It's All too Familiar

My vision went black as I walked down my hallway
But I wasn’t afraid,
As I had been the first time it happened,
And I had to sit down on the floor,
Because I didn’t know why I couldn’t see
It took 10 seconds for the world to reveal itself again
And 10 minutes for me to get up off the floor…

The first time that I called for you it was 10:00 p.m.
And it took you 10 minutes to get to my house,
Walk through my back door,
Walk down my hallway,
And find me curled in a blanket,
crying softly
For the lost boy I couldn’t save
And the sky that was always out of my reach.

That night I held your hand
And wished you could have stayed forever
But you were tired
And then, couldn’t understand why I cried--
So you left.
And my eyes were blinded for the next 10 months
And the boy was carried in a wooden box,
My knees buckled,
And his mother screamed.
I never thought much about the sky after that,
Or want to reach it
Because just seeing the ground was hard enough.

So you showed me the stars, and understood why I cried,
And with the hand that wasn’t wrapped in mine,
You pointed to the lights, 
That shined from a billion lives 
The lost and found,
Met at the horizon.

Now, I don’t reach for something sturdy when my eyes give up,
Or have to sit for 10 minutes,
Or wonder why I can’t see,
because now I think of you,
And remain perfectly still,
While your soul keeps mine from falling.

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