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I have such a beautiful smile,
Flaws ​I wake up and look in the mirror.
I am the queen, I am the ruler. My body is my kingdom. It may be quite war torn,
My true self lurks behind the doors wooden frame, Locked up in society's chains.  The true me is not who I appear to be  For the world discriminates against me.
In today's society and social media, Beauty is changed in many ways. Social Media has changed our view of others.
I know who I am . I am one to F    E        E              L Though I am real. Deep down i am hurt, 
I am a quee
Despite the clumsiness
Flawless is perfection Perfection is having no inadequacy But because i am flawed I am Flawlessly me You see I wasn't made to be without fault I'm proud to say I'm not perfect at all
At what point does One Become two?   Does it experience the growing pains as it's CHAnged And morPHED?   And once  two reaches 3,
To be strong it makes you feel flawless I want everyone to see what I see To be strong means to always take chances Chase the dreams that appear in front of me To stay strong in times that seem doubtful
When you feel sad, insecure, helpless Worthless, you must find strength somewhere Somewhere that cannot be overlooked Somewhere that is GREAT Somewhere that is positive Somewhere that can't be beat
"You should come to school with your hair straightened!" Why?   Sorry, Conair, nothing personal. Big, brown, and bushy when brushed, my curly hair is my thing.
I am flawless and yet deformed
Today everyone is examining the mirror to see how they look,
Verdadera princesa A true princess A young woman in a big world A first Gen' American 
I'm messed up
  My life is amazing no need to change  my life is flawless to me  My flaws  are what make me unique  Thought the hunt comes pain but  thought the joy comes happiness   I'm the image of a butterfly beauty and smart
When I was just a little girl My mom would tell me how She loved my hair of kink and curl The way she liked it down.
If I could list all the things that make me I'd start with a child no older than three It is her battling the noose of cancer--not me   My work ethic stems from two people, not three
Only one is flawless. It's not me. But I am okay with my flaws. They do not define me. I live for a greater cause, the one who is truly flawless. 
Who is more flawless than thee? Who is more flawless than we? Competing for a title that is only skin deep. Look in the mirror and you will see, the flawless beauty that lies beneath.
Misread and foreign i love myself Born with no father i forgive
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