Thanks to my teen mom


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MTV never gave her 15 minutes of fame. 

No million dollars for her.

No house.

No Car.

Paparazzi didn't follow her around with cameras.

Instead, the government invaded her personal life just to give her $100 in food stamps to feed her child.

She finished high school, went to trade school so she could provide a better life for her seed, but that wasn't good enough. She still struggled to make ends meet and still keep her kid in the lasted kicks. 

She worked 2 jobs while in school.

No recognition. No pat on the back.

Her love was all we had.

Her determination, her courage, her dedication was all we needed and that's what makes me the man I am now. 

So I want to say thanks to my teen mom for having me, keeping me out the projects, providing a home for me even though MTV never showed us any love, and no one followed us around with a camera or asked us for our autograph.


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