Poems About the Environment

texas.don.g.nutt59,poem,fact, im a fact just like here i go here i be thats the truely fact about a man like me fact to be is im am im is
texas.don,g.nutt59.poem,boyfriend,boy born man grown man up her typa boyfriend  the one she knows the one she is the one she feels the on
Waves crash gently upon the shore as the tide roles in-n-out. A semi powerful breeze cools the air
The mighty Earth Shaker with his fiery temper Could never have imagined
Church   Please be seated, into the wooden bench,
Oh Lord, may I ask why our rivers run red? Its crimson hue reflecting my dishriveled skin But oh my Lord, I'm thirsty
People ask
Growing up in this world is Like metamorphosis. 
There are times I wish it would always be the middle of the night.
It starts with you. In the beginning, there are only thoughts of you,