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Another night melts away as the morning routine flirts with me, teases and prods me until I eventually climb out of my bed and begin another uneventful version of lately, a day like every other day.
You know what they say and you’ve heard what they’ve said Go seize the day Don’t stay home in bed   But my head is too heavy And each move is a battle My bones are not ready
My body was a book  my body was a book that my mother read to me every night  my body is a book that I didn’t want to read  because who wants to read a book about a girl who is  3’11  disabled 
See me, For who I am For who I will become For who once was See me, Not the leg support Not the wheels at my side
I ask you not to stare when I walk by, So look into my eyes where beauty lies, Some people’s comments make me want to cry,
To be in a wheelchair is very hard to grasp, it's a very tough life like an unfinished task.    Especially if you're like me, a kid or teen, to have to sit back and watch others accomplish your dreams.   
I thought I found my strength in a girl singing for acceptance Then I thought I was a caged bird Lame, old and helpless Now I know, I was but a bird’s chick
My child’s name is not Disability He is perfect in my eyes Able to do anything Limits beyond the skies  
Do you hear them? The warriors of this age who don't beat their chests and tattoo their faces who don't fight off the bad guys and save all the good guys. These are the true warriors
Im going to fix me, It is fair to sit alone, No harm done but fear.
With A pit-pat-pit her feet hit the floor I can hear her travel the house from my room One foot slides along as the other thumps She pauses and I listen. What is she looking for?  
Yes, that’s me. Look and you’ll see. My hair is as straight as the speed of light. My eyes are as sparkling as my philosophy of stars. My arms, reaching for cures for my aching heart.
Wounded, bloody and maimed citizens- adults and children. Crammed together- side-by-side in tents. White bandages, turned red- Open human flesh. Wide-eyed innocence- Blank stares.
Shattered dreams of a boy and his brothersFollowing footsteps in the shadows of others.
Can you hear me now? We want our president We want to be heard we want to be noticed! No longer, pushed aside and kept in the dark. Can you hear me now? We want our president We want to be heard
It means to slow. Developmentally challenged And now because of a powerful man It means them What are they slow in? Only things seen to be normal But, may I ask,
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