Unity, Spirt, Peace


United States
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Are we one?

It's hopeless I know this devoid of devotion.

      So tired of the maddness and sick of emotions dividing the classes and poisoning the masses.

                      So I'm strictly devoted.

                               Know this.

                                          To be one...


Are we free? 

                                                          Rose colored glasses infecting the masses.

                                                                         Jaded and hazy making minds go crazy.

                                                                                  Look deep within you, reject evil things that men do.

                                                              Your mind will be uplifted and you'll be free...


Is this war?

                                    The violence inside us....

         Citizens mistrusting those sworn to protect me but instead there's shooting in these streets.

                                                  Massacare of little boys and girls...

                                                                                                                                  This may be war...

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