Life is about taking risks


Get up now don't let the door hit you. Ay pick your head up and start living.

Life doesn't wait for you. Not now, not ever. So get moving, it's jiggy time. 

Leaving highschool was tough, sayanora friends and old mentors thank you.

It's now your time, your prime and age to go and do something!

You feel me? Ever feel like the whole world doesn't get you, doesn't understand? 

Heck yeah I do. The thing is I never let it get me down. My life, my choices, I choose.

A new wardrobe, haircut, mindset and most importantly confidence.

Someday you may be in the screens like Angelina Jolie or Robery Downey Jr. 

Become a billionare Bill Gates, making pasta like Giada.

Bust a beat with Tyga to Drake, walk down the runaway it's Tyra and preaching it like Oprah.

Ergo, you got something to live for. 

Twist and shout for now! It's now or never, make it now.

You have dreams to follow, people who love you and a world just waiting to be explored.

Fly to Paris, France. Rome, Italy. Tokyo, Japan you name it.

We are on this earth for a purpose and that my friends is to make a difference. 

A smile while saying "Hello" to a stanger or a "Thank you" getting off the bus. 

The little things matter because you have the ability to make someone's day a little brighter. 

It's like falling down, scraping your knees and someone stoops down to help you up.

A random act of kindness, wow, mind blowing and invigorating.

You do it because you want to, not because you have to.

We live to someday pass on our knowledge to future generations, living through our children, 

Set an example to live, inspire and care for others. 

Beauty is within the eyes of the beholder. Your eyes, no one elses.

Happiness is being able to laugh out loud, dance like nobody's watching

Sing along to the radio. Life is only as interesting as you make it.

We share our experiences with others, finding similar interests, buidling life-long friendships

Searching for love being able to spend the rest of your life with a significant other. 

These are the things worth living for. Life is full of many suprises.

Shoutouts to relateables say AYYYY and comment down below :)

Have an amazingly wonderful fulfilling day.

Four words: YOU HAVE GOT THIS. 



Hope everyone enjoys this.


This is absolutely magnifique. It's so relatable in so many ways and I think it perfectly sums up what a lot of people think. I LOVED IT from the beginning to the end. The author did a superb job of listing examples and yes I can relate too!!

Wonderful piece <333



I thought you did a great job, sounds like it should a rap :D


Thank you! :) Please share this to others if you can! I would love to hear more from others ^_^ Have a great day!!

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