Made up of mater 

Made up of molecules 

Thats what i am 

6 elements make me and make you

DNA is encoded in me 

working together, my body lets me breath 

My body works till its exausted and can't stay awake 

My body runs until it can not anymore

My mind tells my body everything 

nueral networks run through me working instintanious 

I can think and then do 

and as long as i can think i will always do

I want to think differently than anyone

i don't want inside the box, i want out

i want to think of a way to save a life

im not asking to save millions 

if i could i would and if i can i will try

but just one life that i save could change everything

they would grow up and have children who dream as big as me

who only want to save someone and make a difference 

if everyone found a way to save someone we would all be saved

if we all thought in this kind of way where we care about others more than ourselves 

then everything in our world would change 

we would no longer be bystanders in life

but instead embrace it

thats what makes me tick 





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