Beat Cause I'm Black in America


Beat cause I'm black in America.

I endure racism,



Misconception and devised plans,

I lack introspection and revised plans,

So I strum to the beat of the white man.

I strum to the beat of defeat,

Won't you jump off my back I CAN'T BREATHE!

Won't you recognize my peice is of peace and not shoot at me?

My peace piece was internal but you brought your guns,

My economy was communal but you brought your funds. 

Fuck you pig and your pork and your high blood pressure!

Now blacks beat drums, bang drums, rob drums like we ain't one!

Our hands made drums.

Now our hands bang, because a high bloods pressure feels the void of attention lacked from  a distanced father figure.

I got no boat, so I cannot float.

I cannot swim. I cannot think for myself. 

Stereotypes meant to trap and hold us down.

So instead of standing we sit and quit in hopes you acquit but you are guilty.

We blacks are the plaintiff and the enviorment is the jury.

The real drugs and thugs are produced by you, you are white, in charge and above the law.

A law that benefits the benefitted and mistreats the in need. I'm now your istrument of ignorance you feed me less yet I still feed your greed.

I must play your game to provide soil for my seed.

But know that rose that arose from the concrete in the LP inspired me to grow a garden in  my own streets.

And to he that y'all thought was me...





I am FREE.

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This is engraved in my mind your poem is so expressive


Thank you I added a little to the end, but no major difference. Thank you! :)


I really enjoyed what you did with "drums" it carried this poem way beyond some expression and the ending makes me thing of every concrete joungle out there. 


Thank you! Look for a video coming soon! 


This is amazing. 


Thank you! You are amazing :)


Such a powerful poem and well written. 


Thank you for taking the time to let me know that! It means a lot.


I love this poem. It's amazing.


Thank you. Much love!


Great poem, I am able to connect with this. I am very impressed.

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