It is crazy to me- the things I see,

Others don’t seem to acknowledge.

For in this jumbled mind- I keep trying to find

An answer but that's just it.               

I really don't know-where I'm supposed to go

When I'm searching for the right college.

It makes me mad- and at times I'm sad

Because I don't know which to pick.

Do I stay close to home- and never be left alone?

Or as far as my dreams will take me? 

I know that I say- "I want to move away",

But I know It's not that easy.

Each day I lose sleep- when these scary thoughts creep

Into mind and makes themselves comfortable. 

This year should be fun- now I wish it were done

So I can move on already. 

But I can't move on- until this feeling is gone

And I feel like I know what I want.

I just hope that I don't wait-until it is too late

And then I can't choose at all.

Decisions to make- that will determine the fate

Of the next four years of my life.

So wish me well- and I will tell

You everything that goes wrong and right.


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