Life Is As Amazing As An Ocean Wave

Thu, 07/30/2015 - 18:26 -- rogeana

Life is as AMAZING as an OCEAN wave,

How the waves glisten over the horizon of the sun,

So let's just have some FUN .

The way the birds drift over the sunset ,

Life is so Amazing,

Its very beautiful each and everyday,

A place you want to stay and go to the beach and play

Even when we feel like we don't want to stay,

But just remember how AWESOME you are ,

and what was even AWESOMER .... is how we were created.

So even know we may want to let go, and break free from the pain,

and everything is driving us Insane,

even when the tears roll down are faces like falling RAIN.

LIFE is so AWESOME, and just smile and dont be so VAIN.


Feel FREE,

Stay POSITIVE.......

It may get TOUGH at times,

But Keep MOVING.



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