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I need a break from reality To get back my sanity A new hope for tomorrow That can take away my sorrow To fill the void In my empty soul A cure  For the unknown
Ever been in that place where it seems like relationships are completely nonexistent between you & the world?  
Left and right, front and back people Stand there. Inching closer to the doors that Slide. All for Saving their legs. The ding Sounds a high pictched tone. A  Sudden jolt forward, everyone ushers
The sound of humming wind is blessed with the wings of a bird's grace,  its' soft feathers pulsing through the barriers of the wind in such hace now peircing through heaven's smoke in which the clouds so gingerly lay.  
What make me happy are sweet things A delicious run on my fingers The vast joy of ice cream that lingers Infinite red velvet cake tickling my dreams My most precious times are with sweet things
Playing rugby is a blast, I'm sure our team will never be last. I'm so proud to be member, Of a team I'm sure to remember. Playing on the team lifts me up, Especially since we're sure to win a trophy cup.
My unique
Wander, Like the care-free birds in the sky. Waddle, Like the plethora of penguins in the ice. Swim, Like the dolphins whose life depends on water. Survive,
Everyday I get to spend time with friends, family, or my love makes me happy because I enjoy the time i get because i never know when will be my last day.  The day I g
In the spring sunthe flower sitscoated in dew   he in entrancedby the flowerits silk petalscourageous stalkvivid colorof lambent red  
We sing we dance we paint many things with whirling hopes that surmount to withering after they fall off the tree that was thought to grow paper. Trapped in our own thoughtfulness a glance passed to us
I watch my streets 
Get up now don't let the door hit you. Ay pick your head up and start living. Life doesn't wait for you. Not now, not ever. So get moving, it's jiggy time. 
I was afraid, but now I'm not.
Sneaking photographs,selfies in my English classto post on Facebook   Staying up til threewith homework, and on weekendssleeping in til noon  
As she stands there looking pale,She knows she's slowly dying in her shell.
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