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I desire nothing more than freedom, From my own personal Hell But worries wake me, From melodious dreams Where daggers and swords, Pierce my afflicted heart
In a world filled with obscenities, People bowing down to their own deities, Being stranded on an island might not be so bad. When I’m alone you’re all that I have,
The noose wrapped around my neck It’s loose. Kick the chair out I dare you. Not that it matters Hear the chair clatter
My vision went black as I walked down my hallwayBut I wasn’t afraid,As I had been the first time it happened,And I had to sit down on the floor,Because I didn’t know why I couldn’t see
Dear SAD,   Unwelcome friend, we meet again, “Longtime no see”………….but not nearly long enough, believe me. In fact, I really wouldn’t mind if you didn’t come around anymore.
When I feel the pain in my chest. When my throat is filled with hate. When my body wants all it's blood to flood out And my mind just fills me with negativity. The only one I can hold against me,
Drip, drip, drip That's all I hear Drip, drip, drip All I've been hearing for the past few minutes... What's that dripping? Blood from my wrists.
He smiles in the crowd. The others are unaware. His insecurities are loud. But too much to bear. His sadness yet to be found. A cruel mask to wear. But Noone's around. Noone's here to care.
What happens when all you love is taken away When all that's left is yesterday There's no tommorrow I can't explain the pain I feel It eats away all that's left of me Depression I wish was just a bad dream
I started out innocent Like we all do Just born not knowing, just feeling I was just a child, just barely able to talk  That was when my innocents ended and my adult life began  
It's safe in here.  
When I was four. I was taught to be good. I was told to do what was expected. Because good girls don't argue. When I was eight. I was taught to be smart. I was told that I had to be the best.
Kat The one with paint on her arms, with purple in her raven black hair.  The one with a pencil behind her ear, a sketchbook in her hand, a glint in her eye Hazel eyes, that is, framed in intense blackness. 
I felt his tiny hands tug lightly to the hem of my skirt “What do you want?” “Solitude” “I’m busy”   His dainty fingers curled around my own “What do you want?” “Repose” “I have no time”
On these type of days I’ve always felt nothing could make it easier. But since I met him, my worst have become bests in his company. I can’t quite synthesize what my “problem” is today.
I am..  A strong young woman, you want to tell me otherwise, but don't worry, I'll rise. Your words used to hurt me, but not anymore, I realized you're just a loser. Yes, you are, not me. 
Pain fills her body One final tear falls Blades across her skin Pills in her hand; down her thorat Her body falls to the ground Her body hits the floor so hard Her mom runs uptairs
Two steps, quick look. Smile. Count two, three. Faded frown. Four, person number five; skip the next pace. Scour the hall; fearful to see his face.   Imgine, still. Burning hazel eyes;
Dear stranger, I have only lived on this earth for fifteen years and I know life is short. I have seen abuse. I have seen death. I have seen fear at its worst. I have only a small and simple family.
Little girl,Little girl Why are you crying? Wipe away the round pearls And keep trying. This is not the end It's just a mistake. You fucked up So what?   Little girl,little girl
They know me as your smile I’m bright, I'm cheery To me, every day is worthwhile But you know me as dreary  
You get judged every day  People dont know your pain What you gain people suck away Selfconfidence starts to drain  It is hard to make it through the day I cant believe my eyes
Do you hear me or are you on your phone some of the things my mom says when I am not mentally sound I get through the day making everything worth the wait to see my loving family  and wake up the next day 
My Skin Weak to the touch I feel like I can't eat anything for lunch People say just eat and be free But they don't know me  someone who has been thrown around and kicked But I just try to become a friend
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