Isnt It Awesome?


United States

Isnt it awesome that youre alive?

That youre wide awake and breathing.

That youre talking laughing and walking.


Isnt it awesome that  you have a place called home?

That youre not on the streets

but instead in your bed sheets.


Isnt it awesome that you can read and write?

That you have the ability to be so brght

and posses a treasure that nobody can steal.


Isnt it awesome that your bodys well

that the doctor can say " Theres nothing abnormal "

" Youre perfectly normal! "


Isnt it awesome that you have a loving family?

That you always have somebody you can count on

without getting let down.


Isnt it awesome that you look the way you do?

That you have these beautiful unique feaures

that somebody else adores?


Isnt it awesome that youre you?


Isnt it awesome that you have the life that you have?


You are so blessed

and you cant even diss

because you have it alll

so make sure to stand tall

and to wipe that frown

even when life brings you down.




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Our world
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