometimes, you just fake a smile. Doing things you shouldn’t, And you originally wouldn’t.
This is the land of make-believe,
I find myself thinking why so many people look to have fame, to have money to feel accepted.   i used to think that way that i would be happy looking the wrong way i was unhappy
To Dad, the man who raised me so well, And picked me up every time that I fell Who taught me respect and not to talk back, Using a strong dose of parenting, and a hint of slack.  
I'm coming out, that is my destiny To rise above what I call home, To rise above what Society calls poverty I am a young woman, destined for the symphony of success I control my fate, and yet...
We give meaning to every word in the english language. Love is connotated to a cliched valentine's gift,
I know not your name or your face Nor you mine beyond the words on a page Yet it is my hope that one day you might call me a friend, an enemy, your sister, and even your lover.
I sit and wait for what I know will
Word after word
It's good if you find something profound.
Imagine a train station- Bustling with people- Crammed with bodies and breath, Eyes looking towards the ground- Avoiding those whom are pressed against them in every direction,
I matter Not because I’m white Not because I’m female Not because I’m rich   Because I am a human being Every word and opinion I express is important to me
Ducks are ducks trees are trees what is not here is bothering me   Quacks are quacks seas are nothing but simple seas this poem is really bothering me   what is this really?
No frills No fluff No sugar coat   Let's just jump
Droplets of water, In we go to depths unknown; Impact magnified.
Our art has no real meaning behind it And if you ask us, we’ll say “I made what I wanted, you tell me why” Then we’ll leave it with you for a collection of dimes So carry it off, this piece of culture emulated
Sun set after rise Gazed upon by tons of eyes Here, the sea line dies
Poetry is beautiful It has meaning It has feelings It is strong It can be loud It can be quiet But like everything else Poetry and poems Come to an end... like this,
For all we know, we could have died years ago.  Our sleepless, immobile bodies floating around, waiting to be kissed by the Earth to start over and begin a new life.  For all we know, life is one big dream.
Are the words I speak nothing more to you? Are they just a hollow shell, Or do they carry their weight Through heaven and hell? For you it may seem Hard to uncover. But for me it's easy,
Friends meaning of friend has it changed over time has it lost its value look at your friends are they what you would call a friend the old english meaning is to love
You are told on a daily basis, 'I love you!', from your parents, your loved ones, friends, siblings.But what is the real meanig behind those three words?
When leaving any place, you are physically and emotionally different. Your essence ever changing   “The past is part of who you are” they say- But who picks which part of your past shapes you? Defines you?
Dense black sky stars drip in from millions and millions of miles away. From here
Rain drops on the pond, Their tiny little ripples that stir the water in curious patterns. Oh, how I love to watch the rain. Maybe our lives are like those itty bitty rain drops,
We as blacks Grew up with the struggle of the nation on our backs Being told that the skin that is attached to our bodies are a curse to our soul We believe that being different makes us a queer in our "group"
Poetry, is anything the truth? A lie isn't a lie and to die isn't to die. A thing is another. If someone stands for someone else does the second someone sit?  
Life becomes Meaning Less than it does not. Life has Less Meaning if it does. Which pole should you choose? Neither. You are your meaning. You do not have the -Less.
What if I became a philosopher? Would it change me and open my mind? Will it teach me more than I have learned in high school?   I long to understand the minds of many popular people
What is black and sometime color... Always escaping from everyone... Never the right thing... So meaningful... Yet so plain?   What is this mysterious thing... Always used...
