The Smile

They know me as your smile

I’m bright, I'm cheery

To me, every day is worthwhile

But you know me as dreary


The smile is a mask

Happiness, a lie

You say you’re fine when asked

Sometimes there exists the dream to die.


On the inside its turmoil

Storms rage, waves roll

Oppressive rain falls from above

It’s easy to smile, it’s hard to feel loved


Crying softly, you ignore their words

Your family says they understand but it isn’t that easy

To them the world has joy, to you it just hurts

So you wear a smile, feeling queasy


I don’t enjoy being fake

I’m just a sham, a ruse

You only wear me to deny the bullies get to you

You only wear me to deny the abuse


I pity you

Using me when you don't want to

I wish society could give you a chance

A chance to be free.


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