Beautiful You Are


United States
32° 19' 40.1304" N, 88° 48' 25.5204" W

What is beauty to a person who doesn't believe it?
Just a word in a dictionary without any meaning.
It's a shame it can't be felt, damaged self esteem.
If we are told enough maybe then we will start to believe.
Look beyond the mirror to find characteristics unseen.
Find your soul search for who you want to be.
When that you is found, never let it go away.
It's a cold, dark world where every day is full of hate.
Someone won't like us, someone will.
But the ones who do aren't bold enough to stand up for how they feel.
That is why we have to stand for ourselves.
We know what we deserve, don't put your beauty in someone else.
Speak your mind, but control your tongue.
Every second of the day a person's feelings become numb.
If we can't feel then what are we bound to learn from?
That is why Beauty is YOU and Beauty is LOVE.


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