When you look at my brothers
At first glance what do you see
do you see the oppression
The hardship and adversity
Or Is your mind still tied to the description of what a nigger should be
That leaves my brother hopeless and bound to the street
I can't fathom the root that brought them to this land of sin
The whit man separated our families forcefully
 and now are families are separate because
These young boys were never taught to be young men
See they took all our soldiers for the cause and formed gangs
The descendant of civil activists and black nationalist that fought for freedom rein
Are now foot soldiers in streets killing each other the pain
The pain, the enslave-ment still exist
Look into the eyes of  all children killed by stray bullets and ask them who did this
Open the womb that bore our future men and fix it
Look deep into the minds of the newer generation
You'll see that the art of oppression is so invasive
Killing intelligence with the use of media and poverty
Using slave mantality to kill family patterns in my community
So you tell me what you see
I see sensationalized stories that say my men are an infestation
So you mount them in prisons making us more impatient
Look into my shoes if your mind can fit
Are struggle is the reproduction of slavery
Ignorance is all that hides it
We were beaten and hung to an inch of black existence
And now you ask why I'm so militant
Why is it the every wear the white man went they brought tragedy and sicknes
But now there looked at as most pure and innocent and why are my people attempting to resemble them through self hatred
My people have been fighting for equality for centuries and
We will not stop until the art of oppressing minorities is hung from a tree
I wanna plant a seed in the minds of all who are stuck
I dedicate my life to the creed I don't need a month
Brother if slave master controls your mind he doesn't have to worry about your actions
We have artist selling there mind soul and body just for a little paper and satisfaction
I done been in many a class rooms and i know to say there free a black man will fight you himself
But you gotta understand its hard teaching young men that whips and chains sexing and impregnating multiple women a long with these old English last names is a cycle that repeats itself
We come from a continant that holds most of the worlds riches and gold
But you mind is your greatest wealth
They feed you self hatred and from this truth I am relentless
It's deeper than it may seem but don't mark us defenses
Black men you are more than this
Egyptian pyramids
The first civilizations were all bore from your fists
This system is ours to change
Why els do you believe white people try so hard to keep you enslaved
But I'm ready when ever your ready To assemble and mound
A nigga turning a the gun on a national guard yelling this is for Michael Brown
And ssss I'll make sure the government hangs around
We'll take George Zimmerman and watch as fire works
Reassemble the panther party we can gain sight of what isn't seen
Execute histories biggest terrorist
Because let's be honest civil rights and equality will never exist while the white man is free
Ill columbine all Eurocentric ideologies
Like rape and institutionalizing minorities
New world order break the chains away from your third eye
We will write a new constitution
I think it's time for a revolution

When you look at the surface
Potency is destroyed
Lies are fed to the masses as truth
Third eyes are covered and decoyed
Your roots are masked and history repeats
Lost in a trap
Keeping you on the oppressors leash
This is my description of society

This poem is about: 
My community




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