My sister

Dear Savannha,

You’re my older sister

My sister who told me family was everything

My sister who laughed with me and shared memories

But this was only for a short period of time

Then you were gone for a while

As a twelve-year-old, I didn’t understand it

As a seventeen-year-old, I still don’t understand it

You chose drugs over me

Over family

I’ve seen you skin and bones

With big hair and three gallons of makeup

Or on a hospital bed in ICU

Near death, you whispered to me to never forget the time we’ve had

But you’ll never remember that

Now you’re in prison

Sentenced to a year

I am used to not seeing you by now

You haven’t been to my birthday in years

I don’t know what to ask from you

If anything at all

Maybe to ask you to not use drugs anymore

Or even to come around

At Least once in a while

But even after your car accident

You still went back to drugs

Will there ever be a change?

Or will you mirror the same behavior as our aunt

In her fifties still using drugs living on the street

I just want to know when this all ends

When you’ll get a job

A house

A boyfriend that doesn’t live with his mom

Friends that are not addicted to drugs

Coming from your younger sister

This should say a lot

But it probably won’t

This letter will probably drift off to nothingness

Along with what all the rest of what anyone else has told you

So I might be wasting my breath

But I just wanted to let you know

That you make me sad

But I'll go now because you probably don’t care to read any more


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My family
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