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UnbearableThis wall that so cleverly divides us all.This shameful state, acting as though we are asleepBut you know we are awake.
A most interesting question if I’ve ever heard one.What would I do?  What needs to be done?If I had an infinite amount of power over one thing,What would I base my change on?  To what would I cling?
Today, we live in a society with little thought for patience, Little responsibility to say "I'm sorry," and not enough brains  To think about given problems. I mean TRULY think.
Please just close the shutters, lock the door and throw away the (key), please just leave off the lights, let me blanket myself in the dead of night. (I) can't seem to stand the light of the day, 
Everyone has to change
Everyone has to change
If I could change anything it would be struggle For those people who live their daily lives in sorrow For the families who don’t know where their next meal will come from
I would change as much as possible. The world to be in a much better place, no more war, no more hate but the world would still be balanced. I would change the world so we could have peace.
I would change the year after twelve months, the day after twenty-four hours, time after one minute.
Fog hovering Air crisp Jagged mosaic beneath the feet of ignorance Always. Endlessly finding the perfect one Waves break  Heart break Shells break Embrace the break
The ability to not worry about the past, All of yesterday's problems, never do last. The ability to not stress of the future, Not even about the necessity of lucre.  
There was a little seedOne planted six feet downHidden from earths greedInnocence in the groundEach and every day it grewNever in a huryHad lots of time to think things through
   One thing I would change..... But there's so many things to change.. We all have things to say, Thoughts to portrait, But I know who says everything that comes to mind...  
I try not to complain, I try not to make a fuss, But it is time  to make a ruckus. Late nights Early mornings, Why won't it end? Why am I a slave to this system called "education"?
Questioning Changges Everything
I once though everyone else needed to change: to be more accepting, caring, supportive.   I was wrong.   I don't need people
It's as simple as comparing apples to bananas. Everyone is different and that's the beauty of the human race. Different tastes in music, food, and  Even the ways we talk make for an indescribable
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