The Struggles Leading to Success


Everyday I get to spend time with friends, family, or my love makes me happy because I enjoy the time i get because i never know when will be my last day.  The day I graduate from Los Lunas High School I looked at myself and was so proud of myself because I did it even with my disablility. That didn't stop me, it made it harder for me but that was my goal and I achieved it. I'm also proud to be attending college, yet it maybe lots more difficult but I'm ready to take all the challenges that come with it because i know i can achieve it. I'm looking forward to my bachelors in Ultrasound Technician. I would be the first in both sides of my family to get a bachelors and getting a good career. My family had to live through stuggles and I want to help them out and make something of myself. I feel awesome when I was a Los Lunas High School Cheerleader I felt like I was the toughest girl, why I say that you may ask? its because i would throw up the girls in the air. I also felt like I'm awesome in math because if I get stuck I ask for help and then i get it and i can do lots more problems like that and I feel like I'm on top of the world. I can do anything if I put my all into it and it will come, yeah it may time me time but i will get it.  I maybe mean but playing little pranks on people and being the silly goofy girl I am makes others and myself laugh. Thought are good memories you can share in the future.

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