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Shattered dreams of a boy and his brothers
Following footsteps in the shadows of others.

Called names for a physical disability, he suffers.
Called names for the mentally challenged brother, his pain grows longer.
Made fun of by his younger brother for his actions and ways.
All the pain never goes away.

Try, fight, live, and stay strong!
Keep going, you have to prove that they were wrong!
Shattered dreams, were once mine.
Shattered hopes that are harder to find.

My life has many trials, many of which I continue to face.
This is only part of my story, out of many it's a little taste.

I continue to grow and live in imperfection.
However, that in its own reward has become my own perfection.
I have grew up to be stronger: mentally and physically.
Most importantly, emotionally!

Grow and live, my brothers and sisters!
Many of you continue to suffer.
Live, help, and inspire one another.
Continue to grow and live, pass on your story.
Together we can show our glory!

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