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Thoughts always cloud your mind Disappointments seem to bring you down The future tends to scare you Hard work sometimes just doesn’t seem to pay off Life gets rough, times get tense
Who is that little girl that acts like an adult, but still just a child? 
The truth of the matter is I am a black girl that can still rise Not phased by oppression or depression I am indeed alive My ancestor was a poet, a writer, and a friend That means nothing in my life is limited
Read words a million times Until it is learned the millionth time. Lost in a fumble of uncertainty Because the ulcer of your indifference Is a noxious depressant Attacking my perception's cortex.  
Who am i? I don't know. I feel so scared. I feel so alone. Thoughts run through my head. Who am I? Am I someone meant to be great? Am I someone meant to be alone?
Who am I? I am the person who you wish you could be I am the wind beneath the wings of intelligence Soaring above the haters Exceeding any obstacles that I come by Who am I?
I am not from "the hood", "the hicktown", nor the city. I am not Hispanic, African, European. I am not a star athlete, a top student of my class,
As he looks into the mirror, he sees a stranger with sharp eyes glaring Who is this thing looking back at him? Thick, dark brows furrow and small beady eyes look smaller Who is this creature staring?
Who am I? Do you know... Can you tell me? This is all I know...
Who am I? I'm a dreamer, I'm a realist I'm a student, I'm a teacher I'm a friend, I'm a sister I am young, but I am wise I am fearless, but reserved I am happy, but I am worried
Who am I? I wonder as I stare at the sky. I think about my life and can't help but wonder ..why? What is my purpose? I ponder while gazing into the fire of furnace. What am I like beneath the surface?
What is beauty to a person who doesn't believe it? Just a word in a dictionary without any meaning. It's a shame it can't be felt, damaged self esteem. If we are told enough maybe then we will start to believe.
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