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Growing up without you,
What made it okay? What made you think that you had that right? To strip me of my self-esteem  Yes we were young But what thought entered your mind  When you decided I was all yours?
Listening to the sobs
Love is undefinable And completely disastrous  Messy and confusing Love is pain Destroying everything    Love is beautiful  Completely peaceful  Understanding and perfect 
I look at the clock It's 11:11 I don't normally do this  But the thought of you changes that I make a wish Knowing deep down it won't come true But a little hope never killed anyone
Made up of mater  Made up of molecules  Thats what i am  6 elements make me and make you DNA is encoded in me  working together, my body lets me breath 
A spark ignites  creating a fire  burning for years  without dying out engulfing any room it enters in just seconds  Fire is smart  it is fast and hot
MTV never gave her 15 minutes of fame.  No million dollars for her. No house. No Car. Paparazzi didn't follow her around with cameras.
It is crazy to me- the things I see, Others don’t seem to acknowledge. For in this jumbled mind- I keep trying to find An answer but that's just it.                I really don't know-where I'm supposed to go
Now I'm getting older,
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