It means to slow. Developmentally

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It means to slow.
Developmentally challenged
And now because of a powerful man
It means them
What are they slow in?
Only things seen to be normal
But, may I ask,

Who is
What is
Where is

Sure their speaking abilities may not be the same
The fact that not all look what society says to be proper is a crying shame
You may even see it.
It may be at their core
Their beauty is not hidden
Of that I’m sure
They may be ‘differently abled’
In things we call weird
Talking with hands
Programming TVs at rapid rate
Remembering facts no one could ever seem to remember

They are defined by that word.
I could leave it there.
I see her everyday for the past 14 years
We watch her shows
I scare her a little bit
Just to hear that beautiful chuckle
That goes along with the most beautiful girl
I have ever known

My family has known him
since he was tiny
He speaks kind of fast
But man oh man
Does that boy have wonderful recall

I met her only once
But at the end of our time
she said
I love you, BLAH!
and gave me a hug.
And boy has that girl stuck.

I have a new friend
He’s only 8
But he can make the funniest faces
You simply could not recreate
and don’t ever forget,
And his favorite color is red!

But to everyone else they’re hidden
And it’s a damn shame
These people are a blessing
They shouldn’t be hidden
They’re shoved in the closet even more so than gays
And ridiculed even more than the religious who sit in the front pew.
“Oh I know someone like that”
But we know the truth,
out of sight out of mind.

Short Bus.
just to name a few
They are not stupid
Just a little different from you.



On discrimination of disabled people and how it is often over looked.


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