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When you look at my brothersAt first glance what d
your hands must have once tapped to the beats of Ray Charles, Beyonce, or perhaps Kanye.
Filters block my vision,  makeup covers my identity,
If pandemonium had a soundtrack this would be it Chaos Chaos we all cry out We can't sleep We can't breathe Hands up don't shoot Only together can we make a new type of soundtrack The sound of peace
Beat cause I'm black in America. I endure racism, Self-hate, Oppression, Misconception and devised plans, I lack introspection and revised plans, So I strum to the beat of the white man.
Laid to rest by a dishonest hand, that day we lost another man from life and struggles that we face
Are we one? It's hopeless I know this devoid of devotion.       So tired of the maddness and sick of emotions dividing the classes and poisoning the masses.                       So I'm strictly devoted.
2 score and 6 years ago, One man tried to make a difference He told the community that  "I have a Dream" They responded by shooting him.    Just last year a boy in a hood
Wake up Ameirca!
Heavy as a feather on our backs One race's guilt towards another Hundreds locked up, a nation in arms
I run I scream I have visions of pain flash through my mind Visions of my blood flowing out of my body And onto my white T-Shirt Now stained with red Not a spot on my shirt is white anymore
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