It is the peak of a mountain Looking out onto the snow covered waves of rock Inhaling the clean crisp air As a single bald eagle soars above   It is the clear night sky uneffected by ambient light
  They asked me to measure my life in a glass Determine the worth and state it in halves To cut up the moments and bind every scrap Together in leather and draw up a map
roses are red violets are blue sugar is sweet if only you were too   youve sreded my heart  like it was paper thin you crumpled my soul like a can made of tin  
If Time passes like the wind is it really that Important? If people die every day do their lives even mean a thing? Why are we even here if we will just pass away someday? Why are we existing
Where is it you ask? Why, to the south In the place of the things The things that were seen By the people. Do you remember the people? They came here a long time ago In carts,
Life is a glasshalf full of something or otherYet empty of something elseAnd no one can quite agree on whichOr remember that reallyIt’s all the sameBecause life is a glass half empty of time
You call me ya nigga Well, check this out If I’m your nigga I can’t be your homie If I’m ya nigga I can’t be your man If I’m ya nigga I can’t even be your friend Not because I don’t want to
an exhausted skelleton  merely clanking, rotting bones huming hushed whispered memories walking along this dark enclosed tunnel lost and forgotten  the purposes  the motivation of continuing
it's just an opinionwho's a princess or notmy vote tips the balanceso give it a shoti see that you're lovelybeyond all comparewith ruby red lipsand long curling hairyou might be a princess
The world has lost its innocence,
He called her ugly. He believes she is ugly. He hurts her. He is ugly. She is beautiful. She is strong. She loved him. He is ugly.
An unanswered question Haunts us for generations But no one knows why   We start to question But find no precise answer If we think too long   Hoped for its' exit
Stop, Constant struggle to ignore the harsh words, drama and hate fill the halls,
The students Walk down the hallway And toss the  Vagrant's gold On the ground   Meanwhile   The man leans On his broom And eyes humanity With a sordid look
exactly how fair does it seem to be put in this world with hopes and dreams to use every day gaining possessions telling lies, truths, and confessions finding some miraculous things
I'm looking at my cat She's peacefully sleeping She's getting kind of fat And each eye a little peeping  
It came upon me like a shadow and the whispers that followed said,   "Delirium -- thank God." Thank God: it was only delirium. No;   it wasn't. It was the music –  
Everyday in class I try to understand,Life's big picture that is so grand.To my English teacher,The curtains are black-blueBecause the author wants them to.This feeble talk of meaning has put me down under. 
I realize it is this skin! For some unspoken words it is this skin Does it bare a mark of ancestral sin? How when they built this country on their bakcs and tears and blood.
I hate this, loathe it with a passion. Why must I write an essay on something that means nothing to me. When I write I offer you a part of me, please let me give you a part that matters.
Dark, cold, alone. Sitting here, waiting. Waiting for what? Not sure myself. The sun rises, and gives me hope. Hope for a better day. A new beginning. But that hope is empty. Meaningless.
. . . As of now I'm sitting here in my bedroom thinking Of the truth behind the lies and the games  It's such a shame that I'm hurting deep within of the bones that hold my frame What is there to do now but to wait . . . .
If I say anything, would you be shocked that I spoke? Yes I may be quiet and shy but what is the problem? I just don't have much to say...why judge? Why judge the fact that I'm quiet? Would you like for me to speak as loud as the eyes could see.
Screaming at the top of your lungsBlasting the speakers all the way upEvery emotion in every songIt's impossible to get enoughMelodies of understandingLyrics sing the truthMusic filled with feeling
  Metamorphosis A change throughout time and age Parting ways with old   Onward to the life That you have always wanted Goodbye to the old   Different outlook
“I like you,” she says “You are a very good girl. You are my friend.” I can only smile and nod my head, Not knowing quite what to say. She continues, “I have something on my mind
There's a girl I knew Who wore a curtain over her face That blurred the person underneath And stole her precious personality   She lived on cloud 9 In a house made of broken hearts
As a look in the mirror, I stare back at my reflection I see the picture of a troubled man; Searching to find and gaze at a portrait of redemption. His vision is fogged; amid dim depression and loss of understand.
     Don't mind me here, i'll wait for your pass. I'll wait for your sand to empty the glass.      What's with that face? You look at me strange. I've just been waitin' for diligent mange.
Words are made of feelings, A breeze on a summer night. Words are made of real things, Fire from a candlelight. Piled together... just words? Or something a little deeper?  
