I look at the clock

It's 11:11

I don't normally do this 

But the thought of you changes that

I make a wish

Knowing deep down it won't come true

But a little hope never killed anyone

I shut my eyes tight

Picture us walking hand in hand

Through the breezeways

Everybody's mouthes agape

Floored that high school jock

Dates school nerd

I get lost in my dream

Only to open my eyes to the shrill bell

And remember you aren't mine

Your heart belongs to her

And it always will

Just as mine will always be yours

My tears we my face as I try to hide from the crowds rushing to class

I force myself to keep my eyes open

Avoid the nightmare of us

It's a silly thing really

Relying on an old superstition

Hoping one day all this will change 



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