Monument of sweet things


What make me happy are sweet things

A delicious run on my fingers

The vast joy of ice cream that lingers

Infinite red velvet cake tickling my dreams

My most precious times are with sweet things

 Not only food, oh no, also the people that storm in

The personalities embedded in my life like the sky wind

Crowding my time with humor and laughter

Rambunctious behavior they bring in makes the moments sweeter

Friendship is one thing as well but love is the victorious winner

Replaying emotion of love is the head of my joy

My constant ambition is for the ones I love

A smile on the face, the grace of my pace, the motivating system of love

God first, family second, and the people I care for and who cares for me

I had to save the best for last because love can be infinite

Food drifts away, Friends can come and go, but love is something lyrical

My monuments of sweet things are critical to my soul

Life is a monument of sweet things, Life is the constant goal



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