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It must be right,  No chance in might, I dont have it, then future's not bright, So what can I do? I can't fight, I'm no knight.   But I can make this right, Stop this blight,
I felt my eyes, like lead, like coals. Not to be dead, or cold. Not yet. Not yet. But soon. They say it's a boon, But it's really a typhoon. I don't know if I can take this monsoon!
My lungs stir beneath a black cloak A bridal veil of ash and smoke The Wedding From Hell inside my chest
I told myself I was done with you last night. I am so over feeling used. I am far too good at goodbyes Hating the way I try for you
How could he? This man who promised her everything, said he loved her, made a vow. This man who was protected by her, shielded from horrors that he couldn’t handle on his own.
Hold me closeenough our atoms touchwhen my subatomic particlesare shakingin fear of frustrationof becoming what I am.  
Leave, go out of me You’re the thing that kills me You let all my friends see And then they leave  
Now the days of sufering have gone away The feeling of depression is still with me  When I try to live my life day by day It gets ruined by a bully   When he calls me names I play no games
The poor pigeons coo
What beauty and sights, hardly;
A monkey is in a tree by the ocean by the sea In a tree all on its own Free to roam And inhale the ocean breeze
Of the darkest nightswhen pain and tears are sheded,there is always hope.
Through the Holy GatesHe hears our prayersand tries to help us.
When I'm alone I turn to Him. When my heart's all gone
I stopped talking to godwhen I was 15because your eyes seemed softerthan oak church pews.
I depend on this pen and paper like a crutch, Hoping to clear my mind cause my thoughts have become too much Only wanting to smile and be proud, but happiness is something I can't seem to touch
You extracted all the good from your heart, and injected yourself into my veins. As your love flowed through me I was overcame with a surge of euphoria, a rush so powerful it left my palms sweaty and my mouth dry.
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