With each stroke and drip of paint there is emotion ... There is a message By seducing the canvas with paint I am portraying some presage I want to be seen, I want to be heard I want people to think
dusty rags fall downat my feet swirl ash and dirt;brilliant white light
Are you real? Are you honestly here for me? Always by my side? Forever my shepherd guide?   My mom tells me to pray,
We all want to fall in love. Why?Because that experience makes us feel completely alive,where every sense is heightened,and every emotion is magnified.Our everyday reality is shattered
It passes without warning and we know it never stops.We people keep on living without a single thought. We can't see it pass.It's not like looking through glass.
I. First-light   Eyes fly open and I light up a cigarette. Check to see…yep, still there.  I slowly unfurl My cramped wings, the slow rustle of feathers
It all started in Africa where Adam was a bachelor.
In trying to be honest but not to open i'll just say im not  so good with words so when on that first day i put pen to paper and let my emotions speak for themselves. 
Words are only words until one makes them have meaning-- Life is just a life until one finds their meaning. Mine is built with wondrous words that decorate my being and capture my soul into a world of letters.
What exactly does poetry mean to me? When I believe it’s a totally different world to see Where you express your deep thoughts in words to please Your wandering mind that must be set at ease.  
Dreaming Wanting Achieving Poetry gives me meaning It inspires me Poetry in music Gets me through the day It's the reason I am breathing It's the reason I am going to college
We fear rejection, we want attention, We crave affection and dream of perfectionWe wanna screw life; penetrationBut shes screws us over; procrastination In the end we end up jerking ourselves; masturbation
Have you ever stood on the edge of a cliff? Have you ever looked over a precipice? Did you feel strong and tall? Or did you feel small and weak? Have you ever stared into the night sky?
I fear that as I grow older,I am not so much getting wiser,But rather, imaginativeIn hiding my lack of knowledge.
The Point    Expressing myself with words words of pain words of joy words of love Expressing myself The point is- There is no point  I do what I feel
Dang, were do I begin Should I start the story of my sin? Maybe thats too broad but here I go Im not your average 18 year old you know Once upon a time a few years ago I was a bad kid, stuck on the below
We try to find meaning in what is real,
Oh wind, Oh ocean Take me away To the darkest of the waters Where my bad thoughts can decay Oh wind, Oh ocean Tell me who to be Tell me that I am here And not lost at sea Oh wind, Oh ocean
child open your eyes "no i mustn't, I can't" please child open your eyes " no, if I open my eyes I shall see corruption hatred and ignorance lust and pain disease and death pitiful problems
I was born in a day when the hate and the pain was to much to retain any memories gained I mean guns and hoes is what run the shows and when a gun came round every body done struck a pose
Life ends death last forever Life is like a spring and death is the river Life is the caretaker but death is the deliver Life will leave you but death will stay forever
Time waits for no one It is sand without limits Covering the surface of life Our tribulations are like the stone The ocean beats against The echoes of sound The dawn of a beginning
Time, born a stubborn son of the universe, its own laws does it solely obey For though so readily minutes may pass, and hours dismissed Like the sun at once emits ‘goodbyes; ‘hellos’, with one soft ray
Fire escapes are useless —until there’s a fire. But what is a fire? Is it just that spark from a match?
Chasing the banner But the race never ends I manage a smile, engage in banter Yet there is turmoil deep within I have a fire, an eternal flame That refuses to burn out
What is an 'if' What is a 'what' The same as an 'as' Yet different than an 'an'
Oh, to find the slumber and peace that eludes me with every twist and bend of these unfamiliar streets I'm the sheltered homeless beneath the glass future that breaks more each second
When all we could see was black and white those memories we all hold onto so tight for those people that nothing could ever go right you're struggles were worth it
I walk along the quiet beach, Soft, white sand beneath my toes. My mind is empty, void of thought Except of seashells on the ground.
like the word wealth my true nature is hidden behind Digital image or lyrical gimmicks The fiddler collects winnings when the starved jack pots though ein by jeden
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