You’ll never let me go.

I understand that.

You have pride, beliefs, things that keep you from leaving me alone to fend for myself,

but I wish you’d let yourself live your life without guilt.

Without second-guessing your choices,

calling to make sure I’ll be okay.

Of course I’ll be fine.

I’m just a refugee

from a wealthy family.

A pessimist hoping for the best.

I don’t know what to do without you, but

I want you to be happy.

I want you to live how you want.

You can’t do that while wondering if what you’re doing is affecting me.

If you try, you’ll always hate me for holding you back.

For not being her.

So, I’ll be here for advice and support,

secrets told when tired and confused, but

you knew that already.

I just hope you remember me when you’re happy,

Check in every now and then.

I’m always smiling when I see your name on the screen.

I’ll go to the movie with you if you really, truly, want to.

I’d like that.


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