She says

I watch my streets 

Full of hate and despair 
But that doesn't get to me 
I'm going somewhere 
I want to make a difference 
My community is in need
But I have to make it myself 
To help the people I must succeed 
I won't forget you guys 
You made me who I am today
But where Im trying to go 
I can't just sit here and stay 
My dream awaits me 
In the form of books and new settings
Some people are very happy 
Some people are doing nothing but dreading 
But I will return . 
I will be sitting on the stoop once more
But this time I will be sharing my stories 
Inspiring the youth , opening doors 
I will see you guys soon 
Time is only in the head 
I said I will make a difference 
You know be my now 
 I never go back on what I said 


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