But Racism is dead

Heavy as a feather on our backs

One race's guilt towards another

Hundreds locked up, a nation in arms

All for one brother.

armed robber, kid, black: 

which of these ain't true?

Which is a good reason

for caps flying past a fleeing back?

But, "Racism is dead!"

they cried on election night

4 white dudes, a white woman

and a randomly selected racially suitable correspondent

sittng silent while white privilege

means they can say their guilt is over.

Justification after justification

of secretly crafted oppresive descriptors,

Marijuana, robber, violent.


Just like Trayvon, Rodney, and

damn near all of Birmingham

The secret to subjugation

is making people the instrument

of their own oppression

But don't act like white people don't help

Limbaugh, the drunk white guy by the liquor store

Spouting biggoted shit by every black kid that walks by.

What's the difference?

Subtlety and cameras.

Mike Brown is a statistic

in a post-racist society

just like Zuckerman's

an outstanding member of the neighborhood watch.

 Then again, it's easy

writing history when you're standing behind the gun.

But racism is dead.



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