Be Happy

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Hanging yourself on the hook , Not watching the step you took . Even if you are stressed , depressed or traumatized , Do not make your life so small sized . Anger and pain will lead to wrong ways ,
Sometimes sadness sinks and we are tested to find our strengths. The days get cold  and the sun will set but happiness is a friend you never forget. When life takes you down it's okay to frown.
Dear Savannha, You’re my older sister My sister who told me family was everything My sister who laughed with me and shared memories
Growing up, I never saw a healthy relationship.  I didn’t see my dad kiss my mom on the cheek, And I didn’t see my mom get roses. I didn’t see my parents in the same bed,
pain. when you're in pain for much of your day, you'd do anything to rid it away, but you cant. all you do is sleep and pant. when you've given up on such, just to sit in the muck an drown.
Smiling is not an occurrence that I known as strange. Occurring most every single day. Yet when times get tough, The going gets rough, and a smile is harder to come by.
Indulging in life's simple moments can make even the most senile happy, When you experience the beauty in minutary segments Your world becomes a symphony of joy and harmony.
My little sunshine, So bold and gracious. As her mind goes wild, Towards the great abyss.   She adventures with her body, Running so strongly against the wind. Her smiles are so bright,
When anguish tugs down on the corners of my mouth and fastens itself stubbornly in my throat I just remember this marvelously refreshing feeling:
I whisper to the petals  My fears and doubts And wait for an answer.  I know their little ears Heard my soft tones. I waited so long for  A reply that I forgot What I had told them  And danced away, A smile on my face.
Roses are red And violets are blue This is not the original poem So bring everyone to see too.   A smile on a face A joyful laughter An upside down frown A blooming flower,  
  Look deep within your soul, dive into the Unknown, And allow yourself to take flight. Every single day that we wake up is a blessing indisguise.  Wake up and cease the day!   
Everybody gets down, but there are ways to get back up. Listening to the pitter patter of the rain hit my window lets me sink into a dream.
you are as bright as the sun, a shining beacon meant to bring joy. you are as beautiful as the moon, your cracks and crevices the perfect imperfections. you are as great as the ocean,
There is no such thing as a happy ending. Life doesn't end flawlessly, but more abrupt like falling and losing all control. Happy endings only occur in movies, the 2 to 3 hour films that bring a bunch of people together, to not hate one another.
Hot cocoa burned Lesson learned Rotten milk Blanket of silk Flightless birds Spoken words Chilly night Candle light Chocolate tainted A prank elated Laughter, smiles
I am happy no matter how I feel I might be mad but wounds can heal I can be sad, but I’ll still be happy I cannot stop sounding sappy I’m just thankful and grateful I love this life and won’t be wasteful
I need the end to be here That’s when it will all be okay I need to forget about the fear And get on with my day   This week was hard
Why cant the world be friendly? Why cant money grow on trees? Why cant the sick be healthy? Why are people mean? Why am I so happy when you are so sad? Come on friends and smile, You can change it all.
Out of all the features
Isnt it awesome that youre alive? That youre wide awake and breathing. That youre talking laughing and walking.   Isnt it awesome that  you have a place called home? That youre not on the streets
Life is as AMAZING as an OCEAN wave, How the waves glisten over the horizon of the sun,
If the flowers stopped blooming and the cold never came, I wouldn't mindII'd whine night and day, and realistically wouldn't be able to handle it, but I wouldn't mind.
Stuck in life? Don't cry  Strut with pride! Hope to die?  Don't end your life End the strife! Get some time Just free your life And be happy. 
When stuff goes to hell Sometimes we just break away Away from the world.   We all have problems We all endure suffering But we just can't leave.   Find your own anchor.
We come to learn the things, for which you have concerns; We're here to seek the lives we dare not speak; There is a thing called life, things that don't resolve around one night;
I'm surrounded by many. I know people love me. But why do I still feel lonely? I smile, laugh, and have fun. But why don't I feel happy? What people see isn't always true.
A glimpse of light behind me, Darkness is encircling me, I know not where I am. Fear is the side effect, Spawned from the isolation Of my imminent demise. Adrenaline fueled aggression,
You see that girl you pass every day? Could you imagine her life in some other way? There’s something there you wouldn’t expect, She’s living proof of cause and effect Just take a moment and look inside
Life can be as short as this sentence lets take a look at the kid named Dennis 18 years old just getting out of school walking through his neighborhood acting as a fool playing with his brother
Rusted Love I continually look above to this Texas starlit sky where it shows only genuineness; no possibilities to neither falsify nor pretend.
You look in the mirror and scream, You wonder how the glass doesn’t crack Your face is covered with a thousand pimples Rotten-tomato red and Jet black
My sweet chocolate pie o my o my... So delicious its like you came from the sky. Your sweet heart touching layers o how much I love to try. Your taste never changes o sweet chocolate pie.
We are an ungrateful species I am an ungrateful person How many of us have cried but for the pity of ourselves, and not for others Some of us have excuses, as most of us do I have excuses, as I always do
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